March 14, 0630 [Gotham].

'Ow, not feeling the aster. Why does everything hurt?' thought Robin questioning himself. As pain when through his torso and limbs.

'Oh yeah, Scarecrow. Doesn't that guy have anything better than making new concoctions of fear gas?

Never mind that he used two different types in one fight. There totally should be RULES against that!'

"Master Dick are you awake?" Alfred's voice came from Dick's left side. Dick open his eyes and pulled himself up into a sitting position.

Dick look to see where he was, he was in the Batcave's infirmary.

"Yeah, Alfie I'm awake" Dick replied, his throat feeling like sandpaper.

"Good that means I can check you out to make sure you're ready for school."

"Wait!" Cried Dick, turning to look at Alfred fully. "It was Saturday night, I got hit wasn't it?"

"No, Master Dick you were hit at 0230 on Sunday morning and its now 0630, Monday morning."

"What?" Sighed Dick. Rubbing his head. It wasn't the first time fear gas had taken him down but this was by far the longest. "28 hours?"

"Yes Master Bruce has been terribly concerned I've only just managed to get him to take a shower. I didn't think you would want to wake up to the smell of Gotham's sewers."

"No, I don't think that would have been the most asterous smell to wake up to."

Replied Dick, while getting a look of dis-approval (heavy on the dis) from Alfred for the butchering of the English language.

Bruce chose that moment to arrive in the Batcave's Infirmary and save Dick a lecture on the rules of the English language.

"You're awake, how are you feeling?" asked Bruce, concern in his voice that only a Bat could hear.

"Alright, except I just lost 28 hours of my life." Replied Dick with a smile.

"Well at least it was only 28 hours." Bruce said then turn to Alfred. "Is he alright for school?"

"I was just about to check Master Bruce, but Dick seems to be in good health and will be fine to go to school."

Stated Alfred with a voice that said he was still upset about the English language.

"Yippee!" a high-pitched, sarcastic voice said from the medical table and it was returned with a look that said 'Shut it'.

The message was received.

After Alfred gave him a once over, Dick was given the all clear. Bruce told Alfred to take some blood to just double-check.

Alfred turned back to take the blood out of Dick arm which the boy had already outstretched with a smile on his face.

Thinking how no one would ever say that Bruce didn't care if they saw him after Dick had been hurt.

By the time Dick's blood had been taken, he only just had time for a quick shower or breakfast.

Dick like most people choose breakfast and sprayed his whole body with deodorant.