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Thursday, November 6th, 2014 (9:12 AM)

After checking in at the front desk, Cody and Heather quickly made their way through the lobby to the hotel's elevator. Sure enough, they were expected, and neither were surprised that the room they had been directed to happened to be the private luxury penthouse on the top floor. Within a second of the doors closing and the elevator ascending, the Tech Geek began to fidget.

"You are going to be okay?" Heather asked. "Or are you going to do something stupid?"

Cody cut her a look. "I'll be fine, I'm still just trying to absorb everything you said earlier." Seeing that she was waiting for him to elaborate, he continued. "I'm having a really hard time just, well…believing what you said."

Heather nodded thoughtfully. "I understand where you're coming from…at least a little, anyway," she offered. "It's not every day you find out someone you thought of as just a friend is sexually interested in you…especially when they are the same sex."

"That's not what I meant, and you know it," Cody snapped petulantly. Though her face and voice were perfectly neutral, Cody knew exactly what his girlfriend was doing, that she was subtly pushing his buttons and it was working to boot. Well, two could play that game. Sending Heather a far dirtier and more teasing look, he fired his own salvo. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I actually had a chance with Lindsay Mills…that we both could have had an entire night with her to do whatever we wanted, but you turned her down." Raising an eyebrow, he went for the kill. "You are still bisexual, right?"

"I'm actually a little surprised you want to keep talking about that after our heart-to-heart outside," Heather said, still facing the closed elevator doors and ignoring his attempt at goading her.

"I'm sorry," Cody began in a tone that was more blunt than apologetic, "but no amount of mushy lovely-dovely stuff is going to distract anyone from the fact that you turned down the Holy Grail of Sex despite you questing harder for her than Arthur, Galahad, and Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film combined." A knowing grin flashed, the gap in his teeth proudly presented like a field goal.

The former Queen Bee knew exactly why her boyfriend was grinning like that.

Three months after she began giving Cody his 'challenges' she was surprised to find rather than him waiting for her at the door to let her in, she actually had to use the key he had given her in case of an emergency. Slightly concerned as his car was still parked out front, her concern became mild annoyance upon entering and finding her boyfriend quite literally about to fall off his couch laughing. After being asked why, he explained that he had just finished re-watching one of his favorite movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Her mild annoyance became 'annoyance' at that point, but she didn't make a big thing out of it until he proved unable to even focus on her challenge because he couldn't stop laughing.

Even after she took off her shirt.

In an effort to get him to knock it off, and maybe knock his sense of self-worth down a peg, she decided to change things up. She would watch the movie with him, but if she didn't laugh at least once, he would have to complete every challenge for the entire week without any reward. If she did laugh however, even just a little chuckle, she would give him a blowjob each day before giving him his challenge, and let him choose whatever he wanted as a reward for that entire week. The number of times she'd given him oral by that point could have been counted on one hand with fingers to spare, and she easily picked up on how desperately he wanted more, so there was no doubt in her mind that he was going to grab the bait without a second thought.

Heather had remained stone-faced through many of the so called 'comedies' she had seen over the years just to maintain her image when hanging out with her friends, and it wasn't as though her home life didn't give her plenty of spite to ward off any twitch of humor in her body. It was a safe bet.

About a minute into the movie, the first gag was up to bat. There was a shot of a foggy expanse of land and the sound of horse's hooves galloping and clopping in that steady one-two rhythm of a steed's tread that became louder and louder. The camera slowly zoomed in on the center of the static shot draped in thick white vapor, and a figure was seen emerging from the mist with his hand raised as if holding a horse's reins, followed by another man behind him.

And with him, the source of the sound was revealed.

There was no horse, rather it was the second man clapping two halves of a coconut together, while the man in front acted as though he was riding a horse that simply didn't exist, with all the seriousness and nobility that one would expect from the one true king of England.

Before she even knew what she was doing, the former Queen Bee reaction occurred with the slow but inevitable momentum of a whale surfacing. It started with scoffing, which then became snickering, and it continued until at last she broke into a full laugh!

It had been a sight gag so surreal that it legitimately caught her off guard given how serious the two actors were during the entire scene. [1]

Embarrassment colored her cheeks a light pink when she realized she had failed the challenge so soon, and those feelings only became even more potent when she heard the sound of a zipper lowering. Surprised, she turned her attention from the movie to see Cody had his already erect cock out. Heather decided to make him wait until the end credits began to roll before living up to her end of the bet, though to his credit Cody let her enjoy the movie without fuss.

She couldn't tell which was more ballsy though, the fact that he let her watch the movie without saying a word, or the fact that he kept is cock out ready for her the entire time as an almost silent reminder that she had lost and he was waiting to collect.

Insult was added to injury as though she kept a painfully stone-faced expression for the rest of the movie, she was forced to admit (if only to herself) that she had sincerely enjoyed the old movie. It was the first time she found herself enjoying Cody's geeky tastes, and the start of them rubbing off on her.

The grin he had on his face when unzipping his fly back then was the same he was wearing in the elevator now. That memory was at once a source of endless annoyance but also something that kept her warm at night. Right now, she was leaning towards the former view.

Heather kept her face as a neutral mask while responding to the Tech Geek's quip. Hands on her hips, she finally turned to face her boyfriend. "Need I remind you that the offer would have included you and Tyler getting it on as well? You've always been pretty open minded, but I know you wouldn't have been able to do that even if it meant sharing Lindsay with me, or having her to yourself."

"Well, she's got me there…or does she?" he thought to himself before letting his mind wander in a direction he had never actually considered before.

Heather raised an eyebrow once she figured out what was going on. "What hamster wheel is spinning in your brain?" she asked.

'Okay,' Cody began in his own mind, wanting to at least see for himself if he had a chance of winning this little discussion. 'I'd be meeting up with Lindsay and Tyler, and they both want to have sex with me. I'm not into guys, period, but Lindsay has no limits to what she'll do, and she has the best tits to have ever graced this Earth…and I'd also get to watch her and Heather go at it. Hell, I'd even be able to have some fun with both of them at the same time…I would still call that a win.'

The mental image of a very much naked and incredibly horny Lindsay bouncing up and down on his lap while her huge heaving breasts jiggled and shook with every downward thrust shifted to one where she and Heather were on their knees giving him a double blowjob. Just the thought of those two making out with each other as their lips wrapped around and caressed his manhood was getting him hard, at least until it shifted to the image of him sitting on Tyler's lap.

Lindsay and Heather good, Tyler…not so good.

That line of thought continued until he started debating the effectiveness of throwing both Lindsay and Heather at Tyler to tire the Clumsy Jock out so he would only have the blonde bombshell to himself. Well, her and Heather, whom he'd have to share Lindsay with, since they always shared everythi-

It was at that point his little fantasy plan was bitterly derailed by his morality. As much as he didn't want to have sex with Tyler, he knew it be a total dick move to lead-on the bisexual boy who crushed on him by offering him what he wanted only to coldly weasel his way out and have a threesome with both their girlfriends. Even the grand prize of getting to have sex with Lindsay and Heather wouldn't be able to ease his heavy conscience over doing something so callous to one of his few good friends.

By the time the hamster wheel stopped spinning, he noticed the odd look Heather was wearing. "What?" Cody asked.

Now it was Heather's turn to be distracted by the hamster wheel spinning in her head.

'Okay,' Heather began in her own mind. 'We'd be meeting up with Lindsay and Tyler, and they both really want to have sex with us. I'd get to make out with Lindsay and feel her amazing lips on my cooch again, Cody would get to play with her big beautiful tits, then he'd probably have to make out with Tyler and…'

"Ew!" Heather exclaimed out of the blue as her entire body shook with utter revulsion.

That surprised Cody. He'd quickly figured out what she had been playing over in her head, since he knew any thoughts involving Lindsay would be as from revulsion as the former Queen Bee could get, there could only have been one thing that elicited such a reaction from her.

Which made his astonishment all the more apparent when he finally spoke up, "I would have thought for sure you'd find the idea of me and Tyler together hot. Isn't that something most girls are into, anyways?"

As impressed as she was that Cody had got it in one, she couldn't keep her revulsion at bay. Unable to respond as the mental image of her and Lindsay's boyfriends making out flashed across her mind, she covered her mouth when another wave of acute nausea swept over , and thinking his girlfriend was overreacting, Cody was spurred to push deeper. "You have sex with other girls all the time, but you find the idea of two guys together disgusting?" He asked out loud, seeing how the sentiment sounded for himself before pausing. "Doesn't that make you a hypocrite or something?" A cheeky grin spread over his face, as it was very rare for him to have such an easy opening to tease his girlfriend like this.

