Story TITLE: A Dream to Remember

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AUTHOR: Red Jacobson ( )


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SUMMARY: Harry is hit by a curse at the Final Battle, his friends come up with a unique cure. No lemons in the first couple of chapters, but I think I've made up for it in the other chapters GRIN

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WORD COUNT: 13,405

SPOILERS: Canon to the end of Order of the Phoenix, but Dumbledore pulled his head out of his arse and spent the Summer and next year training Harry and his friends. The Final Battle took place at the end of 6th year.

WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest. There is Ron, Molly and Percy bashing in this story, not a great deal, but some. Also, I'm going with a Good Dumbledore in this story.

AUTHORS NOTES: The curse, or at least the idea of the curse, comes from Dragon Raptor's Harry Potter and the Curse's Cure, used by Permission

IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 14th Birthday.


June 4, 1997

Hogwarts Great Hall

It all came down to this, he thought, blinking the blood from his eyes. All of Dumbledore's training, all of Tom's cunning, and it still came down to the same thing it always did, the two of them locked in battle, and he was determined to win. The brother wands locked up again, the same way that they did that night, exactly two years before in the Little Hangleton graveyard, and, just like before, his will proved stronger as the bead of golden light forced itself back into Tom's wand.

The sounds in the Hall had faded away, the other battles weren't important at the moment, he knew that Hermione and Luna had his back, just like they had for the past year. Neville was standing above the dead body of Bellatrix Lestrange, hopefully that would give him some peace, knowing that all those who destroyed his parents had paid. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lucius fall to a curse from Ginny's wand, the snake summoning curse, ironically enough, it looked like.

He saw that Molly Weasley was lying unmoving on the floor, her body covered by Ron's. He had no idea who had released the two of them from Azkaban and given them wands, but it wasn't important now. He would find out later, and try to take the time to mourn his one time friend later, preferring to remember the early days when they truly were friends. He had seen Cho a few minutes before, she was still on her feet, her wand flashing as she dueled Draco, as Crabbe and Goyle had already fallen to her wand. He wished he had nothing better to do than watch her dance as she toyed with the poor fool, but he had something more important to take care of.

He didn't bother watching the spirits of the dead climb out of the wand this time, he knew that they were just memories, and he knew that he would eventually see them again, but not any time soon, he had a life to get on with.

He and Dumbledore had practiced this move multiple times, until he could practically do it in his sleep, and so he watched as Tom became more distracted by the spirits of those who had died at the point of his wand, and, when the wand started to shake and come loose in his hand, Harry dropped the secret weapon from the sleeve of his robes into the palm of his left hand, and, with a touch to make sure that the hammer was cocked, he raised the Webley and pointed it directly between Tom's eyes. He saw Tom react to the movement, but he was too late, and Harry applied the pressure, and felt the revolver jerk in his hand. There was only about 10 feet between the two of them, there was less than a second between the bullet leaving the barrel and impacting in Voldemort's forehead, traveling through the skull and splattering the remains of his skull and brains on the table where the teachers usually ate.

As the bullet hit Tom's head, jerking it backwards, his grip on the Yew wand relaxed, and it floated to the ground. Harry watched, fascinated as Fawkes flashed into the Hall, and grabbed the wand before it could hit the ground and burst into flame, destroying the wand at the same time. With a burst of song, the fire bird flew up to the ceiling of the hall, and, with a flash vanished from the scene.

Harry looked around, and saw that with Voldemort's fall, the fight seemed to have gone out of most of the Death Eaters. Of course, seeing Lucius, Snape and Bellatrix all lying dead on the floor couldn't have helped morale either. He paused as he saw the body of Remus Lupin, he had partially transformed and his jaws were locked on the throat of Fenrir Greyback, taking the monstrous rogue wolf as he died.

With Tom's death, he felt the wards keeping the others out fall as well, and he knew that Amelia and her Aurors would be there in a matter of minutes, to take control of the prisoners. He didn't care about that, he wanted nothing more than to rest, and cuddle with his girlfriend. Turning toward her, he smiled as she finally caught Malfoy with a cutting curse, nearly taking off his left leg. The blonde fell to the ground, a look of shock on his face, and he shook his head sadly, the boy never had a chance to choose his path, Lucius had seen to that, and where had it gotten them? Graves side by side in the Malfoy Mausoleum if they were lucky, tossed together in an unmarked grave or fed to the Acromantulas if they weren't. Not a lot to show for years of cunning and manipulations, was it?

Rushing forward, he pulled Cho into an embrace and started kissed her firmly, not caring about the sweat or dirt from the fight, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him, and, now that Tom was finally dead, they could move forward with their relationship, Jeremy's Law be damned! He had the ring he had taken from the family vault sitting in his pocket, and he would give it to her later that night.

Of course, things could never be that simple for him. It seems that he wasn't quite through being Fate's bitch after all.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Draco was dying, he knew that, the chink bitch had gotten him but good. He still had a hard time believing that the Dark Lord was dead, but he knew that he wouldn't be around to see him rise again. A part of him railed at the fact that Scarhead had pulled some trick that let him win this time, but he wasn't going to let that stand. He still had his final mission from the Dark Lord to complete, one that his Lord had told him would still totally destroy Potter even if, somehow, things went against them in the battle.

Pulling a potion from his robes, he managed to open it with shaking hands and force it into his mouth. Swallowing the bitter liquid, he felt his strength returning, and dropped the vial. Picking up his wand from the floor, he forced himself to his knees and lifted his arm to point at Potter's back. Wanting Scarhead to see his doom coming, he rasped out "Potter!" and was pleased to see the annoyance on his face as he turned around. Potter's eyes widened as he saw the wand pointed at him, and he moved in front of the chink and started to raise his wand. It was too late though, the spell that the Dark Lord taught him was already leaving his wand, and the bright red light hit Potter directly in the chest.

He didn't even notice Potter's curse, or care when the spell caught him in the throat, taking his head from his shoulders, he was still smiling as his world went black, knowing that he had fulfilled his Lord's final orders!

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Time seemed to slow down for him the way it always did when he was in combat. He knew he had plenty of time to dodge out of the way of the spell, but there were innocents behind him, and Harry would be damned if he let any of them suffer from the curse the ferret used. He recognized it immediately from his lessons with Dumbledore, during one of the nights that the old man reminisced about the spells that Grindelwald was fond of using. According to the old man, it was one of Grindelwald's favorites in the early days of the war, and Tom had been known to use it as well, when he wanted to make an example of someone, and not just kill them himself.

Turning to Cho, he saw the love in her eyes, and he smiled sadly, knowing that their dreams just got derailed again. Putting his arms on her shoulders, he stopped her from getting closer. He saw the hurt in her eyes, and said, "Cho, listen to me, this is extremely important! I know what that curse was, and I need to get away from everybody. Go get Hermione and Luna and the Twins, and tell Poppy that I was hit by the 'Inextinguibili Raptus Curse' I can already feel it affecting me, and I need to get away from you and everybody else immediately, or I won't be able to stop myself. I'm going up to the Come and Go Room, and will only open it for Poppy, I'm going to meditate, try and hold it together for as long as I can. Can you do that for me?"

