Hey everyone! AquamarinePisces here! As you all know, school is starting soon or has already started and many fanfiction writers will become more busy with their life outside their rooms and off the internet. Even yours truly is one of these writers, so I come with a list of stories I hope to do soon. I do not have titles for all of them yet, so it would be most appreciated if you all could provide me with ideas for some. This will include summaries. I will do all of them, but you can vote for which I start second(the rewritten version of TEATWTTT is definitely first in the list!).

Alright? Let's start!

1) The Eyes Are The Windows To The Truth(rewritten): AU for my first FanFiction story ever. Slither, a regular snake with a hapless owner/family Isabella Lorenson, time-travels back to the time of Vikings, where a nearby tribe is constantly suffering from dragon attacks. Meeting a young outcast who lives among the warriors, can they both help change his perspective on the fire-breathing reptiles and hopefully persuade the others before time is up? And what is her connection to all this chaos?

2) The Parent Trap- AU. Hayden(Hiccup) and Andrew, twins separated at birth, have been living on opposite sides of the world for the first fourteen years of their life. Fate has miraculously reunited the siblings at a summer camp, causing the two to brainstorm of a way to rekindle their divorced parents' love. But is switching places really the best idea?

3) The Dragon from Another World- Lilo and Stitch AU. Hiccup, even as a kid, never did fit in with the other kids on Berk. All he ever wanted was a friend, man or beast. How does a flash of fire, a sushi set, and a trip to the pet store lead him to find an abnormally sized lizard who can...breath fire?!

4) The Hidden Warrior- Based on Mulan, AU. Astrid was never like the other girls in her town. She never enjoyed donning thin and shivering dresses, painting her face with heavy makeup, or even brushing her hair! When a Viking village calls for reinforcements for their fight against Drago Bludvist, she pretends to be a boy in order to protect her ill father and may surely find a place with the men.

5) Free Choice! Send me an AU suggestion or just an idea! I'll try it out and if it works out, I'll post it soon! PM or review me a summary and cast of characters; I'll put out the announcements as soon as voting starts.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Little Viking will be discontinued. I'm sorry for those followers, but the idea has died down and I'm not interested in writing in anymore. If you want to know the story behind the shell necklace, PM me and I'll tell you privately. The Eyes Are The Windows To The Truth is will be updated soon, I've just been busy with school restarting and everything so I sincerely apologize to all my loyal readers. That's all for now.

A.P. out!