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To anybody who knew Harry Potter he was a quiet boy. He preferred to keep to himself around anybody except his best friend Blaise. In fact, if most of the students at Hogwarts were asked about him, most wouldn't even know anyone of that name existed. All in all he seemed one of those ordinary blend in to the background types, so nobody really paid him that much attention.

To those that did know him, which is to say very few, knew that Harry Potter was anything but ordinary. At 6'2 he was quite tall for his age, with a mop of black curly hair that often made it look like he'd just rolled out of bed and bright green eyes the colour of the Avada kedavra curse. He was quite strikingly handsome. This paired with his lightly tanned skin and muscled frame made him not quite so nonexistent to most of the sixth and seventh year girls. Much to his displeasure, it wasn't uncommon for girls to hang about in the library hoping to catch a glimpse of one Hogwarts most mysterious and elusive boys.

Orphaned as a young child due to a death eater attack in diagonal alley, which killed both his parents a few weeks before the end of the war, young Harry Potter was taken to the ministry by the aurors to the department of child welfare to see what should be done with him. Luckily for Harry his parents had prepared for the worst and left a will with a list of guardians for him to be placed with, should anything happen to them.

The will stated that Harry was the sole beneficiary to the Potter estate, with a small allowance coming out each month for his guardians to look after him on until he became of age. The list of guardians stated that if anything happened he was supposed to be placed with: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Frank and Alice Longbottom, Andromeda Tonks, Minevra McGonagal, Hestia Jones, Marlene McKinnon and Amelia Bones, in that order, and never with the Dursley's.

Sirius Black was quickly discounted as he was an important auror and didn't have the time or maturity to raise a child. Remus Lupin was a werewolf and Frank and Alice were in hiding and no one could locate them. That left the Tonks.

The Tonks family were more than happy to take him in, Andromeda having been quite close to James in her youth, but feared that they would not be able to give him the time and care he needed after such a traumatic experience, already having a daughter of a similar age who was quite the handful.

So an agreement was made that Minevra McGonagal would be his primary carer and he would live at her manor in Scotland during the weekends, holidays and evenings and he would go to the Tonks house on the outskirts of London in the day time when Minevra was teaching.

This arrangement worked rather well. Not only did Harry gain a new sister and aunt and uncle, but also a doting grandma, and under the right toulage he flourished. Going to a muggle primary school by day and learning wizarding etiquette on the weekends, he became a well educated and well informed young heir unlike many of his peers, who only cared about what their death eater fathers told them.

This however was much to the displeasure of a certain long bearded meddling old headmaster, who believed Harry should not be concerned in things such as politics and lordships at such a young age, and that Minevra should wait till Harry was much older so that he could have a normal childhood. Minevra strongly disagreed and insisted that she was only giving Harry the tools to succeed in whatever he chose to do, whether that would be that he claimed the lordship of the most noble and ancient house of Potter or not. And of course, it's what Lily and James would have wanted.

So after everything Harry was certainly anything but an ordinary boy, and his life was about to get a lot more interesting.