Mother's dark love

Grendel and his mother



-Earth, Europe, Scandinavia, Heorot-

The sound of laughter was heard along with singing and dancing as the warriors celebrated the construction of their new mead hall.

Drinking mead or eating roasted pig with some dancing on tables. With some just having fun with the local girls. Dogs went about eating scraps while the king himself was enjoying the merry making most of all.

However, they were...too loud. Like so loud that Asgard couldn't sleep that night, or every night afterwards if this kept up.

"Bring more mead at once!"

"More mead wench!"

"Come and give me a kiss!"

The queen who watched this didn't seem as upbeat as her husband. 'This partying is going to leave me an insomniac. I just know it.'

As they kept going, the music increased to the point that it could be heard for miles.



"What's that noise?!" yelled one green skinned alien as he was covering his ears in pain.

"No idea! But we need to speed up the invasion now!"



(Back on earth)

What they didn't know was that the sound was heard a little bit closer.

-In the swamps-

In a small underwater cave, where treasure and animal bones were located all over the place, we find someone rolling around and trying to sleep. However, this was no person, but a beast who was born sadly with eardrums that were very sensitive.

That being a massive dark green skinned humanoid with matted red hair, sharp wolf like teeth, dark yellow eyes, pointed cat like ears, long dagger-like claws, and matted red hair on the arms and feet.

This was Grendel, the descendent of Cain and part of the monster line. Right now he was letting out groans and growls while tossing and turning.

"Ugh." He groaned while speaking in a very dead language from before the flood. "Ugh..."

The sounds coming from the hell echoed against the walls and made his eardrum vibrate which made him wince in pain and grow more angry before his eyes slowly opened and let out a growl.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" He roared while getting up and started hitting the walls. "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!"



He knocked over bones and treasure before covering his ears to block out the sound. "AHHHHHHH!"


He growled and snarled while clawing at the walls as some ripples were seen in the water. The water slowly parted while a figure walked out of the water as Grendel roared in pain. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

"My child, what is the matter?" said a gruff yet very feminine voice.

Grendel kept on roaring in pain while feeling like he was getting stabbed by a million hot blades.

The figure huffed before walking over to the creature, with their shadow covering the beast. "Speak to me Grendel."

He kept on roaring in pain while trying not to punch the walls, which was hard given his rage was at a boiling point.

"Grendel!" The figure spoke in a cold and firm tone. "Talk to me. NOW."

He groaned in pain. "It hurts!"

The figure relaxed their expression before moving over closer with a long golden tail moving over and brushed against his cheek. "I'm sorry you're in pain my son, those humans are upsetting you and keeping you from your slumber."

He groaned while the figure's form was revealed, which was an extremely tall naked dark gold skinned woman with long dark red hair with golden tips at each end, golden eyes, long pointed ears, thick scales covering her body, a J cup chest and massive ass, long clawed nails on the fingers and toes, a long serpent-like tail with a pointed tip on her ass, who rubbed his head while trying to hug him closely to her body.

"My son, calm yourself."

"It hurts! It hurts! Make it stop." he growled while sounding like he was whimpering while his mother rubbed his back.

"Oh my son, my only child left in this world." She said while rubbing his head. "Do not worry, let the humans have their fun, then I shall go and devour them in their sleep."

"AHHHH!" he roared out, breaking from her hold and making his way to where the entrance was. "I CAN'T TAKE IT!"

She frowned before grabbing him with her tail. "You will not leave the cave! I won't lose another son of mine to the spawn of Abel!"

"But it hurts! It hurts!"

"I know, that is why I am going in your stead. Just swim in the water in the meantime." she urged pointing to the water while using her large hands to help cover the sides of his head. "And wait for me."


She gave him a glare. "Do I make myself clear?"

"...yes mother." he relented looking away and made his way into the water while his mother nodded and turned her head where the entrance was and narrowed her slitted eyes.

'That bastard will PAY for harming my child, they ALL will pay.' She thought before slithering to the entrance.



The camera zoomed back towards the hall as the drunken norsemen were STILL partying so much that the dead ACTUALLY came back from Hel, to boo them into quietness.

The warriors sang louder with a few getting frisky with some of the chambermaids. All the while some berserkers started a drinking contest with the queen as the king was laughing and barely clothed as he was chugging from a huge mug.

However as the celebrations continued, no one noticed a figure slowly moving closer to the hall. But what was when they heard a shrill shriek that blew out all the torches only for them to be lit back up with blue flames.


