Mother's dark love

Cosmo and Mama Cosma

Fairly Oddparents


We find ourselves in Fairy World, where all seemed peaceful and well. We see a familiar green haired idiot sulking as he floated through town.

"This is the worst day ever. Worse than the day before yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that." And then he passed by a poster showing Butch Hartman. "Worse than that guy as well."

He came here for a good reason, but one he never thought he'd do again.

"Well, this is it Cosmo...welcome home..." he said to himself. He stopped and looked up at his old house before taking a deep breath and knocked. Immediately after his hand touched the door, it swung open!

"Cosmo dear!" smiled his mother.

"Hey mama."

"I heard the news. Finally divorced you, did she?" she asked sweetly with Cosmo nodding. "Well come right on inside and I'll get you some fresh hot cookies made."

"Yay! Cookies!" He perked up instantly.

Both went inside with Cosmo sitting at the table while his mom got to work on baking.

"To think, after so many Godchildren, you 2 broke it off after Timmy." she remarked while waiting. "Pray tell, what happened?"

"Me and her had an argument. She was ready to quit since have an actual son, Poof."

"But you wanted to keep going?"

"I thought we could work it out, but I guess I really blew it this time." he looked down.

"I'd never blame you." Smiled his mother rubbing his head before frowning. "If anything it's that no good nagging Wanda, always giving you a hard time. Well you don't worry about her, you just relax and let mama take care of you."

"Thanks mama."

"Anything for my Cosmo." She kissed his cheek and then took more cookies out of the oven. She set them down with Cosmo digging right in, forgetting how hot they were, but was still dense enough to keep eating. "Here, a glass of chocolate milk."

"Thanks mama."

'With an added pinch of aphrodisiac.' she thought with a hidden smirk as she downed the glass in one go. "I made sure your old room was nice and clean whenever you were ready to come home."

"Ooh, did you add more monkeys to my room?"

"Of course dearie."

"Yay, love you mama!" Then he kissed her cheek and flew off.

She smiled with a blush before giving a devious grin and floated off to her bedroom. "In the meantime, I better get nice and ready~"

As she was freshening up, Cosmo was in his race car bed, with Phillip the Nickel as he was watching a cartoon about monkeys.








"Yay!" he cheered. "This show is gonna be amazing!"

Some time later, Cosmo starts feeling something down there in his crotch. He looked down and saw a bulge forming in his pants, one that grew bigger and bigger and bigger. "Huh?" He looked in there. "This is strange...wasn't it the boy fairies that gave birth?" He said in confusion. "Unless I'm...turning into a woman!" He cried out in horror and started to fly around the room in panic. "Mama! Mama heeeelp!"

"I'm coming sweetie!"

She said while in sexy lingere. A teal fishnet bra,, a small teal thong that showed off her ass, finally, teal fishnet stockings.

"Mama! Somethings wrong with me!" He panicked, as he finally found her.

"Whatever is the problem sweetie?"

"My coin purse! It turned into a schlong!" he pointed at his pants, giving her a clear view of the bulge which made her smile.

"Oh my, would you look at that..."

"What are we gonna do mama?" He asked, forgetting he has magic.

"Well...have you ever been curious as to how humans have sex?"

"Yes actually, but what does that have to do with anything?" he asked cluelessly.

"Well then, why don't you let your mother give you a hand with that~?" And then she pulled down her panties.

"Ah! Mama, your schlong became a coin purse!"

"Now now Cosmo, all women have one."

"They do?"

"Exactly, now let's go back to my room so I may show you human sex." she grabbed his hand and led him out of his room.

"Hmm...Mama, is this normal for a mother and son to do?"

"But of course Cosmo. Only the closest ones do this all the time."

"If you say so, then I guess I don't need to have 'The Talk' with Poof when he's older...that is if Wanda would let me." he remarked as they reached her room before she sat him down and spread his legs.