He was pleased at the look of determination that replaced the hurt in her eyes, knowing that she would help him fight this, but she nodded, and he headed out of the hall. When he got to a quiet section of the Entryway, he called Dobby and had his elf pop him up to the 7th Floor.

Summoning the room, he specified that it would only open for the school Matron, and he went inside. Stripping out of his robes, he had the room clean them, and stepped under the shower. He had to stop himself from stroking his cock, which was already fully erect from the curse. He knew that it would just speed up the curse and he needed to keep in control for as long as possible.

Drying off, he dressed in the now cleaned trousers and shirt that the room provided and sat down on the couch, closing his eyes. He was able to clear his mind easily now, having learned Occlumency correctly over the past summer. It was almost funny, but if he had mentioned his 'lessons' to Cho things would have been quite different. She had written to him that awful summer after Sirius died, and he latched onto her letters like a lifeline, pouring out his heart and soul into them. It was in the midst of one of the letters that he mentioned feeling guilty about not doing better with his Occlumency, and she wrote back asking about his lessons. When he described them in the next letter, he was stunned by her reply. She sent back a book with her letter, describing the techniques to clearing his mind, and said that she had to learn both Occlumency and Legilimency to protect her parent's business secrets, and offered to teach him properly once school started again.

He found that, once he understood the theory, it was extremely easy to clear his mind and work on building his shields, and that led to the second big shock of the Summer, as well as the stupidest thing he could have possibly done!

It was during one of his meditation sessions that he became aware of the presence of Voldemort in his scar, and he made the connection with the diary that had possessed Ginny Weasley a few years before. Remembering the effect the basilisk venom had on soul piece, he wondered if he still had enough venom in his blood to have the same effect? Putting thought into action, he sliced his thumb and rubbed the blood on his scar. It wasn't the smartest thing he could have done, but it worked out, at least he told himself that when he woke up in the hospital wing several hours later.

It took some time to work out exactly what happened, but he was able to destroy the soul piece, which almost killed him from the shock. Fortunately, it also alerted Dumbledore and he and Fawkes arrived almost instantly and got him help. Removing the soul piece also marked a change in his relationship with the old man, especially when he showed him memories of Snape's 'lessons' Harry had never seen Dumbledore angry before, and he was glad that he wasn't the focus of the old man's fury. Dumbledore looked at him, and said that he would take care of things, and to try and get some rest, they would talk later.

He still didn't know all the details, but what he heard was that Snape was led away from the castle by Aurors that night, and was sent to Azkaban after a quick trial. Of course, he didn't stay there, Tom broke him and the other captured Death Eaters out after only a few months. He didn't really care, since he didn't have to see the bastard any more, and Professor Slughorn was a much better teacher, even if he was a bit too enamored of Harry's fame.

When Harry woke up the next day, he was pleased to see Hedwig perched on the end of his bed, watching over him, and, to his surprise, Cho was sitting on a chair by his bed, reading a magazine.

She smiled at him when she felt his eyes on her, and she said, "Professor Dumbledore thought you might enjoy a friendly face when you woke up, Hermione is going to be here later, and a few others from the DA will be visiting as well."

He was surprised that the Headmaster was doing this for him, but decided not to argue about it, especially since he approved the results, and he and Cho spent the morning chatting. They were still talking about everything and nothing, when Hermione came bustling in. The smile on his face at the sight of his best friend dropped when he saw her red rimmed eyes, and he was out of bed in a heartbeat, holding her in his arms as she cried against him. He looked up at Cho beseechingly, and Cho came over and put her arms around the crying girl as well. Hermione stiffened when Cho came closer, but relaxed into their arms and eventually the tears stopped.

When she had calmed down, and was snuggling in Harry and Cho's arms, Harry asked quietly, "What's wrong, Hermione, what has you so upset?"

For a minute, he didn't think she was going to answer, but when she did, it was just about the last thing that he expected. In a voice hoarse from crying she said, "It's Ron, Professor Dumbledore came to my house this morning and asked to speak to me and my parents. He had found out that Professor Snape was brewing love potions for Mrs Weasley, to make me fall in love with Ron, because he wanted me, and knew I would never see him that way. Ron's been expelled from school, and he and Mrs Weasley were arrested, but they didn't snap his wand because he took his OWL's already. It was only the fact that they were arrested that convinced my parents to let me come back to Hogwarts, they wanted to pull me out of here and move to the continent. I just couldn't believe that he would do that, I thought he was my friend!"

Harry didn't know what to think, he knew that Ron fancied Hermione, but he didn't think they would do anything like that! He pushed the thoughts aside and focused on comforting his friend as she broke down crying again. He looked up at Cho, and smiled at her, silently thanking her for helping him with Hermione. He was afraid she would be jealous, based on her reaction the previous Valentine's Day, but she just smiled back at him, and continued rubbing Hermione's back as she sobbed against them.

It wasn't until he heard the sound of a throat being cleared that he realized they weren't alone in the room, and he looked up to see Professor Dumbledore standing at the entrance to his room, looking every one of his 100 plus years. When the Professor saw he had their attention, he came in and sat down heavily in one of the free chairs and said, "I'm afraid that what Miss Granger has told you is only part of the story. She doesn't know the rest, but under Veratiserum Molly Prewett confessed quite a few other of her plans, and, Miss Chang, I'm afraid they involve you as well."

Cho looked at him in surprise, "Me? Why me? She doesn't even know me."

"That is true, she doesn't know you, but she knows of you, and she considered you a threat to her plans, you see, she was also planning on giving love potions to Harry and to her daughter Ginny, so they would marry and give her access to the Potter family wealth. That was one of the reasons why she had Severus making the love potions to be used on Miss Granger, she was aware that she was not suitable for Ronald, but realized that Harry could eventually become romantically involved with her, and wanted to remove the possibility."

He kept talking over Harry and Hermione's reactions, saying, "Isn't it strange, Miss Chang, that you managed to move on from Mister Diggory's tragic death, except when you were around Harry? When you were around him, you suddenly became very emotional and crying at the slightest provocation, which is very unlike your normal personality."

Harry looked at Cho, to see her frowning thoughtfully, and she nodded, "You're right, I hadn't thought about it before, but I had managed to make my peace with Cedric's dying over the Summer after the Tournament and was ready to move on with my life. We weren't in love, just very good friends who enjoyed spending time together. It may have become more if we'd had more time, but we didn't have that time. I was actually looking forward to seeing you again, Harry, to see if we could stand to be around each other off the Quidditch Pitch, but it never seemed to work out."

"And that, Miss Chang, was part of Molly Prewett's plans, you see, in her confession, she mentioned that she made sure that the two of you didn't get closer, by having Ronald hit you with a mood altering curse whenever the two of you were together. She stated that she was going to have you poisoned if you seemed to be close to Harry again this year. Needless to say, she and Ronald will not be breathing free air for quite a few years. Arthur divorced Molly and cast her and Ronald from the Weasley family as soon as he heard their testimony.

Harry cleared his throat, and reached for a water glass to wet his suddenly dry mouth. After taking a drink, he handed the glass back to Cho with a smile, and she smiled weakly back, before he said, "What about the rest of the family? Was anybody else involved in plots?"

Dumbledore shook his head, "No, nobody else in the family was aware of Molly's scheme's, and young Ginny was horrified, she was actually interested in Mister Longbottom, and had to be physically restrained from attacking her mother when she heard the testimony."

