Hey guys here's the next chapter.

Previously on avatar High school

an hour later Mai went to Iroh in his study, he was reading his book on poisons. "so have you found anything yet Iroh?" Mai asked nicely

"actually I have" Iroh answered "i think I found the poison in Aangs body"

"really?" Mai said "what's it called?"

Iroh smiled at Mai "Its called the..."

I hope this briefly sums up what's going to happen in this chapter. Anyway I wont keep you guys waiting any longer so here ya go! :)

Oh and Ps the word Karnrakt is said like this (Carn-Ract)

"Its called Karnrakt, it is deadly if not cured" Iroh said to Mai. Mai began to tear up.

"Do you mean he's going to, you know... die?" Mai asked crying a bit more. Iroh put his hands on her shoulders.

"Yes he will, unless I find a cure for him in all my books" Iroh said opening a scroll titled 'Karnrakt' He began to read something to Mai "Karnrakts symptoms include dizziness, muscle aches, hallucinations, migraines, temperature spikes, loss of sight after 3 weeks, body aches, difficulty breathing, legs begin to collapse slight amnesia and frequent passing out. After 6 months of suffering the infected will die a long suffering death" Irohs eyes widened with fear and so did Mai's. "Mai we need to tell everyone what's going to happen if we don't help him soon" Mai nodded in agreement. Iroh put the useful scrolls into his bag. and walked into the lounge where everyone was sitting. Katara was sitting on the couch with Aangs head in her lap. She was gently stroking his hair when she saw Iroh walk in with Mai.

"Hey Iroh" Katara said "did you find anything?" Kataras face looked at Irohs hopefully.

"actually I did but you won't like it"

"May not like what?" Aang asked rubbing his eyes after being un-conscious "what won't we like?". Aang put his hand on his head and felt very lightheaded.

"Aang are you alright?" Katara asked him looking sincere. She was quite worried about him.

"yeah im alright" Aang answered her "please show us what you have found Iroh". Iroh handed Aang and Katara the scroll labelled Karnrakt. Aang began to widen his eyes with fear and cry.

"IM GOING TO DIE!" Aang yelled at Iroh "Please tell me im not going to die, please tell me you found something to help me" Aang cried even more. Katara was so scared to lose the one she loves but she had to stay strong for him. She began to sob quietly as she pulled Aangs head into the crook of her neck

"Aang, every thing will be okay, we will help you through all this"

"B-But Katara w-what if I f-forget, forget ab-about you and e-everything that m-makes me, m-me? Katara im s-so scared and I know that I-I shouldn't be b-but I am, w-what if I forget myself?" Aang said as his head back into Kataras lap. She began to run her hands through his hair

"Aang it going to be okay, you'll be okay" Katara said with much sympathy "I promise" Aang stopped sobbing. Katara looked into Aangs eyes and saw fear, not fear of death but fear of losing Katara. She touched his head and he was getting a burning fever. She sprung off the couch and ran into the kitchen. She then filled a bowl with water and put a cloth in it. she ran back to Aang and started to pat the wet cloth on his head, but his fever just kept rising. He wasn't getting any better, not even a little. His fever began to get even hotter.

"Katara?" Suki asked "You need to do anything to keep his fever down, because he is a fire bender, his heat will rise quicker" Katara nodded at Sukis advise.

"Thankyou for telling me this Suki" Katara smiled at Sukis friendly face. Suki could tell Katara was scared for Aang but she had to remain brave for Aangs sake.

"Come on Aang, we better get you upstairs, you need a healing session" Katara pushed Aangs head up as she got up off the couch. She reached out to his hand but he didn't take it. he just looked at his feet "Aang?"

"Katara I appreciate that your trying to help me, but I don't think your healing will do anything" Aang said still looking at his feet. When he looked up he saw Kataras face, but it wasn't the normal happy face she usually has, but a sad one, one filled with fear for Aang, Fear for what might happen to him.

"Aang please I just want to try and help lower your fever" Katara asked with much sympathy. She extended he hand to him again but this time he took it. But as soon as Aang stood up he fell to his knees. "Aang!" Katara knelt down and put his arm over her neck and shoulders "are you alright?"

Aang nodded to her in response "yeah I just feel a little light headed, its nothing to worry about" Aang smiled at her but faded after he felt pain in his kneecaps. He began to fall again but Katara caught him.

"Aang your not fine!" she said with some frustration "come on im going to help you, please let me help you" Aang nodded as Katara helped him up the stairs. Once they were in Kataras room she sat Aang on the bed. She went to the bathroom and came back 2 minutes later with a bowl of water in her hands. She placed it on the bedside table and pulled Aangs monk robes off, all he was wearing now were his orange monk pants. Katara was staring at Aang, she was staring at his muscles. He had toned a lot since they had first met but she had not realised until now. She began to blush but snapped out of it as she knew what she had to do. She had to help him as much as she could. She began to bend the water around her hands and put them on his head and body to relieve the pain. She then moved down to his knees.

"There does that feel better?" Katara asked kindly. Aang nodded weakly.

"Yeah a little" Aang said squinting his eyes together. His vision was blurred but went back to normal after a few moments. Katara began to put her arm around Aang as he started coughing.

"Aang im here" Katara said with fear "Ill always be here" Aang shivered from the cold air surrounding him. He tried to scream fire out his mouth to warm him but instead fell into a big coughing fit. Kataras eyes widened with fear. His face fell into her embrace as he continued to cough. His cough got worse and worse.

"Uhh" Aang said when his coughing had finished. He looked exhausted from all the coughing. Katara saw the dark black bags under his eyes as she moved his head onto the pillow. He looked weak, very weak. Katara was getting extremely worried. She put the blanket over his body and tucked him in tight. She kissed his forehead. As she stated to walk away she felt a hand grip her wrist gently but firmly at the same time.

"K-Katara" Aang said weakly "C-Can you stay with m-me please?". Katara nodded and hopped into bed with him. She snuggled up to him to keep him warm. she felt him shiver. Aang was about to scream fire from his mouth again but Katara shook her head at him.

"Aang don't, you will start coughing again" Aang nodded at her statement as they both fell asleep in each others arms.