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Chapter Four, Battle of the Dragons Slayers.

Grand magic games Day 4 Tag battle!"

"first match, Team Blue Pegasus, Ichiya & Rabbit" announced Chapati as Ichiya and Rabbit got into a stance while Ichiya said "Men men~"

"Vs Quatro Puppy, Bacchus and Rocker!" finished Chapati announcing their names.

"Bacchus-san let's do this wildly! If not at this rate." said Rocker scowling.

"what~? As long as our souls tremble we'll be fine~" replied Bacchus drunk as hell.

With that the Rabbit man took his mask off showing another…Ichiya while everyone was mostly shocked while some fainted at seeing two Ichiyas.

"Double Ikemen Attack." announced Ichiya with a badass pose.

"it's a dangerous perfume all right~" followed Edo Ichiya.

"to be able to meet myself...this must be destiny. Men~"

"hm...on that clear afternoon..." started Edo Ichiya but Bacchus had enough of that as he rushed at him punching the daylights out of Edo Ichiya.

With that Edo Ichiya was apparently knocked out shocking Ichiya as he thought his other part was as awesome as him.

"No WAY!" cried Ichiya all hope lost as he was apparently beaten to death by both Quatro Puppy members.

Before his resolve came back to him wanting to avenge Edo Ichiya before he transformed into his Hulk Perfume mode before smashing the two Quatro puppy individuals into oblivion as they were knocked out with one punch.

"Down! Quatro Puppy is down!" exclaimed a surprised Chapati not expecting this outcome along with everyone else who were frozen with shock.

"Winner! Blue Pegasus!"

"Men~" said Ichiya before carrying his Edo counterpart sadly.

"are you alright Nichiya~"

"not feeling very manly.." replied Nichiya passed out.

"well that was great match right folks!?" asked Chapati smiling nervously.

"I-I suppose..." said Yajima sweatdropping.

"it was completely disgusting thank you!" declared a random guy from the crowd.

"Next Match Lamia Scale vs Mermaid Heel!" with that came in the contestants known as Milliana and Kagura along with Lyon and Yuka.

Which inevitably ended in a draw at the time limit of 30 minutes.

"as expected of Kagura…so strong." said Yuka wiping the blood of his mouth.

"she didn't even get serious…" replied Lyon sweating nervously.

"even though, I was surprised Tobi pressured her to release her sword...but to make her forfeit too...? That seemed unreal." said Yuka still surprised at the previous events.

"your right, it is pretty hard to believe. Who is he really…" wondered Lyon calmly.

"don't know but what we do know if that he is not to be taken lightly despite his persona." added Yuka as they walked back to their team.

"are you alright Kagura-chan?" asked Milliana worried looking at the stoic Kagura.

"I'm fine."

"that man called Lyon has potential, if this wasn't a match but a fight to the death."

"you would be dead." finished Kagura looking at Milliana who was merely shocked.


"become stronger." as Kagura made her way towards the exit.

"...hai!" replied Milliana getting over her shock running after Kagura.

"it's a heated arena, but be sure to not miss any of the next fight!"

"Just now the emblems of both guilds have been erected in the arena! The current strongest guild of Fiore will battle the new guild that has shown great strength and took everyone by storm throughout the tournament!" announced Chapati.

"Fairy Tail's Gajeel and Laxus!"

"vs Sabertooth's Tobi and Minerva!"

"my~ my Tobi is quite scared of those scary looking people~!" said Tobi as he 'panicked'.

"your previous guild…how exciting…!" whispered Minerva smirking.

"it's finally time for their confrontation! Who will win, the Fairies or the Tigers!?"

"make your victory overwhelming, show them the power of Sabertooth" said Jeimma calmly but Natsu and Minerva heard it nonetheless.

"just put your heart into this...I have nothing else to say." said Makarov also calmly.


"START!" declared Pumpkin man.

With that Laxus and Gajeel rushed towards them in lightning speed intending to punch them but Laxus phased right through Natsu while Gajeel hit nothing but air as Minerva had disappeared.