In spite of himself, Harry quirked a grin, "Neville and Ginny, eh? That could work." He heard Hermione's snort of laughter as she nodded against his chest. Loosening his arms, Hermione sat up and hugged him, before turning and hugging the surprised Cho as well, before slipping out of their embrace and sitting in another of the chairs.

Turning to Cho, he pulled her into his arms and said, "How are you feeling Cho? I know it has to be a shock, I can barely believe it myself."

She looked at him for a moment, not saying anything, until she lifted her face to his and kissed him, pulling her arms tighter around him. He responded, kissing her back, and marveled that kissing her was a much more pleasant experience when she wasn't crying! Far too soon for his liking, she pulled back and smiled, "I guess that answers the question of you still being interested, doesn't it?"

Going back to her seat, Cho said, "I'm sure that I will be having a fit in a little while, but right now, I'm furious at the two of them, and if Mister Weasley hadn't ejected them from the family, I would be sending a letter to my parents solicitors. As it is, knowing that they are knutless and sitting in prison will have to satisfy me, but if they ever get out, there will be a reckoning!"

He glanced over at Dumbledore and asked, "Are you sure this was just about money? Because it seems like a whole lot of trouble and risk for just a few thousand galleons, Professor."

For the first time that he could recall, Dumbledore looked surprised, and it wasn't a good look for the older man. "A few thousand...? Harry, didn't the goblins show you your family vaults when you were in the bank?"

He shook his head, "No, I just saw the one vault. Do you mean that there are other vaults?"

Dumbledore chortled, "You might say that, Harry, the Potter family is a very old, very wealthy family. Not quite up to the Malfoy's or the Bones' families, but still extremely well to do. We will need to make a trip to Diagon Alley this summer to check on your vaults."

"Speaking of that, Sir, while I've enjoyed the break, when will I have to go back to my relatives?"

Dumbledore actually looked embarrassed at the question, and said, "Well, about that, I'm afraid I wasn't completely honest with you when I told you the reasons you had to stay there, but in my defense, you were in no condition to understand what I was saying that night. You see, I was aware of the piece of Tom's soul in your scar, and have been trying, for the past several years, ever since that night in fact, to find a way to remove it without doing you any harm, without success. The wards around Privet Drive, being powered by your mother's love for you, also affected the soul piece, keeping it weak and preventing it from influencing you. Now that you have managed to remove that foul piece of magic from you, you never have to go back to that house again if you don't want to!"

He blinked, thinking he should be angry with the man for keeping that from him, but Harry had to admit, he was still in too much shock that night in Dumbledore's office to have accepted the news that he had a piece of his parent's murderer in his scar. Needless to say, he had no desire to go back to the Dursley's, and Dumbledore had his room in the Tower opened for him, and had the school elves gather all of his belongings and put away in the room.

He was pulled from his memories by a firm knock on the door, and the welcome voice of Madame Pomfrey.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Hermione couldn't believe it was finally over! After years of gathering tension, and the skirmish in the Department of Mysteries the year before, Voldemort and his thugs were finally dead. She looked over at Luna, and grinned at the serene smile on her lover's face. They still laughed to think about how that had happened! It had seemed so natural, they were always with Harry and Cho, and sometimes Neville and Ginny would join them, and it seemed to make sense that they would sit together. She had gotten used to Luna talking about her creatures, although she had stopped mentioning them as much as time went by. She wasn't really sure when her friendship with Luna had changed, but, when she thought about it over the summer after the Department of Mysteries, it was the blonde's silvery-gray eyes she pictured when she pleasured herself.

Hermione had already begun to suspect she was bisexual, especially after her reaction to seeing Lavender fingering herself in the showers when the blonde forgot the silencing charms, but never had the nerve to act on it, even though she got the feeling that Luna would not mind if she did.

They had all gotten in the habit of meeting in the Room of Requirement after dinner, and Halloween night Harry had gotten Dobby to bring in a bottle of Fire whiskey. They had all understood why Harry didn't feel like celebrating at the Feast, so Dobby and Winky had served the six of them dinner in the room, and Harry opened the bottle after they had eaten. Of course, they should have known better, a drunk Harry thinking about his parents was a morose Harry, so Cho did the only thing she could think of to cheer him up, she climbed onto his lap and snogged him senseless. Ginny apparently thought that was a good idea, because she did the same to Neville, who was also thinking about his parents. She watched them for a few minutes, amused, but when she turned to Luna, there was a look of sadness and loss on the blonde's face that tore at her heart. Realizing that her friend was missing her mother, she decided that if Luna didn't like it, she could always blame the Fire whiskey, she mentally chanted 'Gryffindors Forward!' and pulled the smaller girl onto her lap, and before she knew it, her lips had found Luna's, and Luna was responding!

She had lost herself in the kiss, and had no idea how much time had passed when she felt Luna pull away from her, slowly breaking the kiss, and she heard the others in the room clapping and Ginny was giving a piercing whistle. She flipped them all the two finger salute before putting her arms around Luna and pulling her close. Luna didn't object, just cuddled against her, and soon was snoring gently. She fell asleep herself not long afterward, and never noticed when someone covered them with a blanket during the night.

She hadn't been surprised that she didn't have any regrets the next morning, other than the usual ones on the morning after drinking too much, and it quickly became apparent that Luna didn't have any regrets either, because no sooner had they taken the hangover potion that a thoughtful Dobby provided them, Luna had cast the mouth cleaning charm on both of them, and started kissing her. She was glad it was Saturday, because neither of them were seen the rest of the day, and she could honestly say that she had never considered anatomy to be all that interesting, until she and Luna started exploring with each other.

It was during their 'exploration' time that Hermione discovered something else about herself, she had suspected it, of course, but it was nice to have it confirmed. The two of them had just finished what Luna laughingly called 'Round 15' and they were relaxing in a tangle of sweaty sheets, when Luna got an intense look in her eyes and concentrated, making the bed change around them. She was curious what Luna was up to, but was more than willing to go along, especially when ropes slithered up from under the mattress and bound her wrists and ankles.

Hermione struggled against the ropes halfheartedly, knowing deep inside that Luna wouldn't hurt her, and even those struggles stopped when Luna moved behind her and started fingering her. That was the beginning of Hermione's exploration of her submissive side, and she could honestly say that she'd never been happier!

It was later that night, after Luna had had her using her mouth to bring her to climax, that the blonde had the room conjure a strap-on, that she named Harry. Even then Luna was well aware of her attraction to her best male friend, which Luna shared, and the two of them took turns wearing it, as Luna insisted it was important that they learn how to pleasure a man. She wouldn't explain further, but Hermione had learned to go along, and she did enjoy the lessons.

They both laughed when they eventually figured out that they had actually had sex before either of the other couples, although they only beat Ginny and Neville by a few weeks, one Saturday morning in November Ginny came down the steps to breakfast walking very gingerly and she and Neville had smiles on their faces that a curse couldn't remove.

Thinking of her friends, she looked around and found them standing over Ron and Molly's bodies and the smile dropped from her face. She hadn't forgiven either of the former Weasleys for what they had tried to do to her, but still, her friend was hurting and she should at least try to comfort her. Reaching for Luna's hand, she gestured with her head toward their friends, and Luna nodded, and the two of them walked over and pulled Ginny into a hug. They were still standing there a few minutes later when Cho came up to them, obviously disturbed. It was only seeing her that made Hermione realize she had lost track of Harry after Voldemort had been killed!