Heather raised an eyebrow. "Oh?" She asked, her voice adopting a new cadence, one that was soft and titillating but had a hidden malevolence she knew he would pick up on. "So just because I'm bisexual, that means I automatically have to be into everything involving sex? Is that what you're saying?"

Sensing the trap in her question, Cody said the smartest thing any man in his situation could.


After a few seconds passed Heather nodded in approval, and believing that such a display of intelligence warranted a reward she decided to indulge him. "Cody, just because I'm attracted to guys and girls doesn't mean I find every combination of the two equally enticing."

Seeing his surprised expression, she chuckled. "Honestly, being bisexual doesn't make me any different from you or anyone else. I still have tastes and preferences like any other human being, so of course I'm not going to be into everything. I don't know if my interests align with those of any other bisexuals out there, but their opinions are only of interest to me if they happen to at least be rocking a sweet C-cup or larger," she added with an arousing wink.

"I wish there was some kind of guidebook for all this LBGT stuff," The Tech Geek admitted in sighing vexation. Just when he thought he'd figured something out; it was back to square one.

"You and me both, Cody," Heather admitted with a sigh of her own. "But as far as I have been able to figure out, this sort of thing is a case by case basis," she shrugged. "We just have to work things out as we go, I guess. I mean, hell, I didn't even realize I was bisexual until our senior year, and I'd already been with a few girls before then."

"I guess that makes sense. Just because two people like seafood doesn't mean they like all the same dishes, right? And I think we've been doing alright so far, or at least I hope we have," he said with a small smile. Since getting back together, they had tried out a lot of different things, exploring quite a few kinks to find out what they themselves liked as well as what the other enjoyed.

There was plenty of overlap between them, but that was still far from a universal thing. For instance, both had been surprised to discover how much they enjoyed a bit of roleplaying in the bedroom. Sure, at first she'd been rather dubious about it and thought it was silly, but it didn't take long to change her opinion, nor for Cody to take it more seriously and put actual effort into it. In hindsight, essentially combining aspects of theater, videogames and sex should have been an obvious one for the two of them.

Less obvious, and less mutual preferences that were exclusive to one or the other ran the entire spectrum though. Heather loved hard, fast, rough sex, and was perpetually goading Cody on. The Tech Geek, on the other hand, preferred things slower and more sensual, resulting in him constantly trying to slow her down. Heather enjoyed occasionally wearing wrist cuffs, while Cody enjoyed blindfolding and edging her at every opportunity. Neither had the patience for shibari, though both loved it for different reasons. They literally had an entire little journal of things they'd wanted to try out, and they were still working their way through the pages of ideas they'd come up with over one rainy weekend.

Rather than add to Cody's verbal detour, Heather got them back on track. "Now, to answer your other question…no." Heather refuted, "I'm not a hypocrite, not this time at least. It's not the thought of two guys that makes me sick to my stomach, it's the thought of you with Tyler that I can't take." A more violent wretch convulsed at the mere suggestion of that possibility.

A raised eyebrow was all the asking Cody needed to offer for an elaboration.

"Do you have any idea how fucking hairy Tyler is?" Heather asked by way of explanation. "He looks like a shirtless Sean Connery!" She shuddered again. "I'd rather my lovers not have a real possibility of being infested with lice or fleas, thank you very much! Some girls love the shag carpet feeling but not me, I like my guys clean." Heather fell victim to another quivering pause before she reclaimed herself.

"Now, if it was Justin we were talking about, or Brick…maybe even DJ, well then…" She was quiet for a moment, allowing the inference to communicate a sentiment she knew could still be taken poorly by her boyfriend. After a moment of silence, she shook her head as much to move the conversation on as hide the faint blush on her cheeks. "Besides, if given the choice, I'd rather be with two girls than two guys, even if they're smoother than a flagpole."

"I thought you hated smooth?" Cody asked in confusion.

Heather sighed. "When I said smooth, I wasn't talking about their personality," she rolled her eyes. "I meant it literally, as in devoid of body hair instead of a walking fir tree plantation. Still, even if they were, two guys just aren't as appealing to me."

"Why?" Cody asked, bemused. "I know for a fact you can take me and another girl with a strap-on no problem, and you've said it yourself plenty of times how much you love getting sandwiched, especially when I'm standing and holding you up by your knees from behind."

His remark garnered him a groan as Heather shook her head. "Ugh, how typical. I talk about two guys and you automatically assume I'm talking about double penetration; you are such a guy."

"Guilty as charged." The Tech Geek said with a pleased grin.

"Look, it's not about handling more than one dick," The former Queen Bee explained, ignoring Cody's quip. "It's that two dicks mean two guys, and guys just aren't as much fun as girls unless they are very well trained. Most of them usually wanna be the 'alpha-male' when they're sharing a girl. So, they focus more on a dick measuring contest between them than actually using their dicks on the girl between them. And even when they don't do that, they're so caught up in their own little world that they don't even notice, or care about her needs. All they care about is getting off as fast as possible."

Cody was quiet as he processed what she had said. Then he picked up on the implied insult, and reacted appropriately, with a dismayed, "Hey!"

"You'll note that I said, 'unless they are very well trained,'" Heather repeated with a smirk and a wink sent Cody's way. The smirk was then wiped away and replaced with a more thoughtful countenance. "But all joking aside, that has been my personal experience with guys. I've been with enough of them to notice a pattern the overwhelming majority follow to a T. They tend to only think about themselves once their meat-sticks get whipped out. And even the ones who do focus on their partners need to rest after getting off once, or at best twice." She paused for a second. "That last part isn't just my opinion, it's simple biology. Girls don't have that problem and can keep going if they want as long as they are in good enough shape."

Though Cody was somewhat loathed to admit it, Heather had a valid point, one that was supported by his own firsthand experience on the other side of the issue. It wasn't a matter of desire or skill but, as Heather had said, simple biology. A girl could orgasm consecutively over and over, theoretically without limit since it was just muscles involved. In contrast, a guy's equipment was more complicated and had a finite number of shots that took time to reload between rounds.

After she'd stamped his V-card, Cody had discreetly looked into ways to 'improve' himself for the future, at which point he'd discovered the term 'refractory period'. That had been all it took to convince Cody, despite what most holy books claimed on the topic, that God had a heavy bias for the fairer sex from the get-go. [2]

"Is that why you became more interested in girls after your first time with Lindsay?" Cody asked. His question equal parts joke and legitimate inquiry as Heather's sex drive was a bit…extreme compared to the other girls they had been with.

A slender finger lightly tapped her chin as Heather mulled his question over. After a few seconds of weighing it out, she reached her answer. "You know," she started, "I never really thought of it like that before, but it is a possibility." Recalling her time with Lindsay, and then other girls on the cheer squad, how they had satisfied her, then comparing the performances of her previous boyfriends it was easy to see where her attraction might have stemmed from. She then shrugged her shoulders. "I've always had a rather active libido, and it was pretty rare for my boyfriends to ever really satisfy me. Don't get me wrong, I had fun with them, but I just…wanted more."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out a while back." Cody said with genuine confidence, proud he had deduced that on his own. "That's why I always try to make sure you get off at least once before I get started," he said casually.

Heather found her face getting very warm and she felt the need to look away. Clearing her throat was all she could do. Once again, she realized that Cody was a far better man than she had any right to be with. But she was very happy nonetheless.

Cody smiled, basking in his girlfriend's cherry red blush before choosing to bring up something he had wondered about since her earlier comment. "You said before that Tyler was hairy," the Tech Geek started, "But he didn't seem all that hairy during Total Drama."

The blush left her cheeks, replaced by a slightly clammier look as horror overtook Heather, and another shudder passed through her. Eventually, she found the will to speak again. "Remember how I forbid Lindsay from spending time with Tyler during TDI?" Cody nodded. "Well," she continued, "amongst other reasons, that was because I had the misfortune of walking in on them the previous night. In the shower, while she was shaving his back!" The way Heather spoke of it, the way the anger and hatred erupted without any warning, it sounded like they had boiled her baby in a pot.

"Uh…so what?" Cody asked bluntly after a second of pause. "Why's that a big deal? What's so bad about Lindsay shaving his back with, I'm assuming, her razor?"

