Amy's P.O.V

"I don't get why he always wants to do these things alone," I grumbled, letting my head drop back against the tree I was sitting against.

Felix stood as still as a statue nearby, his eyes scanning the forest as though he expected Zelena to come flying in cackling.

"He's not going to fight her," he told me lightly. "He's smarter than that. He's just stalling to give the others time to find the book and get to Henry. Once they do it'll give Zelena something to worry about other than you."

"My family is not bait!" I snarled. Gripping the tree for balance, I dragged myself up to my feet, wobbling a bit.

"Better her go after them as a group than one partial Dark One, his pregnant wife, and human sidekick."

I frowned, not liking how bitter he referred to himself. "What's gotten into you Felix?" I asked gently. "You know you're more than a sidekick to him. You're his brother."

He shrugged. "Either way I always fuck everything up."

"Stop it!" I snapped. "Don't you dare feel sorry for yourself right now, got it? You might not remember the past year but I do, and I know you're a good man."

"Why are you so annoying?" he groaned. "I liked you better when you first got dropped on Neverland. You weren't as annoyingly optimistic."

I shrugged. "Well I thought I was going to be alone for the rest of my life."

"Until Peter?" he guessed, taking on a mocking tone.

"Well, yes," I admitted. "But I also didn't have memories of ever being loved. Once I got those back, I remembered Belle and how much we loved each other. Then I realized Regina grew up as lonely as I had, despite Cora being in her life. I had a chance for a family, a real one like I'd always dreamed of at Paul's. Now that I have it, I'll do anything to keep from losing it." I walked over and patted his shoulder. "You're my family too, like it or not."

A minuscule of a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "Well aren't you sweet-" he cut himself off, his eyes shifting downwards and widening

"What are you looking at? Isn't the illusion spell still on?" Not that that was any reason for him to look like he was about to lose his lunch.

"It is but-uh, Amy . . ." He swallowed. "Water just came out of you!"

I blinked, glancing down at a puddle on the ground, right in between my legs. I realized that my panties, along with my pants, were soaked through.

"Oh shit," I whispered. I looked at Felix, panicked. "Um . . . I think my water just broke."

Third Person P.O.V

"Apples? You shouldn't have."

Peter was pleased to see that he startled Zelena, who seemed to have been under the impression that his house was deserted. He crossed his legs, lounged out on the cushy sofa. With an eyebrow raised and an unamused smirk on his lips, he beckoned her closer with a finger.

A basket of bright, green apples in hand, Zelena walked forward into the living room and leaned over the coffee table, slowly uncurling her fingers from the basket and letting it drop down.

"Consider it a gift from Auntie Zelena," she cooed. "Congratulations."

He curled his lip into a sneer. He hadn't understood how Henry could dislike apples until that very moment. Though they were favorites of Amy's, especially during her pregnancy, so he'd most likely always have to put up with them. This damn family and their obsession with the forbidden fruit. If his child didn't like them it'd be a blessing. But it was like he'd once said himself,

'Who doesn't like apples?'

Grimacing, he watched Zelena make herself at home, she slipped off her jacket and took a glance around the room, pretending to be confused.

"Where is the 'mommy to be'?"


Zelena rolled her eyes at his response. "Oh, relax. I have no use for the little brat." She paused, before adding. "Either of them."

Peter's eyes turned to slits. "Then why are you here?"

"To offer you a deal."

Peter scoffed, a grin tugging at the corners of his lips. "After the way you played Felix, I'm not interested. Now get out so I can bring Amy home."

Zelena feigned hurt. "And here I thought I did you a favor. He did betray you again, after all. Opening his mouth and telling secrets to the villain." She tutted.

"I would have done the same for Amy, just as she would have done it for me."

Now Zelena sneered. "I'm going to take a guess and say that you didn't come to that conclusion on your own."

Peter remained silent. Yes, it was true that he had been ready to skin Felix alive until Amy yanked him aside, scathingly reminding him of all of the sins he'd committed in her name, and all the ones that she would commit for him if he were ever in danger. Reluctantly, he calmed down and focused on more important issues. Not that he wasn't still angry at Felix for being so gullible, because he was absolutely furious. But he did sympathize with him.

"Do you really think you can be a good father?" Zelena asked softly. "You, who kidnapped children?"

Peter gritted his teeth, cracking his neck as he turned his head away, unwilling to look at her any longer. He couldn't allow her to get under his skin. He'd already had these thoughts, already fought with Amy about it a hundred times. She had faith in him, he needed to believe in himself.

But it wasn't so easy when his track record was written all in blood.

"What if you had never lost Amy?" Zelena wondered aloud. "What if you were together on Neverland still? No baby, no responsibilities, just you and all those boys you're so fond of."

His heart had given a twinge at the mention of his island, the home he'd lost the same day Amy had signed her soul to him with three little words.

"Neverland is gone," Peter spat. "And I don't want it back."

"Oh please." She snorted. "Stop lying to yourself. You would give anything to get away from here."

"No I wouldn't," he answered automatically. "When will you get it through your head that Amy is more important to me than anything else?"