When she started looking around anxiously, Cho said, "Harry is up on the 7th Floor, Draco hit him with a curse of some kind before he died, and he told me that he needed to get away from everybody before the curse affected him, he told me to get the two of you, and find the twins, and go to Madame Pomfrey so she can treat him."

Hermione groaned, "I have to wonder how many mirrors Harry has broken to get this much bad luck! Things just can never be simple can they? Do you know what curse it was that he was hit with? Nurse Pomfrey is going to need to know when we find her."

The Asian beauty shook her head, "I don't recognize it, but Harry said it was called the 'Inextinguibili raptus Curse' and he apparently knew what it did. He said..."

Cho was interrupted by Luna's gasp of shock, and she and Hermione turned to Luna, who had tears rolling down her cheeks. Hermione had never seen the look of devastation on her lover's face before, and frantically demanded, "What is it Luna? Do you know the curse? How bad is it? Do we need to go to Harry right away?"

Luna just shook her head, and, wiping her eyes, said, "Going to him right now would be the worst possible thing that any of us could do. You see, I know of that curse, it's roughly translated as Unquenchable Rape, and it will force Harry to rape every woman he encounters until it either burns itself out or he dies from dehydration! Madam Pomfrey should be safe, since he doesn't find her sexually attractive he can resist for a short while, but if it were one of us, we would be naked and impaled on his cock before we even realized what was happened! Not that any of us would mind it in ordinary circumstances, he wouldn't be gentle at all, and that isn't how any of us would prefer our first times to be."

Hermione gasped when Luna blurted out her deepest secret, and Luna just shook her head with a frown. "Love, I know you didn't want to say anything, but it's important that the three of us work together to help the man we all love, we can see if Cho is open to us joining them both after we find a cure for him, agreed?"

Hermione looked over at Cho apologetically, "I'm sorry, this wasn't how I wanted to broach the subject with you, but Luna and I both have very strong feelings for both you and Harry, and we were hoping to talk to you both at some point after Voldemort was dead. We can put that aside for now, because Luna's right, we need to get the nurse and get Harry some help!"

Cho smiled briefly at the two of them, before shaking her head and saying, "You're right, we can talk about things later, but let's concentrate on Harry first."

Turning, she led the two of them out of the Great Hall toward the Hospital Wing.

It didn't take long at all, surprisingly, to find her, the Hospital Wing was nearly empty, with only one bed occupied, and it was by Millicent Bulstrode who had jumped in front of a curse that one of the Death Eaters had fired at a group of first year students. The other girls in her dorm were sitting beside her, talking to her as Poppy finished her work.

While they were waiting, Cho sent an Adfero Messenger spell to Padma and Parvati, wanting them with her for this. Turning back to the Nurse, Cho saw her walking away from the bed to let one of her assistants, Megan Jones if Hermione remembered correctly, finish things up. Approaching her, Cho spoke quietly but urgently, and the nurse quickly gathered up several potions and left the room, telling the three of them to stay there, she would be back soon.

Cho watched the nurse leave, and then pulled the two of them over to an empty corner of the ward and sat down on the bed, ironically enough, it was the bed Harry always seemed to end up in after his adventures. Cho patted the bed, and she and Luna sat down beside her. Cho sat quietly for a few moments, and when she spoke, her voice was choked with emotion. "It's important that we all hold onto hope, so I'm going to tell the two of you something that almost nobody knows." Pulling her wand, she cast a privacy spell around them, before she continued, "You may not believe this, but Harry and I actually haven't had sex yet, because, when we were finally ready to take that step, I asked, just out of curiosity, what Harry's MMI was. Harry had no idea what the MMI was, so I had to explain about Magical Core Strength, and how important it was that there wasn't too much of an imbalance."

She and Luna both nodded, they were familiar with Jeremy's Law, and Hermione started to get an idea of where Cho was going with this, and she reached over and squeezed Luna's hand in excitement.

"I took him to see Madam Pomfrey, and she had to check three times to make sure her scan was correct, but Harry scored 1092! I'm only 188, and, after I explained about Jeremy's Law to Harry, he insisted we wait until we could find a way that I wouldn't lose my personality. I eventually got him to understand that the only way we could be together, would be if he had additional lovers, and, I'll admit, the two of you were on the short list of girls we considered, simply because we both consider you friends, and, to put it bluntly, because the two of you were already lovers, neither of you would feel neglected when Harry and I wanted some time together. We already approached two other girls and swore them to secrecy, but had planned to talk to the two of you tomorrow morning, tonight was going to be for the two of us!"

Hermione nodded, and said, "Do the other girls know that you will be adding other girls?" When Cho nodded, she said, "Good, hopefully we'll be able to get along with them as well as the two of us get along with you and Harry. But, even with both Luna and I, and you know we are going to agree, you are still going to need to find more girls, because my score is 151 while Luna is 177, and that won't be enough to balance Harry. And, just because the three of us get along incredibly well, and I'll trust your judgment on the other two girls, doesn't mean that any other girls would fit in just as well. I've seen the problems that can happen just between two people, and I shudder to think how bad it can get with multiple women sharing the same man!"

Luna smiled for the first time since hearing about the curse, and squeezed Hermione's hand, "That actually won't be a problem, even if there end up being 20 girls in Harry's family, although I hope there aren't that many, because his magic will smooth out the rough edges and help keep things harmonious, simply because that is one of the main things that Harry craves now, after all the conflict in his life. He won't want to come home to conflict and tension. We will still keep our personalities, so there will be some friction, but jealousy won't be a problem, magic won't allow it."

She turned to look seriously at Cho, and said, "I know that you've said you don't feel attracted to other women, but I have a feeling you should prepare yourself for your feelings changing. I'm telling you that because, if Harry is like any other guy, he finds the idea of watching two women making love extremely exciting, and your magic will ensure that you will want to please him, and could find yourself naked with Hermione and I, or any of the other girls, while Harry watches. Do you think you can handle that?"

Cho actually smirked at them, and said, "Well, I can tell you that Harry is definitely a typical male in that respect! We've had mutual fantasy sessions, and one of his favorites is watching me with different girls, and, I have to admit, the way he described the action, I actually got turned on a few times, so maybe I'm not as straight as I always thought."

The three of them looked at each other and giggled lightly, but the laughter was cut off when Poppy came back through the doors, with Harry's unconscious form floating beside her.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Harry looked up at the knock on the door, and called out, "Madame Pomfrey? Are you alone?"

He almost smiled at the exasperated tone in the nurses voice, "Of course I am Mister Potter, do you think I'm a fool? Now, unlock the door and stand back, I'm coming inside."

With a gesture, the lock on the door clicked and cracked open. As it pushed open, Harry concentrated on keeping himself under control, and was pleased that she entered the room wand first, the tell tale red glow of the stunning spell at the tip of her wand, waiting to be released. Pomfrey looked around the well lit room, and relaxed slightly at seeing him standing at the far edge of the room.

Stepping into the room, the nurse looked at him and shook her head, "You do seem to get into the most unusual situations, don't you Mister Potter?"

