It started. She had a lot of work to do, and only a few months to get it done. But how would she do it?

What should she do?

Should she try and suck up to Mr. Sweet? Is THAT how these things work?

It must be...

Evelyn opened the door to her apartment. It was quiet. She hoped that meant Sue was already asleep. She turned on the lights, carefully closing the door behind her, so as to not make much noise.

Her small home had 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It wasn't much, but it was costly.

Right after the entrance hall was the kitchen, which consisted of a small fridge and a counter, a little table and 4 chairs. She went ahead, turning the corner and reaching the short hallway with one door on each side and a window at the very end of it. She looked out the window. Still raining. Still late.

The door to Sue's bedroom was half open. Evelyn entered, confused and silent. She found Sue's bed with its sheets thrown aside, but no Sue. She turned on the lights.

"Sue?" she asked the thin air.

Evelyn looked closer at the bed. No, she really wasn't there!

"Sue, where are you? Stop playing around."

Quite scared now, Evelyn kneeled next to the bed to see if Sue was hiding under it...

...And she jumped up when a certain somebody yelled "BOO!" from behind her.

"Sue!" she shouted at her, exasperated.

Evelyn sighed one of her best sighs while little Sue giggled like a maniac.

"You're such a little anathema!" Evelyn slumped on Sue's bed, frustrated.

Sue's eyes widened with glee that her aunt was home. Her light brown fur and blonde hair shone. She looked so much like her mother. Evelyn wished she were there to see...

Sue, with great alacrity, jumped on Evelyn for a hug.

"You should have been asleep by now, Sue. What are you doing still up?" Evelyn said in a condescending tone while holding Sue glued to her chest.

Her niece shrugged. Evelyn sighed yet again. She knew Sue couldn't sleep without her.

Sue's pink pyjamas made her look even more adorable, and Evelyn couldn't stay angry for long. She loved her niece so much, and her niece loved her like she would have loved her mother if she were there with her...

Evelyn tucked her in and took out Sue's favourite book from the drawer next to the bed. The book was filled with bedtime stories.

"So what's it going to be tonight, Sue? Little Red Riding Hood?"

Sue shook her head no.

"Three Little Pigs?"


"How about i just read you Snow White one more?"

Sue shook her head so violently it looked downright aggressive, or otherwise as if she was having a stroke.

"Then just show me what you want." Evelyn sighed as she handed the book to the little girl.

Sue flipped the pages fast, her eyes concentrated on finding her story.

"I wish you could just tell me what story you want to read every night. Or what kind of sandwiches you want each morning."

Sue looked briefly up at her, smiled sadly, showed Evelyn the book and pointed her little finger to The Ugly Duckling.

Evelyn started reading and the girl closed her eyes.

Sue Caverly never in her life said a single word. And she had lived 8 years in this world. She didn't talk when her mother was alive, and she didn't talk when her mother was dead. She was just mute, but it was self-imposed, the doctor stated, which continued to baffle Evelyn. Sue was adorable and outgoing and she was friendly and kind and smart and fun, but she was also permanently silent.

By the time Evelyn was halfway done reading, Sue was asleep. Evelyn kissed her goodnight and went to change in her sleeping gown.

As her clothes fell, she studied herself in the mirror. She knew she was beautiful. She'd gotten used to it. Beauty was no more than a weapon to Evelyn Caverly. Whether it was against herself or her enemies was an entirely different matter...

That's the thing about beauty.

You get used to it.

She felt the muscles on her arms and legs and abdomen. She was satisfied that she was so nimble. She brushed her hand over her fur. It was soft and silky.

She got used to it.

As she put on her night dress, she thought of Maribel. The dress was plain, of a dark blue, and it slid on her easily.

Mordecai Heller. They told her she should stay out of his way.

But what if he got in hers?

She shook her head. It will be fine. He will keep away, she'll make sure of it. He can't mess it up for her. She won't allow it.

Asa Sweet was not dangerous, but he was in charge of dangerous people. Heller aside, she was told of some Cajun siblings.

The Savoys. She heard they took great pleasure in their work. Work being an indulging term for killing people.

But no matter how many obstacles will be thrown her way, she WILL get to Asa Sweet. He was what she really had to reach. His men were mere obstacles she had to dodge.

She'll do whatever it takes.

Then there was that ape, Malcolm. She knew he was the least of her worries, yet he unsettled her the most.

She went to sleep...