"Not her razor," Heather corrected. "She was using the razor I let her borrow after eating me out. She was shaving him, with MY razor!" A heave coursed through her at remembering the sight. "Because of that…sight…I couldn't shave my legs for a fucking week until a replacement arrived! I only got said replacement because I threatened to castrate Chris with that same razor unless he gave me what I wanted! It was a small mercy that the next episode hadn't been recorded until after it arrived."

"Why didn't you just borrow, or I guess steal, another girl's razor?" asked Cody, who always had a funny knack for asking questions that Heather hadn't considered hearing.

"Cody, remember the time you accidently used my toothpaste, and forgot to tell me until after I used it?"

Her boyfriend did indeed remember that little spectacle, and the verbal reaming she had given him after going out to buy a new tube of toothpaste, replacement toothbrush, mouthwash, and rinsing cup.

It was easy to forget just how much of a neat freak Heather was, especially when considering their relationship. They kissed all the time, made out multiple times a day, (usually) had a very active sex life, and she wasn't exactly shy about giving him blowjobs. Combined with the fact that they had sex in the shower almost as often as the bedroom, few people would even suspect her of being borderline germaphobic as she was.

Apparently just because she was more than willing to suck him off and swallow did not mean he could touch her toothbrush. Considering that, he then realized Lindsay must have done quite an amazing job eating his girlfriend out for her to willingly let the blonde use her razor in the first place. He wasn't sure how to feel about that particular revelation…

No limits, indeed.

Still, despite now having a better understanding of why his girlfriend reacted the way she did, that didn't stop Cody from goading her on further. "I still don't see what the big deal is. So what if Tyler has a little extra body hair on him?"

The Tech Geek had expected an enraged shout but another wave of sickness that rippled throughout Heather's lithe body spared him from that. "You still aren't getting it," she responded, her voice hollowed out by her disgust. "You have no idea what you're talking about, you can't even begin to grasp just how much hair there was!" She heaved again before recomposing herself. "Like I said earlier, I like things to be clean."

Cody raised an eyebrow

"If I'm going down on someone," Heather elaborated, "I want to eat. Not floss."

Cody laughed. "And here I thought you made me man-scape just for shits and giggles," he quipped.

"Oh, I don't make you do anything, Cody," Heather shot back grinning. "I just express my desire to give you surprise blowjobs goes down drastically when I have to worry about picking hair out of my teeth. What you do with that information is wholly dependent on you and you alone."

The two shared a gentle laugh at that, just as the elevator doors finally opened. With each of them thinking that might have been the longest elevator ride in history, the couple exited it and began to make their way down the hallway to the lone room at the far end.

"Now remember, Cody," Heather spoke up. "Don't make a big deal about Tyler having an old crush on you."

"No worries there, Heather," Cody answered. "I'll be fine." Then paused briefly. "Will you be okay? You know…with Lindsay? Given your history with her, I mean?"

Seeing the door nearly within reach, Heather smirked. "Unlike you, I can handle myself just fine," she assured calmly.

Before Cody could respond, Heather knocked twice.

Then, they waited.

A minute passed and nothing happened. The Tech Geek knocked this time, louder than Heather's earlier knocks. That increase in volume didn't lead to any difference in results, as the door remained closed.

By this point, the pair couldn't help but look at each other, the other's face a mirror of their own confusion. This prompted Cody to knock a third time, slamming his balled-up fist as hard as he could on the high-quality wooden door.

Another minute passing into the void spurred him to face Heather. "Are you sure this is the right room?" he asked.

Heather replied by way of checking behind them just in case there was another door at the opposite end of the hallway. However, there were no other doors on the entire floor, so this had to be the right one.

With Heather now checking her phone, Cody was about to knock for a fourth time when the door flew open. The shock of the duo was balanced out by the slowness of the figure that gradually appeared in the doorway as mundanely as possible.

With a gentle yawn blocked by the back of a slender wrist whose dainty fingers acted as her herald, Lindsay Mills, the blonde bombshell, the goddess of Total Drama, stood before them.

She blinked in dazed confusion, and her mouth opened slightly as another yawn escaped. Her demeanor clashed with the natural divinity of her appearance in just the right way to get both Cody and Heather hornier than they had been in ages. Both eagerly drank in Lindsay's form with their hungered gazes.

It had been quite a few months since the couple had seen Lindsay in-person. Sure, Heather still talked with the blonde bombshell on Skype whenever they could find the time, but the beauty of the young woman before them was done a disservice when imprisoned within a flat screen.

Lindsay's basic figure and features were more or less unchanged since their time on Total Drama. She hadn't grown any taller, her eyes were the same pure and kind light blue that was only found in idealized paintings of a cloudless sky, and her blonde hair still reached down to her slender waist and wide hips. She still had the body proportions for her breasts and butt in relation to her belly and legs that convinced many she was a very hot Frankenstein creation of expert plastic surgeons, but the former Queen Bee knew from hands-on experience that every inch of her old BFF was as natural as the sun.

It also happened to be just as warm and pleasant to lay under to boot.

That being said, there were some differences that had developed in the years since their time on reality television, but those were the result of the whims of time and genetics rather than a doctor's scalpel. She had filled out some, at least in the arms and legs so that her limbs no longer looked like twigs. The thin yet supple appendages were not the change most people tended to notice however. That honor belonged to the features of hers that always grabbed one's eyes, even if they tried to resist.

Cody and Heather had seen it, both in photos and Skype calls since the two had made up. They had talked about it. They had dreamed of it. They made each other cum no small number of times in reverence to it. But none of that could have prepared them for something so impossible.

It was a million-to-one chance.

But as the acclaimed author Terry Pratchett had remarked in his Discworld series, million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.

How else could one comprehend the fact that Lindsay's breasts had grown even bigger?

But bigger they were. What had been a generous pair of Double D's on Total Drama had enlarged in the years that followed, growing into a proud and solid pair of F cups. Of course their increased size was unavoidable when viewed through the lens of what she was wearing.

Clad in nothing more than a pink see-through negligee barely reaching down to her thighs, a 'fluffy fuzzy strip' running around the chest to obscure her nipples only just barely did its job of maintaining any form of modesty. Though, the couple noted with extreme pleasure, it obscured very little of her breasts from view, making her lack of a bra quite apparent. The same was true concerning the hot pink thong panties she wore that were just as visible for all to see.

The evidence of Lindsay still struggling in sleep's tempting embrace also came from her eyes, which despite their borderline unnatural pure blueness, were hooded by half-shut lids. The final, and perhaps most obvious clue was her hair, which though still reaching down to her waist, was quite messy. The young woman had a bad case of bed-head as countless golden tresses shot out in random directions, with individual strands or commingled clumps that ranged from thick and spiky-ended to thread-like and smooth. Her disheveled appearance somehow managed to make her look even sexier. Though her beauty was intact, the goddess of Total Drama seemed truly human right now, approachable. She was someone you could cuddle with in bed without feeling like she belonged on Mt. Olympus.

The (temporarily) approachable goddess of Total Drama stood before them, blinking dumbly with bleary glazed-over eyes. Her right arm was used to scratch her right armpit, making her look like the cutest monkey or the most exhausted performer of 'I'm a Little Teapot.'

"I, like, told you guys last night," Lindsay spoke up, a whiny and fatigued quality to her voice. Exhaustion aside, it was mostly the same as on Total Drama, though the pure soprano of her middle teenage years had become a partial mezzo-soprano of young adulthood. "I don't, like, want any room service. Honest, I like, didn't call for any breakfast! Everything on your, uh, your food list thingy's got so many carbs that I…" [3]

The Blonde Bombshell paused. With the lingering traces of sleep seemingly at last banished, her bright blue eyes were no longer hooded or glazed-over. She blinked. A second or two later she realized who was there.

Thankfully, they weren't room service.

"Heather!" Lindsay shouted as she glomped the woman who had once made sweet love to her only to then throw her away like a used condom. Her now stronger limbs wrapped themselves around the shorter young Asian in a tight embrace. "I'm, like, so sorry for thinking you were one of the room service people! There's this girl that looks just like you who does it! Do you have a long-lost twin sister or something? Oh, maybe you do and I could help you meet up with her after all these years!"

