Ah yes, I forgot to mention last time. There are actually more of these AU's with HTTYD only most of the time Levi plays the role of Hiccup. And the first time I read one of those I though: 'Sweet, but Levi is the absolute WORST person to put in Hiccup's place. Armin would be much better. They're both small, considered weaker than the others, very smart and inventive, are absolutely adorable, can be badass when they have to or have some confidence, have a friend that is/was considered humanities enemy, another (girl)friend that is completely badass,….Let's do this!'

So why didn't you?

A long time ago, when the human race only just started retreating behind the walls, a sinkhole had caused the left back corner of Trost to collapse downward. The walls miraculously survived (giving the Wallists another excuse to say the walls were divine) but people were still afraid to live there. The result was that the hole and the area around it were covered by a thick forest. The Trainee and Recon Corps sometimes used it as a Manoeuvring Gear training ground. Now though it was as good as abandoned.

First I had scouted the edge of the forest, but it had quickly become clear that the titan had decided to hide itself deeper in. So now I was swinging around between the trees, trying to find the behemoth with just the light that the moon provided.

I was slowly growing more frustrated. Had I really just imagined I hit it? Had it just been wishful thinking? Had it been a hallucination caused by the heat? Or a misjudgement of the situation?

No, it couldn't be. I had felt the titan's blood. I had heard it's cry of pain. I had SEEN it drag itself away! It must be somewhere around here.

I was so preoccupied by my thoughts that I was taken of guard when I saw two bright dots shining in the dark. I gave a yelp in surprise and almost slammed into a tree. I was able to catch myself in time however, setting my feet against the trunk and using a wire to keep me upright.

I looked back behind me, peering into the darkness. And sure enough, there it was. Two large, fright green orbs glowing in the distance. Both excitement and fear shot through my body like a lightning strike. Was that the titan?

I carefully dislodged my hooks and started to swing closer. I hid behind every tree I encored myself to and just let my momentum carry me closer, so the only sign of my presence were soft 'whoosh's. Arriving at the last tree between me and the creature, I stopped, took a deep breath and draw a pair of blades from my hips. After taking another moment to compose myself I slowly looked past the edge of the tree and gasped.

This creature was downright grotesque. It was defiantly a 15 meter class seated against that tree. It seemed to have a tan skin, but a closer look revealed a network of red and bleu veins underneath skin that seemed to be littered with bleu and yellow bruises in some spots. It had a huge bulky body with wiry muscles that were both terrifying and kind of enviable. On top of his had he had long, shaggy, brown-ish hair that even though it hung in it's face it didn't obscure it's exposed, lipless mouth…or the enormous, glowing green eyes.

I jumped a little as I realized those eyes were staring straight at me. As soon as the titan saw this it tried to move. It could barely even get it's hand of the ground however. I relaxed a little as I guessed it had 'shut down', as Hanji called it, because of the lack of sunlight. Satisfied that the titan was in absolutely no condition to defend itself I swung over to it's side.

The 'Burning Bola' was still wrapping it's legs together, cutting about half way through one of them. I cursed softly. I had spent so much time calculating how think the rope had to be not to break and the weight needed to make it still able to cut and break a titan's legs. I scrunched up my nose at the sent of burned flesh. Well at least it had largely immobilized this one, I could always go back over my notes later, after I had killed this thing.

I took some time to study my target: The nape of it's neck. There were thick muscles laced on top of it, so I was gonna have to take quit a run-up to gain enough force to cut through. And once I was done I could take a lock with me as proof. No, that would rot away to quickly. A bone then, a finger phalanx maybe? If I hurried I might be back in time to show it to someone. Slowly I stretched my muscles to get ready and rotated my shoulders a few times, causing the blades to cling lightly. A soft, whimpering moan came from the titan and I looked up to see it was looking straight at me.

I looked straight back and it took me a moment to realize that I was trapped. There was no physical or supernatural force holding me back, but those eyes! I felt shivers crawling up my spine and desperately wanted to look away, but I couldn't.

