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" French ", " English "

~ Fleur

As they swooped down from the clouds in a way that made her stomach turn the castle, the infamous Hogwarts, suddenly came in to view. She'd been picked to go to the English school to showcase the best of Beauxbatons, and she was definitely the best.

She was the prettiest, richest, most intelligent girl on the carriage and it was ridiculous that any of these other girls thought they even had a chance at having their name picked by the goblet. No, she was the only one worthy enough here and it was about time that these other bitchy, silly little girls realised that.

They were all giggling about what they thought the English morons would be like and if there were going to be any cute boys. Ridiculous. She sneered at them when they burst out laughing. Honestly what was Madame Maximine thinking inviting most if them to represent their most prestigious school? Idiots the lots of them. They were going to be an embarrassment.

When the carriage skidded to a stop she waited until Madame Maximine and the other lesser girls had stepped out of the carriage before she made her way to the door. When she exited the carriage she heard the whispers increase. They were admiring her beauty of course, who wouldn't? Her father always told her she was a beautiful princess and should be treated as such.

The school wasn't much to look at. Sure it was big and imposing but Beauxbatons was much classier and the walls were made out of white marble not just dirty plain ordinary rock. Beauxbatons also had more towers and turrets. The grounds didn't even have fountains for Merlin's sake. What grand school didn't have fountains or properly manicured gardens? It looked like only grass until you reached either the lake or the forest. Where were the flowers? The roses and tulips?

What was with those uniforms aswell? Honestly hadn't they heard of fashion in Scotland? Those black standard robes were doing nothing for the students figures and the little animal badges sewed on to them made them look so silly and childish. Oh... Oh no, look at that girl! That yellow definitely doesn't suit her complexion. Oh, this was a nightmare! It was almost physically painful to look at them all. It really wasn't hard to try to make an effort to look good. With some tight silk robes in complementary colours they would look almost decent. She was not impressed. She definitely wasn't going to find any friends in this lot.

Suddenly all the students started shouting and pointing toward the lake, where the Durmstrang delegation was arriving. An underwater ship, how boring. Nothing flashy or elegant like Beauxbatons. They may as well have done by port key and saved them selves the trouble, and what was with those coats! The red and the the fur did not go at all! They did look warm though. Perhaps she would send a letter to her father asking him to send over one of Madame Cherie's finest fur coats. Her mother had suggested that she might need something warmer but she'd said no. She was only just a teeny tiny bit regretting that now, but only just a tiny bit.

"It's Viktor Krum!"

"Viktor Krum!"

Really, it was like these English wizards had never seen a celebrity before. He wasn't even a cute one, or that influential. Her father being the head of law enforcement in France meant that she was invited to all the high socialite parities and events. There wasn't an important party or event that she wasn't invited to, and if she wasn't invited, it obviously wasn't important.

No, Viktor Krum was definitely not on her list of celebrities that she would ever want to meet. These English wizards though seemed to be crazy about him. Nearly as much as her if that was possible!

By the time they had been seated she was sure that nothing about Hogwarts had changed since it had been built. There had even been old suits of armour in the corridors. It was practically medieval! And Dumbledore hadn't even said his speech in French! It was common courtesy to speak in a guests home language when you are the one that invited them! Maybe she could forgive though because he was old and seemed like he was losing it. At the end of his speech he'd said 'Quabble chobble and stobble' or something like that. Definitely not sane.

At least they could eat now, she was quite hungry after the journey. She was impressed at the way that the food appeared on the table although she supposed a school as big as this had lots of house elves to cook and clean up after the students. The food though was horrific! The other students on the table seemed to be tucking in enthusiastically but she didn't dare touch the stuff. There was pies and gravy and casseroles and potatoes. Didn't these people know how many calories were in those! She'd have her weekly calorie intake for a week on just one slice! No wonder the girls here were larger than her! It was obvious they didn't care about looking presentable or watching their figures with the way they were piling food on to their plates. English food was so heavy.

No this would not do, this would not do at all. She would stick with her Bouillabaisse and leafy green salad thank you very much! She reached for the bowl of bouillabaisse only to find it empty. It seemed like she was going to have to find some more. Aha, she spotted some on the green table across the hall. Standing up and walking towards the far side of the hall she had only gotten a few steps before a hot and sweaty hand had latched on to her wrist.

Turning round to give him a piece of her mind she looked at the boy and shuddered. He had messy ginger hair and pimples and freckles all over his face. His eyes were slightly glassy and he had some drool dribbling off his chin.

"I'm the minister of magic and I once dated Merlin, go out with me?"

... "Ron, Merlin died about a thousand years ago. Also wasnt he an old man."

