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Having said all of that, here is the second chapter of "Unbreakable Red Silken Thread": Fate: The Chosen Path

The door to the mansion was forced open with a single, violent kick. Storming through the now open doorway was a teenage girl in a lavender tube-top with long raven-black hair grumbling to herself. Her every footstep rippled throughout the large vestibule of the house, both due to its emptiness and the fact that every step carried rage with near seismic force.

Heather was feeling like she was at her very limit…and it was only the end of October.

Just as Heather had feared when returning home on the boat from Hawaii, her place at the top of the school's totem pole had been usurped. The Queen Bee had been dethroned.

Dakota Milton, perhaps the only girl whose family was wealthier and more influential than Heather's, had taken over that role as Queen Bee. It was she, who now ran the school, and the blonde billionaire's daughter was not generous with her newfound power…nor was she forgiving. From the moment Dakota wrenched control from Heather's perfectly manicured grasp, she was determined to make Heather's life a living hell. And she was succeeding in doing just that.

Ever since the new school year started, Heather had to do something she hadn't had to do in years…struggle. She was at the very bottom of the social hierarchy and was only just beginning to climb her way back up. It was like climbing Mount Everest bare handed. The only reason why Heather even had a chance of regaining her former position of power was that she knew many of the juiciest bits of blackmail concerning many of the remaining popular kids who now followed Dakota as they once followed her. While she knew she couldn't rely solely on that to get where she wanted, it was still a useful tool. Equally useful were her talents at sabotage and subterfuge. It had been years since she had to rely on these methods but she found them to be coming back to her easily enough. But it still wasn't enough for her. These skills and tricks only allowed her to remain on the mountainside, they didn't allow her to advance any further up its imagined peaks. Even if they could somehow reclaim her former position of power on their own, by the time they did so it would be well past their senior year. Being at the bottom for just two months was hell for the dethroned Asian Queen Bee; she didn't even want to start thinking about being trapped here for three whole years!

Today had proved to be an especially scathing indicator of just how horrible that fate would be. Not knowing how the hell she had done it, Dakota managed to get her hands on some uncensored pictures of Heather when her bare chest had accidentally been exposed on Total Drama Island during the final part of the Extreme Sports Challenge. The shame and hopelessness she was feeling flickered within her like an icy cold grip that only grew stronger with every step she took through the house towards her bedroom. She hadn't felt this bad since before she was popular. She was tired, annoyed, fuming, and all around bitter. She was a wreck.

Lying with her face buried in and fists clenching on her royal purple bed linens, Heather did her best to calm her breathing and push down what she was feeling. What she needed was a distraction, something, anything to replace the horrible memories of what she had to endure today. While she would never admit out loud, there was something that had proven to be...effective in that department when she needed it as of late.

She found her thoughts once again going back to Cody, to that day returning from Hawaii when he called her his friend. For some reason that statement just hadn't left her depression-riddled brain since school had started.

It hadn't taken long; on the first day in fact, Heather saw Cody walking the halls amid the usual sea of shuffling backpacks that came pouring out in between classes. Ever since then, mostly as a way to keep herself from falling into the pit of despair that was being unpopular, Heather had made a little game of trying to find Cody throughout the day, almost like a real-life version of "Where's Waldo". They didn't share any classes together but the former Queen Bee caught enough brief glimpses of him to piece together that he had a small clique of geeky friends he hung out with. She also quickly picked up on the fact that he was a frequent victim of bullies, from both arrogant macho jocks as well as from the lower tier popular bitches who now followed Dakota. She saw them harass him, mock him, sometimes even physically assault him, such as knocking his stuff to the floor or even knocking him down or into a wall or nearby door. That's actually what caused her to start paying attention to him and watch out for him, not because of what was being done to him, but how he reacted to it, what happened after these incidents. Whenever something happened, Cody was just…unaffected by it. Obviously he wasn't pleased by them and he didn't enjoy it happening, but he never showed any reaction beyond mild-annoyance to the worst of cases.

That is what bothered Heather…she just couldn't understand it. No matter what happened to him, no matter who did it, how they did it, or what they did to him, he was always mellow, laid back. Even when it happened to him while he was with his friends he seemed perfectly happy and content! Happy and content at being humiliated in front of his friends! Even if they were at the bottom of the social ladder with him, how could anyone not care about their friends seeing that happen to them?

She just couldn't understand that mindset, even more so when she discovered that Cody didn't have to remain at the bottom as he was. It had been pure coincidence, but one day after school she noticed a familiar car leaving as she pulled in, it was the same car she had seen Cody climb into when they returned from Hawaii. It hadn't taken long for her father's shouts of anger and rage to make it clear what had happened, that he had just lost a major settlement case filed against him by a former partner.

