This is for the lovely you-can-call-me-smoke on tumblr, who is ever so patient with my extremely late exchange. My new job is killing me and I have yet to actually have a schedule settled. I also planned on doing all 3 prompts they had, but for now this is okay. Also at least I have something to show for now.


Romano crossed something off of the official document he had in his hand and placed it on the growing pile on his right. He continued onto the next paper stacked to his left, not once breaking his concentration.


His eyes narrowed a bit, but otherwise he continued to ignore what was quickly becoming a distraction of his work. He needed to get this done soon or else he was going to spend the last few days of his vacation working away from home. No way in hell that was going to happen again.


The tips of his ears started to become warm and the grip on his pen tightened. America damn well knew which names made him more flustered than normal. But he was NOT going to give in this time! He has too much work to do to pay attention to whatever the idiot has to say at the moment.


Oh my god he was not going to bring out his southern accent. There's no way he was going to be that cruel. America absolutely knew what that did to Romano. No, no, no, he's gotta stay strong! This paperwork can't wait another day. Romano's eyes stayed glued to the page in front of him, his hands gripping the paper a bit too tight, crinkling it at the edge where his thumb and forefinger held it. He is strong, damnnit. Nothing the other man says is gonna break his concentration-


Romano slammed the paper down and swerved his head to face his big, dumb, grinning boyfriend. The Italian's face was on fire and the paperwork on his desk was quickly forgotten as he glared daggers at the American.

"What do you want, stronzo?" He gritted out through clenched teeth. "It better be damn important because if it's not and I'm wasting my time then I'm kicking your ass out of the room." Lord knows he'll make use of his threat.

America actually had the gall to look a bit sheepish, one hand reaching up and scratching the back of his head, a nervous habit that Romano took immediate notice of, and the other hand hidden securely behind his back, another thing that caught Romano's attention. A small frown appeared on the Italian's face when America shuffled his feet a bit before taking a quick breath.

"Okay, so, the thing is…" And that's when Romano knew something big was about to be dropped into the conversation. "You know how I sometimes help the old lady downstairs with her groceries? Well, her granddaughter was there today- and she's got such a sweet face, Romano you can clearly see she's got her grandmama's eyes- anyway so the little girl and I start talking while I'm helping her grandma move some stuff around her car and she was telling me about this new shelter a couple blocks from her house that got a new shipment of animals last week and how hardly anyone's going in to look at the cute animals, so of course I was absolutely shocked at how that could even happen so I might have sort of gotten directions to the shelter and I might have also passed by a couple times, just to see what all the hype was all about, and I might have sort of almost came close to adopting a couple animals to surprise you but then I remembered that you might want a say in this whole thing so I guess what I'm trying to say is I think we should adopt a puppy."

Romano blinked once, twice, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening his eyes again. Nope, his idiot of a boyfriend was still standing there in all his washed-out blue jeans and white t-shirt glory, sheepish smile still plastered on his face and both hands behind his back as he rocked on the heels of his socked feet. He counted up to 5 in his head before letting out a frustrated sigh.

"So what you're telling me," Romano calmly stated, as America perked up. "Is that you spent the past 10 minutes distracting me from work with those stupid nicknames, all because you wanted to tell me that you want to adopt a puppy."

"Yeah! I mean, you would clearly get first dibs to pick your own-"

"You want to adopt a puppy." Romano got up from his chair slowly and calmly walked over to the unsuspecting blond.

America tilted his head a bit in confusion, not noticing what his boyfriend was up to. "Well, yeah, I mean-"

Romano reached up and grasped the neck of the white crew-neck shirt in his hands, making the tall American lean down a bit so that they were almost nose to nose. "A small, smelly, newly born puppy running around the apartment, ripping up the couches and chairs apart while pissing and crapping wherever the hell it wants. You want me to be perfectly fine with having that terror upon us, when you can't even be bothered to clean up after yourself half the time? And who's going to take care of it when we're not home? What do we do then, you idiot?"

With every sentence said, Romano pushed them backwards until America was just beyond the doorway line. The blonds' expression was crossed between bewildered and dejection. He wasn't expecting the Italian to be 100% into the idea, but to shoot it down so quickly like that...

"Romano, bae, just listen-" He tried once more.

"I have work to do and if you so much as don't let me finish by tonight, the front hallway is your new bedroom." Was all that was said before the office door slammed in his face and he was left in the empty hallway. America ran his fingers through his hair and sighed once, turning to walk down the hall towards the kitchen. Maybe if he brings a snack his boyfriend would calm down a bit.