The people felt a chill with the king looking pale and shaking.



The doors came flying off and got a few men while the others stepped back and saw a figure in the doorway.


The flames shot out while pillars of fire licked the air.



"Protect the king and queen!"

The men rushed to get their swords as the creature broke the top of the door as she moved in.

Only for the flames to cover the area and caused the monster to charge towards the humans.

She swung her claws and tore into the first few who charged before swinging her tail to smash a few against the wall and break their rib cages. Steel blades and axe heads shattered to pieces while men's heads were lopped off in bloody stumps, the women screaming before meeting the same faith.


"Kill it!"

"EEEEEEEE!" She roared before biting one man's head off as the king backed up to the back.

"No...what is she doing back here?"

"TO HEL WITH YOU ALL!" She yelled before crushing a man beneath her tail and growling at the survivors before looking the king dead in the eye. "Hrothgar."

The king gasped as she leaned down near him with a growl.

"You have disturbed me from my slumber." She growled while a long tongue moved across his face. "And have caused my child pain and suffering."

The king saw the figure moving closer to his face.

"For that, you and your people shall suffer."

"I-I did not mean any harm! We were merely celebrating a glorious victory, are you saying a king cannot enjoy merriment in his own banquet hall?"

"Not when your festivities wake the dead from Hel." She narrowed her eyes while some of the men moved over with her back turned and their swords raised. "You bring pain to Grendel, for he cannot sleep a wink and suffers the more you and your kin make merry."

"Kill her!"

She growled before letting them attack with their swords, only for the blades to shatter into pieces as she swung her tail and impaled them on it before tossing them into the fires while women whimpered. "I have a good mind to take your women and queen to my son for a meal."

That was when a berserker, the last one remaining, tried to use his head and teeth on her tail, which just pissed her off greatly.

Which made her rip his head right off and throw it out the hall.

"AAAAAH!" screamed the queen in horror. "P-Please! We will stop! We will not do it anymore!"

The figure slashed at her waist and sliced her in half. "Too late."

The king was horrified before letting out a cry and charged, but found his throat grabbed by the creature with narrowed eyes.

"Your kingdom will fall, you have made our child suffer, so now this land will no longer know human touch."

(One slaughter later)

By the time she was done, the hall was in rubble with the large beast making her way back to the cave.

'Finally.' She thought with a smirk. 'Now Grendel can sleep.'

As she went back to the cave, she noticed a large elk in the distance.

She raised an eyebrow and gave a cruel smirk.

"Ewe." The elk bellowed while eating some grass.

"Grendel may hunger." She muttered while moving closer to the elk.

(Back in the cave)

Laying on his side Grendel had calmed down as it became quiet making the pain go away, all the while water dripped from the ceiling and into the stagnant pool. That's when he sat up and noticed a familiar sound that didn't hurt.


And cue an elk landing on the ground, it's neck broken.

He looked confused as his mother entered into his sight.

"My son." smiled his mother as she slithered back out of the water. "The humans are silenced, and can bring you no more harm."

"Ah...mother." he said with relief as his mother moved closer to him.

"Eat, regain your strength."

He looked at the elk and felt himself drool, moving over and pulled the animal closer, right before he bit into the meat like a starved wolf and began devouring it.

She smirked while satisfied with her work, but then realized a small little error she had made at the mead hall.

Since she killed the king and his kin, the humans might suspect something and summon a hero or a relative of the deceased king to slay the 'monsters', aka them.

'By Odin's beard and Cain's hair, I neglect to account for the arrogance of heroes. If word came to their ears, the wrath of armies will be sent to this swamp. Strong are we, but by ancient runes and giant's blade will we be slain, if the heroes of yonder lands have such weapons, the last of the blood of Cain will end.' she thought with dread as Grendal continued to devour the elk, leaving nothing but bones in his wake. 'The swamp is Grendal's only home. No other can replace that and his ears, his ears will ring with pain if I bring him into the company of men once more.'

Grendel let out a satisfied sigh, rolling on his side to relax and let his meal digest. "Thank you, mother."

She nodded while looking worried for her son's survival. 'There must be a way to prevent the blood of Cain from fading into the pages of human history, labeled as 'tales' by the lips of children.' she rubbed her chin before coming up with an idea. 'If I could find several women to keep alive, Grendel can help spawn his own set of children. I'll go hunting for any survivors tomorrow.'


