The Glee club was assembled in the choir room as usual, waiting for Mr. Shue to get there. They were all chatting to each other, wondering what the surprise Mr. Shue had planned was.

"Alright guys, so we are going on a trip." Declared Mr. Shue as he strode into the choir room.

"Where are we going? Better not be somewhere lame." Said Puck.

"We are going to Paramount Studios." Replied Mr. Shue as he write 'Paramount Studios' on the board. "We are going to meet real actors and singers who perform professionally for TV. This will be very good for all of you to see people who have become successful in this and show you that dreams are achievable if you put your mind to it."

There was an outbreak of chatter. Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Tina were discussing who they thought they might meet and what they wanted as their dream for their futures. The others were just discussing what they were going to do in LA and some of them talking about trying to get some of the actors into bed with them (Puck and Santana). Mr. Shue started to hand out forms to all of the Gleeks.

"You need to get these signed and handed back to me by tomorrow. We will be leaving on Friday. As today is Monday you should have enough time to pack. We will be there for a week staying in a hotel a little way away from the studios. We meet at the airport at seven am so you guys will need to be there for that time. We will only have a short while to get completely ready to board the plane. We will only be at the studios for four days of the week so you guys can explore LA for the other three days. And I think that's it. Oh, and you need to pick roommates. Three or four to a room. Kurt, with the girls. Everyone else. Gender rooms. I will be checking" Mr. Shue informed them.

"This is going to be brilliant, do you know how much we can learn from these actors, I mean they actually achieved what we have dreamed of." Said Kurt. "We should get home so that we can get our forms signed and get packing. A week is hardly adequate time to pack, honestly."

"Kurt, only you would take more than a week to pack. Bye Guys." Said Tina.

The rest of them said goodbye.