A former partner whose lawyers had just left. From there it had been a simple matter to find out that not only were both of Cody's parents lawyers, but very successful and high profile lawyers. This of course meant one thing; Cody's family had money. While not in the same financial sphere as herself or Dakota, Heather would have bet dollars to donuts that Cody had more cash to his name than a good chunk of the popular kids from their school. But as far as she had seen and could remember from their time on Total Drama, he had never once flaunted his family's wealth. Adding to that, despite being a pathetic little geek (who she STILL couldn't fathom as having as many fan girls as he did) Cody wasn't horrendously ugly. He was passably 'average' in the looks department. Having nothing going for him but at the same time no major detracting features either. Money however she knew had a funny way of upping people's attractiveness. He could have been popular if he really wanted to…but he seemed content with where he was at the bottom, or at least willing to remain there. While she herself was all but pulling her fully regrown hair out planning her next move to dethrone Dakota from her rightful place.

Despite the fact she couldn't understand Cody's choices or motives, Heather did understand one thing about him…that he was likely the only person she could talk to without seeing her as weak. That fact alone is what ended her internal debate. Pulling herself from the silk cocoon she had been digging herself into, Heather made her way to her computer and logged onto MyFace.

After all, it wasn't like she had anything else to do. So, with some reluctance, she sent a message.

"Yes! Take that!" Cody shouted as his avatar (a heavily armored humanoid boar) cleaved a feral human in half with its giant axe.

The Tech Geek was enjoying another night of "World of Boarcraft", a game that allowed players to complete quests with as many friends as they wanted while playing as various species of humanoid pig creatures.

Currently, Cody was in the middle of a large-scale battle with his clan. Ever since their usual clan leader, Sam, wasn't here for some reason (which was odd given how the guy lived and breathed video games), Cody had taken up the post to lead the charge. All things considered, he was doing pretty well at it so far. It had taken them the better part of the afternoon and they were well into the evening, but they had managed to make it to their destination. The entrance to a large dungeon located deep within a system of caves they had been exploring for the last few weeks. With the last of the feral humans cleared they went about setting up a temporary camp and bringing in their smiths and crafters along with their supplies.

Their scouts had found the entrance earlier in the week, but the decision had been made to wait until Friday to push for it, then throw everything they had at it over the weekend. As far as Cody knew from the few posts about this place it would take them at least two full days to clear it. That's why after the camp had been set up he started going through their final checks, making sure everything was ready for the siege so they wouldn't have to leave for supplies. If all went well, they were going to become legends as the first clan to take down the mysterious and powerful 'Overlord Butcher Chef von Cutter'.

That's when a ding alerted Cody to a new notice for his MyFace page. The Tech Geek was about to ignore it, having noticed some of their supplies missing, but that was before he noticed the name under the notice.

Heather Wilson.

Rubbing his eyes, Cody stared at the notice for a few moments not believing what he was seeing. The last time Cody had talked to the Asian hottie he was almost shark food. Even so, recent events convinced him to give see what this was all about…for hopes that despite seemingly impossible were still worth a shot.

With that in mind, Cody told his friends that he had to log off and would catch up with them later, saying that something had come up. As expected, most of them were...annoyed to say the least, but Cody had long since become immune to this kind of nerd-rage. Once again, he repeated that it was important before logging off. Bringing up his browser he then opened Heather's message and saw that it was unexpectedly short.

'Hey Cody.'

Despite it only being two words long, Cody read and reread the message over and over before responding to it. The message had come from Heather…Heather! Heather, the Queen Bee, the original (and to many, the best) villain of all Total Drama. She was the very personification of the worst in teen girls…but here she was addressing Cody in a way that seemed so, so…


Still finding his mind to be blown wide open at this realization, Cody replied.

It was less than two minutes after sending her message to Cody that Heather got a reply.

She was initially surprised by how quickly he responded, but that was before realizing that Cody likely wasn't doing anything. What with him being a low-level pathetic little geek and all.

The former Queen Bee looked at the message. 'Hey Heather. How're you doing?'

Before she was consciously aware of it, the Asian girl was brimming with anger. Furiously, she typed out a reply to Cody with enough rage to nearly break her keyboard.

'How do you think I am you sad miserable excuse for a boy!? That goddamn slut Dakota sent pictures of my boobs to everyone in the school! Don't ask me stupid questions! Right now I bet every hopeless virgin in the province has my picture mounted on their walls and has been whacking off to it ever since they got back home from school!'

Cody didn't respond for a good five minutes. His teal eyes were wide and alarmed.

For at least thirty seconds he just stared at his computer screen in horror and amazement.

