In the abyss without a flame chapter 3

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On to chapter three...


"I understand now.. Your not you. At least my torture makes sense now," Ed laughed weakly. The man frowned.

"Have you cracked already Fullmetal? You're rambling nonsense," The man's frown deepened as he was answered with more quiet laughter.

"Envy... How did I not realize it sooner... You're the only one enough of a monster to do this," Edward gasped as he tried to catch his breath. "It figures you would take the shape of someone I trust.." A needle of pain in his side told Ed at least one of his ribs were cracked. The man laughed heartily and grinned.

"How kind of you to give me a second alibi Edward, oh yes, I could play the innocent guy who's identity was stolen by the evil shape shifter. What an idea." The man chuckled loudly as Ed fell silent, the boy felt like a vice had wrapped around his rib cage.

"It can't be true... You can't be..." Edward rasped.

"Oh but I am shorty,"

"No... You wouldn't call me that..." Ed was near his breaking point, his head bowed in denial.

"Yes," The man replied in a singsong voice.

"You son of a bit..." Ed sputtered as a heavy boot may have cracked another rib. Ed choked hard, the metallic taste of blood once again filling his mouth.

"Tsk tsk Ed, when will you learn to only refer to me as Master? Perhaps you're enjoying this pain kid,"

"You won't get away with this, if you really plan to leave me alive then there's no way. Even if no one believed me I'd find a to make you pay myself," Ed growled.

"No you won't boy. I going to play with you for a while and when I finally get bored I'm going to let you go. I know by the end of it you'll never breathe a word of this to anyone," The man sounded confident.

"You're fucking crazy!"

"Oh really? There's one thing your not taking into account," The man smiled sickly as Ed glared. "I know your little brother's secret," Edward would had gasped if the the room didn't suddenly seem void of air.

"Leave Al out of this... You want me right, so just leave him alone." Ed said brokenly.

"I suppose he is just an innocent little boy that you screwed huh, so since i'm so kind, if you keep your pretty little mouth shut, I'll spare your brother. Oh and of course you must call me Master," Ed looked away stubbornly and sealed his lips tight. "Come on kid it's not that hard to say," Ed felt tears prickle at his eyes but refused to look at the man or say anything. "I wonder if they'll take Alphonse and use him for experiments, or perhaps they'll send him for a swim to see how long it takes for a blood seal to wash away," The man commented idly, he could have been discussing the weather with the tone of voice he used and not killing someone.

"Just kill me," Ed whispered.

"Oh but Edward, I'm a man of my word, everyone knows that. I believe I said your leaving here alive." Ed fell his pride crumbling, his face fell.

"Please," It was barely audible, yet loud enough in the empty room to show that Edward Elric had just begged. Edward risked a glance at his captor, as much of one as he could. The man had a creepy, wide grin, one that did not reach his sharp, calculating eyes. Ed wondered briefly how no one, including himself, had noticed how fake that smile was. Without a word the man knelt down by the boy and reached out at him. Ed involuntarily flinched away. The smiling man figure silently grasped the the right sleeve of Ed's iconic red jacket, Ed's body was as taunt as a bow string, yet he could not seem to even move enough to impede the mans actions. The jacket peeled away from the boy's sweaty back with little resistance. Edward barely held back sobs when a warm hand slid into the slight space between the teen's body and the hard floor, the zipper to the black sleeveless vest Ed wore was pulled down slowly. The vest too, was peeled away easily, both the vest and jacket were bunched on Edwards left arm, revealing Ed's back to the cold air. Edward laid there silently, his body shaking slightly, eyes glassy and unfocused. Ed's back was covered in goosebumps as he lay bare under the man's stare. The man studied the skin he had revealed silently, taking in first the jagged, twisted scars and bulky steel that was covering most of the boy's right shoulder and upper right back. Next he noticed how smooth and creamy the skin along the blonde's spine looked, almost feminine. The man couldn't resist sliding a finger lightly down the bumps on the teen's spine. "Please don't," Ed pleaded softly, he was of course ignored. The man caressed Ed's bruised rib cage gently, a few fingers lingering. The young man's body twitched and jerked, trying to escape the almost loving touch. The man finally came to his senses and leaned away from the boy.

"Call me Master now," The man simply commanded.


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