Story TITLE: A Dream to Remember
PART: 09 of ?
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson ( )
DISTRIBUTION: My Yahoo Group, , Ficwad, HPFFA, Archive of our Own
DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters You Recognize belong to me, they all belong to JK Rowling and her publishers.
SUMMARY: Harry is hit by a curse at the Final Battle, his friends come up with a unique cure.
FEEDBACK: Of course! It Makes Me Write Faster
CATEGORY: Lots of Women
SPOILERS: Canon to the end of Order of the Phoenix, but Dumbledore pulled his head out of his arse and spent the Summer and next year training Harry and his friends. The Final Battle took place at the end of 6th year.
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest. There is Ron, Molly and Percy bashing in this story, not a great deal, but some. Also, I'm going with a Good Dumbledore in this story.
AUTHORS NOTES: The curse, or at least the idea of the curse, comes from Dragon Raptor's Harry Potter and the Curse's Cure, used by Permission
IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 14th Birthday.
AUTHOR'S CONFESSION: The idea of the Black Family Motto being changed over the years is one that I've seen in a few different stories, but unfortunately I don't recall which ones at the moment. So thanks to whatever authors came up with the idea, I hope you don't mind me using it.

The Room of Requirement
As Tonks Faded Away

Tonks opened her eyes and laughed happily, "Damn that was fun!" she said, as she sat up and stretched. Looking around the room, she saw that several of the beds were empty, and asked Poppy, who was running her wand over Tonks' chest and belly, "So, where's the rest of lover boy's harem? I've got a hell of a story to tell them!"

Poppy said, "They are in the private bath area in the back, but, before you go, is there anything you can tell me about how the curse is reacting?"

Tonks thought for a second, absently lifting her right breast so she could scratch under it. "You know that we figured out it's going to take 100 releases to burn out the curse, right?" When Poppy nodded, Luna had already told them as much, "Well, we figure that he's got 73 to go, based on the damaged gems on the dragon."

Sliding out of bed, she stripped out of her hospital gown and headed toward the bath. She glared at Algernon who was watching the girl's arse as she casually strolled across the room, but then realized she had been watching her with almost as much interest! 'Is there something about the situation that's making us act like this? None of us have ever looked at another woman like that in all the years we've been together!'

"We really need to get out of here, before it causes changes in us as well!" she muttered quietly to herself, as she turned to Parvati's bed when she heard the girl moan.

Harry's Dreamscape
A Few Minutes Later

The music continued as Harry and Parvati danced around the Great Hall. Harry cursed the memory of Ron and Molly Weasley for causing him to ruin her date the first time around. Even though both Parvati and Padma had forgiven him, he was glad to be able to give her the dancing she missed before.

Parvati giggled lightly, and he looked down into her eyes, wondering what was funny, and she said, "This is another thing I'll have to thank Cho for, you're a much better dancer this time around!"

He laughed, "True, she got tired of my stepping on her toes, and made sure that I knew how to dance properly after we had been together for a while. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself this time around."

She grinned, "Oh definitely, but, to be honest, I've been fantasizing about doing more than dancing with you ever since you asked me to the Ball, and, even though that night didn't work out, I'm hoping that we can start marking some of those fantasies off the list while I'm here."

He gave a mock gasp, "Why, Miss Patil! What sort of man do you think I am?"

She smirked, "I'm hoping you're the kind of man who's going to make me scream your name in just a few minutes as he shags my brains out!"

He chuckled, "Okay, you got me. But, seriously, I need to know, are you looking for something sweet and romantic, or do you want to really explore the submissive fantasies that you mentioned? I can give you either one, but I want to make sure you enjoy yourself, even more than just the potion influencing you."

Parvati's eyes went smoky, and she said, "We've got the rest of our lives for sweet and loving, I want to be able to take advantage of this really experience dominant Harry!"

He grinned, "Well, considering the rather steamy conversations the four of us have had, I think I've got just the fantasy for you!"

Parvati stared in fascination as the dance floor disappeared, and they found themselves in a duplicate of Headmaster Dumbledore's Office,with both of them dressed in Professor's robes. Harry was sitting behind the desk, looking over his glasses at Parvati, who was shuffling nervously in front of him.