Nervously, as if fearing that Heather could somehow see him, Cody took the copy of 'Heather's Picture' that had been left in his locker (as had everyone else in the school) and turned it away from his computer desk so he couldn't see it remaining in fright.

He remained sitting that way until Heather sent him another message. 'Are you there, twerp!?'

Panicking, for some reason he couldn't logically explain, Cody typed up a response.

'Come on Heather. I think your being hyperbolic about every guy wanting to look at your boobs.'

Heather was about to send another rage-induced reply when another message from Cody came up.

'Uh…not that I don't think your boobs aren't beautiful! They look so amazing!'

Heather, now in the process of typing up a rather long reply detailing how she was coming to Cody's house and was going to castrate him while drowning him in his own toilet heard the ding of another reply.

'Damn it all! That's not what I meant either, Heather. Honest!'

This time, Heather didn't even bother to start typing. And, lo and behold, another message from Cody popped up.

'Anyway, there's something I don't get. Why did Dakota do that in the first place? I know she hates you but this seems like a bit much even for her. What did you do to piss her off that bad?'

Heather was still angry at Cody, but she decided to give him a few more PMs before murdering him.

'Well, I have been chipping away at her little cronies while regaining my popularity power base. If I had to guess, that's what gave that little daddy's girl the incentive for this.'

Cody's reply only took seconds.

'Really? You've been doing all of that? How? I haven't seen you handing out free donuts or putting up fliers for parties or anything like that.'

Heather couldn't help but scoff before typing out her reply to Cody's most recent stupid question. But unlike his previous ones, this one at least kind of amused her, a little bit.

'Please, geek. Do you really think that I'd lower myself to that level of groveling? I don't want friends, I want results! Being the reigning Queen Bee for as long as I was gives you knowledge of a LOT of dirt on the lessor popular kids. Dirt that you can use against them to force them to come back to your side. That blonde bimbo bitch might have money to bribe people into following her, but I have far better tools to work with. Will. Threats. Fear. Experience.'

Cody didn't respond at first. He was simply too surprised to hear someone actually say stuff like that. But then he quickly remembered that this was Heather he was talking to. With that in mind he sent her another message.

'I see. Well, if that's true, you should have seen something like this coming, Heather.'

When Heather didn't respond right away, Cody felt nervous. Did he say the wrong thing!?

'Ok, yeah, I knew that she'd strike out against me. But I didn't expect anything like this! I might have dirt on most of Dakota's flunkies but I'd threaten them first with the choice to submit to me or I expose the dirt. I guess being the unworthy amateur she is, Dakota skipped that first step and just posted those pictures all over the school without a second thought. I was expecting a threat any day but not this kind of thing.'

Cody tapped his chin in thought at that. As immoral and unethical as Heather's words were, he could see a strange kind of logic behind them, and how Dakota sidestepping that would make Heather more on-edge than usual. But more than that Cody was pleased that he had managed to communicate with Heather without her angrily ranting through the computer.

'Ok, I can understand that. But you've done things like that in the past too. Remember when you read Gwen's diary during the Talent Show Challenge? That was on international television.'

Once again, there was a delay as Heather didn't respond to Cody's message right away. For a second time, Cody was worried that he had said the wrong thing. But that wasn't his main focus now, the main thing plaguing his mind, to the point of numbing the fear and worrying of if he had ticked off Heather was its cause.


It had been nearly three months since Total Drama World Tour had ended, and Cody hadn't heard anything about Gwen in that time. Yet he still couldn't move on from her. He wouldn't have admitted it to anyone, but he still felt pained over how she acted during the World Tour. His sense of self-worth, already like Swiss cheese from years of emotional blows, had barely survived the realization that Gwen was more willing to pick Duncan over him. This was true despite the Punk barely having been present during the season; rarely even speaking to Gwen in previous seasons, and that it had stabbed Courtney in both the back and the heart as a result.

Thankfully, the ding of a reply from Heather broke Cody's depressing line of thought.

'I had read Gwen's entire diary before I choose what sections to read during that challenge. Believe me Runt, I went easy on that pale weirdo. I could have read off stuff that would have made her run into the confessional and lock herself in it for good. Gwenny's got more skeletons in her closet than a crypt, which I'm sure she'd feel right at home in, by the way. She's damaged goods, Geek.'

Cody was shocked by that reply, both by the restraint Heather revealed having shown and what she had hinted at about Gwen. A part of him was strongly tempted to ask Heather what she found out about Gwen, knowing that Heather would have been more than happy to spill the dirt on someone she more than likely still hated. Plus, such knowledge was what Cody wanted to know himself, hoping that with it he could show Gwen that he was the best choice for her. He also knew that it would make Heather feel better about herself. Everybody would win!