Those enormous, green, glowing, menacing and absolutely terrified eyes. Never before I had seen such expressive eyes in humans, let alone titans. I had looked titans in the eyes before. Titans about to eat a man, titans that were going to die, Titans that had been trapped and experimented on. Titans did not know fear or the concept of self-preservation, only hunger.

But these eyes, looking back me, were filled to the brim with fear, a silent plea for it's life. Like a kicked animal, wondering what it had done wrong.

I fritted my teeth and tightened the grip on my blade. Those basters had done more than us than wrong. They had slaughtered us. They had driven us back and trapped us in walls. They took our freedom. And even now that wasn't enough! They were still killing, still taking everything from us! And for what? For food? No, they didn't need to eat! For fun? No! They couldn't feel fun or pleasure or anything of that kind! Those bastards did it just because. For no reason at all! Stupid, huge, useless pieces of-!


My rage stopped at that. How many times had I looked up at a titan with fear in my eyes? How many times had I been overcome with the sheer terror of knowing that these things would kill me, no matter how much I would beg? Was that the same terror this titan was feeling right now?

My arms started shaking. 'Oh, great job Arlert, you freakin' idiot! Now you really aren't going to be able to kill it!' I tried a few more times to steel myself, to get myself into motion so I could kill it. But it was to late. I sympathized with a titan.

I turned with a slight swish and shot away through the trees. As I deed guilt spread through my brain like a poison. 'Yeah, so heroic! You can't kill a titan so you're just gonna leave it there, probably for the rest of all eternity. Oh you're just to good.' A sarcastic inner voice was taunting me, gnawing at the front of my head. With an agitated huff I landed on a branch and pressed my hands, handles still in them, to my head in an attempt to make it go away. Hesitantly I looked back. Big mistake.

The titan had it's head bent down, exposing the back of it's neck and waiting for what it thought was the inevitable. I started shaking even harder, tears running down my face as common sense fought with morals. Come on it was just a titan! A huge, scary monster that thirsted for human blood. …With the most human eyes and understandable dread in his mind.

Before I could even properly think my plan through I jumped off the branch, made a 180-degree turn and shot back at the creature at full speed. As I came back within it's hearing range I say it shrink together even more. With that last look I averted my eyes from it's face and concentrated on what I had to do.

As soon as I was close enough I slowed myself down enough to hit the ground running and made a beeline for it's legs. I quickly found one end of the metal wires and started unscrewing it from the lead weight. The titan sat absolutely still, but I worked quickly. I'd rather not risk giving it enough time to gain some strength and attack me. Grabbing the end of the wire in my hands I started running around the legs, untying them. I flinched a few times as one of them moved a little, not being held into place anymore.

All went pretty smoothly, until I got to the part of it that was still stuck into the titan's flesh. I couldn't get that out. The now putrid stench of burned flesh and sight of said wounds made me almost wanna throw up in disgust. But I collected whatever wits I still had left, put one of my boots against the giant foot and started pulling with all my might. The rope wouldn't budge.

"Come on, come!" I hissed through my teeth as I threw my head back and putt all my weight into the pulling. As I did however I felt my heart stop and my blood run cold. There was a large shadow looming over me.

Before I could properly process what was going on. The titan's hand came crushing down right on top of me. The wind was knocked out of my lounges as I was pressed down, the full weight of the titan's hand holding me to the ground.

I gasped for breath, already starting to panic. I desperately wiggled underneath the hand but couldn't move and inch. I did however hear the titan huff as one of it's fingers moved a little bit. I looked up at it's face. It's nose was scrunching slightly and even though it didn't have lips I could see the corners of it's mouth slightly twitching up. Oh great, just great, my struggles were just tickling it!

With a huff of desperation I just let myself drop limp. 'This is it.' I thought 'This is then end.' Goddesses I'm such an idiot! I should have just untangled it's legs, ran and let it pull the rope out itself. Or better, I should have left it here. Now it can get to Trost and attack from within!