"where did she go!?" thought Gajeel looking around before a shadow hovered over him but he didn't have enough time before he was smashed into the ground by Minerva. While Laxus was sent flying by Natsu who grabbed him when he phased right through him and threw him towards the other direction before he clutched his palm causing an explosion on the flying Laxus.

"LAXUS!" shouted Fairy Tail in shock as that could've killed him.

"argh...!" cried Laxus clutching his stomach in mid-air before his face made contact with the ground causing a crack in the ground before blood fell from his forehead.

"Laxus...!" said Gajeel getting up cracking his back looking pissed.

"you masked freak…!" yelled Gajeel as he rushed at him.

"AHHHH so scaryyyyy~~ forgive meeee~~~" cried Tobi has he ran away with an angry Gajeel chasing him.

But suddenly Gajeel was surprised to see Minerva appear right in front of him before smashing her knee on his face sending him flying to the end of the area before he crashed into the metal wall.

"Your fight is with me Redfox." Said Minerva as she smirked. "Thanks Minerva-chwann you saved Tobi!" thanked Tobi as he sighed in relief.

"you do know Dreyar is a lot stronger than him and you pretty much destroyed him already…" muttered Minerva pokerfacing as Tobi completely ignored her.

"A-Amazing...Folks! Sabertooth is completely dominating Fairy Tail...!" said Chapati in shock as the audience were astonished not believing their eyes.

"is this it for the mighty Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers!?"

"I shall leave this to Minerva-chan~ you got this girl~!" said Natsu smiling at her.

"uhh hell no. You are doing the work too mister." replied Minerva in an annoyed tone as Tobi pouted "fineeeeee~"

"oi oi, don't count us out just yet..." said Laxus getting up looking bloodied.

"After all we're just getting started." grinned Gajeel also seemingly recovered as Tobi sighed while Minerva merely got ready.

With that they rushed at the duo at lightning speed before trying to overwhelm Natsu in hand to hand combat fight but failing rather miserably as whenever they tried to punch him it only phased right through him while he blocked a few attacks that he couldn't phase through.

"well it seems they don't want to fight me for some reason..." thought Minerva with her eye twitching as she saw the two go berserk on Natsu.

"what? but I thought his technique doesn't work once he's attacking...?" thought Kagura confused looking at Natsu as Laxus and Gajeel phased right through him again roaring frustratingly.

"I was wrong...?" said Kagura shocked at Natsu while surprising her team wondering what she meant.

"stop using your ghost technique and get serious!" yelled Gajeel panting in exhaustion along with Laxus who was in the same state but not as worse while Tobi panted in exhaustion acting as if he was out of breath.

"Tobi is very serious mind you~!" replied Tobi in a childish tone acting as if he was offended which irked the slayer duo to no end as Gajeel glared at him while Laxus simply answered with a lightning spear at his head.

"wahhhhh calm down children~~~!." yelled Tobi as he put his hands up in defense before simply tilting his head as the lightning spear went right beside his head shocking a few people at his dodging capabilities. "whewwww got lucky there~" said Tobi panting as he held his chest acting as if his heart would come out of his chest.

"don't forget me~!" said Minerva as she appeared in front of them again before conjuring a Yagdo Rigora near the slayer duo surprising them before it exploded catching them in a massive explosion.

"LAXUS! GAJEEL" yelled Fairy Tail in worry as they looked with wide eyes.

"ooooo that was wonderful Goddess-chan~" praised Tobi as he clapped while Minerva smirked proudly.

However suddenly he was surprised to find both Laxus and Gajeel behind him ready to attack him which surprised him…a bit.

"damn why are they only attacking me!?" thought Natsu annoyed as he sensed them about to land a hit on him but he only said one word to stop that before they were sent flying yet again.

"Susano." with one command suddenly a huge humanoid purple being surrounded Natsu while the face of the being morphed showing a demonic appearance possessing horns and a malevolent grin before it was covered by a tengu-like layer of armour. Surrounding it were jagged teeth around its hood and it also wore magatama earrings (imagine Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyo Susano)

"w-what..is that...d-demon!?" screamed a random civilian terrified of the aura it was giving.