The raven-haired beauty didn't pay much attention to what Lindsay was saying, merely returning the hug with perhaps a little more gusto than most would have deemed appropriate. She held Lindsay as closely as the limits of physics would allow. There was a level of need in her embrace that Cody had only ever seen from Heather when she clung to him after waking from one of her bad dreams. That being said, as Cody noted, his girlfriend's hands were respectfully clinging around Lindsay's lithe waist. Admittedly, that wasn't exactly an unpleasant place to hold her by any means, but the restraint was noteworthy when one considered what was directly above and below it.

Heather was basking in the rush of sensations that came flooding into her mind, body and soul. The softness of Lindsay's skin, the smell of body lotion that made her mouth water, the way Lindsay's borderline impossibly perfect bodily proportions encouraged one to snuggle up to her as tightly as possible. The warm vastness of her huge breasts as they pressed and spread against her smaller chest was impossible to ignore, as was the sudden urge to start making out with the blonde or grab her tits to start squeezing them. Had it been anyone whose self-control was less than her own ironclad will, the urge would have won out effortlessly.

As much as she hated it, she retained her self-control, and limited herself to only enjoying that which her friend was freely giving her.

The former Queen Bee felt an additional positive and negative outside of the overwhelmingly positive experience of hugging her BFF again. The positive was something so small but so special for Heather, that Lindsay had remembered her name instantly upon recognizing her. Though she had improved since World Tour, the blonde still had a lot of trouble remembering people's names. That meant if she was able to remember yours without fail, she either thought about you a great deal (like Tyler) or you were special to her. That fact combined with how pleasant Lindsay's voice was made Heather feel warm and wet enough to go three rounds with Cody on the spot.

That balanced out the one major negative she also felt. The beautiful bountiful breasts she so often dreamed of were so close and yet so very far. Sure, they were pressing into her own inferior pair but the clothing they wore mostly negated that minor plus. Besides, more than anything, Heather longed to bury her face into them and motorboat the pair into the next century. Sadly, she was now too tall to do such a thing while standing and get away with it as being 'natural'. This was one of the few times Heather actually wished she was still shorter. Ironically enough, she mused, Cody's old height would've been perfect.

'Wait, did Cody spend all that time on Total Drama looking at her right in the cleavage!?' The former Queen Bee wondered with passion within her own skull.

Too soon for Heather's liking, she was pulled from that thought as Lindsay released her hug. The former Queen Bee had to be content in the knowledge that their hug had lasted far longer than most hugs between friends would have. The blonde then turned towards the other guest she invited.

"Hi, Cob—uh, I mean Cody!" Lindsay gushed just as sweetly as she ensnared the Tech Geek in the world's softest and most pleasant bear trap.

He eagerly returned her embrace.

The proven pervert of Total Drama felt the same sensations as his girlfriend, though the urges were arguably to an even greater degree because he had never actually sampled the feast of pleasures Lindsay had to offer. He merely dreamed of them, and dreams had a habit of steadily escalating and deepening one's hunger for the not tasted. The minor stumble with his name wasn't missed, though as Heather had explained to him for her to catch herself so quickly was still no small thing. In some way, he was special to her, just not as special as he would have hoped.

His hands twitched into eager boob-grabbing claws even as he wrapped them around Lindsay's back. He had made a valiant effort to push down the raging boner he got within seconds of the embrace, but such was an act of futility when feeling her curves in his arms and her breasts squeezing against his chest. He had to merely hope that Lindsay either wouldn't notice it or that she wouldn't mind it.

Like Heather, he had the distinct sense of missing his old height from Total Drama, back when he'd been able to just stare at her cleavage all day without anyone noticing.

"So, like," Lindsay said easily, oblivious to the effect her hugs had on her guests. "What are you guys, like, doing here so early? I wasn't expecting you till, like…uh…nine! Till nine!" She then paused; a finger brought to her lips as they puckered. Cody whimpered at how those lush, plump lips seemed ready to lick and suckle on that fingertip. "Is this, like, some kinda fashionably late thing?" Terror animated her face as slapped her hands to her cheeks, making a very alluring version of The Scream. "Am I too early!?"

Cody and Heather looked at each other for a long moment before their gazes returned to the Princess of Total Drama. They both knew they should have expected this, but their warm impressions of, and sexual attraction to, the blonde somewhat weakened their ability to accurately remember just how…unique Lindsay's thought process was.

"It's almost quarter after nine," Heather pointed out.

Lindsay blinked in confusion.

"She means we were actually running a little late," Cody explained.

Lindsay blinked a few more times, until understanding illuminated her pretty blues. "Oh!" The blonde exclaimed, sounding both relieved and surprised. "Well, come in then! I'm honestly just so happy I wasn't late after all!" She then went back into her room, holding the door open for the pair. Cody and Heather looked at each other again before following her in, after which Lindsay closed the door behind them. "Tyler!" Lindsay called out, raising her voice, startling the visiting couple with the sudden shout. "Heather and—uh…Cody are here!" The blonde then showed a look of realization. "Tyler! Do you know where I put my phone? It was supposed to wake me up, but, I, like, can't find it anywhere!"

"I haven't seen it since last night!" A voice, which Cody and Heather logically assumed belonged to Tyler, called out from somewhere deeper in the insanely fancy hotel room. "I think it's still by the bed, Linds! Didn't you say you were gonna charge it last night after setting the alarm?"

"Oh yeah!" Lindsay called back. That's right! I forgot about that! Thanks, hun!"

"No biggie, Linds!" Tyler called back out. "Love you!"

"Totes love you too!" Lindsay gushed sincerely as she made her way deeper into the hotel room. "Come on, guys! The bedroom's this way!" she beckoned without turning around.

Ignoring that last statement to the best of their abilities, Cody and Heather made their way into the penthouse suite as once again the two children of well-off parents basked in the lavishness only a true scion of wealth enjoyed. The space was less a penthouse and more of a moderately sized house. The overall interior was a wooden brown, mostly thanks to the expertly crafted woodwork and paneling, a pristine light auburn carpet and dark tan colored leather furniture that both guessed had price tags with as many as five or six zeroes each. Square opened arches on either side suggested other equally large rooms, offering hints of their content by furniture just as pricey. A seventy-inch plasma screen TV was embedded into one of the walls, while another even larger TV literally made up an entire wall on the opposite side of the room. Bouquets of white flowers in long elegant vases adored many small tables and stands. Portraits of modern celebrities the couple recognized done in the style of either Frank Frazetta or a sixteenth century English Crown court painter dotted whatever wall space wasn't taken up by a mirror, autographed team jersey or human sized magazine cover.

But the most noteworthy thing of the penthouse suite was that in the middle of the room there was a spiraling staircase surrounded by wooden walls on both sides, meaning the suite had an entire upstairs floor. Based on the way Lindsay went up the stairs without delay, that suggested the bedroom was on the upper level, if not was the upper level. Cody and Heather said nothing as they followed their friend up the spiraling staircase, passing through an entranceway that had an opened door of immaculate carved oak.

It was no wonder she hadn't heard Heather's knock, and it was easy to see why it had taken Lindsay so long to answer after Cody's.

"I'm, like, so sorry for oversleeping!" Lindsay apologized as she entered the bedroom and continued walking as she was speaking. "Do you want anything? We can call room service, and maybe meet Heather's long-lost sister!" Then the blonde abruptly paused before she made a happy sound somewhere between a purr and a coo while clapping her hands and bouncing up and down a few times. The couple lamented how they had been behind Lindsay during such a bouncy display. "Tyler, I found my phone!" With that, Lindsay bent over to retrieve said phone, and as she did so gave her guests a full view of her thong framed derrière. While most quickly commented on the blonde bombshell's boobs, many weren't as quick to notice that her bottom was just as much a work of biological perfection. A large, supple, tight apple of an ass devoid of flab made for a mouthwatering sight. Seeing the display before them, the pair longed to take a bite out of it.

Cody turned to face Heather. "I'm fine, but what about you Heather? Feeling a little thirsty?" he asked with a knowing smirk.

Heather could articulate no words in response, so she settled for trying to kill him with telekinesis.

Fortunately for Cody, as well as the rest of the world, she lacked such a power.

Lindsay either didn't hear or didn't care about Cody's remark as she righted herself up then went over to a bedside stand and plugged her dead smartphone in to recharge. With her first task accomplished she made her way over to a silk changing screen by a large dresser and closet.

Without any warning, the perfectly lit silhouette behind the thin barrier started to shift and remove pieces of clothing one by one.

