Felicity pushed off her shoes and simultaneously flexed her toes rhythmically under the desk whilst rubbing the back of her neck, trying to untie the knot that burned and tugged every time she moved. Last night had been long and stressful and being back at the office since seven am to prep for the meetings later that day she was feeling the strain. Eyeing Oliver throughout the glass dividing their offices she knew he was feeling it too. When his eyes met hers, having probably felt the hole that her glare was boring into him, she mimed bringing a coffee cup to her lips. He nodded in reply holding up four fingers indicating the number of Vanilla shots he required. Felicity smirked knowing that she would benefit from his sugar rush as he worked extra hard to burn it off on the salmon ladder later that night. Acknowledging his response she grabbed her purse made her way to the private elevator; on a mission to Starbucks.

When the elevator doors closed Oliver pulled out his phone and tapped a text to Diggle knowing he would be on his way to QC to portray his role as Bodyguard/Driver to Starlings most eligible Billionaire.

Felicity on Coffee run, Starbucks

Most people would have read the message as Oliver letting him know if he wanted Coffee, Felicity was on her way to Starbucks. Diggle read it however the way it was intended; a request to keep her safe. Oliver relaxed his shoulders and turned his attention back to his paperwork as the reply came through

On it.

As Felicity skittered across the main lobby she slid to stop visibly swallowing at the sight before her. No way, absolutely no way he was here she told herself. She watched on as he flirted with the girl on the front desk as he explained that he was the new head of the Applied sciences department. Felicity wanted to scream as Becky behind the desk placed her hand on his forearm, obviously flirting in response as she giggled at a remark he made about the picture on his id key card. Becky offered him directions to his new office and as he took her hand in his to kiss it in thanks, Felicity had to stop herself from throwing up all over the marbled floor. The effort she mustered to withstand the need to vomit left her forgetting the purse in her hand. As it fell to the floor she cursed as the bottle of perfume inside clunked and echoed as it hit the floor, watching mortified as the contents of her bag spilled out for everyone to see. As she scrambled to pick it all up she felt a towering form kneel down in front of her.

"Need a hand?"

His voice cut through her like nails on blackboard, white noise filtered in and she struggled to hold it together. Trying as hard as she could to keep an air of professionalism about her she stifled the need to lash out and uttered a simple 'no thanks' as she gathered the remaining items and clambered back to her feet. When her eyes met his, a smile erupted across his face and right then she prayed there was a an arrow pointed at his head.

"Flick?, Flick Smoak?, it's me Jed Clark"

Felicity faked a smile. What an asshole?, did he really think she would have forgotten him. All she could concentrate on was the fact that her breathing was shallow and she knew if she didn't escape soon she'd have a full on panic attack in the middle of Queens consolidated and would ever live it down. Her inner voice kept begging her to say something, anything and so she counted to three and relented

"What the hell are you doing here?" she growled trying to hide the anger that laced her voice.

"I'm the new head of Applied Sciences" He look at the key card pinned to her lapel and scoffed "Wow EA to The Oliver Queen Huh?"

She knew what he was insinuating and could feel herself flushing at the accusation. As she clenched her fists, slowly forming an appropriate response she saw Diggle striding across the lobby towards her with purpose. She relaxed unclenching her fists and the instant he was behind her she stepped back into him letting him know that she was in desperate need of his intervention. Placing his left hand on the small of her back he leant forwards and with his right shook Jeds hand squeezing it harder than was socially acceptable.

"John Diggle, Can I help you"

Felicity noticed the the way Jed flinched when Diggle shook his hand and showing her gratitude she reached a hand behind her placing it across Diggle's wrist. Diggle stepped backwards and folded his arms making sure Jed got an eyeful of the muscles that threatened to split the seam of his suit.

"Jed Clark, Flick and I go way back, Anyways I better go, don't want to be late for my first day on the job. Great to see you Flick, maybe we can grab a coffee some time?"

Felicity stood silent, utterly shocked by the audacity of the son of a bitch. Did he seriously just ask her out? Diggle sensing the tension that ebbed between them shifted forward in Jed's direction making Jed turn on his heels and hurry off towards the elevators.

Feeling her breathing becoming more and more erratic and her vision beginning to cloud, Felicity hurried to the revolving doors without looking back constantly repeating the mantra 'Four shots, four shots'