Honestly boys, as if that was going to impress her. Shaking off his hand she carried on walking towards her destination.

"Are you finished wiz zhe bouillabaisse?" She said interrupting the two boys that were talking.

"Don't you know it's rude to interrupt someone who's talking."


"I said don't you know it's rude to interrupt-"

"I know what you zaid!"

"Oh, that's good then." He said and went back to talking to his friend.

"Zhe bouillabaisse. Can I 'ave it?"


This boy was really starting to get on her nerves."why?" She spat out.

"You didn't say please."

She spluttered. How dare this boy talk to her like that! "Don't you know who I am?"

"No. Why who are you?"

"Fleur Delacour" she said sneering down her nose at him.

"Well I'm Harry Potter and I still don't know who you are but you don't sound like anyone important to me."

She was seething. How dare this boy call her unimportant. How dare he. She'd tell her father about this and he'd put this silly little English boy in his place. Snatching the bouillabaisse off of the table she started to stomp away "English moron."

"Stupid French snob."

She stopped and turned around to glare at him and then smirked. Letting out her allure she waited for him to embarrass himself and declare his undying love for her but he didn't. She turned it up as far as she could, getting the stares of nearly all the males in the hall but he just stared right at her raising his eyebrows, challenging her to do her worst. Nothing, he wasn't effected by her allure. How dare he not make an idiot if himself. She turned her nose up at him and stomped back to her place. Such disrespect, manners cost nothing! Were all English people barbarians?

As dinner started to wind down and the deserts started to appear she noticed a few if the girls further down the table giggling at her, in fact most of the table had gone quiet and were just staring at her. Had she got a hair out of place, had she got something in her teeth? Quickly conjuring a mirror she checked her face and screamed.

Her teeth were black and rotting, giving off a putrid smell and her face was filled with wrinkles and warts. Her beautiful hair that had been a silky shiny blonde was now a course wiry grey mess on top of her head. She even had thick black old lady whiskers sticking out of her chin. She was shaking with fury. Who had dared do this.

The whole hall was staring at her and laughing. She whipped her head around to look at the slytherin table where she could see Harry potter shaking so hard with laughter that he appeared to be crying. His Italian looking friend clapped him on the back and shook his hand. It had been him. He was going to pay for this. Even the muggle tales of fiery pits of hell were going to seem tame to what she'd do to him. Yes, Harry potter was going to pay big time.

~ George

He and Fred were in a spare classroom that they had made theirs over the last few months waiting for their secret investor. They had first found out about the place when they had mentioned to Harry about keeping the business small as they didn't have anywhere large enough to keep all of the stuff that they needed. Harry had then taken them to an abandoned part of the castle on the sixth floor and showed them an empty classroom that they could use.

He'd explained that nobody came up to that part of the castle, not even the house elves. He'd then set some wards around the room to stop anyone from venturing down the corridor or entering the spare classroom. He had reinforced the walls, windows, ceilings and floors 'just in case'. Since then though they had filled it with some spare furniture they had found and redecorated. Now the walls were bright orange, purple and green with a gold trim. Harry said it was an eyesore but they didn't care. They now had room to leave several cauldrons running and had a safe place to store all their notes without their mother finding out.

Loki had truly been looking down on them the day they had met Harry. Not only did he give them the means to achieve their dreams but he was also an amazing prankster. This afternoon for instance when he cursed that French girl with a slow acting ageing spell. When she screamed the whole school had heard her and looked over. He would have to get the spell off of Harry later and add it to their books for future reference. Maybe they could try and make it in to a potion?

The wards alerted him to Harry's arrival and he jumped up to open the door.

"Harry! That was an amazing-


"-whomping willow stopping-"

"-Snape smiling-"

"-spectacular prank-"

"-that you played-"

"- on the not so lovely-"

"- Miss Delacour."

"Thanks guys" he grinned. " she was being rude trying to make me embarrass myself with her allure, so I taught her a lesson."

"A very horrifying lesson-"


"So what was it that you guys wanted to talk about?" he asked warily poking the lion shaped sofa chair.


As Fred started to talk about all the success they'd had selling the products in school this last month, he couldn't help but think that Fleur would probably end up getting her own back. Never mind, who doesn't love a good prank war? He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. This year was going to be the best.

"Oh and before I leave, I know that you were both wanting to be on a team for the quiditch matches but could you try to convince Lee to commentate? It's just not the same without him."

"Sure thing Harry."

"We'll get him there-"

"-even if we have to threaten him-"

"-with being a test subject-"

"-for our new products."

"Thanks guys."

"See you later Harry!"

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