Neither Cody nor Heather knew what to make of what was happening before them. Their mouths were hanging open and they could do little more than blink dumbly. The shape they saw looked too impossible, too exaggerated, and much too perfect to be made of the same mundane flesh and blood as they were. And yet they knew it somehow was. A body ridiculously overdone to the point of hyperbolic caricature when devoid of its subtler features was just as real and workable as their lesser physiques. The thought was at once uplifting and depressing. Though those weren't the emotions conjured forth at this time.

If this had been anyone else, they would have assumed it was some kind of twisted joke. Then they remembered who this was. Sensing things were only going to get better and yet so much worse, with great difficulty they made their way to the bed and sat down along its edge. When you get a pseudo strip show, why not give yourselves front row seats?

"I, like, hope I'm not being a bother or anything!" Lindsay absentmindedly called out from behind the silk changing screen, her voice the same as before, devoid of any conscious attempts to titillate her guests. The swaying of her oh so detectible rump back and forth as if grinding against an invisible crotch suggested that she was removing her thong. "I can't walk 'round in my PJs all day. I hope you, like, don't mind!"

Arousal choked the former Queen Bee up for an amount of time that in any other context she would have chided herself for. Eventually, she forced out, "W—we don't mind, Linds…"

Two gigantic shapes that resembled watermelons being held in mid-air by no hands jiggled and bobbed as the meager clothing that had covered them was removed. A new bra was then selected and set onto the behemoth bounties. As it was adjusted, there was a rippling boobquake that would have registered as at least a seven point nine on the Richter scale.

Heather had to bite down on her lips so hard that she was worried they might start to bleed. And Cody's remaining willpower failed him as he was now packing a turgid pocket rocket that was painfully obvious even under the clothing he wore. The Tech Geek felt like he had a greater grasp of the difficulties that his bisexual girlfriend struggled with.

A wonderful yet painful medium-sized eternity that was only a couple of minutes passed before the taunting hidden shadow vanished and Lindsay reemerged back into view. Cody and Heather stood up on reflex and returned to their original positions, counting on Lindsay's unique nature to have her not question what they were doing there.

As was always the case, the simple outfit that Lindsay had chosen for herself was on point. A tight yellow t-shirt contained any future boobquakes, while her creamy smooth legs were adorned by a pair of cutoff denim shorts. She was running a brush through her long golden locks, looking like something out of a high-end commercial, recreating with effortless ease the impossibly idealized effect that took hundreds of people countless hours to replicate.

"Thanks for waiting!" Lindsay beamed as she resumed brushing her hair. "I totes didn't want to be rude, but I had to get ready for the new day!" Then the smile that could warm the entire world vanished as a small frown that could melt the coldest heart took its place. Her big eyes widened and watered. Heather had to physically restrain herself from going 'Aw.' "But I'm, like, so, so sorry to say that you might have, like come down here for nothing. I'm, like, really, really, super-duper, ultra-hyper happy to see you, but your trip might be a waste of time. But, like, thanks for coming anyways. I totes appreciate it."

"Whatever you need, Lindsay," Heather assured. "I'm more than happy to help." And she meant it. The blonde bombshell was one of the few people who had earned Heather's unconditional support, free of any of the favors or prices she extracted from her other friends. Lindsay was one of only two people Heather felt comfortable making promises to.

Lush lips turned into a small smile as Lindsay made her way towards her bed. After sitting on the edge, she patted the space next to her, inviting her former lover to join. Finding her heart rate swiftly spiking, though she managed to repress any visible signs of that, Heather slowly made her way to the same spot she had just been sitting on with feet that all of a sudden felt like blocks of cement. Many of her fantasies about what would happen when she saw Lindsay again played themselves out in her mind, taunting her, offering her glimpses of past pleasures that both her logical and moral sides knew could never happen again. She had to keep her hands balled into fists to ensure she didn't try grabbing the blonde's boobs. Even if her limbs tried to act on their own, the thought of punching those massive globes would hopefully present enough of a fear for her to reclaim herself if she reached out.

Still standing, feeling at once sorry for Heather but also glad he wasn't in her uniquely torturous position, Cody chose to break the tension no doubt gripping his girlfriend. "Why would us coming here be a waste of time?" he asked.

He noticed that Lindsay started getting…squirmy. The Tech Geek noted how odd that was. His interest peaked, and said interest was helpful for chaining up his lust.

"Okay, so, like," Lindsay began, her habit of vapid rambling more acute than usual. "I—I'm, like working on something, and I was, like, hoping you wouldn't mind helping out."

"We'd still have no issue helping you out, Linds." Cody said. "Or has something else changed since you asked us to come here?"

Lindsay nodded, the bubbly default of her face replaced by a more shame-filled look. "Things…they, like, they…changed last night, Cob—Cody. I got a call and, like, now, it's not worth the trouble…" she trailed off at that, the flash of shame doubling in strength.

A question from Cody about what exactly that meant was put on hold as a doorway off to the side opened. The space around the opened portal flooded with thick, white mist. Within the billowing milky shroud of water vapor a solid shadow began to approach. Gradually the mist vanished and in its wake stood Tyler, Lindsay's boyfriend, the guy who Cody only learned less than an hour ago had been and still was apparently attracted to him.

The Tech Geek had been serious when he said he wouldn't make a big deal out of that but the current situation was making such a sincere vow harder to keep.

Covered in only a small (for someone his size) towel around his waist and droplets of water still clung to him.

Partially to avoid thinking about that, Cody surveyed his old friend's other features. Tyler more or less looked as he did since his time on Total Drama but there were some differences. For one thing, he was taller, measuring up to six feet even. His thick, shaggy brown hair was shorter than it had been, ending at somewhere roughly between where his old wide red headband had been and his kind equally auburn eyes. But Cody's teal blue eyes were drawn primarily to two other features present on the clumsy Jock.

The first was his chest, which was proudly on display. Similar to Lindsay's chest, Tyler's had improved since their time on reality TV. But instead of greater size and jiggle, his chest became more muscular, both harder and denser. Not to the level of a body-builder but still enough to make the mouth of any who loved man-service to water at the sight. However, despite his commendable muscles, another feature of his chest stole the gaze.

His girlfriend had compared Tyler to a shirtless Sean Connery. Cody had seen all of the Connery era James Bond films, and Zardoz, so he was a minor authority on the amount of body hair to be found on Scotland's Greatest National Treasure. And with that knowledge, he had to admit that Heather had severely low-balled Tyler's hairiness!

He looked more like a partially shaved Sasquatch than the, in his eyes at least, world's second most famous Scotsmen! [4]

Cody would know. He had seen the big-footed North American bipeds multiple times, and Eva still had her handmade boots from TDI to prove it.

Suddenly Heather's former comments about a "carpet" look made a lot more sense, and at once the Tech Geek felt like he owed Heather an apology.

Such thoughts were put on hold as he eventually, finally, noticed the other noteworthy feature of Tyler's, his face, or more accurately the expression he wore. This stood out mostly because it was as far removed from the good-natured grin he usually boasted as possible. A strong chin that could have cut glass was etched with a look of vehement anger. For the life of him, Cody couldn't recall any instance of Tyler looking this angry before. This look wasn't the burst of fickle rage summoned when threatening to 'mess someone up' that the Jock had occasionally, and always unsuccessfully, tried to use on Total Drama. No, this was far sharper and colder than that. This was legitimate soul-crushing hatred.

"You can't just let Dakota get away with pullin' this kinda stunt, Linds!" Tyler snapped at no one in particular, seemingly forgetting that Cody and Heather were present.

At once, a look of terror greater than any recorded on Total Drama's cameras during its various horror movie themed challenges flashed on the blonde's face. Acting as she had when freeing Heather from the freezer at the end of TDI's cooking challenge, Lindsay bolted up and rushed towards her boyfriend. Before anymore could be said, her slender hands covered Tyler's mouth, as if that might undo what he had just said.

Heather shivered before becoming ramrod stiff, but this time it wasn't because of arousal. Oh, it was a strong emotion that did it, all right. Just of a very different variety. Cody and Lindsay both winced as to them the room suddenly felt twenty degrees colder. The former Queen Bee, her body unnaturally still, raised an eyebrow. "Dakota?" she asked, her voice boasting a degree of slowness and calm that was only obtainable when flash-freezing an emotion so scorching and damaging that it could give lava a run for its money. "Tyler, I presume that you are speaking about Dakota Milton, are you not?" The way she said that name would cause cats to start screeching while not knowing why.

Lindsay gave her boyfriend a pleading look as she shook her head as rapidly as she could.