Putting his most stern expression on his face, he said, "Now, Professor Patil, can you please explain to me why Mister Abercrombie and Miss Zellar, my Head Boy and Head Girl, students chosen for their strong moral character and decorum, among other things, were found naked on top of the Astronomy Tower engaged in sexual activities with you and Professor Brown? I have been aware of you and Professor Brown's relationship since we were all in Gryffindor together, and never said a word, because it wasn't any of my concern. Now, however, by involving the students, it has become my concern."

He glared at her, "In all honesty, I would be perfectly within my rights to fire both of you and turn you over to the DMLE, and I still might do that! Now, I want to know exactly what you thought you were doing when you and Lavender decided to have sex on the Astronomy Tower without even securing the door or placing an aversion ward!"

There were tears flowing down Parvati's face as she was obviously completely into the scene he had created, and she started to speak.

"I honestly don't know what had happened. Lavender and I were working on a variant on one of the healing potions that Poppy uses, and everything was going as expected, until we added the frozen Ashwinder egg, and then everything went wrong! The egg should have absorbed the extra essence of murtlap that we used, making the potion safe to be consumed by anybody, but instead, it started bubbling over and fumes filled the room! I remember hitting the exhaust fan to pull the fumes out, and trying to find the alarm button so that we could get help, but the fumes had my eyes watering so bad that I was almost blinded."

She said, "We honestly were just trying to get out and get to the nurse when the effects of the potion must have overwhelmed us, because we both started kissing, right in the corridor outside my lab, and tearing at each other's clothes! I managed to keep enough self control to get us heading toward my quarters, but Peeves must have messed with the stairs, because the next thing I knew was we were stumbling up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower."

"By that time, neither of us had any control left, and we just fell through the door at the top and started tearing our clothes off and doing what we normally do when we are in private. When the two students found us, I guess the potion was in our skin or something, because I remember them trying to help us up, and then they started tearing at their clothing as well, and, you know what happened next."

Harry nodded, "Yes, I do know, quite well, and, while you and Professor Brown both have exceptionally attractive bodies, I felt dirty seeing my students like that!" Pulling a sheet of paper from a folder on his desk, he read over it and signed it quickly. "Very well, what you've told me matches what Poppy found when she examined the four of you, and, fortunately for you, Mister Abercrombie and Miss Zellar were already in a relationship, and of legal age, so there are not going to be legal repercussions from this incident."

Parvati almost collapsed in relief, but his next words froze her in place. "However, the Board of Governors insist, and I agree, that there be punishment for your carelessness in ingredient handling. Things could have been much worse if different students had been dragged into your mess, for example, your stumbling path took you directly outside a classroom full of second and third year students in the Charms club! Can you imagine what we would be dealing with if those children had gotten affected?"

He shook his head, "You and Professor Brown each have two choices. I will be speaking to Professor Brown when you and I are finished, but, your choices are this, you have 2 years left on your contract as Potions Professor at Hogwarts, you can either resign, effective immediately, or you can swear a concubine bond to me for the remainder of your contract. The nature of the contract will be kept completely secret, even from the Board of Governors and the Ministry, they will just be told that it's a behavior modification contract, but none of the details."

Parvati looked up at him for the first time since she walked into the office, "But what happens after the contract ends? Will we be out of work?"

"I'm not intending to end your employment if that is what you are worried about. All it means is, at the end of two years, you will no longer be bound to me as a concubine, and will be able to live your life as you choose. Does that answer your questions?" She nodded, "Very well, what is your decision?"

"Will you pass us around to other men?"

"Absolutely not! You will be joining my wife and I in bed and will be available to me when you are not occupied with your duties, but you will not be used as whores! I'm honestly offended that you would even consider that a possibility!"

She smiled slightly, "I didn't think you would, but, I wanted to make sure." She reached up and unbuttoned the robes she was wearing, letting them fall from her body and standing there nude in front of him. "I will accept the bond." She said, simply.

Harry hid a smile, he could see the way that Parvati's juices were soaking the dark hair covering her pussy that she was incredibly turned on, even if she was doing her best to stay in character.

Standing, he stripped out of his robes, standing in his trousers and open necked shirt. Walking around his desk, he stepped very close to his Indian beauty and ran his finger along her throat. "Very nice, Parvati, I've often wondered what you looked like naked, and you live up to my fantasies."