"unbelievable...the feeling of hatred its giving…its suffocating.!" said Mavis shocked as she felt like her heart was being ripped apart from the sheer feeling of being near it along with everyone else...but everyone despite their terrified state were too stubborn to back out and run away from this amazing battle that was just starting.

"what the hell is that!?" yelled Gajeel sweating nervously at the look Susano was giving along with Laxus as they recovered.

"this is bad..." said Erza worried.

"this feeling of fear...I can't breath...!" said Gray breathing heavily.

However of course Natsu would have none of that as "oopsie~ seems Tobi got too excited hehe~" said Tobi before Susano suddenly disappeared surprising everyone again as they looked at Tobi who rubbing the back of his head.

"get serious already Nats- Tobi!" yelled Minerva correcting herself as she cursed at her carelessness. Luckily no one noticed…no one except a few certain individuals.

"Nats…? Don't tell me…I was right after all!?" thought Erza with wide eyes as she looked at Tobi more carefully.

"I see…it all makes sense now…so that's how he knew what happened at the tower of heaven…but I thought he was dead?" thought Kagura slightly surprised.

"could it be…?" thought Mira who has also caught the slip as she inspected Tobi more carefully as well.

"damn good job Minerva…" thought Natsu sweating nervously as he could already feel most eyes on him.

Suddenly Tobi warped away before warping beside Minerva "well well~ I guess Tobi should get serious, ne Minerva-chan~" replied Tobi as he tried to divert the attention and get back to the fight before he suddenly reqquipped a katana surprising Erza and the others not knowing he could requip before they were even more surprised as the katana was set ablaze in black flames surprising everyone with the heat before he brought the katana down towards the slayers who were preparing themselves for the next move.

Of course, they did not expect for the katana to suddenly expand and turn into a massive black flamed katana.

With that the katana was brought down to the ground towards the slayers who got over their shock preparing themselves to defend before announcing their next move.

"Iron Dragon's/Lightining Dragon's"

"ROAR!" yelled both Laxus and Gajeel combining their roar's as it went at break necking speed towards the katana before it exploded creating a massive shockwave that affected the whole arena and destroying most of the barrier that surrounded the arena.

"my my I did not expect you to go all out all of a sudden~" commented Minerva in surprise at the destruction.

"who said I went all out? That wasn't even 1% hun~" whispered Natsu smirking under his mask shocking Minerva as she stared at him in awe.

"we aren't done yet you bastard!" yelled Gajeel as he erupted from the smoke along with Laxus before they sent another roar towards Tobi and Minerva.

Of course already anticipating this Natsu merely walked forward towards the roar before raising his hand towards the incoming roar that was destroying everything in its wake.

"Blocking Technique: Absorption Seal" with that said the roar was consumed in Natsu's palm shocking them both but they didn't time for that.

"Blocking Technique: Release" with that their roar was send back towards them as they looked at it wide eyed before jumping away but the explosion of the roar still got them as they were sent flying at opposite direction.

"t-this..is overwhelming folks..! Tobi is Invincible! Every attack phases right through him or he absorbs it...! H-he's untouchable!" announced Chapati as everyone were contemplating if they could still cheer for Fairy Tail after the deadly beating they were receiving.

"could this be it for the Dragon Slayers!? Is there really no chance to defeat the untouchable!?" questioned Chapati looking intently as the smoke cleared away from the roar's explosion.

"it's not over yet…!" muttered Gajeel getting up yet again covered in his Iron Dragon Scales while Laxus's body was nowhere to be found.

"hmph you can't fool me." thought Natsu smirking feeling Laxus from a mile away.

"take this...!" yelled Laxus as a lightning infused punch came towards Natsu who merely closed his eyes before opening them showing his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan which dramatically sent a shockwave sending Laxus back flying as he backflipped recovering.

"ma ma~ just give up alr-" Natsu was interrupted by a certain Iron Dragon Slayer.

"Iron Dragon's Club...!" announced Gajeel suddenly as an incoming club went towards Natsu who merely grabbed his club with Susano's hand that suddenly erupted and was attached to a purple flaming rib cage around Natsu's body before pulling Gajeel towards him as he came in flying, out of control of his movements.