Though some of the cold hatred in his big brown eyes had faded seeing his girlfriend's state, Tyler slowly and gently took her wrists into his hands and moved them away from his mouth. "Look, Linds," he said, all the anger in his voice replaced by tenderness. He brought his girlfriend close in a gentle embrace, his matted chest-hair pressing against covered breasts that were as bare as a baby's backside. "I don't wanna make you upset, but I can't keep bottlin' this up anymore. Ya can't let Dakota get away with what she did. You're only hurtin' yourself by not sayin' anythin'."

A full-body shiver erupted in Heather as a breath of rage just barely contained by flared nostrils and unseen but still clenched teeth blared in the silent room like a police siren. Yet again, Lindsay and Cody winced. The latter in particular was worried about what his girlfriend might do if her old rival was hurting the only other person she had ever loved.

"What do you mean, Tyler?" Heather asked in the even calmer and slower tone.

The Jock looked like he wanted to say something but then thought better of it. He released his hold on Lindsay and the blonde took a few paces away with a conflicted look on her face. Tyler stared at her, and eventually Lindsay gave a defeated nod of permission.

"Earlier this year," Tyler explained to Heather, who was too angry to cringe at his chest-hair, "Dakota tried to hire Linds as a model for her dad's magazine. But she said no because she doesn't want to be a model!" the Jock snapped, touching an old wound. "She—"

"Wants to work on her father's fashion line," Heather cut in, her voice projecting a tiny portion of the wraith she felt, "I know that, and she's been doing a very good job with it so far!" Her tone was sharp; irrationally offended that Tyler thought she needed that explained to her. It was just enough to kick up the never quite entirely buried feelings of jealousy and resentment she felt towards him.

After all, if it wasn't for him, Lindsay could have been hers!

Taking the outburst in stride, being the bigger person (both figuratively and literally), Tyler tightly nodded his head. Though not the smartest guy around most of the time, the Jock was in the know about the former Queen Bee's history with his girlfriend. That gave her a little more wiggle room than most. Though unlike Heather he felt no jealousy, safe and confident in the knowledge that Lindsay had chosen him, and that she would never leave him for anyone, not even her old flame.

"Anyway," the Jock continued, "Dakota really doesn't take being told 'no' well."

Cody saw Heather about to lash out again, for a reason he easily understood but Tyler didn't. Out of everyone here, Heather knew about Dakota's nature better than anyone, so when the Jock said something like that he was unintentionally insulting Heather, acting as if she either didn't know that or couldn't figure it out for herself. The fact it was Tyler doing it made something that would normally be an easily ignored annoyance into a reproachable sin.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Cody added out of the blue, to make sure his girlfriend didn't lash out again, "if she asked Lindsay in the first place just to try and spite Heather."

The Tech Geek's words must have been more on the mark than he realized as they caused Lindsay to shrink a bit.

Heather's grey gaze became laser-focused on that, forgetting about the boys in the room. "What happened?" she asked the blonde, her voice noticeably softer than before, but with her anger still tracing along the edges of her words.

"W—well," Lindsay said, sounding like a kid whose hand got caught in the cookie jar, "First someone, like, tried to…uh…to—uh, ho yeah, hack into Daddy's company. It—it didn't…go well. The guy they think did it was, like, caught and got a really big fine for it. I, like, don't know for sure, but I heard that he might go to jail. That got Dakota mad."

Cody groaned and shook his head. He didn't need to hear anymore. He already knew who that person was. Muttering under his breath, he said, "Sam…"

That was a name he hadn't said much, or even thought of much in years. Sam had been his best friend before he joined Total Drama but they had parted on bitter terms. Within a fraction of a second, the Tech Geek recalled what had been the starting point of that degenerating friendship, reliving much of it in the blink of an eye.

The Tech Geek was no stranger to unusual relationship situations, with both his own to Heather, and it seemed, the one shared by Lindsay and Tyler. Even so, the bits and pieces he had either discovered or been directly told about his former best friend's relationship with perhaps the wealthiest young woman on Earth sounded totally bananas, even to him.

Considering the nature of his and Heather's relationship, that was no small feat.

He had learned the bulk of this during his last online gaming session with Sam, where he had let it slip about his arrangement with Heather. It had been right after she stamped his V-card, and though he had made a vow to secrecy Cody couldn't help but tell somebody! To his shock, and later salvation, Sam outdid him by saying he was in a similar situation with Dakota Milton, and had actually been in a relationship with her for quite a while. Stricken silent as he realized why his friend had been absent from so many of their guild's raids as of late, Cody had sat back and basked in the amazing tale he had to offer.

At least he had at first.

It had all started with the blonde billionaire reaching out to Sam to do some kind of hacking job. The Gamer didn't focus on the details, instead, he focused on the payment. For reasons the auburn haired nerd didn't question, after he refused her initial offers, she upped the ante from just cash to a considerable amount of cash for doing the job and an 'upfront payment' of sleeping with him. Since Dakota Milton was the one girl at their school who rivaled—to some even surpassed—Heather's hotness, his pants had been off before she even finished explaining what she needed him to do. The Fame-Monger had given him a week to get what she asked of him done, something she had been told would probably have needed two weeks to achieve but she wouldn't listen.

He called her back less than three days after he had been inside of her.

To say the Fame-Monger was surprised would have been a massive understatement. From there, the two entered a bizarre, almost business-like arrangement. He would do whatever computer based tasks she asked without any question or hesitancy, and in exchange she gave him large advances of money and a sexual education that made the Kama Sutra look like a children's coloring book.

Exactly how long this had gone on unchanged Cody hadn't been able to determine but as Sam explained all of this and much more in that jovially rumbly voice of his, the Tech Geek began to notice a subtle shift in the nature of the narrative he was listening to. What had begun as an exchange of goods for services slowly morphed into something that had the spirit of a true relationship…but that never quite was able to shed some very unconventional quirks. Even back then, Cody's abilities to read people were fairly sophisticated compared to most. And, in his admittedly amateur opinion, he thought he understood what happened.

On the fringes of Sam's tale were hints of an existence for Dakota as powerful and privileged yet isolated and wrought with subtle dangers as he learned Heather's had been. If anything, against all odds, Dakota's situation sounded worse. Partially because the blonde lacked Heather's drive to achieve independence from her controlling parents and partially because she truly had not a single person she knew who treated her like a real person. At least Heather had the staff of her family's kitchen to occasionally interact with and had been taken under the wing of their personal chef at a young age. Most were too intimidated at risking the ire of Dakota's demanding parents or too scared of the sudden irrational reprisals from a famously temperamental rich girl who seemed to view other people more like her living toys than their own unique beings. It didn't help that the family was well known for ending careers for offenses as minor as getting a lunch order wrong. Of course she either didn't understand or didn't care that her actions partially lead to this. She was the kind of girl to wallow in a Hell at least somewhat of her own making.

Sam was a departure from that. Despite Dakota's beauty, power, wealth, and dominance, the Gamer didn't treat her any differently than he would anyone else. The fact that the Gamer had treated everyone like a close friend anyway definitely helped him out there. True, he knew his friend was no saint and did a few things even Cody disapproved of, but Sam had a way of making you not view those obvious moral failings as so bad, really. Since Dakota basically demanded those moral failings repeated that was a plus for her. He always had her back. No matter what she asked he would do it faster and better than even her unrealistic expectations had assumed was possible. The nerd was so earnest and wore his heart on his sleeves that his efforts eventually worked in spite of the fact that none of his impressive feats on their own would have made a dent in her feelings.

Then Sam got to the unique nature of his…relationship with Dakota. And Cody felt cold.

It was as fascinating as it was disconcerting. It was like something out of a smut novel.

As the Gamer explained his situation in more detail than his friend ever would have wanted, the Tech Geek felt mostly appalled. But, he knew, there was just enough envy of that relationship for him to not tap into the righteous indignation he knew he should have.

Even as unsettled as Cody had felt when Sam explained the specifically unique nature of his 'relationship' with Dakota, a more extreme version of how she treated her other 'friends,' the Tech Geek felt kind of glad for this friend. The Gamer had even worse bully problems than he did. And yet he hadn't broken or wallowed in self-pity. Sam deserved a situation that made him truly happy, as gross as Cody himself viewed it personally.

At least until Cody thought to ask his friend, for some reason he didn't recall in the heat of the moment, the precise nature of the hacking job that first brought him into his current situation. This time, Sam explained it without omitting anything.

