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I am Cecily Herondale, you see. I have come to be trained as a shadowhunter."
I read the last line of Clockwork Prince, then sighed and replaced the book on my bedside table. I had been reading for twelve hours straight, only taking brief breaks to eat or use the bathroom. It wasn't that I haven't read the book before; it's just that I had nothing else to do. My new foster home was miles away from anywhere I had lived before and clockwork princess hadn't been released in the U.K yet. It had been published in America, however. So, obviously, I had read the plot summary online, but nothing could replace the real thing. My eyes were aching from reading for so long, so I thought I had better go for a walk, as I had been cooped up inside too long. Shrugging on my denim jacket, I called out to my new foster parents that I was going out, but left before they could question me. I was walking along the road, kicking a pebble. Looking up, I saw a man walking towards me, he had sparkly, spikey hair and an outrageous fashion sense, Magnus Bane came into my mind, and I smiled.

"Excuse me," he called, hurrying up to me, "are you Lucie Ravenbury?" he asked looking at a piece of paper in his hand. It looked faded and very old. After tearing my eyes away from his pink leather jacket, I looked up at his face and started to question him.

"Who's ask…" but the retort died on my lips. His eyes. A Green-gold colour and slit pupiled like a cat's. Magnus' eyes. But Magnus was a book character. Wasn't he? I silently nodded in answer to his question. Smiling sadly, he replaced the paper in his pocket.

"I'm sorry," he said, "but you'll thank me for this later." With that, he snapped his fingers in my face, and I started swirling into blackness. Then I heard Magnus utter three last words.

"Goodbye…" then he called me a name. One I instantly recognised but one that was not my own. Why would he call me that? I thought, but then I could think no more as the blackness consumed me.

After Lucie disappeared into the vortex, Magnus stayed where he was, staring at where she had been, reminiscing about a different time. He had come to London on the favour of an old friend, but now the favour had been completed and the story was unfolding for her. Magnus remembered it well. He smiled, wishing he could see his old friends once more. Realising he had been standing still for over a minute, Magnus created a portal and travelled back to New York. As Magnus appeared, Alec looked up from the book he'd been reading.

"Where've you been?" He asked. Magnus looked upset, and that concerned Alec greatly. Suddenly exhausted, Magnus walked over to the couch and slumped down next to his boyfriend.

"I've been visiting a friend, and completing a favour from a long, long time ago."

Coming too, I found myself on a horse. But I wasn't alone, beside me someone screamed. Startled and having never ridden a horse before, I promptly fell off, and the horse, spooked, ran off over the cobbles – cobbles? - leaving me stranded. But, my mind side-lined this fact and moved on to the more pressing matter. Who had screamed? I was alone on this street. Pushing back my long black hair – long black hair? - With my long slender fingers with the unbitten nails – long slender fingers with unbitten nails? - Not my hair, not my hands. I wasn't myself. But then, who was I? Unbidden, Magnus' last words reverberated in my mind. But, no, it couldn't be.

What in Raziel's name are you?A voice spoke, spoke in my mind. Get out! I-I can't move. Help! Shaking, I sank to my knees.

I'm sorry. So sorry. I thought, hoping she'd hear me. I don't know how. Then a thought struck me. Long, black hair. Slender fingers. Herondale fingers. If Magnus was real, then surely the rest of the shadowhunter world was also real? Looking down at my body, I saw that I was wearing a green dress and a black travelling cloak. Having read the book just minutes before, I knew who wore this. But, surely, I couldn't be her. Could I? Hesitantly I thought, hoping she could hear me?

Cecily Herondale?

Who's asking? What are you? She replied. Taking a deep breath I replied

I am a mundane, called Lucie Ravenbury, from the 21st century. Somehow I have travelled through time and merged with you, Cecily Herondale.

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