"Amaterasuuuu Falcon PUNCHAAAAA!." called Tobi dramatically before punching Gajeel on the face as a huge shockwave erupted in the area before exploding in dark red flames as Gajeel and Natsu were now surrounded with dark red flames before finally Gajeel was sent flying back at insane speeds crashing at the head of one of the four statues of Domus Flau.

"Argh...!" cried Gajeel as his back was broken to bits while blood dripped down on his face.

"those flames…it's almost like his...!" thought Erza still in shock.

"maybe I was right in trusting him after all...he is someone that can help me kill Jellal. No doubt about it now." said Kagura smiling for once at his merciless display.

"Sorry Er-chan...but that's what your guild gets for protecting Jellal…! good work Tobi-sama show them what happens when you do stupid things like that." muttered Milliana slowly changing to 'sama'

"Gajeel…! Grrr! You bastard! This ends here!" declared Laxus furiously as his magical pressure intensified.

"Dragon Slayer Secret Art: ROARING THUNDER!" roared Laxus as he went so fast towards Tobi some would think he teleported before his fist made contact with Susano's rib cage creating a huge shockwave as lightning sprout out of Laxus's hand before creating even more intense shockwaves cracking the rib cage.

Natsu now surprised at this couldn't do anything before Susano's armour broke along with its rib cage leaving him defenseless before his mask met contact with Laxus's fist electrocuting him before an explosion occurred where they once stood while everyone shielded their eyes since Laxus's lightning explosions were similar to a thousand flashbangs going off.

"I can't believe it...!"

"Tobi-san has finally been hit! Could this be an opportunity to finally beat Sabertooth in a match!?" asked Chapati since every battle or event against Sabertooth Fairy Tail had lost.

"oops still alive~" answered Tobi still standing where he once stood as the smoke cleared but also Laxus's fist implanted on Tobi's cracked mask was there too.

"b-but...you should be flying by now…!" said Laxus retracting his fist backing away fearfully.

"Tobi got lucky~~" replied Natsu playing dumb.

"not anymore you aren't! Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Karma Demon: Iron God Sword!" declared Gajeel as he clapped his hands above his head creating a gigantic iron sword before he proceeded to swipe it at Natsu.

And with that the area in front of Gajeel was obliterated from the impact creating a huge crack in the ground which went till the other end of the battlefield.

"...is it over?" asked Gajeel panting severely before his eyes widened at the familiar voice that suddenly spoke out.

"nope it's not I'm afraid hehe~~" that was all Gajeel heard before he was grabbed by his shoulder as he was warped away.

Turning around "Minerva-chan~~!" called Natsu earning him a "Haiii~...Yagdo Rigora…!" as suddenly a huge statue with weird designs and patterns erupted before Natsu warped Gajeel in front of the statue which erupted in a massive explosion on contact. Luckily, he was made of iron scales or he would be nothing but huge chunks of obliterated and fried flesh.

With that came down a knocked out Gajeel as he fell on the ground with a thud.

"Gajeel!" yelled Fairy Tail shocked.

"this is bad...they are too strong." thought Laxus solemnly.

"give up yet?" asked Minerva smirking as she stood beside Tobi who seemed to be comically leaning on her for support acting as if he was too tired.

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!" that was the answer Minerva got as the roar went towards her which made Tobi jump as he cried...comically that is.

Of course Minerva merely used her space/time technique to make the roar disappear shocking Laxus as he fell to his knees, too tired to at his current state.

"Fairy Tail is so persistent aren't they Tobi~? oh well…if that's the case, then I have no choice I suppose." said Minerva before she disappeared, reappearing towards Laxus who could barely move, as Laxus was grabbed by his hair and then launched towards Tobi who again jumped in surprise before suddenly summoning a Gunbai as he hit it straight towards the incoming Laxus which created a massive shockwave due to opposite forces colliding before Laxus was sent back but this time crashing into the metal wall that surrounded the arena and being embedded into it as he fell unconscious.

Meanwhile the crowd only looked in pure utter shock at this display of domination and might I add ownage.


"they actually defeated Laxus and Gajeel…!"


