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Chapter One, Come on Son!

*Natsu's Pov*

It was fucked...everything was fucked up; how could this happen!? First Zeref who's power I couldn't understand defeated me easily. Luckily, he left for some reason saying something about meeting me again soon, confusing me...but apparently, he fucked my scarf up too! thanks asshole!

Then Grimoire heart tries to destroy us. Which I defeated after a long battle with Hades, and if that wasn't enough. The Dragon of Apocalypse apparently tries to destroy us too for some reason...haha, in end it was rather humorous on how much of a bad day Fairy Tail was having.

I should've known this was going to be a shitty trip in the first place. But then again it was S-Class mage exams, how could I deny that? I had to beat that Ice princess in that. If I didn't I wouldn't hear the end of it from him.

But as I was saying. After fighting with Acnologia I don't remember anything but I think we all apparently in my opinion died at least that's what I think from seeing this weird woman who suddenly greeted me out of nowhere. Perhaps she's a goddess...?

I got to admit though. She is beautiful. But just when I thought that she apparently blushed, could she read my mind or something...? And like she was answering me she nodded still blushing before I became embarrassed trying not to think of dirty stuff but sadly you always think of dirty stuff when you don't want to as I yelled out saving myself.

*Third Person Pov*

"ahhh w-who are you...!?" Natsu asked distracting her from reading his mind, looking at the heavenly noble women with extremely long, sweeping light coloured hair that touched the ground. She had two horn like protrusions which struck out from her head, she wore a dark shade of lipstick on her lips and a dark shade of nail polish on her long fingernails.

"I'm Kaguya Otsutsuki the Rabbit Goddess. As you humans called me before in my time..." replied Kaguya nobly.

"Rabbit Goddess? what do you want from me? Or rather where the hell are my friends!?" Natsu asked as everything apparently caught up to him while the the women named Kaguya only sighed.

"I want nothing from you. As you're the one who disturbed my peace in the first place by coming here. From what I saw in your memories you were fighting that Acnologia creature correct?"


"then that must be it…the roar of the heavenly creature and your own must've allowed you to disrupt time and space allowing you to summon a portal to this dimension unconsciously before you were sucked in as a last resort." finished Kaguya while Natsu looked at her wide eyed.

"bullshit. If that is true, then why am I the only one here with you? And not my guild?" asked Natsu narrowing his eyes uncharacteristically.

"really? from what I saw from your memories. It's hard to believe you still care for your so-called guild members" said Kaguya eyebrow raised.

"w-what do you mean...?" asked Natsu fearing the worst.

"they betrayed you...they left you to be eaten by Acnologia when you needed them. They escaped with their life while using you as bait." finished Kaguya shocking him.

"that can't be..." thought Natsu clutching his head as his memories of the event came back rushing.

"it seems you need to rest for a while." said Kaguya before making him fall asleep with her godly powers.

"hmmm…this boy he reminds me of Hagoromo…could it be...?"

*one day later*

"ugh…wha? it wasn't a dream..." said Natsu waking up rubbing his eyes.

"no, it wasn't" replied a certain familiar voice.

" guild really. Betrayed me...?" asked Natsu solemnly.

"stop sulking. You should try living in my world, you would probably die in a second." said Kaguya indicating how much corrupted the ninja world was.

"heh...I see...but I still want to did I get here…?" asked Natsu recovering from his depressed state surprising Kaguya at how fast he recovered.

"I would think it was from your own hidden power. Which brings me to ask you...who are you?" asked Kaguya narrowing her own eyes

"I am well…Natsu Dragneel." declared Natsu confused thinking she would've already known from her mind reading abilities.

"no idiot...I'm asking who exactly are you. You travelled through dimensions, that's something no human would've survived and that power you have in you. That is mine! So, tell me how exactly did you get it!?" asked Kaguya annoyed grabbing him shaking him like hell.

"whaaaaa what the h-hell lady chill!" said Natsu as his motion sickness kicked in going sick while Kaguya calmed down letting him go.

"I'm sorry. That was un-noble of me, please forgive me." apologized Kaguya while Natsu sweat dropped.

"o-okay..." said Natsu as this day couldn't get any weirder.

"after all you are the reincarnation of my son." said Kaguya smiling softly.

"what?" asked Natsu clueless and poker facing her.

"it seems I got another chance. I never did care for Hagoromo much never took care of him or anything at all...but lately I have been regretting doing that. But I have been given another chance!" claimed Kaguya hugging the life out of Natsu who still seemed clueless going with the flow I mean it's not every day you randomly get hugged by a hot silvered haired goddess, who knew Natsu was such a perv.