She smiled while rubbing her son's head. "Sleep, for tomorrow, the words of the Norns will be rewritten."


(The next day)

A cold chill blew across the land, something that made a woman, with long blonde hair, huddle her coat closer as she walked through her village, looking around the barren houses with sadness while various other women like her were trying to keep the chores going, along with fires.

However, they felt a sense of dread overtaking them as something felt...wrong. Like on this day, they wouldn't see their next sunset.


"By Thor's hammer, it's so quiet today." a red head said while dumping the contents of a cauldron onto the ground.

"Not even the wolves are out today." muttered a shorter yet extremely beautiful ginger haired girl while shining some gold armbands with an old cloth.

"Oh gods, why haven't the men come back yet? They've been gone all night."

"And my daughters are still missing." one woman grumbled. "All ten of them."

"Maybe they are out looking for shells?"

"Where? Near the swamp? Ha! No one's that stupid, not even my hapless middle daughters."

"Look, let's all just focus on what needs to be done. The men will come back when they come back." one woman, looking rather pissed off and possibly a descendent of a valkyrie, said while cleaving the head off a boar, with a battle axe.


As the head rolled on the ground, the faint whisper of a feminine voice could be heard in the wind, seemingly from all around.

"Do you hear that?"

"Yes, but I can't make out the voice."

All of them tried to listen closely while a wind blew by, making them shiver and felt a chill down their spines as they heard a low chuckle.

"He he he he he he he." chuckled the voice while the women felt a pang of despair in their hearts.

"W-Who is there?!" one called out looking around.

"Just a mother." the voice said while no one noticed a tall pale skinned woman with long messy red hair, blue eyes, a D cup chest and wide ass, and wearing nothing but a thick black bear skinned cloak, right behind them. "Who is in need of a bride for their son's lineage."

The women all turned, unnerved and creeped out by the new face who gave an innocent smile.

"So, which one of you wants to be a bride? Come on, speak up." she said while seemingly happy in her mannerisms. "Anyone?"

"...who are you?"

"A mother, nothing more, nothing less." she said calmly. "Which one wants to be my son's bride?"

"Where did you come from?"

"You're not answering my question."

"Well tell us and maybe we would be more willing to hear you out." one of the women said as the stranger raised an eyebrow.

"Very well, I come from the land of endless sands. Where the new 'god' Christ resided and where snow is rare." she said while smiling. "My son is from a noble lineage, one dating back to before the age of the son of light."

"And just where is he?" asked the woman with the axe with suspicion.

"In the south, towards the rising sun. It is too hot for those such as yourselves. Full of dangers greater than sea serpents and men of the crosses."

"Then why come all this way to look for a bride?"

"There aren't quite as many young women where we come from, and thus why I have gone in search, to help keep our family legacy alive for generations to come."

"...and why look for a bride yourself, why not your son?"

"He is afflicted with crooked legs, unable to walk. I left him alone in a cave not far from here but if I had brought him here, the cold would surely kill him."

"And how are we to trust your word?"

"By the gods that make up the worlds, my family are not liars. Our word is truth, as the sun is running from the dreaded wolves, our line are not silver tongued." She said in anger. "My son is afflicted and only I could make the journey, so do heed my question wisely."

"...give us time to discuss it amongst ourselves."

"Very well." She said before dropping a rather large golden toc, in the shape of a dragon, at their feet. "Consider this the bride payment for the arrangements. If you marry my son, the wonders of the earth will be yours, no one would call you poor or weak as long as you live."

The women blinked before seeing the woman walking away, making them look at the toc with interest and confusion.

"This is...quite the offer."

"Yes, and look at the craftsmanship of it. Solid gold."

"And from the look of it, a treasure from a great noble from ages past, perhaps one of Odin's warriors?"

"But how could one such as her, dressed like that, come this far without perishing?"

"Maybe the Norns favor her?"

"Or she is trying to trick us?" muttered the valkyrie woman with a frown. "To come to our village, with all the men gone, looking for a bride? I don't trust her."

They looked away for a moment before one of the women took the toc and placed it on her arm.

"I...I'll brave the snow and see this groom. If he is what the woman says, I shall return and bring you to him. If not...I shall return in shame."

"But it's risky! The winds and clouds alone show a storm is coming."

"Then I shall die with dignity."

"...maybe we should go together?" spoke the shorter woman. "Make sure she's ok and, if this stranger lies, make sure she never ruins the fortunes of others again."

