Ambermon : hi how are all of you guys. Here is a story ideo I had when I was out ice skating. I Actually was at The River`s Edge today.

Disclaimer : ambermon483 does not own yugioh 5ds or any of the characters in this story. They all belong to kazuki takahashi. She only own kira finley and her brother.

SUMMARY: yusei decided to go ice skating and met a young girl who loves dueling and is the dueling champion in her town. They talk and soon jack joins them.

Yusei was inside of The Rivers Edge, a hockey rink. When he got there, yusei paid for a pair of skates and got them. After he got them on, yusei walked out to the rink. Before yusei could get on the ice, a young girl skated passed him.

"Hey! Why did you skate right in front of me?"

The girl looked back and saw yusei. She went around the rink and when she got to him, she said," I'm sorry sir. I didnt know you were there and I couldn't stop. I was going to fast. Oh I am kira finley the best duelist in silvis illinois."

Yusei was startled to know that a young girl was the best duelist in her town. He looked at her and saw that kira had a duel deck case on her waist next to her phone case.

"I am yusei fudo. Nice to meet you kira." Kira smiled at him and they soon were in a skating race.

Kira won the race but yusei was pretty close to being the winner." Man yusei. You are a good skater. You are almost as good as my brother and he is a hockey player."

Yusei smiled at her and said," Thanks kira. Your not so bad yourself."

While they were talking, a blond haired person skated over to them and interrupted their converasion." Hey yusei. Arnt you going to introduce me to your friend her. Oh the names jack atlas by the way."

Yusei and kira looked at him and yusei said," oh kira this is jack. Jack meet kira Finley. She says that she is the best duelist in her town." Kira blushed in embarrassment when yusei said that sentence.

"Yusei I don't like it when people brag about me like that. Please stop." Yusei stopped and they had fun until it was time to leave. kira walked out of the rink and over to her mom and brother. When she got her skates off, kira`s shoulder was grabbed."Kira arnt you going to say bye before you leave?" She turned around and said bye before leaving to go home.