In the abyss without a flame

By: Eiriandkuramalover09

Dedicated to my best friend in the world. Kiwi.

Rated: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. I make no monetary gain from this story, only the twisted plot is mine.


"Why?" Edward wanted to scream but dared to only whisper.

"Why not kid," The larger man taunted, dug his knee more sharply against the helpless teenagers back. Quite effectively pinning the smaller man against the cold concrete beneath them. Edward grit his teeth and refused to yell out.

"Seriously, why me," The Fullmetal alchemist growled out angrily.

"Perhaps i just like short blondes,"

"Bullshit!" Ed spat hatefully. The captor's smile slipped away. The man applied and bit of pressure directly on Edwards spine, this time the young man couldn't hold in the yelp of pain.

"Fine short stuff I'll tell you why," Edward growled softly at the short comment but as wise enough not to fly off the handle like usual. The man grinned down at the at the helpless teen. "You want to know the truth, I chose you because your you," Edward furrowed his brow understandably confused. The older man chuckled softly and proceeded to explain. "Your strong, stronger than everyone. You have a spark, in a way you're magnetic. Everyone you meet comes to respect and like you. Plus I just love you defiant nature, all the other dogs of the military have been broken, but not you. I suppose in a way this all stems from jealously, if i'm going to be completely honest here its the fire in your eyes that's really driving me to do this. The military stripped me of mine and stripped it from every man i know, but not you. Not you, why are you so fucking special Fullmetal? Why do you keep that innocent, naive air around you? I hate it, I FUCKING hate it. I want to slowly slice you up and watch that innocence drain away with your crimson elixir," The man paused and glazed at the boy beneath him. Edward lay under the bigger man, hopelessly pinned, his body coiled tight from fear. The blonde's mind raced, trying desperately to think of anyway out of this mess. For some reason begging didnt seem like it was going to get him out of this. Just when Ed thought it was as bad as it could get he heard something that made his blood run cold. "Don't worry about your life Edward i've thought of a way to break you and keep you alive, that way i can have fun with you more than once," The man laughed darkly. Ed's emotions were warring between fear and confusion. His lack of adult knowledge due to his age and his sole fixation on alchemy, left him lacking in other areas a teen would normally know about. Try as he might Edward couldn't think of anything worse than a slow, torturous death.

"What are you going to do? Edward was hesitant to ask but unable to help himself. The man roared with laughter above him, his larger frame shaking with amusement.

"You really don't have a clue?" The man mocked and ran a hand against the teenager's ass. Ed's eyes widened as realization dawned on him, he was a genius after all.

"You can not be serious..." Ed trailed off.

"Oh but I am," Edward let out an undignified squeak and got a nice jolt of adrenaline. The boy somehow managed to get a little leverage with his automail arm and pushed against the floor as hard as he could. The man on top was caught off guard and was almost bucked off of the smaller boy. Fueled by Ed's defiance, the man pinned the boy back down with a boost of strength. "Well we can't have that happening again can we Ed," The man commented darkly, sounding unamused for the first time since Ed had been pinned down to the floor.

"Screw you," Edward yelled at the the evil man and tensed up his body. He wasn't entirely sure what was coming but he was sure it would involve pain if the mans treats were anything to go by. A moment later Ed had the fleeting thought that he wished he could have been wrong for once.

"Tsk.." Was all Ed heard be fore a ragged howl tore itself from the boy's throat. The nerves in his shoulder screamed with pain like liquid fire coursed through them. Disoriented and a bit ill feeling from agony, he tried to turn his head to see what the cause was. Ed never got that far. The man had inserted a razor sharp blade in-between the automail arm and the shoulder port. As Ed was trying to catch a glimpse the man chose that moment to twist harshly, with a sickening pop and a hoarse yelp from the teen, the automail arm fell free and clattered noisily on the floor. The Fullmetal alchemist convulsed, then lay limp, blacked out from the immense pain.