I let out a whimper at that thought. Now I was going to be the kid that in his weakness brought forth the fall of Trost. Or no. I pressed my face to the ground as another thought passed through my mind. No one knew where I went. For all they know I was the kid that ran out of gas and died in the woods, chasing an illusive titan.

I felt tears starting to sting in my eyes. Useless, I had been absolutely useless! Now I couldn't return Hanji's borrowed notes back to her. Levi would have one person less to help cleaning. And I would also never have done something useful for humanity, for the Corps, for Erwin, nothing to repay him for all those years they took care of me. Would they even miss me? Maybe Christa, Hanji and Levi would. The others might probably even be happy I was out of their hair.

I let out a soft sob. Large fingers shifted slightly on top of me at the sound, but I ignored it. I just kept on sobbing, thinking back of any happy memories I could find. My parents, my grandfather, my long lost book about the outside world, conversations with Christa. At every single one however I flinched because of the less pleasant memories connected to them. Lost lives, missed opportunities, unfulfilled dreams. Stop it! Positive memories think only of the good things now you still can!

So I just lay there with closed eyes, grasping to vague pictures and words, completely shut off from the rest of the world. It seemed only a few minutes, could have been hours, until there was a brighter light hitting my eyelids. Slowly I cracked one open to see the first sunrays peeking just over the horizon. Above me I could hear the titan taking a deep breath. 'Well, at least I got to watch the dawn one last time.' I thought bitterly.

There was a long, deep sigh, and then the huge fingers started closing around me.

I started shaking violently and tears appeared in my eyes all over again as the hand with a vice like grip started lifting me up. 'So I was going out as a cry-baby. At least there was no one here to see it.' The titan turned it's hand a little so we were face to face. 'Well, no one except you.'

I snivelled again softly and met those gigantic green eyes. They seemed surprisingly calm…soft even. Maybe it knew how afraid I was, just like he had been before. Maybe, just maybe it might fulfil just one last request. After all, I didn't really want to bleed or burn to death. Still looking into those green orbs I took a shaky breath and pleaded in a quit, broken voice: "Pleas make it quick."

Not a second after those words had left my mouth, the titan opened his own wide. I got a good look at those menacing teeth and even the strong muscles at the entrance of it's oesophagus. Fear shot through my body like a lightning bolt, paralyzing me on the spot. Time seemed to slow down as I seemed to be brought closer and closer. And suddenly there was this unbearable heat.

Everything was just gone and there was this heat and my eyes were stinging because of the hot steam that was blown straight into my face. I felt I was being moved pretty fast so I started panicking until there was this short drop. I gasped for the breath that the impact had knocked out of my lounges as I tried to figure out what had happened.

Was I dead? Had I been eaten alive? Was that drop me falling into it's stomach? I turned my hand around and felt around in an attempt to figure out what I was lying on. I felt relief and confusion flood ever me at the sensation of moss and dirt. I was completely when but since it didn't feel slimy it was probably just condense. So wait, I'm alive?

Suddenly there was this loud crash and the ground shook violently underneath me. Oh Goddesses I'm dead! I rolled onto my side and threw my hands over my head. I had no idea what was happening. Why did the titan drop me? What happened? Where am I? What day? How? Who? What?


My eyes saw only dark blurs and my ears were filled with white noise. It offered rest and I needed it, so I gave into it.


Something tickled against my face. Something wet and cold, though it seemed to turn warm after every half a second. What? What could…TITAN! I shot op and scrambled backwards, only to be just in time to see my 'attacker' flee back into the woods.

A deer?

How did it get so close to me? Is it just me or is the sky brighter than a second ago? I slowly turned over and was almost blinded by the sun, which was indeed higher than-

I shot immediately back to alert, looking around for the titan. It was gone. All that remained were trees witch the bark scratched off, some places with turned earth and the lead weight of my bola that I had detached.

It's gone? But where? How? How was I sill alive? Why was I alive? Never had a titan willingly dropped a human?

