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Casey: 'ey Don I got my dick stuck in car door can you help me? PLEEEASSSEEE!

Don: no Casey. Either call Raph or figure it out yourself

Casey: aw c'mon why?

Don: either you meant 'hockey stick' or you are a bigger moron than I thought

Casey: why do you say that?

Don: read your first message

Casey:...OH MY GOD!

Casey: DYAC

April: Donnie guess what!

Don: what is it April?

April: I just a new penis today! :)


April: hello? Don?


April: Don what's wrong? Was it something I said?

Don:... in a way yes. look at your other text

April: what do you mean Don?

April: OMG! I meant PC!

Don: good because you had me worried for a second

Raph: hey Leo is splinta aight? I saw you take 'em to Don

Leo: He's alright Raph

Leo: He just needs to get some vajayjay

Raph: what the hell Leo?

Leo: what? I said was that he needed to get his VAGINA

Leo: Oh for the love of bushido


Raph: ya done paintin' yet Mikey? I want to watch my game

Mikey: yeah I'm done. want to know what color it is?

Raph: not that i care but what?

Mikey: piss yellow

Raph: mikey you are more kinds of wrong than i even care to know

Mikey: what do you mean Raph?

Raph: read your last text bonehead

Mikey: AAAAHHHHHHH... I meant mustard yellow

Mikey: i want now want to sell myself to Bishop

Raph: good luck wit' that

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