"they obliterated the Dragon Slayers!"

"humiliated them so badly!"

"...my money is on Sabertooth now."

"yeah mine too."

With that everyone changed their support and bets turning towards Sabertooth.

"he's…unstoppable!" said Araña terrified of facing Tobi.

"don't worry...Tobi-sama is with us after all~" said Milliana smirking at the humiliation of Fairy Tail.

"now I know why Kagura-chan forfeited...even I wouldn't wanna face him." thought Beth shivering in fright.

"overwhelming, unbeatable, deceptive and a master swordsman...Natsu Dragneel is truly perfect." thought Kagura in blushing while in shock at what had transpired.

"what am I thinking…? he's only an accomplice that's all." thought Kagura shaking her head before leaving while Mermaid Heel followed, of course Milliana had caught this scene of intense blushing while looking at Tobi as she smirked teasingly.

"Laxus! Gajeel!" yelled team Fairy Tail as the medics took care of them taking them to the infirmary.

"you bastards!" yelled Gray angrily.

"stop Gray!" commanded Erza also angry before she saddened upon the sight of Tobi while Minerva was looking at them amused.

"What you did was wrong..." said Erza indicating at only Natsu as her eyes fore shadowed.

"oh…? please do explain Titania-chan~" said Natsu amused as he tilted his head curiously.

"you almost killed them...! That isn't you…what happened to you!?" asked Erza frustrated.

"Whatever do you mean~ have we met somewhere before?" asked Natsu smiling innocently.

"the Natsu I know wouldn't be so cruel!" declared Erza revealing his identity shocking the others.

"w-what did you say…?" said Gray shocked along with Wendy and Lucy who were with them.

"umm sorry to say but Tobi is Tobi not this Natsu person~."

"hmph. Tobi is right. Besides I heard Natsu Dragneel was killed by Acnologia after you guys abandoned him." added Minerva with a scowl.

"that's not true! we were unconscious! we couldn't do anything!" said Erza shocking Natsu but he regained his composure.

"Well I'm sure he will understand if you explain it to him…in the afterlife that is~" replied Minerva closing her eyes which pissed off Erza.

Ignoring Minerva "I don't know why you are doing this…but I know I am right!" said Erza as she looked at Natsu's sharingan eyes from the eyeholes of the mask.

"hmph. Let's go Tobi they are wasting our time." Said Minerva as she prepared to leave while Tobi shrugged and followed her.

"wait…!" said Erza but they were long gone.

"Natsu…I know it is you..." thought Erza sadly before she walked away solemnly with her teammates behind her asking her what the hell just happened while they heard Chapati declare the winner.

"and that's it people! After this amazing, terrifying and absolutely overwhelming victory at Fairy Tail's part Sabertooth wins yet again!" declares Chapati as everyone cheers loudly for their new 'favorite' guild.

"hmph...those brats actually make a good pair..." said Jeimma smirking proudly before he stood up and left proud of his guild now. Mostly Natsu, but hey what are you gonna do?

"and with this, day 4 of the grand magic games is over! After a one-day break, the final battle will take place the day after tomorrow!" with that everyone cheered even more.

"the last day will feature a survival match in which every member will participate!"

"which guild will triumph in the end!? Look forward to it everyone, thank you very much!" finished Chapati.

"Sabertooth obviously...pfft" said a certain die-hard fan.

"yeah…after this display…I don't think anyone can match Tobi-sama's strength!" said a certain die-hard Natsu fan girl.

"Fairy Tail doesn't stand a chance anymore." added another die-hard fan club member.

"Tobi-sama will defeat them all...kyaaa~" blushed a certain fangirl at the thought of Natsu.

Hearing these comments Mira sighed "that Tobi is dominating us..." before she wondered what the encounter with Erza and him was all about "so Erza suspects him as well huh…but is it really him…?"


"you did it Tobi-san! Tomorrow is the last day and once we win that then we're gonna be the top guild of Fiore like we should've been..!" said Sting cheering.

"yup!" replied Tobi ruffling Sting's hair as if he was a child.

"bahahaha Sting-kun you're acting like a kid!" said Lector laughing pissing Sting as he jumped on him.