Pulling a potion out of her robes, she continued, "Miss Chang made me aware of your problem, and we will find a way to break this curse, don't worry about that! But, in the mean time, in order to keep you from doing anything that you would regret while under the influence, this is a Draught of Living Death that has been modified slightly. It will still put you into a deep sleep, but it will also ensure that you have pleasant dreams, this will ease the disorientation when we give you the antidote. After you take the potion, I will be placing you in stasis, to prevent the curse from progressing any further than it already has, so we can find the cure. I will set the potion on the table and step back out the door to watch you take it, and then I'll get you to the Hospital Wing."

Harry nodded, not trusting himself to speak, but he was relieved to know that he wouldn't hurt anyone, and he waited until the potion was on the table and the nurse was standing in the doorway before he moved forward. Picking up the potion, he stretched out on the couch by the table and lifted the potion to his mouth. Grimacing at the taste, he managed to drain the vial before his eyes closed and everything went dark around him.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

The Daily Prophet

June 10, 1997

Where is the Man Who Won?

It's been six days since the Dark Lord Voldemort was finally defeated at the hands of Harry Potter, and, while he was seen immediately after the fight, he has disappeared from view. Word from Hogwarts is that our savior was cursed by Draco Malfoy at the end of the battle, and is receiving treatment for the curse. The questions that many are asking is, if he was severely wounded, why is he not at Saint Mungo's? Also, what was the curse that Malfoy used on him? Have the curse specialists at Saint Mungo's even been consulted? The answer to that last question is no! While the official spokes-witch for the Hospital refused to comment, stating that all patient information is confidential, several sources at Saint Mungo's have confirmed that nobody has been contacted regarding treatment for Mister Potter.

When the Ministry was contacted, Perky Weatherbee, acting Minister Bones' spokesman issued a prepared statement that they were being kept informed of the situation, and that Mister Potter was receiving the best possible care where he is.

Well, that might be good enough for the Ministry, but it's not good enough for us! The public deserves to know what is happening with the Hero of the Wizarding World, and if you agree, contact the Minister, contact the Wizengamot, contact everyone you can think of! It's time for answers, and we can only get them if the Ministry stops covering up the truth of the situation! It's time to Act!

They were sitting at the Ravenclaw table eating breakfast when the paper arrived. The school was almost completely deserted, so they weren't bothered while they were eating, which was a good thing, because the four of them, Padma Patil having arrived the night after the battle, were not in the mood for company. They were all on the jagged edge of exhaustion, and only massive amounts of stimulant potions were even keeping them on their feet.

Cho threw down the paper in disgust. "This is just making things even more difficult. If they try to take Harry to Saint Mungos, the first thing they would do is take him out of the stasis, and who knows what affect that would have! We've got to find a way to help him, and fast!"

Padma nodded, as did Hermione and Luna, and she said, "Hopefully the books that Parvati is bringing from our family's library will have a clue, we've already gone through everything in Professor Dumbledore's private library and the Black Family library. It would be helpful if we could find a copy of the curse itself, but it doesn't seem to be written down anywhere."

They were so focused on the problem in front of them that it wasn't until a voice behind them spoke that they realized they weren't alone. When a woman's voice hesitantly said, "Maybe I can help you with that," they turned around and saw Narcissa Malfoy, dressed in her black widow's robes with a stricken look on her face standing there, a red robed Auror standing slightly behind her.

When they stared at her, the woman seemed to crumple and they could see that she was also going through hell these past several days. She held a large tome in her hands and she set it on the table, saying, "It wasn't until I saw the paper this morning that I found out that the curse was cast by Draco, or I would have been here sooner. This is the Malfoy Family Grimoire, and, since I'm the last member of the family, I'm giving you permission to read it. It contains all of the spells that members of the family have developed, including several that were taught to Gellert Grindelwald during his war against the Wizarding World. I hope you find something that helps you, and now, if you will excuse me, I will take my leave."

As she turned to go, Cho said, "Mrs Malfoy? Thank you! But, why are you doing this?"

The blonde looked back and smiled sadly, "Isn't it obvious, the man you are trying to help is the Head of the Black family, and I owe him my loyalty. This may not be much, but it's the best I can do right now." With that, Narcissa walked out the door, and they saw the Auror putting the manacles back on her wrists.

Hermione's eyebrows raised in surprise at the knowledge that one of the mighty Malfoy's was a prisoner, and glanced over at Padma, who shrugged as well. She and Luna were both surprised when Padma and Parvati had arrived in the Hospital Wing that night, until Cho had introduced them officially as two other members of the Potter family. Luna had smiled happily at Padma, while Hermione had been surprised that Parvati could keep a secret after all. She was pleased that Padma was joining them, she'd always liked the girl, and enjoyed talking to Parvati most of the time, at least when the girl wasn't distracted by Lavender and her gossip.

The five of them had met in Cho's room that night to plan out their research, and Parvati had left the next morning to return to India and gather all the books she could find on the subject, while Luna headed for the Rookery to gather the Lovegood Family Magic, and she had gone to the Black family home, where, with Kreacher's help, found several books that she hoped would help.

They had been researching for days, and still weren't any closer to finding a cure, but hopefully the book from the Malfoy's would help them.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Nantes France

Delacour Chateau

June 11, 1997

Fleur set down her coffee cup and shook her head at the article. She hadn't been back to the UK after the Tri-Wizard Tournament ended, but had kept abreast of things, especially regarding Harry Potter. She would never admit it to anyone of course, but Gabrielle wasn't the only member of the family who had developed a crush on the messy haired boy. He was far too young at the time, but he had impressed her with his performance in the Tournament, and she owed him a debt, both for rescuing Gabrielle when she wasn't able to, as well as rescuing her from Krum when he was under the Imperius Curse in the Maze. She had tried to keep in touch with him, but the letters kept coming back undelivered over the summer, which she understood after thinking about it, he must have needed mail wards to keep from being deluged with mail. It was only after he had returned to school the prior year that they were able to start exchanging letters. She could only imagine the letters that must have been sent when he went public with his relationship with Cho Chang. The bigots wouldn't have cared that she was a Pureblood, but the fact that she was a 'wog' would have been the only thing that they cared about, based on the reactions during the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Reading the part about the dark curse from the Malfoy boy, she paused, considering. They didn't advertise the connection, but the Delacours and the Malfoys were distantly related, and it's possible that one or more of the books in the library would have some of the family magic in them.

Wiping her face with the napkin, she got up from the table and headed for the library. This might be a way for her to pay the debts her family owed to that young man!

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

June 12, 1997

Cho looked up when she heard her name being called from the Floo. Looking at the time, she saw that it was exactly the time they had agreed to in their hastily exchanged letters. Confirming that it was Fleur Delacour's face in the the flames, she smiled and hurried over to let the blonde through. Fleur exited the floo gracefully, which annoyed Cho slightly, because she was almost as bad as Harry at stumbling when she tried to walk out of the fireplace. Pushing the thought aside, she embraced the older girl, and led her over to the work table where Hermione Luna and Padma were sitting. Fleur paused at Harry's bed, looking at him, and gave a small gasp of surprise that the skin on his forehead, that had been marked with the familiar lightning bolt scar when she saw him the last time, was clear and unblemished.