She nodded. "Oh I don't doubt that. But what about your demon spawn growing inside of her belly?"

He didn't reply, too busy glowering at her.

"I could give you the life you want you know," she mused. "I could ensure Amy being born and make sure you still meet her. I'm sure it'll take no time at all for you to fall in love and fly her back to Neverland. Henry not being born will ensure that you can find a new Truest Believer, one who isn't Amy's nephew."

Peter stared at her for a long time. The idea was tempting. Amy was his soul mate, after all. They were destined for each other no matter what, even if Zelena tweaked the story a bit. As long as they were both alive, they'd find each other, he had no doubts about that.

But all he could think about was that smile on Amy's face whenever she rubbed her stomach, the way she sang softly to it and told it how much she loved him or her.

Their story was meant to be continued, not re-written.

Peter stood up, nostrils flaring. "If you jeopardize my child's life, I'll personally see to it that you'll be black and blue instead of green. Now hop on your broom and fly straight back to Hell."

His cell phone starting ringing in his pocket. The only people who ever called him was Amy, Felix, and the Lost Boys. Continuing to glare at Zelena, he answered it.

"Hello?" he bit out.

"Pan! We found the book and we're on our way to Henry. Where's Amy? She's not answering her phone-."

Having heard everything he needed to hear, he stopped listening. After many failed attempts of trying to hang-up, not remembering how, he threw the phone against the wall so hard it shattered on impact.

He could tell Zelena had heard by the look on her face. Good.

"You do realize that it doesn't matter, right? They already know how to defeat you." Peter smirked. "And once they do, I'll be there to finish it."

Before he could knock her down with a bolt of magic, to at least give her a little taste of what it'd feel like when he got to play with her, Zelena vanished from the house in a puff of green smoke.

Satisfied that Amy and the baby were safe, for now, he let his magic take control of his direction, making his senses tingle until he felt a sharp tugging. helpfully beginning to lead him to wherever Felix had taken Amy to hide in the woods.

Just as he made to transport to the forest, he paused, confused. He'd use their special connection to find her multiple times, but this time was different. It felt erratic, never vanishing but growing much stronger for a moment before going back to normal. The tugging was trying to lead him to the same area, but it was as if there were two different places he was being urged to, which was impossible. Amy couldn't be in two places at once.

A thought occurred to him and Peter's heart stopped. He needed to get to Amy. Now.

Amy's P.O.V

"I have to call Peter!" I shrieked for the hundredth time. "Let me call him!"

Felix, so terrified that he was sweating profusely, shook his head. "No way! If he's still with Zelena and she overhears-"



I was sitting on the forest ground in a makeshift bed of leaves Felix had put together, my back against a tree. A horrible pain that I could only assume was a contraction began to rip through me. It felt as though my stomach were making a very tight fist, only a thousand times more painful.

I thought Felix was going to faint when I cried out in pain. I had never seen him lose his cool before but now his fingers shaking so badly that his fingers kept slipping and dropping the phone, his eyes were frantic and full of panic, and I thought he looked a little green.

"How did you not know you were going to go into labor!?" Felix shouted.

"Stop yelling at me!" I wailed. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP ME CALM!"



"WELL HE'S NOT ANSWERING!" he snarled.

"Then call Regina!"

"Oh, right!" Looking slightly more relieved at the prospect of having a woman here, he awkwardly tapped her name on the phone and waited. After a couple seconds, he frowned, pulling the phone away and staring at it.

"It stopped ringing. Why is the screen dark?"

My eyes narrowed. "Felix," I hissed, practically seeing red. "Is your phone dead?"

Felix looked confused. "You mean broken?"

"No, dead, as in, did you not charge it!?"

He looked confused. "Is that when Serena plugged it into the wall at night."

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Okay, okay," Felix said hurriedly. "Everything is, uh, gonna be fine. I'll just carry you until we get to the road and find someone who can drive us to the hospital."

I whimpered. I wasn't sure how much time I had, seeing as I hadn't exactly gotten to read much of those books Belle gave me. For all I knew I could pop my baby out in fifteen hours, or fifteen minutes. I needed a doctor, or anyone who knew about child birth. Anyone but Felix, who was slowly and awkwardly approaching me.

"Are you sure you can't try to magically transport to the hospital?"

I glared at him. "And risk hurting my baby? No."

He winced. "Right. Okay, I'm going to, er, pick you up now."

I nodded, gulping. "You do that."

He swallowed. "Here we go." He started to reach for me, pausing to add, "You're not going to have the kid on me, are you?"


He slid his an arm under my leg and behind my back, grunting loudly when he lifted me off the ground. It was a tense few seconds, him trying to get his bearings and me struggling to cling to his bony frame.

"You're so heavy," he groaned.

I rolled my eyes. "If you could actually see what my stomach looks like, you'd understand."

Once we were situated, he began to walk through the forest as quickly as he could manage, which wasn't very fast at all.

"Your kid has the worst timing," Felix huffed.

"Just like their dad."

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