She flushed, but Harry could see her nipples hardening as he whispered in her ear. "Do you know what else I've wondered many times?"

She shook her head, her eyes back on the floor, "I've often wondered what you would look like on your knees with my dick in your mouth. Think you can help me with that question?"

Parvati's mouth quirked in a grin, but she smothered it quickly, and said, "As you desire, sir," before lowering herself to her knees in front of him. Harry leaned against the desk and spread his legs, looking down his body as she reached up and unzipped his trousers. He was already erect and pressing against his boxers from the entire scene, and when Parvati fished his cock out of his pants he had to grip the edge of the desk to stop from just lifting her up and bending her over the desk!

Harry looked into Parvati's eyes as she stroked him, seeing both the arousal and the amusement there, but it was mixed with the submission that he had known was already there. He and Cho had spent several evenings talking about sexual desires when they had decided to invite the twins to join their family, and he knew that both girls were submissive and were looking forward to living out their fantasies with him, and his with them!

Parvati was licking his shaft, and running her tongue over the bulb, making him moan in pleasure. Even with all the different women who had been in this position since Cho had told him what was going on, every time it was a completely unique experience, and he loved the feeling! He knew it was selfish that he was more concerned with his own pleasure than the girl who was sucking him, but he knew that they would have the rest of their lives to make love and let him concentrate on their pleasure. Right now it was about getting those gems healed and the curse out of his body!

He smiled as Parvati opened her mouth and took him inside, licking the pre-cum off the head and sucking gently. Her tongue was rubbing his shaft as her head bobbed, and her hands were caressing his balls, pushing him closer to the edge of cumming. He focused on his Occlumency shields to keep from losing control, but having one of the girls he was already starting to love sucking him so perfectly was almost more than he could handle, especially after all the earlier stimulation.

She kept sucking, drawing moans from his throat, until she took him as deep as she could, and the look on her face was all that it took! "Parvati! I'm going to cum!"

She looked up at him and he saw the need in her eyes, and he lost it, swelling in her mouth and letting go! Parvati pulled her head back and held her mouth open, so he could see his cum landing on her tongue before she closed her mouth and started swallowing.

Harry collapsed against the desk, breathing heavily, and watched as Parvati seemed to be caught up in a massive orgasm of her own. He wasn't sure if it was because of the scene, or the magic in his semen, but it wasn't that important right now, he was just happy that she was getting pleasure out of the fantasy!

The Private Bathing Area
Same time as the Previous Scene

Cho had changed the room so that there was a large open shower area, and they were rinsing off after their bath time fun. Of course, that didn't mean that they were only thinking about getting clean, as there were plenty of stops to kiss and fondle each other. Of course, Luna got a little carried away, and was on her knees in front of Cho, her mouth at the older girl's pussy. The others had to stop and watch, of course, and soon Katie and Pansy were snogging under the shower, while Penny and Septima were grinding against each other, with Penny pressed against the back wall.

That was the scene that Tonks found when she walked in the door. Grinning widely, she leaned against the wall and watched with interest, until it seemed that the girls were getting close to cumming, and she spoke up, "Wotcher, All!" and laughed hysterically when the women jumped in surprise before they turned and glared at her!

Ignoring the look of murder in the frustrated women's eyes, she grinned and said, "Damn, looks like a hell of a party! Have fun?"

With an icy tone, Cho said, "We were having a wonderful time Nymphadora, until somebody thought it was funny to interrupt us. Now, I think you need to pay the price for that, don't you ladies?"

The other woman were all glaring at her, and Tonks swallowed, a little nervously as she realized she might just have made a mistake in stopping their fun. "Hey, it was just a joke, you know, a funny? Oh come on, girls, I'm sorry!"

Cho smirked, "No, you aren't, but you will be!" Concentrating, the room changed again, and Tonks found her feet locked into place as manacles formed around her ankles, and her hands were locked behind her back. She tried to move, but suddenly she was kneeling on the tile floor, and Cho was laying in front of her, legs spread wide open.

"Now, Nymphadora, since you interrupted us before we were able to cum, you're going to use that smart mouth of yours to bring all of us off, and then, after a good spanking, you'll be let loose. Now, get to work!"

Tonks almost objected to the use of her hated first name, but realized that this might not be the best time. Besides, she was surrounded by naked horny women, who had time to talk? Lengthening her tongue she leaned forward and grinned, this was going to be fun!