He was typing out the reply, almost ready to send it when he reluctantly stopped. Cody didn't want to admit it but this was wrong and he knew it: even if Gwen hadn't chosen him, and even if she had hurt him as badly as she had, that didn't give him the right to pry into her deepest, darkest secrets.

After deleting this previous almost-sent message, Cody got another one from Heather.

'Listen, twerp. I know that I'm a bitch. I cheat. I lie. I steal. I play dirty. I'll do nearly anything to get what I want. But I have some scruples. There are some lines that even I won't cross. Remember when Al covered Duncan in that blood berry juice back in Africa? Yeah, I humiliated Gwen on international television and I was almost voted off for it, but what came about because of it? She hooked up with Trent! Thanks in part to you; I might add. But then she broke up with him on her own. That was after she and Trent endured an entire season of my attempts to end their relationship. Gwen did it herself so early in the next season that it might as well have ended because of me. No matter how bad what I've done was, it wasn't the worst I could do. I could have shoved Trent's face in my breasts or started giving him a blowjob for Gwen to see. Instead, what I did in both instances was hardly permanently damaging or remotely scarring.'

Yet again, Cody found himself stunned by what he was learning about his former teammate. It was jaw dropping really. He never would have given a second thought to any of this before…but it all made sense. Truthfully, if Heather had told him all of this during either Island or Action, Cody wouldn't have believed her. He would have thought it was simply a sincerely believed but delusional attempt to justify her actions. However, after learning about what Alejandro had done during World Tour, Heather's words had a lot more credence to them. Heather might have appeared to be a cold-hearted bitch during most of her time on Total Drama, but that was infinitely preferable to a heartless monster like Alejandro. Plus, Cody remembered that there was a few times where Heather showed a softer side, unintentionally.

Joining him in his toast to their victory after the first challenge, cheering him on when he scored for them in the dodge ball challenge, coming back for him and working with Gwen to save his life from the dingo that was attacking him, finding a wheelchair and wig for Sierra after the plane explosion. The strongest example in his mind, however, was when she actually took his hands while getting him to calm down after he thought he had been married to Sierra and offered advice in how to deal with the crazed fan girl. It had meant a lot to him then, and it was that very memory that was behind his words to her during the final challenge.

'Don't give up or the bad guys wins!'

But then Cody wondered something. Why was Heather telling him all of this now? Was she feeling guilty?

It took only a matter of seconds for Cody to kill that notion. She might be a human at her core, but she was still Heather.

But then why was she telling him all of this? Was it some unconscious attempt to say she didn't deserve what happened to her today?

With that in mind, Cody asked Heather how she was holding up after today's debacle.

Once again, there was a longer wait for Heather to respond to his message. But for once, Cody wasn't worried about pissing Heather off. After several close calls that turned out to be nothing, he was feeling pretty confident that he knew how to talk to Heather now.

With that thought in mind, he noticed that Heather had sent him another long message.

'WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY ABOUT STUPID QUESTIONS YOU HOPELESS VIRIGIN!? My breasts were put on display for everyone in the entire school to see, how the fuck do you think I'm holding up!? Well, since your clearly too dumb to figure it out for yourself, I'll tell you how I held up! I've had bad days, I've had horrible days, I've even had days that made me briefly consider slitting my own wrists. But today was BY FAR the worst day of my entire FUCKING life! No matter where I went today everyone was staring at me! Everyone was looking at me with disgust like I was a cockroach, or like they wanted to shove me against the wall and have sex with in me the hallway! The disgusted ones I could have lived with, but it was the other stares that I couldn't stand! It took everything I had to not break down and start crying like some pathetic loser! The only reason I was even able to get through today was because I refused to give Dakota the satisfaction of me leaving! I was hit on, and 'bumped into' by guys all day, everyone from jocks to geeks! Some of them tried pretending they wanted to go out with me, while others point blank told me that they wanted to stick their disgusting little dicks between my boobs! There was even one point after practice today where a bunch of guys were surrounding me and I thought they were going to rape me! I thought I was going to be fucking RAPED in school today Cody! Today made me want to crawl under a rock and die…all because of those fucking pictures!'

For a long time, Cody couldn't do anything but stare at the computer with his mouth agape. The Tech Geek was use to being bullied, being picked on, harassed, and pretty much anything that could make you feel worse in school, but even his worse days couldn't compare to what she must have gone through today.

Even though it was just typed lettering, Cody could swear that he heard Heather crying on the other side of the monitor. He couldn't stop himself from seeing her tears falling to the keyboard, her usually cold grey eyes turning red and puffy.

The Tech Geek looked over at the picture on his desk, the one showing Heather naked from the waist up. Before, when looking at it he felt better than ever. Thanks to the Internet Cody had seen plenty of bare breasts before, but somehow the fact that he knew the girl who was topless in the picture made it the hottest one he'd ever seen. In the mere hours since getting it, Cody had gotten a lot of 'use' out of the picture.