"urusai bakaneko!" with that the Clash of the Titans began.

"Tobi-kun! We did great didn't we~!" said a certain mage jumping on Natsu hugging his back as he smiled knowing who it was.


"the way we both humiliated them, ooo that turned me on~ hehe..." said Minerva as Natsu grinned before she lifted his mask and then implanted her lips on his starting a full on make out session.

As for Sting and Lector...well they were too busy clashing like titans to notice.


"this Tobi…he is tremendously strong...!" said a certain pinkette looking at the crystal ball.

"yeah...those two didn't stand a chance." added a certain time mage looking at the crystal ball too.

"either way I'm worried about Fairy Tail now."

"indeed, this Tobi individual is truly a mystery. I've searched everywhere but there is absolutely no records of someone like that." said Ultear sighing in frustration shocking Meredy.

"Fairy Tail is really in trouble aren't they?" worried Meredy.

"not just Fairy Tail...but now the whole world."

"Jellal?" asked Meredy confused.


"a certain someone told me…about a certain Dragon apocalypse that's coming." explained Jellal grimly as Meredy and Ultear were merely even more confused.

"Ehh? dragons?"

*Scene Change*

"that was a terrific battle Natsu-kun." said Kagura looking intently at Natsu who felt uncomfortable at her gaze for some reason.

"thanks usagi-chan~ but Tobi is Tobiiiiiiii!" whined Tobi as Kagura giggled.

"Give it up Natsu-kun, I already know it is you. Well I do not know your reasons for hiding yourself but what I do know is that you were there with Simon and Erza on that fateful day…which is also the reason you know so much about it." Finished Kagura smirking as Natus sighed.

"ahh so you knew eh? well I already expected you to find out anyway." replied Natsu as he shrugged.

"indeed, but if you truly want your identity to be hidden it would be best to avoid Titania…after all she suspects you as it is." said Kagura reminding him of what happened at the arena.

"h-hai...haha." replied Natsu rubbing the back of his head.

"Tobi-sama~" said a certain cat jumping on Natsu's back.

"wow!" surprised Natsu grabbed her by her butt to support her weight so she wouldn't fall.

"eeeee Tobi-sama I didn't know you were so bold~!" said Milliana blushing grabbing his hand pushing them towards her butt even harder.

"this is not what it looks like." said Natsu matter of factly at the blushing Kagura who kept looking at Natsu's hand and Milliana's butt left and right.

"hmph." hmphe'd Kagura annoyed with a ting of jealousy at this didn't comment.

"Don't jump at people like that Milliana." said Araña as she walked towards them smirking enjoying Kagura's annoyed face.

"but it's sooo comfotable~~" whined Milliana leaning on Natsu pressing her bewbs on Natsu's back.

"this is getting outta hand." thought Natsu sweatdroping while smiling nervously at Kagura's dangerous looks.

"Get off him Milliana." declared Kagura finally deadlier then a sharp knife as her jealousy meter went off the charts. With that Milliana got off of Natsu so fast then one would think she wasn't there in the first place.

"heeeee...it was fun while it lasted right Tobi-sama?" asked Milliana smiling innocently.

"haha." Natsu didn't reply as his eyes met Kagura's narrowed eyes that could kill a man with just a stare.

"is this how it ends!? Nooooooo" thought Natsu dramatically.

"Follow me." ordered Kagura sternly as Natsu followed reluctantly on guard if she would lash out at him or not.

"only Tobi-kun." said Kagura again as Mermaid Heel pouted stopping in their tracks.

"where are we going…?"

"I wanted to discuss the situation with you alone." replied Kagura closing her eyes.

"now is not the time...we'll get our opportunity don't worry Kagura-chan~" whispered Natsu making Kagura blush at his suffix yet again.

"I-I hope your right." replied Kagura trying to do her dangerous stare but couldn't due to her blushing at being near Natsu.

"what's wrong with me!? why do I keep blushing so much around him?" thought Kagura frustratingly as she was experiencing foreign emotions rage in her.

"anyway, as it is a break day lets go somewhere and have fun~!" offered Natsu smiling.

