This is my first Scandal Fanfic. This is what I wish would have happened in the first episode of Season three especially after watching Season 3. This is Olitz centric!


"I wouldn't need to smile on Oprah if you didn't screw your whore every chance you got."

"Mellie!" Olivia screamed

"What whore?!" Mellie questioned.

Olivia took a deep breath and walked over to her and slapped her. Then the countdown began.

"Five, between Big Jerry, Paul Mosley, and Hal I am not the whore you are.

Four, you pimped yourself out for the White House so I guess I should call you a prostitute.

Three, the only reason you are calling me that is because you feel incompetent.

Two, I have a functioning role in Fitz's life but you are the ornament that he doesn't want or need.

So one, call me a whore one more time and all of Washington D.C. will wake smelling and reading your dirty laundry over coffee.

Alright?!" Olivia finished.

"But how did you?"

'I'm Olivia Pope I know everything."

"Well did you know Fitz and I slept together after he apologized to him?"

"Did you know he called me five minutes later and cried about how bad it was and how he wished his face was in between my thighs?" Olivia countered.

Mellie became silent and her face had the look of sheer panic.

Fitz laughed to himself as he thought about that phone call and how he made his Livvie come just by his words.

"Fitzgerald!" Mellie screeched

"What Mellicent?" He asked

"Tell me you don't love me."

"I love Olivia."

"Fine but you should know that Jerry isn't yours. He is your father's seed and I hope he turns out better than you did." Mellie sneered before walking out of the bunker.

Olivia stood there and watched as Fitz got the wind knocked out of him by Mellie's words.

"Fitz." She called out to him.

"Olivia." He responded

Olivia ran to him to catch him before he fell.

"It's okay baby. I got you. Let it go. I'll be your soldier."

"Livvie he is my brother. She slept with my dad." He responded

"Fitz, I know but Karen and Teddy are yours."

"Teddy may be Hal's. Why am I not enough?"

"Hey, look at me. Look at me." Olivia said sternly

Fitz looked up and saw unshed tears in her brown doe eyes.

"You are more than enough. Mellie is the one who is nothing. I love you Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III and I know for sure that the child that I am carrying will love his daddy as well." Olivia said

"Livvie, we're having a baby?" He asked

"Yes, we are."

"God, I love you so much." Fitz said before kissing her

His tongue automatically sought out entrance to her mouth. Olivia gave him admittance and moaned into his mouth. He began to kiss her neck and made his way to her belly. He unbuttoned her coat and opened her blouse. He began whispering his love to their child. The showing testament of their love and for that moment he could only think of Vermont and when he was going to tell her about the hose he built for them.

He moved them to the couch in the bunker and Fitz has his arms firmly wrapped around Olivia.

"Fitz?" Olivia asked while placing her hand on his face.

"Yes, Livvie." He answered

"What do you need?" She asked

"I need to divorce my wife so that we can have the life we dreamed of having." Fitz responded plainly.

"Consider it handled baby daddy." Olivia said with a smile.

"We're in this together?" Fitz asked

"We are definitely in this together." Olivia repsonded

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