Cho saw what she was looking at, and explained briefly, before they moved to the table and sat down. Fleur opened her mokeskin bag and pulled out several books, saying, "These are the books I found that had spells from the time when the Malfoy's and Delacour's were much closer. I'm hoping that we can find something to help 'Arry in them."

She paused, and said, "I can understand not listing what the curse was, to prevent others from trying to find it, but what can you tell me about the curse? It will help in narrowing the spells down."

There was a moment of strained silence as the four witches looked at each other uncomfortably, until Hermione huffed and said, "Honestly! Fleur is here to help, it's not like she's going to run off to give an interview to Skeeter!" The others wince, and Cho flushes in embarrassment, and tells her what they've found out about the curse.

Fleur paled when she heard the name of the curse, but she grabbed one of the books from the pile and started flipping through it. She finally found what she was looking for, and showed them the page, "Is this the curse?"

They look at the spell, and Cho nods, "It looks like the same one that was in the book Mrs Malfoy gave us, but it doesn't hurt to check. Luna, can you compare the two of them?"

Luna nodded, and opened the Malfoy book to the same page and pulled her parchment over so she could take notes.

While Luna and the others were reading, Cho gestured for Fleur to follow her, and they walked over to the other side of the room, and said, "We've also got another problem. I'm sure you've seen the Daily Prophet? Well, Minister Bones and the Unspeakables are doing their best to keep a lid on things, they understand what is going on as well as we do, but the pressure is getting to be more than they can handle, and if we aren't able to show some progress in the next few days, they won't be able to stop Saint Mungos from getting involved, and that would just make things worse! We've been doing all we can to keep things quiet, to protect Harry's reputation. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if people knew that their 'hero' had been hit by a curse that would turn him into a rapist?"

Fleur grimaced, easily picturing the way the sheep would turn on him, but then she paused, thinking.

"I know that you and Harry are together, and would never suggest this ordinarily, but, have you considered finding a way to let the curse burn itself out? It wouldn't be that difficult to get enough willing women, swear them to silence with an unbreakable vow, and they can each take turns with Harry until the curse runs its course?"

"Actually, that was one of the first things we thought of, but the problem is Harry's core. He is extremely powerful, and from what we can determine, unless the woman is at least half as strong, if she is even slightly fertile, she is going to get pregnant, and while most of the girls probably wouldn't mind, few of them are old enough, or have the ability to care for a baby, and Harry would be devastated if any of the girls lives were damaged because they wanted to help him."

Fleur shook her head with a smile, "That sounds like 'Arry, never mind that most women would be thrilled to have his child, or that their parents would be delighted to take care of a child of the 'Boy Who Lived', he just worries that they would have their lives disrupted."

They sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking, when Fleur said, hesitantly "I may have an idea that can help."

Cho looked at her, but when Fleur didn't say anything for a few moments, she gestured for the other girl to continue, and, after taking a deep breath and releasing it, said, "You know that I'm Veela, non? Well, the descriptions of us as sexual beings is not completely inaccurate, we have greater sex drives and stamina than most witches, and, to put it bluntly, there is a very good chance that I could handle whatever 'Arry did to me, and my magical core is strong enough that I shouldn't have any side effects other than being extremely sore for a few days."

Cho smiled softly, "We had actually considered taking turns with him, and preparing lust and stamina potions, but, from what we've learned, it will take at least, at least, one hundred separate climaxes from Harry to burn out the curse. As I'm sure you saw in the spell description, the more powerful the Wizard or Witch affected, the greater the requirement to break the curse. Can you handle taking him 100 times in your mouth, pussy and arse in a 72 hour period? And even if you could survive that, because of Jeremy's Law, you would most likely end up his sexual slave at the end of it."

"Mon Du! Just how strong is 'Arry?"

Cho said, "Let's just say that the five of us, including Parvati, Padma's sister, total almost 900 combined, and Harry would still overwhelm us. When Harry got rid of the scar on his forehead, he also got rid of a magical siphon that was feeding part of his magic to Voldemort, keeping him alive. It took Harry most of last summer to get used to the increased strength."

With a sad smile, Cho continued, "And to make things more difficult, all five of us are at our peak fertility, and, while I was planning to give Harry as many babies as my body could handle, and the others feel the same way, we all wanted to wait until after our NEWTs to get started."

Fleur nodded in agreement, but said, "That is something I was wondering about when I arrived, I knew you and 'Arry were dating, and I wasn't surprised to see 'Ermione here, I remember how close they were during the Tournament, and Luna is with 'Ermione, that is obvious, but Padma? From what I remember, she should hate 'Arry from the way he treated her and her sister."

Cho frowned, "Let's just say that there were extenuating circumstances involving a meddling ginger bitch and her youngest son and leave it at that, okay?"

"Ah, Mother Weasley's doing, then?" At Cho's sharp nod, Fleur said, "I saw more of her than I really wanted when Bill and I went out at the end of the Tournament, he was a good man, but I wouldn't want to have anything to do with her!"

They were interrupted by a loud "Yes!" from Luna, who got up from the table and ran out of the room as they watched. Bemused, they turned who look at Hermione, who was shaking her head in confusion.

They didn't have to wonder long, as Luna was soon back, with a huge book in her arms.

Hermione said, "Luna, what are you doing with Moste Potente Potions? How did you get it from the Restricted Section?"

Luna ignored her, she just set the book down on the work bench and was feverishly flipping through the pages.

Padma and Hermione joined Fleur and Cho while they left Luna to her search, knowing that it wouldn't do any good to ask her any questions, she would just ignore them until she found what she was looking for.

Padma said, "I heard your question Fleur, and you are right, it was Mrs Weasley and Ron who caused the problems at the Yule Ball, well, most of them anyway," she added with a smile at Cho. "Ron had slipped Harry a potion to cause the behavior that we all saw, and, when he found out about it from Molly's confession, he wrote my sister and I with an apology. 'Vati and I accepted of course, and the two of us got to be friends with him over the last year. Parvati is actually at our family home in Sri Lanka searching through the family magical library to see if there is anything that can help us."

Before Fleur could say anything about the implication that Padma's sister was going to be involved as well, Luna jumped up from the table and lunged at Hermione, kissing her fiercely. Hermione was surprised by the attack, but quickly returned the kiss, until Luna pulled away and looked at the rest of them, excitement in her eyes and a huge smile on her face.

"Thank you Fleur! The copy of the spell in your book was slightly different in the description, and it allowed me to find a way to help Harry!"

She pulled Hermione over to the table, and the others followed eagerly. "If you notice, the Malfoy spell, says that the Wizard or Witch must have sex until the curse is complete, but the older version, in Fleur's book, just says that the Wizard or Witch must climax! That's how we are going to break the curse!" The others look at her in confusion, and she shook her head, and said, "Don't you see? Harry doesn't have to physically have sex to break the curse, as long as his body reaches release."

Cho frowned, "Are you saying that we just have to keep wanking him until the curse is broken? I'm willing, but it seems a bit too simple."

"No, the mind has to think that he's having sex to convince his magic. But tell me, have any of you heard the term 'wet dream'?"

Hermione gasped, and a huge smile crossed her face as she realized what Luna was saying. "So you mean, if Harry has sex in his dreams, it would still break the curse?"

