Hello to all my supporters! :)

I know you must be waiting eagerly for the next book, right? (I'm right with the "eagerly" part, right? :P) Well, I promise you, the next book will be uploaded tomorrow! I actually already have it typed up, but I don't have quite enough time to post it tonight. I promise I'll do it tomorrow!

Anyway, the official title is: "Misty Destinies". I must say, all your titles were amazing! :D I loved how a few of you said it should be something along the lines of "path" or "road" and I was going to incorporate that, but I couldn't figure out how. I also loved the first part "rising" (I think it was Anova00 who submitted that one, though it could have been someone else too), but I thought I really should keep to the general "misty" theme, as suggested by EradrinSkyleaf (and possibly other people? So sorry if I'm forgetting you! D:) And so then I was thinking, what would really happen in the book? Well, I decided that the trio will be figuring out their destinies and who they really are, so the title would be "Misty Destinies". Do you like it? :)

I don't have time to reply to all the reviews now, I'm so sorry! But I will say two things:

1. To MistClan505 and ShadowHawk (and everyone else): You can message each other through the reviews if you can't any other way because one or both of you is/are a Guest reviewer. It's perfectly fine with me!

2. To LOLLYPOPSYAY (and, again, everyone else): You go in to edit the document in Doc Manager and it's the 6th button from the left. Believe me, it took me so long to figure out how to do the gray line thing too. :P

So, anyway, tomorrow's going to be the day! :D I'm so excited and I hope you all are, too! Prologue and Allegiances of Misty Destinies in (I'm guessing) 12ish or 13ish hours! :) Thank you all for being patient. I hope you'll all enjoy the next book in this soon-to-become trilogy!