Of course, she wasn't grinning that much when the girls had taken turns using a paddle on her arse, and then conjured strap-on dildos from somewhere and lined up to bugger her, but, it was still worth it!

The Room of Requirement
The Same Time

Poppy scanned the sleeping woman, and nodded at the 100 point increase, just as expected. Turning to Croaker, she said, "Just like the others, 100 points increase for each release. How is Mister Potter?"

The unspeakable said, "Another one percent drop in the curse, at least that much is still going as expected." He glared at the rune pattern on the sleeping Potter boy's chest, "I swear to Merlin and Hecate that damned dragon is smirked at me! Like he finds it amusing to see me tearing what little hair I've got left out of my head!"

Taking a breath, he said, "We should have a few minutes before they move to the next round, let's take a look at those rituals again."

Walking over to the table where the books were sitting open, the two of them started reading over the ancient rituals that the room provided. They were still searching when Parvati started moaning lustily, and the two of them hurried back to their positions.

Poppy had to smile at the foul mouth on the normally demure girl, and absently wished she were forty years younger so she could see what it was that made Mister Potter so special? She decided not to mention that to Algernon until they were out of here and he could give her the spanking she deserved for thinking something like that!

The Headmaster's Office
Same Time

When the office had gone silent, Godric looked around the room and nodded, all of the portraits were sleeping again, especially that meddling old bastard Dumbledore. He chuckled, well, if a hat could be said to chuckle anyway, it wasn't that he and the others objected to the old man's over all goal, including what he was doing to ensure that Potter and his ladies had a good life, but the old man hadn't bothered to think things through.

That was one of the advantages of being connected to all four of the founders, they were each extremely intelligent and when they worked together, there was nothing they couldn't do! He idly wondered how much he would remember when everything was completed?

Tapping into the wards of the castle, Godric ensured that all of the portraits in the office would remain asleep until he returned, and summoned a house elf. When the elf arrived, he had it take him off the shelf and pop him to the Girls Lavatory on the Second Floor.

Arriving, Godric saw that the sink had already moved out of the way, and could feel the magic of his old friend Salazar in the room. "Good, the others are already putting the plan in motion. Now, to check on the ward stone!"

Having the elf float him down the slide, he frowned at the falling rock blocking the main entrance. Calling the castle's available elves, he soon had them removing the blockage and repairing as much of the damage as possible. With all of them working, it was only a short while later that the doors to the chamber were visible.

Godric waited as patiently as he could, but still wished, not for the first time that he wasn't stuck in the form of a hat. If he'd had his wand things would be going much faster! But, when the wreckage was completely cleared, he had his elf take him into the chamber, and called the elves to start cleaning and repairing it so the chamber would be ready when needed.

From the center of the chamber, Godric reached out into the wards and following the magic back to the ward stone, sent the commands that he and the others had set when they first started the castle. There was a grinding noise as a portion of the floor started to glow, and the stones of the chamber started to separate, letting a large rune covered stone to become visible as it rose through the opening. Once the stone was completely visible and sitting on it's base, the hole in the floor returned to normal, and the glow faded away.

"Damn, that was a lot easier when I had a body!" Godric groaned, and had the elf pop him back to his shelf in the Headmaster's Office. Releasing the command to keep the portraits dozing, the hat closed his eyes and relaxed again.

Harry's Dreamscape
Same Time

Parvati had often heard the expression 'bit off more than you can chew' but never really understood what it meant, until now! She had often fantasized about being spanked by Harry, but the reality was a lot more intense than she had ever imagined.

From practically the instant that she had recovered from the massive orgasm that swallowing Harry's cum had triggered, he had her bending over the Headmaster's Desk, and from somewhere, chains and cuffs had wrapped around her wrists and ankles, spreading her wide open. She thought he was just going to take her, and shivered in anticipation, but, instead, she heard him saying, "Count the blows, pet. I want to hear you counting them clearly!"

That was the only warning she got, as his calloused hand landed directly on her bum! "One, Sir!" she shouted, as the heat spread from her arse throughout her body.