"Basically yes, but we need to make sure that the dreams are extremely realistic, which is where the "Pleasant Dreams" potion comes into it."

Fleur has been reading the description of the potion, and said, 'this potion will ensure he has sexual dreams then?"

Luna shook her head, "The curse will ensure that, the potion is for all of us, and any other girls we can round up, because we will be in his dreams with him! We will be having sex with Harry in his dreams, to make sure that the dreams are believable, our bodies will experience the sensations, but with no risk of pregnancy or other side affects that Jeremy's Law would cause."

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

Hermione's eyebrows raised at the mentions of all the other women Luna was talking about, but deferred to Cho, as Harry's girlfriend, to raise the question. She didn't have long to wait, as the girl closed her eyes, and was obviously counting to ten, before she spoke in a quiet tone.

"Luna, would you explain to me why we need to bring even more girls into this? I can understand the five of us, we've already talking about things, and if Fleur joins us, that will give us six willing witches, why do we have to bring others into it?"

Luna looked directly at her, and said, "For the same reason you gave for not wanting Fleur to attempt it on her own. I told you that 100 releases is the absolute minimum we can hope for to break the curse, it could be as much as double that, and, even with all of us here, our bodies will be experiencing the orgasms that our dream selves do, and that much pleasure in a short period of time would leave us unable to function, and could actually harm us!"

Padma was curious, and said, "How certain are you that our dream selves will be enjoying what Harry is doing? What if he does something that we really don't like?"

Luna smirked, "That is why we will be taking the potion as well, it will ensure pleasant dreams for us as well, if Harry does something we would enjoy normally, the pleasure would be that much more intense, and if it's something that we wouldn't usually enjoy, we would still get pleasure from it."

Cho had been listening closely and nodded sharply, "Right! We need to come up with a contract that will protect all of our privacy, especially Harry's, and make a list of who we want to invite. I'm assuming that your sister will be in, Padma, but how about you Fleur? Are you willing to join us?"

"Of course, I owe him for saving my life, as well as Gabrielle's, during that damned tournament," she said, then paused and grinned, "Besides, it should be interesting to see if he can overload me, I still think I can handle anything he comes up with!"

Cho chuckled, relieved to have a plan of action at last, "I'm sure you'll get a chance to find out. Now, Hermione, can you adapt the basic DA contract from last year to meet our needs? We need to increase the penalties, I don't think that 'Sneak' is going to be appropriate this time, do you?"

Hermione nodded, "That won't be a problem, but, mentioning 'Sneak' reminds me, I don't want Marietta anywhere near this, I know she is your friend Cho, but I just don't like that girl, and I'm honestly afraid of what Harry might do to her in his dreams! He holds her just as responsible as Umbitch and Bellatrix for the situation that got his godfather killed, and since Umbridge and Bella are both dead, he might take everything out on her."

"I don't have any problem with that, besides, she's betrothed to Roger Davies, so I doubt she would be interested at all. That's another thing, we should make sure that the girls we invite aren't involved with anyone, because that would cause conflict we are trying to avoid."

Padma pulled out a sheet of parchment and they were soon sitting down, tossing out names to be invited.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

A Few Hours Later

Luna sat back with a smile, and rubbed her aching hand. The last of her letters was written and the Hogwarts Elves were already delivering them. It would have been so much easier if they'd been able to use just one letter, but the situation was serious enough that it required individual letters for each invitee. She had been a little surprised that two of the professors received letters, but they were young enough, and Harry had personally saved both of their lives over the past year, so Cho insisted they be included. What convinced the others was when she admitted that Harry had described fantasizing about the two professors. Luna didn't think the others had noticed, but she saw Cho blushing slightly when she mentioned the fantasies, and she suspected the Cho had more than a couple of fantasies about at least one of the professors herself.

Seeing that the others had finished their letters, she cast a 'Tempus' charm, and saw that it was nearly 7 o'clock. Standing up and stretching her back, she turned to Hermione and said, "We've done all we can for today, let's go soak in the tub and have Winky bring us dinner to your room, we need to relax tonight."

Cho groaned and stretched, "A bath sounds heavenly, I've been so tense for the last week I don't even think my body knows how to relax anymore."

Luna glanced at Hermione, and saw the agreement in her eyes, and said, "Why don't the rest of you join us? There is plenty of room in the tub, and it would make it easier for Winky if she only had to bring dinner to one room."

Cho grinned, "I'm in! I could do with some 'relaxation' tonight, how about you two?"

Fleur raised a delicately sculpted eyebrow and glanced at Luna who was looking at her with lust in her eyes, and instantly understood what form the 'relaxation' would take. With a grin, she agreed as well, leaving only Padma and her sister, who had arrived while they were writing, and they grinned just as widely.

After sticking her head in Madame Pomfrey's office to let her know they were leaving for the night, Luna lead the others through the empty hallways up to Gryffindor Tower. They stopped at a portrait of a lion and several lionesses several yards down from the Fat Lady's portrait, and Hermione gave the password, causing the portrait to slide aside and she led them into the room.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Luna started removing her clothing and putting them into the hamper, before turning to the others and smiling seeing that they were removing their clothes as well. She looked at them in admiration, pleased that Hermione was able to disrobe despite her shyness about her body. Of course, the fact that Cho was there, and Hermione had a deep crush on the girl didn't help matters, and Luna made up her mind to properly reward her pet for her strength, especially knowing what was going to be happening in a little while.

Luna's smile softened as she caught Hermione's eyes, and thanked the Goddess once again for the night of fire whiskey they had all shared. She had known that she was attracted to Hermione even back during the days when she was depending on her creatures to protect her from having no friends, but was too afraid of being rejected again, the way Felicity had her second year. That was really the start of the problems in her house, because Felicity couldn't handle the fact that another girl was attracted to her, and reacted badly. It was a shame that the other girl over reacted like that, especially when a couple of the older girls found out and started adding to it.

She was just glad that Cho and Padma didn't know about it, or get involved, because that would make this extremely awkward for all of them. She was glad that Parvati had come back early, because it would be nice for all six of them to get to know each other this way, especially since they were going to be the ones to counter Harry's core. She would probably need to tell them that the other women weren't really needed at some point, but not until they'd all been married at least ten years.

After all, she did have an unselfish reason for suggesting the other girls, as well as a slightly selfish reason. She knew that Harry would enjoy the chance to act out his fantasies, and she had to admit, she would enjoy having sex with some of the girls outside her soon to be family, and she knew that Cho would as well. Hermione was so in love with Harry, as long as he was there, she would enjoy it. Luna had known all along that Harry held the stronger hold on her lover, but was satisfied to know that she held a strong hold as well, and being able to be with both of them, plus the others, would make Hermione happy. She was looking forward to getting to know Fleur and the twins just as well.

Opening the door to the bathroom, she was pleased to see that Dobby had prepared the bath just the way they liked it, and gotten Fleur, Padma and Cho's favorite bath things from their rooms and put them by the tub. Calling it a bathroom was actually a misnomer, the room was easily as big as the Ravenclaw common room, and the tub was just as big as the one in the Prefect's Bathroom. Feeling for the bench under the water, she sat down and stretched out her legs, watching her toes peak above the water. She made sure that her breasts were also peaking above the water, because Hermione loved seeing her like that.

