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Chapter 3:

"What do you want?!" Tim yelled over the roaring wind at the large flying hunk of metal and tubing.

Mister Twister didn't reply, just surveyed the four exhausted heroes and sent another tornado at them. Impulse zoomed in and pulled Robin out of the way before the twister touched down and ripped up the earth that Tim had just occupied.

The boys had thrown everything at the machine but nothing had worked yet. Damian had disappeared after maybe three minutes of battle. Tim knew Nightwing would NOT be happy, but right now he was much to busy trying to stay alive to worry about it. Damian was a little devil; he could handle himself.

Damian was handling himself rather well in his opinion.

He was attempting to craft his own EMP emitter with the equipment in the hospital he had discovered about a block away from the battle scene itself. The rest of the team will hold Twister off while he finished his job. Lugging it a block to the raging robot presented a slight problem, however.

All four heroes were panting on the ground by the time Damian arrived. "ROBIN!" He yelled across the parking lot. When the red-clad hero turned to the devilish assassin and saw the EMP emitter, he knew exactly what Damian wanted. "Why hadn't I thought of that?" he grumbled as he fished a power cord from his utility belt. "Think of what?" Blue Beetle asked.

Robin didn't reply, he simply pointed at Damian standing, defiantly, about 100 yards away on the other side of the parking lot. "Well that's where he went!" Beast Boy exclaimed, seconds before Impulse grabbed him and maneuvered out of the path of an approaching tornado. "Great, the little demon is back, and what's that little hunk of metal he's got there? CuzIdon'tknowaboutyou,butI'mabsolutelyfinewithwhateveridea..."

"STOP!" The three others all yelled as the speedster's words grew faster and more jumbled.


"What's that thing, anyway?" Beast Boy asked, scratching his head.

"EMP emitter, just distract him before he figures out-" Robin was interrupted as Mister Twister spoke for the first time since they began fighting him. "Is there some kind of deliberation going on here? I thought I had your full attention."

Robin's discreet nod urged Impulse and his loud mouth into action. "You want attention? You've got ours, undivided!" With that he began spinning into a tornado himself as Blue Beetle took to the skies and Beast Boy turned into an elephant. "How do you like THAT attention, huh?" Blue Beetle taunted, firing his sonic cannon at a high number of angstroms and Robin fled for Damian, who had up until then somehow remained unseen on the other end of the parking lot.

"Well, aren't you glad I showed up," Damian smirked.

"Shut up and hook this thing up!" Tim interrupted snidely, scanning for a power source. Spotting a transmission tower (1), he triumphantly called, "There!"

Blue Beetle was suddenly pulled out of midair and back down to the ground. Startled, he turned to blast them, but seeing Beast Boy in falcon form he listened to the panicked boy. "Civilians! They're trapped in that building!"

"I've got this Damian," Tim told the younger boy, who shrugged and fired a grappling hook, swinging away from the transmission tower and landing next to Blue Beetle and Beast Boy.

Impulse suddenly called, "Could use some help, guys!" before being caught off guard and thrown into a nearby building. Beast Boy turned back into a boy and ran to help, yelling over his shoulder, "Help the civilians!" Mister Twister chuckled and blasted two tornadoes at Blue Beetle who tried to fly in the air to avoid them and fires his sonic cannon again at the robot.

Suddenly alone, Damian turned to Tim who was hurriedly channeling the transmission tower's energy to the EMP emitter, then to Garfield, who was helping up Bart, then to Jaime, who was battling Mister Twister, and then, sighing, resolved to doing then job he hated most; helping the civilians.

The assassin made his way over to the door and picked the lock and opened the door in seconds. There groups of innocent citizens of Happy Harbor all huddled, about forty of them in the partially collapsed shop, simply stared at him, some of them gasping and some of their mouths hitting the floor.

Seeing their gazes fixed on his sheathed katana, he grew impatient and yelled, "Well, hurry up and GO! Or do you WANT to die here?!"

This startled the first half into action, and they scurried out the door and around the corner to safety.

However, it also drew the escaping bystanders to Mister Twister's attention. The robot floated back to earth from his invisible perch in the sky and, as the second half were making their way out, tossed in their direction a tornado.

Childish mistake! Damian chided himself, drawing his katana. Now I have given away our position! I shall have to make it up by destroying this machine!

The first half were able to dodge the little twister, already slightly ahead of where it hit, but were urged even more into action and they bolted around the corner to join the first twenty. The second half, however, were hit mid-step and flew into the wall behind them, automatically slumping, unconscious, to the ground. Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Beast Boy were by their sides immediately.

Damian, instead, charged the amused robot, slicing a formidable dent in the metal plating.

At that moment, Robin whipped out a bird-a-rang and touched it to the emitter's base, sending out an energy wave that had Twister sparking and on the ground. Damian continued to assault it, though, until it was nothing but a heap of metal scraps. Satisfied, he turned to catch the last portion of Impulse's frenzied complaint, "...And I don't even know where the nearest hospital is!"

"A block away. That's where I stole the electromagnetic pulse emitter from," the assassin supplied, smirking.

Beast Boy was shocked. "Wait, you STOLE that thing?!" Blue Beetle stepped forward, saying, "Off track, ese," while Impulse went on in his panicked speech, "But I can barely even carry two people!"

"Noted," Beast Boy laughed before morphing into a horse. "I can at least carry two! But first..." The green, slender neck leaned down and grabbed with his teeth the forgotten scarf of Mister Twister, lying in the smoking scrap heap. "...Souvenir!"

While the other three transported civilians, Robin made his way to Damian, stopping with a disappointed frown and his hands on his hips. He had seen it all. "Don't worry, I already know what you're going to say," Damian scoffed, sheathing his katana and folding his arms.

"Oh, I don't need to say anything," Tim shot back. "Nightwing's gonna kill you."


"Care to explain why you felt the need to put thirteen civilians in the hospital?"

Nightwing sat down on the couch and ran a hand through his ebony hair while Damian stared, unblinking, at the wall. It was a quiet day in Wayne Manor. Bruce was at a WE meeting, Alfred was in the kitchen, and Tim was filing away the written mission report at Mt. Justice. It would only be quiet until Batman found out what happened, though.

"Drake already reported to you," Damian quipped.

"But I can't find out from Tim why you decided to take such a risk as to put lives in danger!"

"Just be happy no one's dead," Damian rolled his eyes.

Dick snorted. "That doesn't change the fact that you endangered innocent lives."

"If I hadn't acted, if that machine had been allowed to wreak havoc for a minute longer there would be even more endangered lives!"

"Damian, you save every life you possibly can, you know that!" He sighed. "Now I know what Batman felt like. And by the way, You are explaining this to Bruce when he gets home. I've had enough for one day."

Both suddenly heard the near-silent tap of footsteps and then Bruce's suspicious voice at the door.

"Explaining what to me?"

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