"this is happening too fast. As much as I'm liking this. I'm still confused." said Natsu poker facing before sighing.

"everything will be explained in due from now on...will be training you Natsu-kun I've seen your memories and I can't believe's absolutely pathetic!"


"if only I could've seen you sooner. But I never expected you would be in Earth land dimension." said Kaguya sighing

"but all that is past now..."

"so, wait you will train me?" asked Natsu eyebrow raised.

"Hai...prepare yourself." said Kaguya

"w-wha?" but Natsu had no more time before he was almost slashed by Kaguya.

*5 years later* (I mean c'mon who wants to see the training? Not me!)

"Natsu-kun!💗" said a certain silver haired beauty hugging the life out of Natsu who apparently had been meditating under a cold hard waterfall but Natsu had mastered to stay calm in that situation over the course of meditating every day in the last...50 years...yes 50 years.

Kaguya had apparently found a way to multiply the years as one year is basically ten years prolonging their time as she felt the need that her 'son' should be as strong as her and also defying reality she stopped Natsu's aging process by 70% so he could only age about 1 year over the course of 20 years and 3 years over the course of 50 years and etc. aka total bs that was made for the sake of the plot.

"Hai. Kaguya-hime?" asked Natsu smiling opening his eyes feeling her hug.

"it is time." said Kaguya as the mood turned into a depressed one.

"already huh. Time sure goes fast." said Natsu smiling softly as he let go of Kaguya standing up facing her.

"Natsu-kun..." said Kaguya looking at him silently pleading for him to stay...

"you know I can't stay here for long. Soon this world will reject me...I don't exist in it. It's only natural...I must get back to my own world." said Natsu smiling sadly.

"I know I know. But still I wish at least I could come with you…"

"as much as I would like that. You can't. if you do leave your own dimension. You know what will happen right...?" asked Natsu looking at her softly.

"Hai." answered Kaguya sighing.

"are you going to go back to Fairy tail again...?"

Natsu only smirked at that "not after what they did to me, I'm going to play the role of bad guy for now."

"you never change my Natsu-kun💗" said Kaguya smiling before leaning in implanting her lips on him before he returned it with full passion.

But sadly, they had to separate as they gasp for air.

"goodbye...hime." said Natsu smiling softly as he opened a portal with his rinnegan before crossing dimensions.

"goodbye koi..." followed Kaguya softly as tears fell from her eyes before wiping them away as she sighed closing her eyes before putting her hand on her heart.

"wow!" surprised Natsu could only look at the scenery before him as he ended up way high in the sky.

"first thing's first." said Natsu warping away before standing at a building of an unknown town as he suddenly shined in bright light before it disappeared showing his appearance which was a white mask with a black spiral pattern that focused on his right eye while he wore a black long cloak with a hood on.

"time to have fun." with that Natsu put his hood on before jumping down on the ground inevitably falling on a certain Sabertooth Mage.

*Minerva's Pov*

"waaa!" I yelled as I felt something on top of me before I feel down due to it being too heavy.

"what the!? Where the hell did you come from?!" I asked annoyed before getting up looking at the masked man who was clothed in dark.

"aha sorry about that!" said the masked man rubbing the back of his head childishly ignoring my question.

"whatever...who are you anyways? You're not from around here." I asked which was true as I had never seen him before...and I know every face in this city, well not every I just know they are from here from their presence but this guy…he looks like a complete fool yet. There's this eerie feeling about him.

"me? I'm Tobi! I'm such a good boy!" Replied the man as my eye twitched at his childishness before I sighed. It's not like me to interfere with an idiotic stranger, so with that I walked away.

"hey where are you going? Tobi promises to be a good boy! Pleashhh?" asked Tobi annoying me even more as I walked faster before he started walking with me.

"what the hell is wrong with this peasant!?" with that I had enough before turning around kicking him in the stomach to send him flying. At least that's what I expected as the attack phased right through him shocking me to the core


"that's not very good attacking Tobi! Tobi will show you how strong he is!" said this Tobi before I felt I was swirling before I was warped away after that I saw black before I ended up in the sky falling down.

"what the!? Ahhhhhh" of course my space/time powers couldn't save me from this height I was near the clouds for god sake! so I continued to fall in shock before the the weird 'Tobi guy' appeared in front of me.

"are you going to say sorry now? Tobi is still mad!" said the masked man at me playfully.

"Hai hai! Get me out of here already!" I asked/demanded before he saved me right before I touched the ground by warping me towards himself. Wow his space/time technique is even better than mine. But I would never tell him that.

"what the hell is wrong with you!?" I asked still mad.