But now, all of those feelings of pleasure gave way to feelings of physical sickness, disgust. Anyone who had watched Total Drama Island knew that Cody was a bit perverted and more than a little bit of a horn-dog. But right now he found that he hated that about himself. Just by having this picture and enjoying it, he felt somewhat culpable for Heather's state. It felt like he was part of why her day had been so horrible, that he played a role in why Heather was likely crying her eyes out right now.

With a heavy hand, Cody took the top of the picture and he placed it face down on his desk so he couldn't see it. He didn't feel like looking at Heather's boobs anymore today.

Hoping to lessen his feelings of guilt and to help Heather feel better, Cody typed up a reply.

Heather was finding that her usual cold façade was breaking; she had started reliving the events of today as she had typed them out to Cody in her anger. That anger quickly fizzled out after she sent the message, however, and was leaving her feeling...cold. Before she could dwell on those thoughts and feelings for too long she got a reply.

'Heather…I'm so sorry. I had no idea you felt so bad. Now I feel like a real jack-ass.'

Not sure why it happened, Heather found herself briefly chuckling at that as she wiped her palms across her moistened eyes before responding. 'Yes you are.'

'Again, I'm really sorry Heather. It was a dumb question, but I didn't know it was that bad. I haven't had any new experiences in comforting girls since we last spoke after World Tour.'

If Heather had been feeling better, or if she wanted something out of Cody, she would have replied with something along the lines of, 'So I'm the only girl who you talk to?' That way she could feel the thrill of manipulating someone again, of having power over them. But she didn't. For once, the thought didn't occur to her. Instead, she sent another reply.

'So you still haven't gotten a girlfriend yet? Big shocker.'

After sending that message Heather became vaguely aware that what she had sent to Cody might have been pushing things a little far and might hurt him enough to stop talking to her completely. While she'd admit that that'd be less than ideal, she didn't find herself beating herself up over it.

'Well, when you've got as much sexy muscle as I do, you can't just pick one girl! lol'

Under most circumstances, Heather hated it when people used texting shorthand like 'lol'. It just seemed childish and stupid. But, to her shock, she actually found herself laughing out loud. 'Nice one Cody. The depth of your delusions astounds even me…lol.'

'Well, at least you consider me to be astounding lol But in all seriousness, Heather, is there anything that I can do to make it up to you? Anything at all, just name it!'

That caused Heather to lose the small amount of good cheer that Cody had instilled in her. She logically knew that what Cody had just offered was likely nothing more than an empty token gesture, something you say just to be nice without seriously being willing to do anything more. But…then Heather thought about today…and the weekend to come. Thanks to her low popularity and having no lackeys or, friends, she had nothing else to do. Unless she did something, she'd spend the next two days in her room wallowing in her sorrows and self-pity. And wallowing was something that Heather refused to do.

With that fueling her fingers, she typed up a response. 'Actually…there might be something that you could do for me, Cody.' There was a long pause, nearly ten minutes before Cody discovered what Heather had in mind. That was how long it took the former Queen Bee to compel her fingers to type out the simple message. Acting before she could change her mind, Heather sent the key part of her message. 'Would you like to meet me at the Leon's Coffee Shop on 9th St. tomorrow morning? I'd like to talk to someone in person.'

Cody couldn't help but rub his eyes so furiously that they were going to fall out of their sockets. Aside from the motions of his hands rubbing his eyes, he couldn't move. He couldn't even breath. He was pretty sure that his heart actually stopped beating for a few moments.

Did Heather, Heather…just ask Cody to go with her for coffee…like a date!?

As wonderful as that idea was, in particular knowing what Heather's boobs looked like and how they only added to her already legendary hotness…he resisted it. He might have been a lonely and horny as hell teenage boy, but Cody wasn't totally naïve. It was painfully obvious to him that this wasn't a date, but Heather clinging to the only person who she felt like she could talk to after what was easily the worst day of her life. The Tech Geek was unsure of how to feel about this. Should he be happy that he'd be able to help Heather out when she really needed it? Should he be saddened that this was the closest he had ever gotten to a date? Should he be hopeful that more could come from this?

Regardless of the conflicting feelings within him, Cody answered Heather that he'd be more than happy to meet up with her. Then he asked her for the time he was to meet her there. Heather responded that they would meet at 8 AM. After saying that, Heather sent one last thing before logging off for the night. Similar to her first message to the Tech Geek, her final words were few and mundane, but the fact they were from her made them surprisingly meaningful.