As I slowly got up I felt a sharp pain shoot through my ribcage. I lifted my shirt to see what was wrong and my eyes widened at the sight of dark bruises. Guess in my panic I didn't really feel how tight the titan's grip was.

As more and more details about the world around me started becoming clearer I jumped for the so manyth time that day. Oh no, it was Tuesday! If I didn't get back to HQ to help cleaning Levi was gonna be the one to kill me!

Grasping to that thought to help me get over the previous shocks I picked myself up, chacked my gear and sped off back to Trost.


Tired. Need rest. Bandages. Down pillows.

"Oi brat!"

I stood up straight and saluted, kicking my bucket (luckily not figurately…although) in the process. The lukewarm dirty water poured out all over the floor that I had just cleaned and I went completely rigid, fearing my superior's wrath.

Levi stood there, looking at the spilled liquid filth. I swore I saw his eye twitch, but I couldn't tell because of his passive expression. Slowly he lifted his eyes to my face. I felt dread creeping up my spine and I was just about ready to apologize and duck down to scrub the floor until my hands bled when Levi spoke in a soft, emotionless voice. "You were mumbling to your mob."

"Uhm, whut?" I wondered, looking at said object in my hands.

Levi lifted a slender eyebrow. "Have you even fucking slept at all? You look just as bat-shit crazy as shity-glass after they pulled an all-nighter." His voice stayed monotone, but I could swear I saw a tiny hint of worry flit across his face. Maybe it was just the sleep deprivation.

I nervously pressed my lips together. I had gotten back just in time before anyone noticed I was gone, so I decided to just keep what happened to myself. No one would believe me anyway, they probably would think it was a hallucination caused by the lack of sleep. Now if he could only convince that to himself.

Instead I just slowly shook my head. Levi stalked forward with just a few large paces and snatched the cleaning utility from my hands. He turned back to the entrance. "Petra! Oluo!" Said Scouts from Levi's squad peeked their heads inside. "You two take over from Arlert here.

He turned back to me and poked the mob handle at my chest. "You go straight to bed and sleep. You are of no use to me in this state." My shoulders dropped. Sure I was relieved I could get some sleep, but now I was even useless at this. I hung my head and started dragging my feet to the door when I heard Levi add: "Plus you guys are having your first training tomorrow, and I don't want to deal with a half sleeping recruit."

WHAT?! I swirled back around to see the 3 adults in the room staring at me. Ow, I guess I said that out loud. "We talked to Erwin before he left for another expedition and he agreed to let you join the trainees for the Recon Corps."

Panic was the only way to describe my state of mind. 'But what if we bumped into titans? What if I hesitated again? And then I might get killer or get in the way of someone else or what if I helped it just like this night or I let it through the defences or- ' It took me every ounce of self control not to show my freak-out. Instead I just let out a high, squeaky: "Do I have to?" This time it was Oluo answering. "You're already signed up, there is no going back." Unknowing to the man that sentence sent another wave of panic through me.

"But –uhm- E-Erwin himself said I wasn't fit to fight titans. Can't I just skip fighting the titans and drive one of the supply carts, or strategize somewhere in the back like Hanji said?" "If you had gone with the Garrison Like Hanji said that would indeed be able to do that. You are with the Recon Corps however and every single one of us has to be ready to and WILL fight a titan at some point." "B-but-"

"Armin," I was startled out of my panic attack by Petra's soft voice. "I know you're scared, all of us are. But we already lost Wall Maria. With the regular attacks on Trost it's only a matter of time before the get to Rose, and when that happens we have to be ready to defend ourselves."

"And that is why you are going to bed right now. I don't want you dying because of inattention." Saying that Levi walked up to me and pushed me out the door.

The walk to my room was filled with worrying and fear. As I changed into my nightwear I was wondering how I was possibly going to get to sleep. I lay awake for a few minutes before my body finally seemed to realize what I had been through and slowly lulled itself into a deep but uneasy sleep.

Also, to the guest who was wondering weather this was abandoned: Nope!