Mother's dark love

Shinji and Yui



Right now Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langrey Sohryu were in their Evangelions units as they were to battle against the fearsome 7th angel, Israfel, who was sent there to apparently destroy humanity.

But unknown to our heroes and even the angel itself, the evangelions were powered by the souls of the pilot's mother, and in Shinji's case his unit 01 was powered by Yui Ikari, his own mother.

Speaking of Yui, we currently find ourselves in a white void that represented the mind of unit 01. Yui stood there with her lab coat on as she was watching the events through the eyes of the unit.

"Shinji, I'm so sorry you have to do this. If I wasn't absorbed, you wouldn't be put in this situation." replied Yui looking into the orb that showed her the images as they went from the angels to Shinji. Yui smiled as she stroked the orb. "You've grown into a young man, Shinji."

Yui's eyes soon gained a dark look to them as she remembered the other reason he was int his situation. "Gendo, this is all your fault!" yelled Yui inside the void. "You ruined MY sons life!" yelled Yui whose outburst was connected to the head set linked up with unit 01.

"Eh?" Shinji asked to himself as he thought he heard someone's voice over the communicator. "Asuka, did you heard that?"

"What are you talking about, Shinji-Baka?!" Asuka snapped, "I didn't heard anything because unlike you, I'm completely focused on the enemy! Now snap out of your weird fantasies and help here!"


Meanwhile Yui, who heard Asuka's insult to HER son, gained a dark look on her face as she held back from going berserk and mutilating her friend's daughter, mainly because Kyoko was being trapped in the other eva...

Shinji and Asuka focused on the battle as the music began. The result of their teamwork sync resulted in them defeating the angel right as the music ended, the bad part was both of them finding their units in a crater.

Shinji rubbed his head as he got out and heard a ring. He opened the hatch that revealed a phone that was built into the unit and picked it up.

"Yes, Asuka?"

"Look at what you did! My Eva is messed up cause of you!" screeched Asuka over the line.

Shinji rubbed his ear to try and relieve himself of the ringing from Asuka's yelling. Yui didn't need the Eva's eyes to know what was going on as Shinji's time in unit 01 had formed some sort of link between them. Which is how Yui got angry at hearing what Asuka was saying.

"She blames Shinji because of where they landed? Let's see if she likes this landing." Yui tapped into unit 01's controls and managed to get the robot to lift unit 02 up. "Hope you can swim!" yelled Yui as unit 01 chucked unit 02 into the waters, effectively flooding it and getting Asuka soaked.

Everyone was stunned by the display, except for Yui who smiled a content smile before it turned into a frown.

"Now that I've had my fun, I really need to find a way to get out of here. Shinji needs me in his life." replied Yui who felt warm just saying that before letting her brain work on an idea.

'Maybe Ritsuko?' She thought before shaking her head, knowing that the blonde woman was somehow related to Gendo, probably like her mother did. 'Even so, If I could use the Magi then...'

'Or what about Rei?' Yui thought again before shaking her head, remembering that she was cloned from her's and Lilith's DNA by Gendo. 'THAT BASTARD! I SO WANT TO KILL HIM!'

After calming herself down, Yui remembered that Rei had spare bodies in case she died. 'OF COURSE!'

Yui smiled as she finally had the perfect plan to get close to her son. All she had to do is transfer her mind from unit 01 to one of the spare Rei clones in Ritsuko's lab. The problem was that the clean up crew had arrived and were putting unit 01 back into the cage.

Yui tapped her head as she tried to think of a way out of here, when it hit her. She could hack into the signal transmitted to unit 01 from the bridge and then manage to her mind transferred into the lab.

Yui brought up a screen that showed the signal between unit 01 and the bridge and began hacking through the firewall. She was having some trouble with the Magi, but managed to get past the security nonetheless and could feel her mind go over the signal.

Her face soon appeared on the screens of the lab as she could see several glass containers that each had its own Rei clone in it.

"Perfect." grinned Yui.

Then Yui saw a very compatible body in which she could go in, but she didn't want Gendo or anyone at NERV or SEELE to stop her, so she decided to modify her body to be more like the eva she was in, and while she didn't like being used as a energy source, she liked having such power to fight and a very durable body.

That's why the body she choose looked more like a human-sized, female looking eva with blue armor, long brown hair and white eyes, making her grin before she put her mind in the new body.

Yui slowly opened her newly acquired eyes as the container slid open and she slowly walked out. Her mind quickly adapted to the changes as she managed to walk slowly before going at a normal pace. Good signs her motor skills were working.

Yui walked near a mirror in the lab and saw that this body was different from her original, but it still had her natural charm to it. Probably a secret project Gendo had been working on. She also noticed that besides the shoulder armor, she had blue gauntlets on her hands, shin guards, and had her torso covered by a blue colored plugsuit that seemed to show off her decent size c-cups.