'Thanks Cody. :)'

After seeing that, for all of the uncertainty he felt about meeting Heather tomorrow, Cody felt good about himself. Very good. Even if meeting up with her ended up going horribly: he knew that he had made the right choice. That smiley face was almost as powerful as a real smile given that it was from.

Still smiling, the Tech Geek noticed the picture that he had placed face down on his desk. Taking it in his hands, he found himself looking it over once again, but this time it wasn't because it showed the bare breasts of one of the hottest girls he'd ever seen. Instead of the awe and wonder that his teal eyes showed when looking at the picture, he was giving the photograph a gaze of disgust and loathing. This remained the case until he found his hands acting of their own accord, crumbling the picture into a tight ball. With one brief moment of hesitation, Cody threw the balled up picture into his trashcan.

With his eyes still carrying the same disgust and loathing as before, Cody found himself typing in a specific destination.

Dakota Milton's MyFace page.

With teal eyes twitching and blinking fast enough to pass for Morse code, Cody stared at the single clock in "Leon's Coffee Shop", currently showing the time as 8: 02 AM.

The slowly mounting nervousness within the Tech Geek was reaching its apex by now. For the past hour, Cody had been waiting in this coffee shop for Heather to show up. Even though Cody logically knew this wasn't a date…he was sure as hell not going to be late for it! But for some reason, actually being here made it so much harder for Cody to not let his longing for this to be an actual date get a hold of him. He wanted this to be a date so badly! After all, it was by far the closest thing to a date he'd ever experienced.

Not knowing what else to do and looking for anything to distract from the ambiguity of what exactly this was, Cody ordered himself a cup of coffee. He'd never actually had coffee before, and he honestly didn't like the thick chalky taste it left in his mouth. But, the unpleasant taste in his mouth was better than thinking about if this was a date or not. With that attitude in mind, Cody continued to use it as a distraction and downed four more cups of mocha coffee. Had he not already been so nervous about meeting Heather, Cody likely would have realized that all the added caffeine was making him more worked up and worried. So in an hours' time he had become a twitchy, meek ball of jittery nerves.

Finally, someone entered the coffee shop that caught Cody's attention. Admittedly, in his less than normal mental state it took him a few seconds to recognize who this person was. But he soon realized that it was Heather at long last! She was finally here! But even with caffeine on the brain, Cody could see that the former Queen Bee's choice of attire was a disguise, meant to allow her to not be seen in public with such a social pariah. There was no other reason that she would be wearing a pair of grey sweat pants, a loose fitting green shirt, a red baseball cap, and the same shades from when she arrived on Total Drama Island.

Not even looking around for Cody, Heather made her way to the counter and made an order. The fact that Heather hadn't even looked for him, combined with her wearing a disguise to avoid being seen with him in public, wounded Cody's pride quite a bit. But that wasn't what Cody focused on, instead he was focused on Heather's expressed mood. Despite the events of yesterday, and their talk through the evening, Heather looked…well, content, at peace…even happy! As always, this was shown by that partial smirk of hers that she seemed to possess instead of a normal smile. With that smirk in place she paid for her order and scanned the coffee shop. After spotting him, she slowly made her way over towards him before joining him at his table.

For some reason seeing Heather looking happy just made Cody feel even more nervous. There was an awkward silence lasting for a few seconds that seemed to stretch on into hours. The Tech Geek wanted so desperately to say something but he couldn't think of anything. The only thing he knew for certain was that he had to keep his nervousness about this a secret.

Finally, Heather ended the silence by asking as nonchalantly and directly as possible, "Nervous about this?"

"Yup!" Cody said crisply without delay.

"Got here like an hour early?"


"Never had coffee before?"


"Have had too many cups?"


"Feel like a mangled up ball of nerves?"


"Chomping at the bit because you don't know if this is a date or not?"

"Ya-!" Cody stated to say before stopping himself, "-uh, I mean, no-nope! Not at all! Ha ha ha…" But it appeared that the damage had already been done. Heather sighed to herself, somewhat bitterly at the rocky start to this meeting that wasn't a date. Seeing this and fearing that he had already somehow managed to blow it, Cody quickly asked louder than he had intended, "So why were you in such a good mood when you got here, Heather!?"

Hearing that seemed to improve Heather's mood slightly, even if just a tiny, little bit. "Well, this morning when I woke up I found several dozen threatening messages on my voice mail from Dakota," She replied with a cheerful tone and smirk.

Cody was silent for a few moments, not knowing if it was the caffeine at work or if Heather had actually said what he thought she said. "Uh, th-that-that's a good thing?"

"Yes it is," Heather answered, still smirking. "It appears that someone screwed around with her MyFace page, and because of, she instantly blamed me for it." There was an unusual silence following the Asian teen's pleased comment. Cody suddenly found himself feeling so nervous that he started drinking the untouched fifth cup of coffee in his hands. "So why did you do it?" She asked with a blunt, casual tone.

