So, yeah I know. Another one of theses stories. But please read it, it is my first divergent fanfic and I really liked the idea of this. So instead of tris, moving to the new school, like a lot of the ones I've read is, it is four moving to a new school. I apologise in advance for any third person references, but that is what I usually write in, so old habits die hard. Anyway, enough of me and talking. Enjoy.

Chapter one: Arrival

Four's POV

The seat I was sitting on was extremely uncomfortable. I could feel the springs sticking out of the chair and every bump and pothole we went through threw me off my seat. I was heading towards the top boarding school in the state. Rodeman high school. What I still didn't understand is how my abusive father who beat with his belt every night could care so much about my grades at school. He was the one who signed me up for this school, but not before he beat me. I still have the scars on my back. I don't think they will disappear.

As my mind turned away from my father, I thought about the friends I left behind. Zeke and Uriah. They were brothers, Zeke was the oldest. Before I left he had told me that Uriah had gone to Rodeman for a few years. He said it was hell, which didn't make me feel even a bit better. I also thought of the football team i left behind. They tried to cheer me up before I left, telling me the team would never be the same without me. They let me keep hmm number four jersey. I smiled thinking about that. That wasn't how I got the nickname Four though, but if I'm being honest, I can't even remember how I ended up with that nickname.

I think it something to do with an old friend I had. Beatrice. She left when I was ten. She was eight, but she was my best friend. I loved her and when she left it broke my heart. But I still can't remember why I was called Four.

Sighing, I gave up trying to remember as we pulled through the steel, black gates into the grand driveway of the school. I looked at my watch, it was nearly three in the evening, meaning I missed all the classes for the day. But that didn't matter I had already concluded that tonight I was leaving, so my father could never find and hurt me again. The last one should be finishing in a half an hour so I had no classes that day. As I stepped off the bus, the grey gravel crunched under my black boots.

I had a brief glance around. There was a big green area, with a tall oak tree providing some shade from the sun. There was a nice flower bed with a short metal fence around it. The fence was short enough for me to step over. Then there was the building itself. It was an old stone brick building. It's windows didn't seem to fit the look of the building. The front door was wooden as I stepped inside with my backpack on my back and my suitcase, rolling behind me, I took I a lot. This school was obviously expensive. It's main area was huge. It had a huge spiral staircase, leading upstairs to what I assumed was the dormitories. I went over to the front desk and a women with small, squint eyes and a snout nose came over to me.

"Name please." She said in a high pitched voice.

"Fou...sorry, Tobias Eaton." I said, stifling a laugh.

She pulled out a few folders and quickly looked through them. She pulled one out of the pile and handed it to me.

"Here is your schedule, locker number and combination, room key and number and your token for the school uniform." She said, pursing her lips after she finished.

Then as an after thought, she handed me a map and called for someone to come out. When she came out of the room, I recognised her straight away, her nose her beautiful eyes and her lovely blond hair. But when she looked at me it was quite obvious she didn't remember me.

"Beatrice, I want you to show this young man to his room. He is in room 29 with Will." The women said.

"Yeah, whatever. Come on." She said, storming in front of me and up the staircase.

I had to force myself not to laugh. She hadn't changed since she left. I did feel upset that she didn't recognise me. But in her defence I have changed. I have become more muscular and my voice has changed and my hair was cut a lot shorter.

"So, why aren't you in class?" I asked as she walked up the stairs.

"I was caught skipping english the other day, so now everyday we have english for the next week I have to help in the office.

"Ah. So, Beatrice. How did you end up here?" I asked, waiting for her to recognise me, or I hoped she would.

"Bad grades, being a rebel child. But in my defence my grades weren't bad. They just looked bad compared to my super smart, super annoying brother." She said, reaching the top.

She takes a left.

"So what's you're name anyway?" She asks.

"Four." I replied wondering if she would be able to piece it together, because I'm certain she also knew me as Four.

She stopped dead and turned on her heel. I saw that familiar smile begin to creep across her face.

"Tobias." She said.

"The one and the only, bea" I said.

She jumped up onto me and gave me a hug.

"I missed you." She whispered into my ear.

"Missed you to." I said, quietly as she slipped out of my arms.

So, before I get questions. No tris and Four are not a couple. Yet. They are just hugging as friends. Anyway, I have a few problems planned ahead. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I would love it if someone could PM me with all the american terms about school. Eg. Schedule. And the subjects. Please review and follow. Also, sorry for any wrong descriptions of characters.