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Cecily accepted this with surprising ease, especially when I found out I could share my memories with her. In a show of faith, I showed her everything about me and my life, bar that of the books she was a part of. I might not have read the final book, but I knew the plot. I had read enough books and watched enough movies to know that knowing the future was not a good idea. Surprisingly, Cecily also showed me her life. Most I knew from the books. Will leaving, her father losing their house, and, of course, Ella dying. Although I knew what that memory was, it still made me cringe. It was so much worse seeing it real life, somehow, rather than the imagination. Some memories, however, I didn't know from the books, such as childhood memories. One particularly funny one was a memory of a six year old Will getting stuck up a tree, while trying to avoid a duck. Those Herondales and their duck phobia. When, however, we got to the reason she was going to the institute, I broke out of the memories saying to her:

That's not how it's supposed to happen.

How what is supposed to happen? She replied, warily.

Uhhhh… I mean just turning up and saying he has to come home won't work. I mean, would you go home with someone you haven't seen in ten years? Especially if you consider those you are with to be your family. I felt her flinch at that, although our body didn't move.

She was silent for a while and I could tell she was thinking. Finally she said:

Look. I-I'm not very good at all this. I have no tact. You speak for me. Unless you are about to say or do something that will ruin my reputation, you can do what you perceive to be right.

Are you sure? I replied, cautious of what she was saying.

I've seen your life haven't I? I trust you. Anyway, what have I got to lose?

Smiling, I nodded.

I will do my best. I said. After this, Cecily gave me directions to the institute, and I started towards it.

It was definitely strange, going back in time. In modern times, I knew this part of London well, as I had lived here. But it was like a whole different place.

We're here Cecily said, snapping me from my reverie. She was right, we were in Fleet Street, right where my history books said the ruins of the church All-Hallows-the-Less used to stand, and I had seen them in modern day. But now, with my new shadowhunter eyes, I could see it for what it really was. Gleaming spires and magnificent arches, with the statue of the angel Raziel set into the stone. It really was beautiful.

Are you going in or are we just going to freeze to death? Cecily asked sarcastically, seemingly unimpressed with the magnificent décor.

I'm going, I'm going. I grumbled walking up to the door Are you sure you want me to do this? I asked her, giving her one last opportunity to back out.

I'm sure, she said just… don't embarrass me, okay?

Okay, I replied, smiling, before I touched the doors and they swung open at my shadowhunter heritage, allowing me entrance.

Immediately I ran into a tall, dark haired man who looked at me in surprise, before reaching out to grab a blade on the wall.

"No… No, please I am not a threat. I am a shadowhunter. Please may I speak to the head of the institute?" I rushed, mentally cursing myself for not thinking this would happen, with all the trouble with Mortmain.

And... You didn't think to knock? Came Cecily's voice, from the back of my mind.

Hey! I didn't see you suggesting it. I snapped back, before refocusing my attention on the man in front of me. Looking shocked he lowered his hands, his face a picture of horror.

"I am so sorry ma'am, I haven't seen you before. Mrs Branwell is at dinner at present, if you will wait…"

I cut him off: "I must speak to her, it is of a matter of great importance."

He looked at me. I don't suppose I could have looked like much, a girl of fifteen. But when I then lowered the hood of my travelling cloak, he saw my features, and his face was once again shocked. I was the picture of Will.

"Of course. I will inform her you are here." I followed him up to the dining room, listening to Cecily.

Goodness. I didn't know my face could do that. I suppose I do look a bit like Will…

A bit? I thought, but said nothing, leaving Cecily to her musings. At this point, the man, who on further inspection, I realised had to be Cyril, came out of the dining room and said:

"Mrs Branwell said she will see you now" and with that walked back into the dining room. I had no choice but to follow him.

The room was dimly lit, with witchlight, but comfortable looking; it had that lived-in feel. I saw a girl standing to the side of the room, who I would have guessed was Sophie, even without the scar that disfigured her cheek. Seated near her was a man with sandy blond hair and green eyes, who I presumed was Gideon. Opposite him was a girl with grey blue eyes and a brown bun. I knew her to be Tessa Grey, even without the two boys seated either side of her. One had silver hair and silver eyes, and was currently holding hands with Tessa; Jem. The other drew in a sharp, painful breath. His features, so similar to Cecily's – now mine- but so different in the masculinity of them, were in a mask of horror.

By the Angel… Cecily whispered and I absently wondered where she had picked up the expression. Her father, I supposed.

Then I turned to the red haired man and the brunette woman, the obvious heads of the institute. Henry hovered protectively around Charlotte, who, I remembered, had just revealed her pregnancy.

"Hello. I apologize for interrupting your dinner hour, but I had nowhere else to go." Then, hardly believing I was saying it, I announced: "I am Cecily Herondale, you see. I have come to be trained as a shadowhunter."

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