"It'd be risky, what if the men come back and we are not here?"

"They can last a day without us. It's in their blood."


(Some time later)

-Somewhere near the Lake of Monsters-

The women gulped as they moved deeper into the swamp, following a path of gold objects left behind by the mysterious woman, as they walked towards a rather small cave near the edge of a hillside.

"Keep your guards up. No telling what we may encounter." the valkyrie woman said before they made it to the cave and saw the woman sitting on a rock.

"Ah, welcome." She said calmly. "Has the prospect of marriage graced your minds?"

"We have come merely to meet your son and then make a decision."

"I see. Just be warned, he might be afflicted by the gods, but he is a skilled hunter, one that could kill the foulest of beasts with ease." She warned while getting off the rock. "Follow me and I shall lead you to him."

They looked confused while hearing a loud quake rumble in the ground below them as the woman groaned for some reason.

"Not now."



"What is that?!"

"My son. Apparently his legs were healed while I was away." She muttered while looking rather annoyed, the quakes becoming louder and louder in the process.

"By the gods! He must be a big man to make those sounds."

"Oh yes, he was blessed with strong blood." the woman said while masking her frustrations.


And just like that, a figure appeared from behind a corner, although obscured by shadow.

"Grendel, I've returned." called the woman, standing behind the group of women as said group heard a low gruff sound coming from the figure. "These women have come to meet you."


"Come now, just look upon these women. Pick one that you like, for a bride is rare in these dark times."

"Why? They are small." her son replied with the valkyrie woman stepping forward with a growl.

"For such a tall male from a distant land, you are quick to look down on us, and yet you hide in the shadows like a rat."

"Rat? Who are you calling a rat you wench? I've crushed animals that would eat you alive without hesitating."

"Then come and face me!"

"No, too small. Too noisy, leave. Now."

The woman gripped her axe and swung it against the wall, making a clang that made him cover his ears and let out a growl. "Come say it to my face, coward."

"I said, leave!" he snarled.

"Stop." the woman frowned while glaring at the valkyrie woman. "Do not make loud noises, my son has been afflicted by the curse of Thor. Loud noise sounds like thunder to him, it pains him greatly."

"Then what you said is false."

"I do not want a bride. All I want is meat, and silence!" he growled, making the other women shiver as he came closer, making them realize he was bigger than they thought.

As he moved closer, the women realized something else...this was no man.

It was a monster, the evil Grendal, the last of the dread line of Cain!

They huddled together while the leader was wide eyed, looking up as the monster glared down at her.

"Well, I was hoping this wouldn't go so messy, but look on the bright side ladies, my son can easily give you sons of plenty, more than common men." smirked the woman as the group took note of the fact Grendel was exposed, his girth dangling out in the open with it looking as thick as a tree. "If you care for the pleasures of Cain, then Grendel shall provide it. Treasure, sex, all these things can be yours...if you heed my warnings and don't scream or fight against him."

"….nooo!" one woman spoke who tried to run, but his mother cut her off and pushed her back, the others now freaking out as the leader held her weapon out at Grendel while shaking.

"S-Stay back beast!"

"Beast? I am no beast."

"Stay back!"

The woman sighed while shaking her head. "Woman, no blade or arrow made by man can harm us, why act like this when you could birth a race of warrior women? Fair, strong and wise, all will be theirs as rulers of the world, if you place yourself as my son's bride."

"I would sooner curse Odin himself!" she yelled before running at Grendel and swung the axe, hitting the side of his leg, breaking the axe head instantly from the hardened skin, and making him roar out, picking her up with ease with one hand and gripped her tightly, making her drop the axe in pain as she tried to break free with him snarling.

"You're too NOISY!" he roared, swinging her down to the ground, hitting her so hard you could hear the bones snap, her body twitching before going limp as he picked her up, showing her neck was broken and making the other women start screaming, causing him to cry out as he threw the lady to the side of the cave and roared out at the group in anger, leading to him running at them as they scattered with him starting to grab them one by one to do the same and shut them up.

The woman sighed while pinching the bridge of her nose with her right fingers. 'So close. So so so close to having my son marry and they had to ruin it. Looks like I have to go hunting for more brides...ugh.'

"HELP! GODS ABOVE HELP!" screamed one lady running from the cave, only to trip and get dragged by the leg by Grendel who looked livid.

"QUIET!" he let out before picking her up and bit the top part of her head off with a crunch.