Less than a minute after Sam revealed that, Cody lost it and started shouting at his old friend. What his friend had revealed to him was unforgivable, and he treated it as such. The Gamer shared the same mindset and their friendship ended in a thunderstorm of shouts and, in Sam's case, smashed electronics.

Any hopes of reconciling where set ablaze the next time they saw each other, the last time they saw each other. When Heather struck the mortal blow Cody refused to land.

"After that Sean guy got caught," Lindsay added, bringing Cody back to the present, "All the models at daddy's magazine started to leave! Even, like, the ones breaking contracts! I thought you couldn't do that!" The blonde reclaimed control. "A—anyway, after that, the studio was bought out…and our suppliers started canceling contracts too…"

Heather didn't need to hear anymore. She knew exactly what Lindsay had been avoiding saying. That Dakota had thrown her father's wealth and influence at fucking over the Mills family, mainly Lindsay's father, but for the purpose of getting at the blonde herself.

"Even I didn't think she was that petty," Heather said groaning. Though her opinion of Dakota Milton generally was lower than the Mariana Trench, surprise still found its way into her gut. "Going to all this trouble just because someone turned her down."

"I think," Cody spoke up, "that this has more to do with Sam getting in trouble than Lindsay turning her down." Heather turned her attention to her boyfriend. "Sure, Dakota might view the world as her personal dollhouse that she'd be half-tempted to burn down once one of her dolls moves on its own…but we both know there's one exception to that. Sam. You remember how she acted after you exposed them as a couple, right?"

On that score, Heather reluctantly conceded. As much as she truly hated Dakota, she did have to admit there were a couple of times the Milton bitch showed commendable character. The chief example had been as a result of Heather's master plan against her.

After Cody had told Heather about how he let their relationship status slip to Sam, revealing what he learned about Dakota had been the only thing saving him from her wrath. Over half a year's worth of subtly undermining Dakota's authority and reclaiming the lackeys and pawns that once followed her like shadows were about to pay off. That information had given Heather the silver bullet she needed against Dakota after all that time. Shortly before the end of their junior year, she publicly exposed Sam and Dakota. Just as she predicted, Sam didn't deny it, determined to defend his woman. The Gamer had then attempted to turn the tables on her and Cody, but as instructed, Cody had denied everything, keeping up a masterful performance of ignorance to the idea. The end result was a reversal of what happened at the start of the school year. Heather had reclaimed her former title of their high school's queen bee from Dakota Milton.

Heather won.

In the aftermath of the scandal Heather had assumed Dakota would dump Sam.

Dakota didn't.

The blonde billionaire stayed with the Gamer, their relationship only becoming stronger due to Heather's final assault. Many of Dakota's popular 'friends' had stopped associating with her, and though clearly annoyed by this turn of events Dakota's resolve never faltered. Anyone stupid enough to insult or try harming Sam with her around quickly learned the error of their ways. Soon it was common knowledge that the Gamer was untouchable. Any lingering popularity she had left was sacrificed because of that, but she hadn't cared.

It was ironic how just a few months later the same thing would happen with them, Heather following in Dakota's footsteps in sacrificing her hard earned popularity for Cody when they went public with their relationship.

In the silence Heather had put up, Cody chose to approach this from a different angle. "What would you do if I was in Sam's shoes?" he asked.

"You wouldn't be stupid enough to do something that would get you thrown in prison like Sam did," Heather pointed out bluntly, before blowing out a sigh of pent-up hostility. "But I see your point. I'd tear wherever you were being held down brick by brick." Her face and voice were devoid of any suggestion of jest or exaggeration. A great shiver shot up Cody's body, as he knew that his girlfriend was being completely serious. The former Queen Bee turned back towards Lindsay, her face now a repressed look of anger. "Why didn't you tell me about any of this?" she asked, working hard to keep the irritation and hurt out of her voice. "Why didn't you come to me, or Cody? Or my dad or Cody's parents? Cody's parents could have helped you out with the contract breeches alone!"

Lindsay shook her head with a painfully kind smile stretched across its pleasant features. "Thank you, Heather, but I, like, don't like asking other people for help. I gotta prove I can do it myself. I—I know everyone thinks I'm just a dumb blonde with great boobs." She paused for a moment while her eyes got dewy and a sniffle or two escaped her nose. Tyler didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. She cooed affectionately and took a few moments to bask in her boyfriend's soft, hairy body.

"If I'm going to run Daddy's business one day," Lindsay continued, freeing herself from Tyler's embrace, though her face showed how thankful she was for the gesture, "then I gotta show I can handle things on my own. Even if I just own one or two of his businesses, I want them to be, like, mine…earned because I did whatever I needed to do."

Heather, with a pained, conflicted look on her face, found herself nodded in approval. As much as she would do anything for Lindsay, she couldn't deny the blonde a chance for self-improvement and success. She knew the odds were against the blonde, partially because Lindsay had been resolute on not using her connection to her dad or her body.

"And I, like," The blonde bombshell continued, "I know you've got really, really ultra serious totes bad history with Danielle—uh, I mean Dakota, Heather. I didn't wanna drag you into this. Besides, I like, have already taken care of this…for the most part, anyway."

Both Cody and Heather looked at her with surprised gazes, silently asking Lindsay what she meant. She was eager to answer. "I found another studio to do the shoot at, got some new designers hired, and set up a new production supply line to the workshop Daddy gave me as a graduation present. And I did all of that by myself!" Lindsay finished, quite pleased.

The couple stared out into the void of space blankly, utterly flabbergasted by that. For the briefest of moments Cody feared that the alien shape-shifters he had stumbled across in Area 52 had done an Invasion of the Body Snatchers routine on the blonde bombshell. Despite her deep love for Lindsay, Heather looked just as disbelieving. There hadn't been a single vapid, unnecessary "like" or "totes" in that entire component line of thought and results.

Lindsay laughed her sweet laugh that could swell the heart or set fire to the nether regions in equal measure. She took their blatant lack of belief in her abilities in stride. Even she understood her doing all of that sounded very unlikely.

Why get mad when you could laugh at the funny faces people made when proven wrong?

"I am doing, like, totes, super-duper well in my business classes, you know!" Lindsay said proudly, her dips into the familiar waters of "like" and "totes" seemingly intentional for once.

It took Heather a few seconds but the former Queen Bee recalled something at hearing that. Cody got onto the same train of thought a few moments after his girlfriend had. Shocking everyone who discovered it, when she wasn't helping run her dad's magazine, Lindsay was reading books about business and economic theory, often looking online to figure out what those business and economic theory books had actually said, and taking classes that covered those topics and others at one of the most prestigious universities. All of this was paid for out of her own pocket, which though deep, weren't bottomless. And she wasn't failing! True, Lindsay had to study more than any student before her but she had been able to get grades as high as a B+ in some of her college classes. Other than sleeping with Tyler and staying up to date on current fashions and predicted future trends, Lindsay's life revolved around business and proving the unspoken opinion of her wrong. It was the hardest thing she had ever done.

Her succeeding was a million-to-one chance.

But as one great man knew, those happen nine times out of ten.

The blowout of those bombshells from the blonde beauty that was just as explosive created a daze akin to the soldiers during the D-Day scene of Saving Private Ryan. The couple had to fight the urge to literally shake their heads to dispel the lingering effects. Snapping out of it first, Cody spoke up. "W—what then do you need, Lindsay?" he asked. "It sounds like you've got everything under control."

Lindsay once again became shy and found the impulse to look away to be quite strong. "Well, I—I, like, had almost everything worked out, C—Cody. But still had, like, one big problem. Like, huge…like not having any credit cards on Black Friday kinda huge!" Then she looked at her boyfriend, her eyes somehow becoming even more wholesome. "But then Tyler came up with a great idea, like a having all the credit cards with no limit on Black Friday kinda great!" Tyler beamed with pride at his girlfriend's praises. "Uh-uh, I was so happy with him that I ate nothing but him for the rest of the day!"

Tyler's face now blushed at not wanting to share that particular detail with their friends. Lindsay's track record was still hit-or-miss when it came to revealing certain details that people didn't want or need to know.

"Let me guess, you still needed models." Heather spoke up, arms crossed over her chest. She wasn't crazy about how learning how eagerly accommodating a lover to Tyler Lindsay was. Every time she did it made her long for the blonde that much more. And more importantly, she wasn't looking forward to where this was heading. She lamented that she would need to shoot down Lindsay asking her to model for them…but there was no way in Hell she would ever get in front of a camera for all the world to see.