"Two, Sir!" as his hand landed on the other cheek. Parvati braced herself for another blow, but instead, she gasped in surprise as she felt two of his fingers sliding into her soaking core, and they started pumping her roughly. She shut her eyes and moaned at the feelings of his fingers pressing against her inner walls, making the tender flesh shiver happily. She was relaxing and enjoying the sensations when his hand landed on her arse again, and she barely remembered to count, "Three, Sir!"

Parvati had no idea how long he had been teasing her like this, switching between spanking her and fingering her, but she couldn't tell any more where the pain ended and the pleasure began! All she knew was, she never wanted it to stop!

A part of her had been keeping count, and was still able to form the words that he wanted to hear, and, when she heard herself crying out "Twenty, Sir!" it seemed as if it was coming from miles away.

It was only when she felt his hard cock pressing against her that Parvati realized the spanking had stopped, and then he was deep inside her, stretching her more than she had ever been stretched before! He was filling her, touching her and that was all that mattered, even the sting of his flesh slapping against her reddened arse didn't matter, because this was where she had longed to be. It was what she had been wanting to experience the night of the Yule Ball, but wasn't able to, thanks to that damned Weasel!

That didn't matter anymore, she was here now, and Sir was pounding into her, sending bursts of magic throughout her body with each thrust, and soon enough the magic gathered inside her and spread out explosively, until Parvati was no more, only Sir's pet, and that was all that mattered.

She moved against him as much as she could, with the chains holding her in place, but it was enough to draw him even deeper into her body. They moved together for an eternity, and pet lost track of how many time he had driven her over the edge, but finally she felt him burst inside her and as the stars burst behind her eyes the fog of pleasure rolled back and she remembered who she was, and what she was doing, and Parvati felt Harry's love for her wrapping around her, and she fell asleep, still tied to the desk, a satisfied smile on her face.

She never even noticed Harry pulling out of her, or the cuffs fading from her wrists and ankles as she was picked up in Harry's arms. She just snuggled in closer and kept sleeping.

The Room of Requirement
During the prior scene

Croaker had looked over at Poppy with a grin when they heard the Patil girl counting in a strained voice. "Looks like Mister Potter enjoys spanking his pets as much as I do, eh, Poppy?"

Poppy blushed, remembering her early thoughts. But she did have to agree, Mister Potter did enjoy playing with his girls as much as Algernon did playing with her and Yolanda. Of course, the fact that the girls seemed to enjoy it as much as Harry did just proved Algernon's theory even more, meaning he was going to be insufferable when they got out of here!

Running her scan over Parvati, she smirked, "It seems that Mister Potter has worn her out, so we should be able to make some more progress in our searching."

Croaker nodded, and walked passed her toward the research table, pausing to lay an open handed smack on her arse as he walked by, making her jump and rub her bum! "Oh that man!" she grumbled, heading after him.

Poppy grabbed the book she was reviewing earlier, and quickly skimmed over the next few pages, until something caught her eye. Looking closer, she nodded, "Algernon? This one looks familiar, and it deals with removing excess magic safely from a large group of people."

Croaker looked up sharply, and said, "Let me see it!" Reading over it, he nodded, "Yes, this seems to be the one I remember as well. But now we just have to find out where Slytherins Chamber is to access the ward stone."

Poppy looked at him curiously, "What do you mean, you have to find out where... We've known where the chamber is for several years now, since the Basilisk was petrifying all those students." At his look, she swore, "Damn it! Don't tell me, Dumbledore never contacted you about it?"

Croaker shook his head, "Shouldn't surprise me, I suppose, he hated anybody but him knowing what was happening here. Oh well, can't be helped at this point. So, were is the Chamber?"

As Poppy started describing what had happened four years before, Croaker listened intently, and, when she finished, he said, "Okay, that gives us a starting place, and, if Mister Potter retains his parseltongue ability we'll be able to access it."

He rubbed his eyes tiredly, "At least that's one major problem off our plates for now. But we still have to figure out what's going with Mister Potter in the dreamscape, some of these readings are too anomalous and they worry me."

He laughed sourly, "I should have listened to my mother, she wanted me to come back and work in the family business, but I had to get interest in spell crafting and research, damn it! I could be sitting at home with my wives and our kids, sipping a butterbeer and listening to Quidditch on the wireless, but no! We're stuck in here with a boy that's more powerful than bloody Merlin, trying to figure out why he and his harem haven't exploded from the massive amounts of magic pumping through their bodies!"