She sighed in pleasure as the hot water and oils relaxed her tense muscles, and lifted her head from the back of the tub and watched as all the others walked into the bathroom. It was interesting to watch how they walked in, Hermione was still a bit hesitant, even though Luna had told her many times she was beautiful, she still seemed a bit shy when confronted with classical beauties like Fleur and Cho. Those two were an interesting contrast, Fleur was walking casually, as though she spent her time naked around other people on a regular basis, which, for all she knew of her, might actually be true. Cho, Cho was well aware of the eyes on her, and she was enjoying it, walking smoothly, but with her back straight, so her breasts were thrust out for the others to admire, and it looked like the hair between her legs was already gathering moisture, which made Luna long to run her tongue through it, to see how she tasted.

Movement in the water beside her distracted Luna momentarily, and she smiled at Hermione as she slipped into the water next to her. Giving her lover a brief kiss, she ran her fingers over the older girls nipples, making them crinkle happily. Putting her arm around Hermione, she turned back to observing the other girls, and saw that they were all in the tub already, and were sighing in appreciation of finding their favorite oils waiting for them.

When they were all relaxed, Luna said, "Fleur, this may seem like a strange request, but I want to find something out. Do you know the name of Harry's elf?"

Fleur looked at her in confusion, "Of course, he mentioned it in one the few letters that he sent me last year, why?"

"I'll tell you in a minute, but can you call him please?"

Cho looked over at Luna, obviously aware of what Luna was thinking, because she said, "Are you sure Luna? Not that I have any objections, but you don't usually see things this clearly."

"No, I'm not completely sure, but I have suspicions, magic is making things extremely easy for us, almost as if she's rewarding Harry, and by extension, us for helping him. Anyway, Fleur, please call for Harry's elf."

Fleur shrugged, which did delightful things to her chest, and called out, "Dobby!"

Pop! -

"Yes, Master Harry's Flower? How canz Dobby help you?"

Before the others could respond, Luna said, "Thank you for coming so quickly Dobby, can you bring six dinners with a good bottle of wine to the bedroom in about an hour?"

The little elf nodded so quickly she thought his head would fall off and popped away, leaving five smiling girls and one extremely confused blonde.

Before Fleur could say anything, Cho turned to her and kissed her firmly, saying "Welcome to the Family, sister," which was echoed by Padma and Parvati, who each kissed her. With a nudge from her, Hermione slid off the bench and swam over to Fleur, before standing and kissing her as well, with a whispered, "Welcome to the Family" with a blush she turned and swam back to her seat, passing Luna who was heading toward the stunned woman. Standing in front of Fleur, Luna leaned down and kissed her firmly, welcoming her to the family as well. Instead of going back to her seat, though, Luna said, "I know you have questions, and some of them have answers, and I'll answer them, some of them I don't know the answer to, and I hope you'll accept that."

Sinking back into the water, she swam back to her seat and put her arm around Hermione, stroking her hair as her lover cuddled against her. Seeing that Fleur was still gathering her thoughts, she said, "To answer your question about why I had you call Harry's elf, it's fairly simple. His elf somehow recognized the connection all of us share with Harry, and will come when we call. Cho has been able to call on him for several months now, and Hermione and I since around March, which is when the two of us had a serious conversation about our mutual attraction to both Harry and Cho. Padma and Parvati were able to call him after they talked to Cho about joining them, to avoid their father making an arrangement they wouldn't want."

"So, you think that I am going to be joining your family? Is that it?" Fleur asked, still a little confused.

"Yes I do, otherwise, why would you have left your home to bring us these books, and stay to help us? I don't know for certain, but I suspect that your magic was already seeking us out, and leading you to join us, because you would be happy with Harry and the rest of us. It may also have been the debt you say you owe Harry, but I'm not sure, and probably never will be. But that's not really important now, what is important is that magic itself recognized your bond to Harry, and House-elves can sense that bond, which is why Harry's elf responded to your call."

Fleur just stared at her for a few moments, before the corners of her mouth started to twitch, and she started laughing. It wasn't a polite laugh, or even a derisive laugh, it was honest and full bodied, full of amusement, and the others started to smile watching her. She laughed for several minutes before getting herself under control. Wiping her eyes, she said, "Gabrielle is going to be pissed!"

"Your sister is far too young for this, and I'm sure she'll realize it in time." Luna said calmly.

"You're right, I'm sure she will, but she has been dreaming of marrying her Savior for last two years, ever since he pulled her from the lake." Still smiling, she continued, "Now that we are all cleaned up, I believe you mentioned something about relaxation? Just what did you have in mind?"

Cho was the one who answered her, by climbing into Fleur's lap and kissing her softly, whispering "I think you know," before claiming the blonde's mouth again.

ADTR &&&&& ADTR &&&& ADTR &&&&

The Headmaster's Conference Room

The Next Evening

Cho sat back in her chair and took a drink, smiling at the women remaining in the room. She was pleasantly surprised that none of the women who they had invited refused. A few were concerned about the amount of time that they would be away from the responsibilities, but when Croaker told them of the time manipulations that were being put into place, their concerns were alleviated, and they eagerly signed up. Seeing that the services of the Obliviators wouldn't be required, Croaker sent them back to the Ministry, and he and his fellow Unspeakables went up to the Seventh Floor to prepare the room.

Looking along the table, she caught Fleur's eye, who smiled and blushed at her, she knew that Veela were passionate beings, but last night had been a revelation to all of them! She hadn't been with a woman before, and neither had the twins, but they all really enjoyed the experience. If she had to pick a favorite moment, it would have been when they had all gotten out of the tub and she was laying on top of Luna, snogging her senseless and Hermione got behind them and started using her tongue on both of them at the same time! Of course, watching the twins double team Fleur would be a memory to savor as well, and she was really looking forward to experiencing it herself!

Glancing around, she was amazed that she really didn't know several of the girls, even though most of them were in the DA with Harry this past year. She wondered what their reasons for agreeing were. She figured that some were there out of friendship, like Katie Bell and Lavender Brown, or like the Auror, Tonks, who said that Harry was the head of her house, so of course she would help.

The others all had their own reasons, but she suspected that the four Slytherins were there for how it could benefit them, but she didn't have a problem with that, they agreed to sign the contract, so they wouldn't be hurting Harry or any of them just to get something for themselves. But she was really curious why the two teachers agreed to help, granted, Charity Burbage and Septima Vector were the two youngest teachers on staff, but she was still surprised they would help out.

She took another drink, and said, "Thank you all for agreeing to help, and I wanted to let you know that, with the approval of the Headmistress and the Ministry, all of you who are students that are participating will be given an Outstanding NEWT in the subject of your choice. Also, if you find that the actions you take in the dream state are too disturbing, or if you feel you would be too uncomfortable to be around Harry in the future, you can be obliviated of them, and less disturbing memories provided. Just let me know before you leave after we get finished, okay?"

She noticed that Daphne Greengrass and Hannah Abbott both looked relieved at that, and wondered what the story there was? Deciding it wasn't important, she asked if there were any questions, and, when no one said anything, thanked them again for coming, and told them they could stay in the castle over night, but to be in the Seventh Floor Corridor tomorrow morning at 9am.

End Chapter One