Hey you guys here's a great story for you. We all have suffered through the mistakes that autocorrect makes(on purpose grr) and had various forms of rage over it. But then I thought "what if the turtles went through the same thing we did?". And boom here it is.

So now here are the reactions of the tmnt gang and autocorrect

Disclaimer: I do not own the TMNT... otherwise I would visit them every chance I got.

Raph: hey don ya have colored penis I can borrow?

Don: Raph not only do I not have said items, but that is highly gross of you to ask

Raph: Wha' are ya talkin' bout me bein' gross

Don: Read your last text

Raph: wha'...

Raph: damn autocorrect, I meant pens

Mikey: Leo are we going on the potty or not

Leo: excuse me?

Mikey:...that was supposed to be patrol

Leo: oh... then yes and make sure to go to the bathroom before we go

April: guys I'm going to the store, do you need anything?

Leo: yeah ice, apple juice, and sliced hands

April: ...uh oookaay I'll see what they have

Leo: wait April I meant sliced 'ham'

Leo: hello?

Leo: oh boy

Don: anyone see my 6/8 rabbit anywhere?

Mikey: I hope mean wrench dude cuz I saw it on the kitchen. Why would you have a 6/8 rabbit here?

Don: of course I mean wrench what are you talking about?

Mikey: read your txt dude

Don: what...oh

Don: damn

Message sent to all the turtles

Splinter: my sons it is time for your afternoon prostate exam

Leo: O_O ummm

Raph: O_O whaaaaaa...

Don: O_O oh my god


Splinter: What is the meaning for your reactions my sons. All I have said is that it is time for afternoon practice.

Leo, Raph, Don, and Mikey: ooohhh

Leo: master I think you should read the first message you sent

Splinter: What do you mean my son?

Raph: just read it sensai ya'll understand

Splinter: Alright... Oh my

Splinter: curse this automatic correction

Leo: anyone know if Don switched to decapitated heads yet

Raph: No, now Leo before I morally laugh at ya I'm gonna give ya a chance to fix your mistake

Leo: what do you mean Raph?

Raph: *snickers* read your text

Leo: fine but I don't know what your talking about

Leo: oh my god

Raph: just hope Don doesn't read this

Don: Leo can you come to the lab right now

Leo: why don?

Don: because I was gonna ask if you wanted to watch a movie but now I need to check for mental illnesses.

Leo: what? why?

Don: I read your text about me. Not impressed

Leo: oh crap

Raph: picture of him laughing like a maniac

Leo: damn autocorrect

Well there it is. And if you didn't get it, the autocorrected word was 'decaf coffee'. You should know that because it's Donnie(read many stories about him and coffee).

Alright send your reviews to me. Give me ideas for this story story and other ones you may have. See you later!