(Some time later)

"Grendel." the descendant of Cain said while looking rather pissed off, her son eating the body of another warrior woman she had just brought to her home. "Why can't you just stop eating the brides and get to know them? Do you want the line of Cain to die THIS century?!"

"Nom nom."

"Stop eating and listen to me!"

He gulped down what he had and looked away with a frown. "I don't want a bride. These women are all too tiny, frail, and they always scream as soon as they see me. All they're good for is to crush and be eaten."

"Because they are humans! They need time to get to know you." She frowned. "And if you don't have a wife, then you will not have children! And if you don't have children then who will exist to REMEMBER your deeds?!"

"They are food."

"No! They are your only chance at being remembered! If I die and you die, then the line of Cain will be no more! The humans will soon destroy the undying, powerful and destructive beings spawned by the gods and of Cain, and once that happens and you don't give the world the next generation of Cain, we will be forgotten and turned into tales! Children's stories!"

"But mother, why do I have to do it? Can't you do it?" he asked while curling up on his side to get comfy.

"Because the last time I laid with a man, they made sure to cast me aside for another." she frowned. "You must continue the line of Cain, lest the human race forget our deeds and our power."

"Then we eat them."

"NO!" she snapped. "We do not eat humans!"

"But humans are weak."

"Alone yes, but in groups and with cleverness they can create and destroy the world around them. No god or gods can stop them, thus if we ate all of them, or even ate a single village's worth, then we will be slain!" she narrowed her eyes. "We must keep them around, to spread our names and actions across the generations so as to be immortalized in the sands of time."

He groaned and splashed the water with annoyance.

She sighed while feeling like she was talking to a stone wall. "Just consider finding a bride soon, Grendel."

"No promise." He grumbled while rolling on the ground and facing away from his mother.

She sighed heavily while walking away, feeling like her son had no idea how to survive without her, at all. 'Hopefully he will see I am right with time.'

(Some time later)

"Nom nom nom."

"GRENDEL!" yelled the temptress while watching her son eating ANOTHER bride, one she had to steal from a neighboring kingdom.

"Huh?" he muttered out loud, looking at her with an arm sticking out of his mouth.

"You ate another bride, AGAIN! After I told you NOT to eat them!" she growled. "And after the toil I went through to bring a bride from the nearest kingdom!"

He swallowed the limb and groaned. "But mother, I hunger."

"You eat deer, elk and bear, NOT BRIDES!" she snapped in rage. "Think of your legacy, not your stomach!"

"But mother, I-"

"The next time you do this to another bride, I shall force you out of these lands myself, is that clear?" she narrowed her eyes.

"Yes mother." he looked down meekly.

"Now, I am going to find you another bride. If you eat her or attempt to eat her when I get back." she growled. "You will be without shelter or a mother's love. Now, spit that leg out and wait for my return."

Grendel grumbled while seeing his mother walk away, only to quickly turn towards him.

"And no hunting for humans. The village is already fearful of us for your endless hunger and my wrath towards the king, it needs not the gnashing teeth of a hungry son." she chastised before walking away.

"Fine..." he muttered, letting out what looked like a pout, at least for a monster.

She sighed. 'This can not go on like this. He needs a bride, one that isn't eaten!'

(A few weeks later)

'No brides...not in any of the kingdoms.' she thought while currently sitting on a rock facing the snow covered coastline, having returned from her travels...empty handed.

The reason was simple, word spread of a bride eating monster and that one rumor spiraled into fear as no kingdom allowed for any brides to be without a husband, marrying them off quickly so the monster didn't come and take them away in their sleep.

Overall, the last of the line of Cain had failed, her son would be the last generation to wander the earth.

'To think this day would come. The time where any chances of our bloodline continuing would fade away.' She thought while the waves splashed against the rocks. 'Where did I go wrong?!'

The monster woman looked up at the sky, feeling like this was something the gods would get a kick out of.



Which might have happened as a thunderstorm formed in the distance, as if to 'laugh' at her misery.

'If only I was more stern to him, maybe then he could have gained a bride!' she thought with a growl. 'After all, he's a handsome child in my eyes. If only he had made some minor goddess pregnant, then maybe I would not have to worry.'

As she stewed in past mistakes and long departed what ifs, she started to realize that perhaps she should help him become more comfortable with the pleasures of the female body, if only to get him started in appreciating the cardinal vice and virtue of love...without him eating them that is.