As Heather had expected Cody did a spit-take. The Tech Geek felt so alarmed and panicked that he continued to cough violently after the scalding spit-take. Without thinking, Cody had started to move, intending to flee the coffee shop but was quickly halted in place. The reason for his sudden stop being something running itself up the inside of his leg. Looking down, Cody saw that one of Heather's legs was now pressed up against his own, her bare sandal-less foot rubbing across the inside of his thigh only inches from his crotch. Instantly Cody froze, both at the shock of this happening and the feeling of some part of a girl being so close to his manhood. Looking back up, Cody saw Heather smirking in victory. "So why did you do it?" She asked with the same tone as the first time.

Cody squirmed and fidgeted for a few moments before finding the ability to speak once again. "I-I-I…I da-do-don't know wh-what you're ta-talking…talking about!" For once it wasn't the caffeine that was making Cody stutter uncontrollably.

For her part, Heather simply raised one thin eyebrow while still smirking. "Just how dumb do you think I am, Cody?" She asked calmly as her toes grazed higher on his thigh. Despite the temptation, Cody gave the smartest answer he could in his current state…no answer at all. "It's quite a coincidence that within hours, if not minutes after I told you of my problems with Dakota through MyFace, Dakota suddenly started having enough problems with her account that she believes I sabotaged it, isn't it? Oh, and let's not forget that the person I told my woes to is a computer geek who knows his way around a hard drive much better than a coffee shop," She casually commented as her toes grazed against the fabric of his jeans, lingering around one particular spot for a few moments longer than the rest while creating a series of slow circling motions pressing a bit harder on that spot.

Right over his crotch.

Again, Cody was silent, but instead of looking nervous or twitchy, he looked depressed. Even a hot girl's foot almost rubbing against his hardened, virgin manhood couldn't change that.

"I'll ask you again, Cody. Why did you do it?" The former Queen Bee asked for a third and final time as her leg retreated to join its twin.

Sadly, seeing no reason to keep the charade, Cody released a deep sigh before answering. "Ok…fine, I admit it. I messed with Dakota's MyFace page. I-I…I don't know why I did it. After what you told me happened to you yesterday, I just felt so…so angry at her. I know you don't like me that much, but you're still one of the people who's treated me better in my life than almost everyone else has. And I really didn't like the idea of you being so upset because of those pictures. Bu-but I guess more than anything, I did it because of what I told you on that boat coming home from Hawaii after World Tour," he paused before finishing. "We're friends, Heather."

For the third or fourth time now silence hung over the two teens like a guillotine blade. Heather didn't react at first, but then her mood started to drop. The former Queen Bee might not have fully realized it, but hearing that made her feel guilty for all the times she saw people picking on Cody while she just watched from afar. Without any noticeable change in her expression, that made Heather realize something else. Were her and Cody, Cody the pathetic Tech Geek…actually friends after all?

Not knowing exactly why, but knowing that Heather's mood was dropping Cody panicked once again, desperately trying to think of some new topic to switch too. After several agonizing moments of internal debate the Tech Geek found one. "So…what did Dakota say in those message she left you?" Seeing Heather's expression not lessen any encouraged him to continue with this approach. "I'm curious to know just how pissed off she was. I just bugged her profile a little; I didn't delete it or anything. In fact, it's probably fixed by now just from routine maintenance on the MyFace servers."

The new topic made Heather smile slightly as she spoke. "Well…she was pretty pissed and I'll admit that her language was rather...colorful." The former Queen Bee then pulled out her cell-phone. As she was pressing some keys, she spoke, "In fact, why don't you hear them for yourself? I can't do the little bimbo's laughable rage justice."

Cody took the offered cell-phone and brought it up to his ear. Without delay his eardrum was bombarded by the enraged feminine voice of Dakota Milton, speaking with a brand of vulgarity that clashed harshly with her normally delicate voice. It was quite jarring, but also completely hilarious.

But as Cody started to laugh harder and harder, he was focusing less and less on the voice he was hearing on the phone. Instead, he found his attentions being draw more and more to the face sitting across from him.

Usually when Heather was happy, she smirked. But right now…she was just smiling, actually smiling. In all their time together through the hell that was Total Drama, he honestly couldn't recall seeing her wear such an expression before. There was no hostility or bitterness or sadism along the curves of her thin pink lips. It was just a simple, and sincere smile. Cody then realized something else he had never noticed before.

Heather had a very pretty smile.

Teeth clenched as her lips were locked tightly in determination.