Blushing "o-okay…" replied Kagura.

"could this be...one of those date things?" thought Kagura blushing uncontrollably walking along with him not noticing 4 figures following them with huge grins painted on their faces.

"hehehe, could this be a possible date?" asked Milliana smirking along with her guildmates.

"well if he wasn't wearing a mask then yeah I guess you could say that." deadpanned Beth.

"well judging from his voice he sounds pretty young but…I wonder what he looks like?" asked Arana.

"fufufufufu~ such a shame these guys don't know what hunk is behind that mask but don't worry Natsu-kun, I know~ after all you can't hide anything from these neko ears. Fufufufufu~" thought Milliana indicating she had heard the earlier conversation between Kagura and Natsu.

*Scene Change*

July 6th Grand Magic Games Tournament final day.

"it's finally here! The festival that gets the blood of every mage pumping, the final day of the Grand Magic Games Tournament!" announced Chapati loudly as everyone cheered like maniacs.

"brought to you by me, Chapati and Yajima-san former council member and finally our very own today's special guest the official mascot of the grand magic tournament, Mato-kun!"

"is it really alright for you to be a judge Mato-kun?" asked Chapati.

"its fine pumpkin! Everybody, do your best pumpkin!" replied Pumpkin sama cheerfully.

"and here we have it, the entrance of the teams!" announced Chapati as all the teams came out

"currently in 6th place, will they make a comeback? The hunting hounds now dubbed as little dogs Quatro Puppy!"

"followed by Blue Pegasus! Lamia Scale! Mermaid Heel!"

"and currently in second place...will they just fall from their throne? Or will they reclaim the title of the strongest?!"

"Fairy Tail!" with that came out Fairy Tail looking all badass giving a different vibe today apparently showing Erza, Gray, Juvia, Mira and surprisingly Laxus.

"it seems Laxus has already recovered, amazing! As expected of Fairy Tail! But Gajeel seems to have been replaced by another member!" announced Chapati and recovered indeed as Laxus almost looked good as new with a few bandages here and there while Mira was in the place of Gajeel smirking.

"and currently the current 1st place! The first-time competing guild that has amazingly rose through the rank at an exponential rate since the first event!" announced Chapati as five figures came into view.

"SABERTOOOOTH!" yelled Chapati as everyone cheered loudly.

"hmph...this will be a piece of cake." said Minerva smirking.

"we're finally at the top Lector." said Sting grinning as Lector and Frosch cheered from the sidelines.

"Fairy Tail seems to have a new team..." said Rogue calmly looking at them.

"no matter, they are the same members, I have them all saved in my memory" said Rufus smirking.

"How about you leave this one to us Tobi-san?" proposed Sting suddenly while smirking.


"yeah...you have done more than enough...leave this to us." said Minerva smirking telling him her strategy which he grinned too.

"well alright Tobi will allow it...but Tobi will be counting on you guys not too lose and make everything fall on him in the end kayyyy~?" said Tobi smiling with a thumbs up as they sweat dropped.

"HAI!" replied Team Sabertooth.

"the battlefield is the entire town of Crocus! Every guild is already spread out and on standby."

"as they wander the streets, if they meet a member of another guild, they'll have no choice but to engage in a fight!" explained Chapati.

"when the opponent loses consciousness, or deemed unable to battle, the winning guild gets one point added"

"furthermore, each guild will meet to appoint one of their members as the leader. This is kept secret from the other guilds, if the leader is defeated the guild will gain five points. The maximum amount of points you can get from this game is 45 so all guilds have a chance at winning." finished Chapati.

"who will be the ones to claim the glory of the top in magic!? The Grand magic tournament..."

"Starts Now!"

finally! Ooo the games begin!...well officially anyway! -.- and ooo Erza and Mira suspect Tobi for being Natsu~~~ and another oooo Milliana and Kagura found out Tobi is Natsu ooooo~~~ COOOOOL~ as Jason would say.

And how the hell did Laxus recover so fast!? O.O I have no freakin clue!..don't blame me I'm just the fucking author!

Anyway that's all for now hope you enjoyed! brofist!👊 (for old times sake xD)