She licked her lips, marveling at her son't length. "Let's get these pants off first." And once she undid the zipper, his dick was revealed to her, standing straight up. "Oooh, you've gotten so big while you were away." She said before grabbing the shaft.

Cosmo jumped with a yelp.

"Big and healthy, I raised such an amazing boy." she purred, rubbing the cock as he shivered from the soft hand. "You like that?"

"Yes, mama..."

"Well, you'll love this!" She sandwiched his dick inbetween her breasts! A chest that puts Wanda to shame.

"Ahhh!" he jumped, nearly flying into the ceiling. "W-What are you doing?"

"This is merely one of the forms of foreplay that humans perform."


"Really." Then she used her wand to show one of Timmy's many futures where he's getting a boobjob from Veronica.

"Wow..." Cosmo said as his mother resumed. "Oooh!"

"You like that?"

"Yes mama, please keep going." he groaned, feeling her squish his dick between her breasts harder before licking the tip. Cosmo was leaking pre-cum as she did.

She smothered the dick more, swirling her tongue on the tip and lapping up the pre-cum which made her son groan louder.

"That feels so good mama!"

"You can have this everyday if you want."


"Yes." She said before licking the tip of his dick. 'Forever and ever~'

"Wow! Me and Wanda never did something like this!"

"Of course not, I heard you 2 had separate beds. If you shared beds then you'd be able to do this."

"Yeah, Wanda doesn't really care for race car beds."

"Well that's her loss then." She then moved faster, making Cosmo moan even louder.

"Ahhh! Mommy!"

"That's right, let it all out." she urged, rubbing her breasts faster.

"It feels like something's coming out!"

"Let it all out for mommy!"

"Mamaaaaa!" Cosmo cried out before his dick started spraying her face!

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, moaning as she felt half of it land inside and the rest hitting her face.

Later we now see Cosmo panting.

"Wonderful job, but we aren't done yet." she licked her lips.


"Not just yet." Then she floated over him, pussy brushing against the tip of his dick. "Now it's time to truly make you a big boy~"

Cosmo understood and then held his mother by her hips. She slid down onto the cock with a happy groan. He pulled her down even faster, groaning alongside her. When it all went inside, she let out a loud cry of pleasure.

"I haven't felt this much pleasure since your father!" she groaned. "But now you can use me anytime you ever get hard like this again!"

"Sounds like fun!" he moaned back.

"Oh it will be~" she purred before raising her ass up and slammed back over the dick, making him cry out as she moaned. "Let mommy show you just how good her cunt is~"

"Yes, keep going mama!" he let out, leaning back and grunting as her insides squeezed and rubbed him all over with her breasts bouncing from the movement. "M...mama!" He let out as his dick twitched.

'Oh my, about to fill me up, are you?' she teased, grinding her pussy harder against his dick. "Does mama's pussy feel that good~?"

"Yes mama, it really does!"

"Well then, she'll make sure your big boy part gets hooked on it!" She slammed up and down harder!

"Mama! It feels like I'm gonna fill you up again!"

"Do it Cosmo! Give mommy all your hot cum!"

Cosmo groaned loudly, his mother matching his volume as he filled her with his glittery fairy seed!


The both of them held onto each other tightly, as the cum leaked from her pussy!

She smiled, wider than she ever had in her life, as her pussy was practically sucking the sperm from him like a straw.

"I love you mama."

"My little sweetheart, mama loves you too Cosmo." she smiled, leaning down to rub his face and kiss his forehead. "Now let's take a little nap and then I'll get started on supper to get your strength back up."

"Thank you mama." He said, as he drifted off to sleep.

She smiled and pecked him on the lips before cuddling against him and closed her eyes.


Later we now see Cosmo and Cosma eating food together.

"So, from now on?"

"I'll live with you and not think of any other girl." he repeated, making her smile.

"That's a good boy. After all, why worry about some random girl who could hurt you again when you have your mother?"

"Right." And so they hugged as the scene faded to black.