"ma~ ma~ Tobi was only trying to establish dominance, is that so bad?" asked Tobi as I looked at him now interested.

"dominance...? father does always likes people who 'establish dominance' or whatever." I thought as a nice idea came to my mind.

"Tobi. Right?" I asked as he nodded cheerfully.

"how would you join Sabertooth...?" I asked smirking as he became shocked like I expected before he nodded cheerfully again.

"Hai hai! Tobi would love to!"

With that I smirked as with his space/time techniques. He could be very useful to the guild. And herself.

*Natsu's Pov*

"I didn't expect this but oh well. Joining another guild is just a stepping stone to get my revenge on Fairy tail!" thought Natsu aka Tobi smirking evilly behind his mask while on the outside he was walking childishly.

"besides. This 'Tobi' persona is rather nice...feels like a fresh start." finished Natsu before seeing a huge building in front of him while Minerva stopped turning around a she smirked.

"welcome to Sabertooth, Tobi." said Minerva looking at him.

*2 years later*

It was finally time for the grand magic tournament to begin but some guilds were too scared to face the top guild of Fiore 'Fairy Tail' since they beat almost every guild that ever came annihilating everyone in their path achieving victory every time.

But of course, Sabertooth had yet to compete in the Grand Magic Tournament as they had still been preparing due to Natsu aka Tobi showing them how weak they really were and wouldn't stand a chance.

By barging into the guild inevitably annoying the master with his childish antics and thus starting a fight which he won while everyone else just looked on in shock.

Since then Sabertooth trained like hell to get where they are now while Minerva and Toby had apparently gotten together due to an event.

She apparently saw his real face recognizing him in shock and since then he told her about Fairy Tail betraying him in serious mode surprising her even more that he was only acting when he was Tobi.

After that she and him couldn't be separated due to her making a deal with him something along the lines of "you will become my lover and I won't tell your secret to anyone."

Of course, that shocked Natsu even more as he asked why due to which Minerva replied with her father wanting her to marry some other guy who was apparently really powerful but she didn't want to marry some idiot who has too much power on his hand. No, and the fact that she had actually looked up to Natsu since she was a child and had fallen in love with him...but she won't tell him that, not yet anyways.

She wanted someone like Natsu, someone who knew how to deceive, how to act. Someone like him was a perfect match for her.

So, she apparently told her father to which he begrudgingly accepted knowing how powerful Tobi was. And hey, even he was forced to get his daughter married to some council member.

Anyway, back to the topic.

"Erza-san!" shouted a certain blue haired teen.

"what's wrong Wendy?" asked Erza who looked the same except for her body which matured even more over the years if that was possible.

"Gajeel-san and Gray-san are arguing with some other guild's members!" replied Wendy looking panicked as Erza's eyes widened before rushing towards where Wendy showed her.


"You bastards...! How could you kill your own parents…!?" asked Gajeel pissed off.

"says the guild that killed their own member." said Rogue stoically.

"yeah...I always looked up to Natsu-san…hell I even wanted to fight him one day to see who was strong...but you guys took that away!" said Sting annoyed while Gray and Gajeel fell into a state of regret and depression.

"leave it Sting. Clinging to the past is irrelevant, even one of our lowest members could defeat Natsu-san now if he was still alive." said Rogue calmly.

"heh…your right alive or not. I would've beaten Natsu-san easily." said Sting smirking while Gajeel and Gray only fell into depression even more along with Erza and Wendy who had apparently arrived just to hear those words. But Erza couldn't take it.

"urusai! Natsu would've easily defeated all your guild members combined along with you two easily!" said Erza defending Natsu which apparently made Sting laugh and Rogue to merely smile with amusement.

"hahahahahaha! That is hilarious! Defending the guy that died because of you in the first place hahaha O Mighty Fairy Tail guild!" said Sting still laughing.

"why you...!" said Gray almost lashing out at them before being stopped by Erza who's eyes were fore shadowed by her hair. Feeling regret creeping up on her at what happened to Natsu.

"leave it Gray."


"I said leave it...they said they will be at the tournament. We will take care of them then." said Erza as Gray hesitantly stopped along with Gajeel.

"tch...fine." replied Gray turning around walking away with regret and shame.

"what's wrong? Walking away? Haha that's what I would expect from such a pathetic guild! Who betrays their own family!" said Sting laughing as Fairy Tail fell into even more depression if that was possible.

"leave it Sting. We will take care of them in the tournament. We are finally ready." said Rogue smiling.

"Hai. With Tobi-san with us no doubt victory is ours." said Sting smirking before they too disappeared.

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