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"So we're in this together?" He asked

"We're in this together." She replied as the sun began to rise over Washington and over her new beginning.

*One Year Later*

"Liv let's go." Abby yelled

"I'm almost finished getting ready." Liv yelled back

Just then Abby's phone began to ring.

"Hello." She answered

"Hey, Abby have you left the house yet.?"

"No, I'm waiting for your girlfriend."

"Why is she okay?" Fitz asked

"Yeah she just takes forever to get dressed."

"Oh okay." Fitz said taking a deep breath.

With Olivia only being back for 6 months he was scared that she was having an episode.

"Fitz, everything is going to perfect tonight. You don't have to worry I'll get her there and you'll do the rest. Did you get Karen and Teddy?" Abby asked

"Yes, I did. Liv would kill me if they missed this." Fitz replied

"Okay, well I have to pry Liv from your room. I'll see you soon. Bye." Abby said before hanging up

Meanwhile, Olivia was looking at herself in the mirror of her and Fitz's 5 bedroom Georgetown home. She had only been home for six months and she could remember the night she asked Fitz to come and get her.

Six Months Ago

"Lo," Fitz answered still half asleep.

"Fitz." Olivia replied

"Livvie, are you okay?" Fitz asked now fully awake.

"No." Olivia whispered

"Baby, what do you need?"

" I want to come home Fitz. Please come and get me" Olivia answered

"I'm on my way now. Sit tight." Fitz said

Forty-five minutes later Fitz pulled up to Olivia's rental home in Alexandria.

He got out of the car in record time and Olivia was by the door waiting for him.

She opened the door and jumped into his arms.

"Livvie, what's going on?" Fitz asked walking further inside the house and closing the door behind him.

"I miss you and the kids. I miss Abby, Huck, Quinn,and Marcus. I miss going to sleep in your arms and waking up to Teddy and Karen snuggled into my sides in the morning. The weekends aren't working anymore. I want it everyday. Olivia said

"Then let's go home baby." Fitz said kissing her forehead

An hour later Fitz and Olivia were walking into their home.

Olivia went upstairs and peeked in on Karen and then Teddy while Fitz was downstairs locking the house up.

Twenty minutes later both were in bed and falling fast asleep.

Present Day

"Liv, let's go!" Abby yelled once more

Olivia walked down the stairs in a black Versace lace gown paired with blue Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Stiletto Sandals. Her hair was straight and touched her shoulders while her face only had a tasteful amount of eyeliner, mascara and, a red lip.

"You look amazing." Abby said smiling

"Thank you." Liv said removing the invisible wrinkles from her dress

"But we're late let's go." Abby said

An hour later they walked into the restaurant Liv remembered perfectly.

"Abby, why are we here? I thought we were going to the Women of America Gala." Liv asked

"We were but there was a change of plans." Abby said smirking as she walked away.

"Abby, where are you going?"

"I believe she's giving us some privacy." Fitz said

Olivia's body relaxed at the sound of his voice and the turned around

"God, Livvie you look breath-taking." Fitz said

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself." Liv said with a laugh

"Come on, let's sit." Fitz said extending his hand to her and then guiding her to the table.

"Fitz, why are we here? This place doesn't exactly hold the best memory for me.

"Then we need to make better memories here." Fitz said

They ordered food and laughed as they talked about everything and nothing at the same time.

"Tonight was so amazing Fitz. Thank you babe."

"I'll be back. I'm going to the restroom." Fitz said

Olivia was sitting there reading her email, when a text from Abby came in.

The text read "Look behind you."

Olivia feeling very confused looked behind her and what she saw shocked her life.

"Livvie, six years ago we sat in this restaurant and you told me to let you go and I did. But today, I am telling you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am NEVER letting you go. I love you. You are the love my life. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face. I can breathe with you, I can sleep without you but I never want to. I want you by my side for the rest of my life. You are grace personified and I know we've had such a bumpy road but we're here now. Olivia Carolyn Pope will you marry me?"

"Fitz, of course I'll marry you. I love you and the kids so much. Thank you for waiting for me." Olivia said as he slipped the 14K White Gold Round Shaped Engagement Ring on her finger. Olivia grabbed Fitz's face and pulled him into the most soul searing kiss.

But when she pulled back her face fell a little.

"Livvie, what's wrong?" Fitz asked knowing exactly what the problem was

"I just wish Teddy and Karen were here." Liv said with a sullen voice

"We are here." Karen said.

Olivia turned around and immediately opened her arms so the two kids who she now considered her own could run into them

"Thank you Fitz."

"Can I call you mommy now?" Teddy asked

"Baby boy, you can call me anything you want but Mellie will always be your mother." Olivia said before kissing the little boys head.

About five minutes later they all left the restaurant.

When they got home Olivia puts Teddy to sleep per his request and after two books and a song his excitement for the evening finally died down and he went to sleep.

She looked in on Karen and saw that she was still awake.

"Hey Kare,."


"Are you really okay with your father and I getting married?"

"Yeah, I know we had a rocky start but I can see that you honestly love my father, Teddy, and me. That's all I ever wanted and you are giving me a chance to have it."

"Thank you for letting me in Karen. I love you so much."

Karen sat up and moved closer to Olivia on the bed before enveloping her into a huge hug. "I love you too mom."

Olivia's hugged the teenage girl tighter and blinked back the tears threatening to fall but little did she know Karen was doing the same. Olivia kissed Karen on the forehead and then left her room.

When she walked into her room she heard the water running.

"You better get in here because I plan on using all the hot water." Fitz yelled from the shower

Olivia stripped down in record time and joined her fiance in the shower.



"You are so sexy." Liv said against his lips as she began to stroke his cock

"Livvie." Fitz said breathlessly

He lifted her off the ground and effortlessly slid into her warm channel.

"I love you Fitz."

Instead of saying it he showed her until they were spent.

They eventually got out the shower and got into bed.

"Fitz, tonight was amazing. I love you so much and my ring is gorgeous."

"Anything for you Livvie, thank you for coming back to me."

"I was thinking on our way home and I want to get married on January 20th, small ceremony, with us saying our vows 29 minutes before 12Noon."

"There was something special about that day." Fitz says smiling

"You will always be my something special." Olivia says

"Thank you for waiting for me. Now our one minutes will be forever." Olivia said looking up into his eyes.

"They always were Livvie, they always were." Fitz said before placing the sweetest kiss on her lips

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