"Hmmm, I think I have an idea~"

(Later on)

"Oh Grendel~"

Grendel, currently sleeping on a rock, opened his eyes and groaned. "Yes mother?"

"I've come up with the perfect idea." She said while Gendel seemed uninterested.



He groaned before rolling on his side and began crawling away. "Not interested."

"Grendel, come back here this instant!" she hissed, her tail lashing out and grabbing him by his ankle, pulling him towards her.

"No need brides!"

"Just stay put!" she growled. "Or no food!"

He grumbled and crossed his arms as she let go of his ankle. "No brides."

She sighed. "Grendel, are you sure you don't need one? At all?"


"Well I might know the perfect solution, and it won't need a human bride."


"For now at any rate." she said while Grendel grumbled, making her frown. "My son, to understand the pleasures of a woman, human or otherwise, you must experience it first."

"And how can I?"

"Having sex with me."

"" he said in confusion as his mother groaned at his semi innocent monster mind.

"Mating, the same animals do."


She facepalmed. 'This is going to be annoying.'

Grendel grumbled while his mother saw him get up. "Getting meat. Later."

"Grendel, do not leave!" She ordered with a cold tone, making him freeze and get a chill down his spine. "Come here, now."

He gulped and made his way over to her.

She tapped her foot on the cold ground, water splashing a little, as she crossed her arms. "On the ground, facing me. You will learn about sex, even if it kills you."

He blinked while doing as his mother told him, still confused and just wanting not to be in trouble.

"Now look, Grendel. I've realized something, you need to understand just how you came to be, and I'm going to personally teach you."

"" he said before seeing her crawl on his lap and smirked.

"Now, relax and let me give you the pleasures of a woman." 'And hopefully, he learns to appreciate a bride...any bride.'

"But...what do I do?"

She smirked. "Just do everything I say and this will be over very soon~"

With that she cupped his face, leaning in and slowly ran her tongue across his lips.

All the while, Grendel's large cock became hard as a rock, although the monster had no idea what was going on at all.

All he knew was this was new and something his mother had never done before. Overall, he was confused about this entire situation.

The monstrous woman moved back while her tail wrapped around his cock, squeezing it a little.

He jumped and went wide eyed. "Mother?!"

"Hush." she said calmly while licking her lips. "Be quiet and let your mother handle this~"

He gulped while very much confused about this sudden turn of events.

The sensation of her scales across his girth was making his dick feel harder than ever before. Even better than the times when he'd touch it out of curiosity.

As this occured, the monstrous mother smirked and began squeezing the cock tightly with her tail, seemingly enjoying giving him a little taste of pain.

"Ah!" he cried out with a groan.

"How does it feel when I touch you like this?" She asked while squeezing it again with her tail.

"Ah!" he growled. "Why are you squeezing me like this?"

"To give it attention." she said while Grendel groaned. "Affection."


"Besides, I have to make sure you focus and don't forget." She said while the cock became harder and harder with each squeeze of her tail. "Oh, it seems like this feels better than you ever imagined, doesn't it?"


"Hush, don't talk." she whispered before lowering herself onto the tip, humming while he jumped and groaned. "Just let me teach you~"

"Mother! What's this warm feeling?"

"Hush, no talking, my child." she whispered before lowering even more, groaning at feeling her hole stretched open.

He groaned while gripping the ground with his fingers.

The feeling was alien to him, warm and snug. This went on for a while as Grendel felt his cock becoming harder and harder with each passing second.

It felt like he was being constricted in a vice, but in a good way, which made this even more confusing.

As the tail kept on squeezing his groin, the monster mother smirked and bobbed up and down, hoping that this would awaken Grendel's interest in the opposite sex.

"Come now Grendel, doesn't this feel invigorating?" She asked while bobbing up and down the cock.

He gulped while trying not to talk, at all.

"You can answer me." she said while rubbing his head.

"I-It feels weird! But good! Ahh!"

"Do not worry, this is natural." she smirked. "Now, hush and release your seed into me~"

"A-AHHHH!" he cried out, feeling the sensation get too good as his dick started to twitch before he felt something shoot right up into the snug hole.

She hummed while feeling the sperm entering her womb, her tail moving from side to side as she continued to bob up and down on the cock.

Grendel felt amazing for itt was like his whole body tingled in joy and relaxation, as more and more of his seed poured into the tight hole.

The seed kept on pouring into the monstrous woman's womb as she felt rejuvenated, and a little more hopeful that Grendel will take this opportunity to learn from this and become fixated on lust, not just gluttony.

