Hey guys so this is my first fan fiction so if you guys judge me too harshly, I would really appreciate it. If you think I could add something or wish to give some positive or negative feedback I am cool with that too. Oh yeah and in this fanfiction they all go to highschool and Aang is the new student, it may be as if its school but Aang is still the avatar and they all still have bending :)









Aang was peacefully asleep, that was until Aangs uncle Gyatso quickly opens the blinds "Wake up Aang you don't want to miss your first day of high school!"

"uuhh, Gyatso go away I wanna sleep" Aang groans in his pillow, shading his eyes from the sun.

"Aang, wake up! Don't make me get the bucket" Gyatso said. Aangs eyes flung open as he flew from his bed and into the kitchen. Aang was eating the fruit salad Gyatso had prepared for him earlier. He then put on a pair of black jeans and a yellow t-shirt with a orange hooded jacket.

When Aang had finished his salad and done everything else, he put his bag on his shoulders and walked outside to find his uncle in the car waiting for him.

When Aang finally arrived to school he hugged his uncle and put his bag back onto his shoulders. On his way to his class he walked into the most beautiful girl he believed to exist on this earth, she had chocolate brown hair and a dark tan with

beautiful blue eyes. "Oh im so sorry" they both said in sync as they picked each others books off the floor. Their eyes locked for a moment before Aangs eyes parted from hers "um h-heres your books" Aang stuttered.

"Thankyou" the girl said

smiling. "My name is Katara" she said "Whats yours?" "Katara, that's such a beautiful name, im Aang"

Katara giggled "thankyou, your name isn't too bad either" she smiled at him before gazing into his deep storm grey eyes again.

"Hey Aang?" Katara asked "What year level are you in?"

"im a freshman, I just moved here from the southern air temple" aang explained.

Kataras eyes opened in shock. "Your an airbender!?"

'y-yeah is that a bed thing?" Aang frowned.

no, of course not" Katara confessed "I just didn't think there were any left"

"There isn't" Aang said "theres just me and my uncle Gyatso left"

aang looked a bot upset "Anyway" aang said making a smile "what classed do you have?" aang and katara exchanged time tables.

Kataras timetable-

1 water bending

2 water bendingRecess

3 English

4 English

5 Water tribe history


6 sparring

7 sparring

Aangs timetable-

1 water bending

2 water bendingRecess

3 Air bending techniques

4 Air bending techniques

5 Water tribe history


6 sparring

7 sparring

"Hey we have lessons 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 together!" aang said happily

"Yeah I guess we do" katara smiled. Her smile faded into confusion "hey aang, if your an airbender howcome your taking waterbending classes?"

Oh man I forgot I wasn't supposed to tell people im an airbender, now my secret could go out. I guess I have to tell her now.

"Well, uhh how do I put this?" Aang said rubbing the back of his neck "You see im the uhh, im the A-Avatar"

Katara looked shocked "your the Avatar!?

"Well, yeah.." aang stated "but i never wanted to be"

the bell goes

"Come on Aang we need to get to class"

they both walked to class in silence

"Hey Aang do you want to hang out with me and my friends at recess and lunch? they are all nice, well all except my dorky brother Sokka" katara grinned.

"Thanks Katara I would love to"

A minute later Aang suddenly feels a fist to his face and a kick to his stomach. "Hey pipsqueak what are you doing talking to my girlfriend" Jet says while putting his arm around katara.

"For the last time Jet I am NOT your GIRLFRIEND! get that through your thick skull!" Katara yelled before helping Aang to his feet. "Oh Katara, Katara, Katara" Jet said while shaking his head "I told you if you kept saying that there would be consequences" Jet started walking towards Aang and pinned him towards a locker. "hmm what was your name again, was it hang, Jang, oh that's right it was Aang, haha little Aang" Jett laughed at his own joke before throwing another punch to his nose, katara could of swore she heard a crack. "Oh Aang im so sorry I went to open my locker but I must have hit you instead" Jett laughed at his own remark.

"Katara I did tell you there would be consequences" Jett said with a evil grin before delivering his last blow to Aangs forehead, this knocked him out clean. Aang las unconscious on the floor with a bruised eye and a cut above his left eyebrow. Jetts gang let Katara go and walked off. Katara immediately rushed over to Aangs help.


"U-u-uh, K-Katara?" Aang said barely conscious before passing out again.

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