"Shinji will be so glad." replied Yui who walked out of the lab with the intention to reunite with her son.

But then, an alarm went off and Yui noticed several security guards, or simply thugs, from sector seven appear near her, but luckily no one recognized her thanks to her eva helmet.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" A guard gasped upon noticing the armored figure in front of them. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?"

"No matter, we must stop it from getting out!" Said another, but sadly what he said would doom them.

'They're separate me...from MY SHINJI!?' Yui snapped as she quickly grabbed the closest guard by the neck and snapped it, ending his life.

"OH MY GOD! HE KILLED KENNY?!" Screamed one average guard in horror as another guard, a jew one, said. "YOU BASTARD!"

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Roared Yui as she continued to kill anyone in her sight until all the guards were dead, some losing limbs or having those lost limbs impaled in them. Then soon Yui managed to get out of the building and ran towards the city, which was empty due to being nighttime there, and soon went to search to where her son lived. 'Don't worry Shinij, mommy will be there soon~!'

Meanwhile, back at Misato's apartment is where we find Shinji who was resting on his bed while listening to his tapes. The day had been strange. He heard some woman's voice that Asuka didn't hear, then unit 01 just suddenly lifted Asuka and her eva up and tossed them into the sea. He had gotten a scolding form Misato about what happened, but he surprised them by explaining that he wasn't even in the cockpit when it happened. That still didn't keep Asuka from punching him and giving him a bloody nose.

Before he could dove off, he suddenly heard a loud bang coming from the front door. He rushed out of his room and saw Asuka and Misato stood there and saw the same odd thing he was.

The figure that knocked the door down appeared to be wearing blue armor that was similar to his eva. The armor covered the hands with gauntlets similar to the hands of unit 01, while also having the same shoulder armor as well. The helmet however looked like uni 00, but blue. The rest of the body was covered up by a blue plugsuit that revealed it was female by the large breasts.

"Who the hell are you?!" yelled Asuka pointing at the intruder.

However Yui didn't hear nor cared about what Kyoko's...daughter said because HER Shinji was in front of her, making her so happy that she instantly appeared in front of the boy, surprising him and the two women by her speed but then the figure...hugged Shinji!

"SHINJI-KUN! IT'S SO GOOD TO FINALLY MEET YOU AFTER ALL THESE YEARS~!" Said boy just blushed upon having his face pressed against Yui's breasts.

"Who are you?" Misato asked in curiosity as she saw Asuka getting red, from anger or jealously she didn't know.

"Oh sorry..." The figure said sheepishly before removing her helmet, showing her beautiful face with long brown hair and brown eyes. "My name is Yui Ikari, and I'm Shinji-kun's mother~!

The reaction from all three was instant and quite different. Misato's mouth hung open from shock, Asuka was confused but still angry, and Shinji looked catatonic with the reality that his own mother was here. His eyes began to leak tears as he looked at her in the face.

"A-A-Are you really, my Kaa-san?" asked Shinji who didn't care if he looked like a wimp in front of Asuka. If the chance this was his mother, he didn't care.

""Of course Shinji-kun~!" Yui smiled down at her son and couldn't help but find his tearful expression extremely cute!

Shinji couldn't hold back anymore and let tears of joy cascade down his face as he held onto his mother for fear of her disappearing.

"Don't worry Shinji-kun, I'll never leave you now..." Yui said tenderly.

Meanwhile, Misato found the scene adorable and wished for a second that her father would appear and do the same before reminding herself that Shinji deserved this, but Asuka...


Then the red-head felt the air around her leave when Yui looked at her VERY darkly and put back her helmet as she neared the young, scared girl and said: "Listen here girl...even if you ARE Kyoko's daughter...if you insult MY Shinji, I'll make sure you never have to worry about anything EVER AGAIN!"

It may have been Asuka's pride, or fear, but she still continued to talk. "O-Oh yeah? You don't know who you're talking to. Unlike you, I have the skills to help save this world." replied Asuka with so much smugness that you could cut it with a knife.

Yui suddenly gained a smile on her face that was hidden behind the helmet and grabbed Asuka by her shirt and lifted her up. "Oh really? Than I guess you wouldn't mind fighting me with your precious Eva than." replied Yui who was about to put this brat in her place.

Misato knew what Asuka may say, but she couldn't argue in time before Asuka declared "It's on!"

Yui grinned as she dropped the german brat and waited til she stood up before Asuka walked out the door with the others following. Their destination was NERVE so Asuka could get her Eva.

"W-wait mom!" Shinji called as they were heading for the EVA container. "Are you sure about this? I mean-" He was interrupted when Yui hugged him.

"Don't worry Shinji-kun, I KNOW what I'm doing. So please just trust me, OK?" She said as Shinji could only nod. "Also after this I'll answer any question that you or even Misato-san might have."

"T-thanks Ms. Ikari..." Misato said, surprised by Yui's kindness.