After some time, Grendel panted, dazed and feeling relaxed as his mother patted his head.

"Good boy." she said with a smile. "You did well."


"Hush." she said while rubbing his cheek. "Rest, you need it."

He groaned, before leaning against her and closed his eyes as he felt his exhaustion hit him.

"Good boy." she said while moving off him. 'Hopefully, he becomes interested in a bride after this...although knowing him, he might not be after one time.'


(Five months later)

Snow fell onto the cold earth below as everything seemed...quiet for some reason.

So quiet there wasn't the sound of any animals, not even the song of birds or the growls of wolves.

It all seemed...abandoned.


Until a loud roar broke the silence, followed by a second, more high pitched one.


The camera zoomed towards a cave as the monsterous Grendel was fucking his mother's ass, looking rather tried and ready to pass out.

But he was gripping her hips and moving his hips back and forth, his body feeling so good he didn't want to stop.

"Ah~ That's it, keep moving." she hummed with pleasure.

"Can't...keep...going!" He groaned before feeling his cock becoming limp, popping out of the anus as a result. ""

"Alright, I think that's enough for one day." She said while sighing a little. "But tomorrow your bride pleasuring training will continue."

"Ah...ah..." he let out, slowly pulling out with a pop, his seed leaking out of his mother's ass. ""

She nodded while walking away. "Then wait here and rest, my son."


'Mmmm, he's been really putting everything he has ever since we started. I should have done this from the start.' she thought while leaving Grendel alone in the darkness.

However, as she was about to step into the snow, a sudden thought entered her mind.

What if her son never gains a bride?

'...that's not a good sign. But there has to be a bride out there for him...right?' she thought with dread.

But the thought soon became a dreadful beast of discomfort as she recalled how the human brides either screamed, tried to kill her son or worse, both. While yes she wanted them to be tolerant and NOT eaten by her son, still...her son needed a bride, ANY bride.

And yet the only one who came close to fixing that, let alone making him feel good and focused, was herself.

'...for Freya's undergarments!' she thought before turning around and stared at Grendel. 'If he needs a bride and I'M the only one providing that role, then I have to maintain that role. I am sorry my son...but mother's going to be the bride this time.'

With that she walked back over to Grendel who sat up.

"Mother, no more...I need….food…"

"Oh you will, but right now, no sense or reason to not share body heat." she said while licking her lips.

"" he groaned before getting jumped by his mother.

"Go ahead and sleep, and let your mother's body heat lull you to sleep~"

He gulped while the screen suddenly turned gold and flickered into darkness, the sounds of moaning occurring as that happened.

(Many years later)



Earthquakes rang across the snow covered land as flames licked across the village, sending soot and ash into the air and training the snow black as it fell, people screaming or trying to defend themselves from the mysterious beings that threatened their livelihoods.




"It's getting closer!"

"Fire the arrows, NOW!"


"RRRROOOAAARRRR!" cried out a massive gold skinned dragonic monster with fifty eyes, one hundred tentacle like teeth, five whip like tails, one hundred horse shaped bird legs and ten bat like wings, as it spewed fire from its many tentacled 'teeth', burning any human within its sights as fifty more identical monsters ravaged the village like a unholy swarm of locusts.





The camera zoomed away from the carnage as it moved towards a cliff side where Grendel watched, covering his ears in pain despite seeing everything burn in front of him.

"Ahhh! Too loud!" he growled before several golden tentacles wrapped around his shoulders.

"It's alright my child." whispered his mother gently rubbing his head and chest, making him grumble and lean against her as she used her hands to help cover his ears. "The humans are just getting a taste of what our spawn can do."

"So much...noise."

"Don't worry, the children are just getting used to destruction. They will mellow with time." she smiled, giving his cheek a slow lick with a hum, which made him shiver, but in a good way. "Just relax Grendel, and let mother ease away the pain."

"Yes mother." He grumbled while the sounds of monsters could be heard in the distance along with the screams of humans. He closed his eyes to relax, but his lower half sprang to life due to the feel of his mother's chest, making her chuckle.

"My my, eager again?" she asked with a low purr. "Would you like your mother to make you feel good~?"

He groaned as the snow began to cover the screen with white, screaming heard in the background as everything became white as static. 'So tired.'

"Don't worry, mother will make you feel nothing but bliss my dear Grendel~" 'Forever and ever~'