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March 14, 0825 [Gotham]

By the time Dick arrived at school 5 minutes before the bell. Dick ran to class, and sadly class was the other-side of the school. When Dick got there he went to the back of the class and sat down in his chair, which was located next to his best-friend, Barbara 'Babs' Gordon just as the bell when off.

"Cutting it slightly close, Mr. Grayson."

"Sorry, Sir" said Dick faking breathlessness. Running to class was not a far enough run for Robin to be breathless but Dick Grayson it was. Ah, the pain of a Secret ID.

[1240] Gotham.

Apart from being late Dick was having a very non-eventful day. Until…


Dick was on the floor having been tripped up by Jordan another freshman.

Jordan was a 'Class A' Jock which means muscle. He was 5"7' with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Jordan was one of Dick's many bullies. Jordan's motive is that he doesn't like a 14-year-old, midget (5"1') being smarter than him.

Dick was a freshman, having been moved up a grade. If he hadn't Dick age wise should have been in 8th grade and some students didn't like this.

Jordan being the ringleader in this. Normally being followed by his back up Simon and Conner.

Simon only differ from Jordan by being an inch shorter and having dark brown eyes.

Conner on the other hand was an inch taller than Jordan but not being very bright. Students say that it was because he took too many pucks to the head playing Ice Hockey.

A normal student facing this every day would be enough to quit but Dick was Robin and these guys didn't scare him. Sadly Dick couldn't beat them up like Robin could so he had to except the hits.

'Oh, come on…of all days. Dick grumbled in his head.

"Did you enjoy your trip, Circus Brat?" sneered Jordan.

'REALLY? That's what he came up with? Seriously? Did I enjoy my trip? That's terrible, even The Joker is better than that. Sometimes'

"Yeah I did, thank you for asking" replied Dick getting up, dusting himself off as he did. Luckily he had just put his books away for lunch so they weren't all over the floor.

Dick turned around to look at Jordan, expecting to see a smug face. Sadly that wasn't what was before him, Dick's heart fell, Jordan looked pissed, to say the least.

When Jordan was pissed, it normally meant getting punched in the gut, a lot.


'Yep, right in the gut.' Dick wasn't in the mood for this.

He was still recovering from The 28 Hours of Horror, as Dick had started calling it in his head. Luckily he hadn't got any injures from the fight before T.28.H.O.H., so Dick was only getting new injures.

'I'd just survived 28 hours of my worst fears, I'd like to see him last 28 minutes with his.' It was after this thought that Dick's day started to get weird.

Batman & Robin weird.

A split second after Dick had this thought Jordan screamed, like he was being attacked or trapped in a nightmare that he could wake up from.

Except no one knew what he was screaming about as he was looking around and acting like he was not seeing GA's hallway.

He turned and ran away from Dick and ran straight into Philip Wilcox, the Academy's Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, who was coming because he heard a kid mention a fight.

Jordan fell to the ground and then backed himself into a corner still screaming his lungs out.


"You alright?" a voice behind Dick asked. Dick turned his head, the voice belonged to Babs who just came and stood next to him.

"Yeah, he only got in one punch. Before this…" Dick waved his hand towards the scene in front of them in a confused way. Dick knew Barbara wanted to ask more but Dick gave her a look that just said 'Later'.


Ten minutes later, some paramedics arrived.

They guessed that he had been hit with fear-gas and gave him the antidote (given to them from Batman & Robin) except it didn't work.

This is when Dick was starting to panic, he started paling.

Jordan was displaying all the signs for fear-gas inhalation but he wasn't responding to the antidote. The antidote from BATMAN & ROBIN! It should work.

The paramedics got the teachers to move the students back, so they could bring in a stretcher for Jordan.

Jordan screamed for a total of 28 minutes and then as suddenly as it started he stopped.


This cause Dick to sweat, 28 minutes exactly.

Just like his wanted Jordan to experience. 'I did this, I caused this pain. I'm as bad as the Scarecrow' Dick thought. Pulling his hands in to fist and realising them again.

Meanwhile Jordan had started blabbering on about dark figures trying to eat him.


"ARIGHT! The show is over, everyone go to your home-rooms now. " Yelled a very angry Mr. Wilcox. "No one is leaving this school until I find the person reasonable for a fear-gas attack and may God help that child will be expelled. AND I don't care who your family is. GO NOW"


Now Dick, was shaking now 'I didn't have a shower, I'll still smell of fear-gas. I'll be expelled. Batman & Robin secret IDs are endangered of being exposed.'

Gotham Academy had its own specially trained sniffer dog, of course. It was able to smell out laughing-gas, fear-gas, bombs and drugs.

That dog was going to be all over Dick unless he did something and did something he did.


"DICK!" Babs cried out when Dick fainted next to her. She grabbed him and gently put him on the floor. One of the paramedics, came over to Dick to check him out. While Babs had knelt down to the side of Dick.

"What happen?" Asked the paramedic who had run over to Dick.

"Well umm, I ….err" Barbara replied not really sure what had happen.

"Where was he standing, when the other guy got hit with fear-gas?"

"He would have been right next to him" Babs paused "BUT he would have been bend over"

"Bend over?" questioned the paramedic, looking at Barbara.

"Yeah, Jordan the guy over there punched him and then started screaming." Barbara said still angry that Jordan punched Dick.

"So he could have some fear gas in his system but not as much as Jordan?" The paramedic asked concerted.

"Oh, he was pale and then he was shaking. I should have notice." Barbara started with a shaky voice.

The paramedic breathed a sigh of relief "Sounds like a mild case. Lucky for him." she told Barbara.

Barbara wasn't thinking that he was lucky though if Jordan didn't bully Dick. Dick wouldn't have been near him when the fear-gas went off. Little did Barbara know that it may have been Jordan's present that the 'fear-gas' was realised but she didn't know it was Dick who realised it.


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