Hi everyone, so this is my first fanfic YAY! I'm rather nervous and terrible at judging my own work so please pm me suggestions and review (: Thanks to all my friends on who encouraged me to write this, you're all awesome! Extra love to my best friend and Beta reader Kat. I didn't know how this would be received so for now its a oneshot but depending on the responses, suggestions, and reviews I may continue it...

Okay enough with my mushiness and insecurity I hope you all enjoy this and know I OWN NOTHING (no matter how much I wish I did)

Dearest Minna,

It is time for me to leave, my fate is thus, I have felt it. The stars cry out once more. I'm so sorry, I never told you who I truly am, I've never shown my true power, and I can't even say why.

I love you all, I know that you will be okay, many of you saw me as a replacement anyway and have ignored me. I forgive you and love you anyway, you are my Nakama, Fairy Tail.

Levy, Wendy, Happy, Charla, Gageel, Lily, Juvia, Gray, Master, and Rajinshu... You I hold dearest, you have the purest and truest hearts and have stood by me. We shall meet again and good fortune shall follow you. Oh, and Gajeel, ASK HER OUT ALREADY!

With my love forever yours,

Lucy Heartfillia of Fairy Tail

I can't believe I'm really leaving, but its time. Mother is calling, the fates bid me return home and I better listen. I miss them, and they're scarier than Erza when upset. I shudder at the mere thought. As my thoughts take over I put my hand to my cheek, I feel damp trails against my fingers; I didn't even know I was crying. Even so as much as I miss my old home, my blood family, my heart breaks at leaving Fairy Tail. At leaving my love, my sisters, my best friend. With these thoughts I seal the now tear stained letter and stand. Its time to accept who I am and go.

I am a Goddess, the princess of the heavens, I am a Fairy Tail mage, I am Lucy Heartfillia, and I am going back.