With only the darkness of night concealing her, the teenage girl crawled out from her bedroom window as quietly as she could. The argument with her mother earlier in the day was still fresh in her mind. She still couldn't believe how unreasonable her mother was being lately. Why wouldn't she let her go to a Halloween party? It was the weekend and her homework could wait.

But, losing more and more interest in her mother's motives, the girl moved her hands over the tiles that made her home's roof as she pulled herself up. For some reason, she had brief flashbacks to when she had to climb the cliff face during Total Drama Island…before Heather had exposed her purple panties to everyone watching the show. Fighting against those memories, Gwen clawed her way up until she was standing on the roof.

Once there, she looked out to the large tree in her neighbors' yard less than ten feet away. Taking a moment to judge the height and distance of the jump, she walked away from the tree until she reached the opposite edge of the roof. The distance between herself and the ground was unsettling but nothing compared to the chasm she stared down into during the finale of Total Drama Island...the one filled with hungry and waiting fresh-water sharks. Turning back towards the tree, Gwen started running as fast as she could, pumping as much force into each stride as she could as she raced over the roof. Right as she reached the edge she jumped. Landing in the tree's thick branches, she quickly climbed down the tree's trunk to the ground below, wondering if maybe being on Total Drama was as bad as she had thought it was. Maybe some things worthwhile came out of it after all?

The Goth landed silently in a perfect crouch, but then heard a deep growl from behind. Turning only her neck, she found herself staring directly into the eyes of a very large dog that wasn't in the most pleasant of moods. Smirking, Gwen repeated the same process she had done the last few times. Reaching into her skirt pocket, she pulled out some doggy treats and presented them to the growling canine. As if a light switch had been flipped, the growling and flashing of teeth vanished and in their place there was an eagerly panting mouth with the tongue moving in and out of it and the lips creating an almost smile-expression. Still smirking, Gwen gave the dog the treats, and as it greedily started to eat them she rubbed behind its neck for a few seconds before causally walking across the front yard and around the corner.

As Gwen had hoped, a pickup truck was waiting for her. Opening the passenger side door, Gwen saw Duncan waiting for her. Looking at each other, both teens smirked.

"What took you so long? I was going to leave without you if you took too much longer, Pasty." Duncan asked still smirking from behind the wheel.

Gwen scoffed as she climbed into the trucks cab. Once inside, she kissed Duncan briefly. "Sorry, Dunk. I had to wait till Mom and Greg were both asleep."

"They're still on your case?"

"Yeah," Gwen said tiredly. "They're getting worse. It was bad enough when it was just Mom but now she's managed to convince Greg that you're a negative influence on me," She said with air quotes.

Duncan raised an eyebrow. "Was there ever any doubt in your mind about that, Pasty?"

"No," Gwen replied with a new smirk that wavered around the edges briefly, "I guess not." Looking for something to distract her from thinking of her mother and little brother, the Goth eagerly accepted another kiss from Duncan. It was much longer and stronger than the previous kiss, with Duncan's tongue dominating Gwen's mouth. While loving how forceful Duncan was when kissing her, she also wanted to get going before they were discovered. With some difficulty, she pulled herself away from Duncan in the small confines of the pickup truck.

Duncan didn't bother hiding his disappointment. Gwen just continued to smirk at him. "Don't worry, Dunkie, we'll be doing plenty of that and a lot more during and after the party." She gave him a naughty wink to confirm that he wouldn't be deprived of her.

Even though the Punk still seemed a little annoyed, he couldn't help but smirk. "Glad to hear it, 'cuz otherwise I might need to kick you outta my truck."

He and Gwen laughed, though Duncan laughed harder and for longer.

"Anyway, I really hope this party will be as good as you say it'll be, Duncan. Not many things make me happier than a good Halloween party, and I've been looking forward to this all week!" Gwen said hopefully, before displaying a look of mock intimidation. "It'd better not be boring or I'm dumping your ass!" Her look of intimidation gave way to another smirk.

"Yeah right, like I'd ever let you dump me now, Pasty." Duncan said, also smirking. Gwen noticed that the headlights of an oncoming car gave Duncan's teal eyes a kind of harsh and bright glint to them while shrouds of shadow draped his face as he spoke. She didn't have time to think of this as she felt Duncan wrap one of his arms around her body. As always, Gwen loved feeling how much muscle was compacted into those arms of his. "Don't worry, this party won't be a dud. I can promise you that much. I know the guy, his parties would probably make Geoff die of a heart attack if he went."

As Gwen laughed, Duncan revved up the truck's engine before peeling out. Once they were a safe distance from Gwen's house, Duncan put the radio on at full volume. The pickup truck was now screaming down the road to the voices of loud punk music.

The loud music was starting to hurt Gwen's ears but she didn't lower the volume any, instead her thoughts focused only on what she was hoping to be a great night.

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