Soon Asuka made it into unit 02 and was sent up the elevator. Amazingly, Misato managed to hack into the controls and keep it as quiet as possible when the Eva made it to the top where Yui sat on one of the buildings.

"Ready to get crushed? If you ask, I might go easy on you." boasted Asuka who didn't hesitate on fighting a woman with her entire robot.

"Go ahead. I won't even use half of my strength to put a brat like you in your place." replied Yui standing up.

"GET READY TO BE FLATTENED!" yelled Asuka charging at Yui with her Eva.

But then Asuka's EVA refused to move, surprising her.

"W-what the hell?! Why won't this stupid machine work!?"

Yui just grinned. "Because Kyoko's soul is inside the EVA, and she refuses to fight me...but that doesn't mean I WON'T try to NOT hurt you..." Asuka shifted in fear before a major one-sided fight went by and finished with Yui winning.

"Good work, Kaa-san." congratulated Shinji to his mother.

"Thank you, Shinji-kun." replied Yui who brought Shinji into another hug.

"Sorry to break this up, but could you explain to us how you're alive?" requested Misato.

"Alright, but I think it would be better at your place. This really isn't the place for this kinda talk." replied Yui gesturing to the battlefield.

"Agreed." replied Misato as they got into the car and held on as Misato drove them home. Asuka was unconscious at the moment due to the ass kicking she just received.

Meanwhile, after they got home, Yui went ahead and began to explain how she became stuck in unit 01 and what Gendo had planned for them.

"THAT BASTARD!" Growled Shinji in a surprising dark tone as he punched the ground, not believing how heartless his fa-no, GENDO was like. He didn't just put his mother on the EVA, but abandoned him for 10 years before calling him back just to use him, and eventually destroying the world!

"To believe I served that monster..." Misato said in rage, finding out that Gendo was actually responsible of not only unleashing adam and provoking second impact, but also killing her father!

"Not to worry, I've got the perfect plan to ruin him." began Yui. "If we can get not only the data files as evidence, but a recording of Gendo and SEELE talking about their plans, the public will demand they be thrown in jail as soon as possible. I also think we should show how incompetent they've been in dealing with the angels. Such as keeping Asuka in germany while the angels were attacking." suggested Yui who wanted that annoying brat away from HER son as soon as possible.

"I love it! If you can get a bug set up to record their meeting, I can get the data from Ritsuko's lab." replied Misato throwing her own ideas in.

"Alright, then all we need next is how to deal with the angels."

"What if we free Lilith?" suggested Shinji getting a pair of confused looks. "If we give them back one of their own, they may take that as a sign of surrender and leave us alone."

"Perfect, now I think we better get some sleep as I'm tired." replied Yui standing up. "Shinji-kun, I hope you don't mind your mother bunking with you, do you?" asked Yui.

"O-Of course not, Kaa-san." replied Shinji who headed towards his room with yui behind him who seemed a little too eager.

Now both mother and son were on bed, with Shinji looking the other way because of his embarrassment to sleep with his mother after all these years.

"Shinji-kun, please look this way~!" Yui pleaded in such voice that made the boy look at her, and blush upon noticing how beautiful she looked.


"Don't worry Shinji-kun, this is just a mother's duty to watch over her son~!" She grinned before kissing him.

Shinji shook his head and broke the kiss before looking at Yui in the eye. "Kaa-san, we can't do this. We're..."

"But Shinji-kun, this way I can not only look after you like a mother, but a lover. Don't you like me~?" asked Yui who pouted and made Shinji feel like he was staring at a kitten.

"Of course, Kaa-san." relented Shinji who was on one hand a little disturbed, but also excited about this. Plus, his mother definitely beat Misato with that body of hers.

"Yay~!" Yui soon resumed their kissing while Shinji began to get into it.

What they were too occupied to notice was the drunk Misato who walked past their doorway and began to cheer them on.

"Wooh! Shinji's getting laid!" yelled Misato who was tempted to stay and watch while finishing her beer.


Asuka was walking towards her home alongside Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Rei and Kaji after waking up of her KO state and telling them about Yui, making the first two surprised as they all went to see her.

"WHERE ARE YOU, SHINJI-BAKA!?" Screamed madly the red headed german followed by the others as they saw Misato passed out with a smile and booze near Shinji's room, making them curious and see there...just for them to be in shock upon noticing Shinji and Yui making out!

Fuyutsuki looked both stunned and happy to see Yui, even if she was in a different body. Gendo passed out from the horrible shock and seemed to be having a heart attack. Rei looked indifferent about it. Kaji smiled at seeing the hot display and was congratulating Shinji on becoming a man.

Asuka however...

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, SHINJI-BAKA?!" screeched Asuka yet again ruining this moment for the mother and son.

Next thing Asuka knew, she was hit by a table with enough force to knock her out, and said table was thrown by Yui.

"What? Didn't I warn her?" She said as everyone nodded and left the new couple alone.