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Chapter 1:

Bruce Wayne was not very fond of being interrupted.

Technically, Batman was probably less fond of being interrupted but Bruce tried not to go into Batman mode. Damian had, once again, gotten into an argument with Tim. It was a very heated argument that ended when Alfred walked in to see the two strangling each other and rolling on the floor.

Wisely, the old butler had sent for Bruce straight away and now the bickering brothers were both pouting in chairs across from Bruce's desk while Bruce himself lectured them from the other side. In his opinion, the lecture had been going well. Both boys had admitted to arguing and trying to kill each other and Tim had just expressed his wishes to apologize when a knock sounded from the door, interrupting him and the moment.

"Come in," Bruce growled.

"Master Richard will be leaving now. He wanted me to inform you as he seems to be having trouble with the zeta beams." Alfred reported.

"Wish him luck," Bruce sighed before turning back to Tim as Alfred left. "You were saying something about apology, Tim?"

Tim's face broke into a longing expression as he said quickly, "Oh, I don't remember anymore, but can I go with him? Pretty please? What if it's important and I miss it? Everyone will wonder why I'm not there! And I was really hoping to see Gar and Jaime and Bart and well, Cassie, again. Please let me go, I promise I'll be good! Dick is responsible, he can take care of me! Please please please!"

Damian, who was very confused at all this, began, "Where is Grayson going? And why does Drake want to go with him? How does the physical appearance of the please make it more likely to be accepted? And Grayson is not responsible at all! He is only saying that because he want to see this 'Gar and Jaime and Bart and Cassie'. What is the meaning of this, Father?!"

"Fine, Tim you can go, but we WILL have this discussion when you return. And don't worry yourself Damian, everything's fine. Go up to your room and wait there until dinner," Bruce commanded. Tim jumped up and walked over to the grandfather clock, turning to the correct time and slipping into the Batcave, all the while pumping his fist and laughing at Damian's predicament.

Damian growled, sounding much like his father. "Does this outing involve Nightwing and Robin? Drake went to the Cave. Tell me, Father."

Bruce scowled. "Go to your room, Damian! We will discuss everything later," he said in the firm Batman tone that meant 'If you say one more thing, I am grounding you for all eternity!'

Damian recognized the tone, luckily, and nodded. As he made his way down the hall he thought to himself, Father is desperate to keep something about Grayson and Drake's escapades a secret from me. What could they be hiding? I ready know about them being Nightwing and Robin, if they are doing something hero-related, why not say? Besides, bats only work at night, and it is afternoon. And what on earth are 'zeta beams'? I believe it is time to find out for myself. I am the true heir. This is my father's house. No secrets are to be kept from me!

Damian waited until Bruce had left the study for the dining room, and then snuck in and made a beeline for the grandfather clock. Dick and Tim were standing next to the two large tubes that Bruce had called "zeta tubes" back when Damian had first arrived. Perhaps zeta beams have something to do with these zeta tubes?

"Did he say you could come?" A Nightwing-clad Dick asked Tim, who had changed into his Robin costume, as Damian silently spied on them. "I thought you were in trouble."

Tim giggled. "I may or may not have begged my way in..."

Dick frowned. "Well, I'm not responsible if any of this gets you in trouble, so stay out of trouble. And turn your 'Team' mode on, you giggle too much."

Tim cleared his throat and a neutral expression came over his face. "Better?"

Nightwing smiled a little. "Much."

'Team'? Father informed me of no 'Team'… Damian watched as Nightwing made his way over to the zeta tubes and typed something into the holo-computer.

"Recognized: Nightwing, B01. Robin, B20." A female-sounding mechanical voice announced as a bright light enveloped the two heroes standing there. A second later, the light faded and they were gone.

A zeta beam! Damian cautiously approached the tube and looked at the holographic keyboard. Growing up with the League of Assassins hadn't taught him much about technology, but Grayson had shown him a thing or two, and after hacking the system, he stood waiting for his molecules to be pulled apart and placed back together. A light appeared.

"Recognized: Damian, A12, Guest."

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