"Yuppers," Lindsay affirmed with a nod. "That's why I wanted to talk to you guys. You see, I really, really need Cody to sign on for my main photo spread!"

Cody and Heather had each thought nothing could top of the shock of hearing that Lindsay, who's label on Total Drama had been the Dumb Princess, was a good student. They were both wrong. Words failed to properly articulate just how floored they each were. They each felt like they were suddenly thrown onto a planet with a million times Earth's gravity. Both were just as helpless and unresponsive as if that had been so.

Lindsay couldn't help but smile at their reactions. Though she held back her laughter. It wasn't easy but she did. Something told her it would have been mean to laugh at this. "Tyler had this great idea," the blonde continued, acting as if her audience wasn't making some of the funniest faces she had ever seen, and she had seen plenty of those after taking over her daddy's magazine, "to ask all of our friends from, you know, Total Drama to help us out! It was such a good idea! The fact most of them aren't models actually helps with the point of the clothing line! Clothes for the richest and hottest people are nice and all, but what about everyone else? That didn't seem fair to me. So I thought of a line of clothing for everyday people! Full of great high-quality outfits and anyone can afford!"

Heather had been frozen, a look of transparent vexation and even subtle horror on her face. The days of her merely tolerating Cody's appearance because he was her only option were deader than Disco. The combo of what he brought to the table by default and her vigorous efforts to mold him into a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing version of himself had made someone who's appearance she always longed to have deep inside of her, in one way or another, or more ideally more than one at a time. But to offer him a modeling gig and not her…implying that he was hotter than her!? For Lindsay to imply that!?

"Cody!?" Heather screeched with incredulity, only catching Lindsay's every other word.

"Uh-uh!" Lindsay nodded and laughed. "I've had this, like, totes cool idea for the cover! A Drama Brothers Reunion! I've already got Julian, Harry and Trevor ready to go!" She paused, before the previous zeal became embarrassment while she twirled a strand of her long blonde hair. "Uh…I meant J—Justin, H—Harold, and Tre—Trent…hehe," she giggled nervously. While she had made great strides in remembering people's names, listing people's names off in rapid succession often was a bigger struggle. "Anyway, I've got them, but…Cody was the most important one…" She paused. "Not that the others aren't important! They are all sweet and just as important as you!" she paused again before explaining her reason. "What I mean is that you are, like, still totes popular in Japan thanks to that commercial you and Sandra—I mean, Sierra—made during…World Tour."

Cody blinked. "Are they seriously still running that ad after all these years?" He never paid much attention to the royalty checks he got every month, but assumed they were just from Total Drama reruns and DVD sales.

"Yuppers!" Lindsay affirmed. "I already managed to get a hold of her, Sa—Sierra, and she agreed to do a special spread with you if you agree and sign on…Cody." Again the blonde paused. In that gap of conversation Cody felt his blood chill. Sure, Sierra and him had made up and he had eventually managed to forgive her for her behavior during World Tour…but that didn't mean he was eager to meet up with her again…especially considering what happened the last time they crossed paths…and Heather's still standing restraining order against her…

A moment of clarity washed over him. No wonder Gwen had been avoiding him…

"I know you and her are in, uh, like…a rough spot," Lindsay said after a few moments. "But could you please agree and sign! Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles and chocolate sauce and cherries and bananas and that sweet but sticky pineapple topping on top!" Lindsay begged with her hands clasped over her chest as she bounced up and down. Though he knew what he was going to do within the first few bounces, the Tech Geek waited for over a minute before he answered, mostly to just see if Lindsay would keep this up the whole time. She did. And he was very, very happy. Her breasts truly were perfect.

Cody nodded his head, and felt very warm inside as Lindsay cheered in pure delight. "That's so totes great!" She exclaimed, pulling him into a tight hug as she bounced a bit. The Tech Geek didn't say anything as he basked in the sensation of her boobs crushing against his chest. Right now he would have shoved his hand down a garbage disposal if the blonde bombshell asked him to. "I had planned on you and her being the other cover in the copies going to the Asian places! And now I can do that! YAY!"

Enough time had passed for the former Queen Bee to recover from her previous shock. 'She found a tasteful way to cash in on people's nostalgia, roped in the essential players, and has already considered how to make her product more appealing to different markets.' Heather thought, somewhat partially to kick back her jealousy of her boyfriend's luck. That effort was also helped by how impressed she was with her former lover. 'She's a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. Note to self, never underestimate her again.' She mentally chuckled as she recalled a similar thought she had about Cody after they got back together. 'Always keep an eye on the nice ones. If she wanted to, she could rule the world.'

Out loud, Heather merely asked, "Aside from Cody, the other three Drama Brothers, and Sierra, who else has signed up for this?"

"Um, let's see," Lindsay pondered for a moment, before she began counting off people. "There's LeDun—I mean Leshawna," she said, extending her right hand's thumb as she did. "She'd be coming here with Har—Harold," Her right pointer finger was elongated, before a moment's thought, recalling he had already been included, she retracted it back. Everyone else in the penthouse suite picked up on the blonde needing to use her fingers to visibly keep track of the people arriving but chose not to bring attention to it. "Oma—Owen said he'd, like, try to make it if his team manager is cool with it. And Beth said she'd totes come and even bring her boyfriend!" Lindsay stared at her right hand with a forlorn look. She then brought her left hand next to it and extended both the remaining fingers of her right hand and the pointer and middle fingers of her left hand. Showing seven total, slightly more than one-fifth of the twenty-five contestants from Total Drama's three seasons. After looking at the slender hands as if it were a proof of an ancestry of incestuous cannibals for a few moments longer, she turned her attention back to her friends. "Everyone else was too busy, or I couldn't reach them."

Cody zeroed in one specific thing. "Why are you talking in the past tense, Linds?" he asked. When Lindsay didn't give an answer, unable to voice it, he took the initiative. "I'd be happy to help out and we'd love to get a chance to hang out with everyone again."

He knew he was only speaking for himself with that statement but Heather wisely didn't refute his claim. Truthfully, if she never saw any of the other people from Total Drama aside from Lindsay ever again, she would have had less than zero qualms about it.

Even with Heather holding her tongue, Lindsay still wilted at the attempt to cheer her up. "Last night I got a call from the pho—uh, the photographer…he canceled our contract too." The sorrow left Lindsay as she suddenly did the closest thing to a snarl she could muster as she grabbed her head and started to furiously scratch at her scalp repeatedly. "Ugh! This is so, like, so annoying! We got all the camera stuff we'd need for the shoot! But it's more useless than white socks with dark shoes without a guy to use it! We'll never get the Spring Issue done in time without someone to, ya know, take the shots! And we'll never get someone on such short notice!"

"What do you mean, Linds?" asked Cody, confused. "Uh…it's almost winter, not spring. Spring is still months away, you should have plenty of time…right?"

The other three people in the room all shared a laugh, at an unsaid joke Cody didn't get.

The Tech Geek showed off a trait of his that Heather was oddly thankful for, when things got serious and sorrowful, he would often ask questions about small, unimportant details. Still unable to hash out how much of that was on purpose and how much was devoid of any conscious intention, his out of place questions had always proven to be an effective way of giving someone who sorely needed it a brief escape from their deep brooding.

Lindsay's small and fragile smile offered proof that this had been the case yet again. "It takes weeks to get an entire line of clothes sized and fit for a model, C—Cody," she patiently explained to the confused young man not in the know about fashion. "The photos themselves are just part of the magazine, which takes months to put together and distribute. But again, without someone to take the pictures, it's moot." The blonde looked sad again.

Scrunching his face for a second, Cody had a moment of inspiration. "Do they have to have a license or anything like that?" he asked.

Heather scoffed. "Cody, there's a lot more to more to professional photography than just pointing a camera and clicking the button. You have to know about lightning, shading, composition…and that takes a lot of practice."

Cody nodded his head. "Yeah, I know that," he agreed. "And that's why I think I might know someone who can help them. She just doesn't have an official license or anything like that, but she knows plenty about photography."

Heather raised an eyebrow, immediately figuring out whom he was talking about.

Tyler was confused, having no idea who he was talking about.

Lindsay was very interested, wanting to know whom he was talking about. "Well, like, who do you have in mind?" the blonde asked, unable to keep her eagerness hidden.

"A good friend of ours." Cody said, grinning. "Zoey Mamabolo."

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