Poppy gave him a look, "Don't kid yourself Algernon, you would have been bored out of your mind and probably drinking way too much if you didn't have something to keep your mind occupied. Now, are you done whining, so we can find a way to help this children?"

He looked at her in surprise, before he laughed, amused. "Yes Poppy, I'm done, let's get back to work."

Harry's Dreamscape
A few minutes after the prior scene

Harry waited as long as he could, wanting Parvati to recover from the spanking and the orgasms, but he could feel the dragon getting restless again, and needed to wake his partner up. Creating a shower stall, similar to the one that he had taken Cho in, he leaned Parvati against the wall and turned on the cold water. Parvati's eyes shot open when the blast of cold hit her and she shrieked in surprise, before Harry cut the water off.

"Good, you're awake now Pet! I let you rest as long as possible, but you still have work to do before you can sleep."

The dragon roared in his mind, and Parvati's eyes widened as she saw it looming behind them. "What the bloody hell is that?" She demanded, trying to back away from it.

Harry broke character to explain what the dragon and the gems represented, but the need was getting stronger, and he said, "Look, I'm having a hard time controlling myself right now, the curse is being cured, but the dragon is just as strong as ever. Are you ready for me to take you again?"

Parvati had calmed down when Harry explained, and the effects of the potion she and the others had taken started affecting her again. "Yes Sir, your pet is ready, how do you want me?"

Harry gestured and Parvati was back in position in the Headmaster's office, bent over the desk and her arms and legs stretched out and chained in place. He stepped behind her and used his wand to clean her arse out, and loosen the ring of muscle. "Have you ever taken a man up your arse, pet?"

"No Sir, you are my first! I knew I would belong to you, so I saved that part of myself until you could claim me."

"Good pet," he said, as he lubricated her virgin hole, and then coated his pulsing cock as well. Rubbing his cock along the cleft between her cheeks, he stopped at her rosebud and pressed forward slowly, letting her adjust to the feeling. When he moved slightly, and the head popped in, she grunted, and he waited, giving her time to get used to the sensation. "Ready pet?" He asked, and she nodded, so he slid forward, reveling in the warmth and pressure around his cock.

Once he was completely buried in her tightness, he pulled back slightly and pushed forward, pleased that Parvati was pushing back against him. He started pumping steadily, mentally loosening the chains on her legs so she could move as well, and soon she was moving with him, moans of pleasure coming from her throat. He knew that some women didn't enjoy being buggered, so he was very glad that all the girls who had been with him so far seemed to enjoy it a great deal. Well, except for Katie, they hadn't gotten to that before she faded away, but she seemed eager to try it as well.

A part of him wondered if Cho had chosen girls who were already naturally submissive, or if Penny was right, and that a powerful wizard brings the submissiveness out in a witch? Something to look at when they got rid of this damned curse, for now, he wanted to make sure Parvati climaxed before he finished inside her!

Reaching around her, he put his fingers at Parvati's soaking lips, and slid the tips inside, rubbing the swollen flesh as he let a trickle of magic out, making her cry out as a mini orgasm burst within her. He smirked, wondering if that trick would work in the real world, and looking forward to finding out.

He started moving faster inside her, feeling the vise grip of her muscles around him, and knew that it wasn't going to be much longer before he came. He let more of his magic out of his fingers and Parvati shrieked as another, even bigger climax blasted her, and, as she was recovering from that, Harry felt his balls tighten and he shoved forward, his hips slapping against the fleshy cheeks of her arse as he growled out her name and exploded inside her.

Parvati cried out as he triggered another burst of pleasure inside her, and she collapsed against the desk, moving against him as she struggled to stay conscious, until he finished and pulled out of her gaping hole. Waving his hand, the chains disappeared again, and he picked Parvati up from the desk and lifted her in his arms. When she opened her eyes and smiled at him, he leaned in and kissed her, saying "Good Pet, you can rest now, and I'll see you when I wake up!"

"Looking forward to it," she murmured as she faded away.

Harry didn't even get a chance to change the room back when a woman was on her knees in front of him, rubbing his cock against her face! Looking down, he saw Lavender Brown, dressed in a Professor's robes, looking up at him with devotion in her eyes, and then she opened her mouth and took him inside.

End Chapter Nine Hope to see you in a few weeks with Chapter 10

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