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The quiet burbling of the Moonpool cut the silence of the cold night; usually. Now, the water remained silent, unmoving, untouched. Bluestar stared into it, her tail lashing from side to side in frustration. She touched her nose gently to it's surface, sending a ripple through it, and nothing happened. She saw the medicine cats surrounding the Moonpool glance at one another in uneasy confusion. They tried again, also trying to use the Moonpool for contact, but it seemed to have no effect on either end of the water.

"No!" she hissed, running around to the other side and crouching. "It has to work." She touched her nose again, and still no connection was made. The medicine cats were desperately looking at one another, then up at the stars. "What is going on?"

"Bluestar." A voice meowed, and the blueish she-cat whipped around, her fur on end and whiskers twitching in irritation. A familiar black and white cat with a long tail watched her with sad eyes, standing beside another tom with a crooked jaw. "The connection was severed, meaning our power to contact them through the Moonpool is broken."

"When you did you become such an expert, Tallstar?" She snarled, turning back to the Moonpool in shock that she could no longer talk to her own clanmates. "How is that possible?"

"We're not sure ourselves." the tom with the crooked jaw spoke. "All we know is that some cat has to make the journey back."

"Journey back?!" Bluestar repeated, surprise sharpening her tone. She turned back to the cats. "Crookedstar, tell me that you haven't gone mad with this fool as well." She said, flicking her tail at Tallstar, who curled his lip but wisely did not respond.

"Raggedstar and Runningnose are waiting for us at the gathering island." Crookedstar responded, turning towards the direction of the island. "We came to get you so we can decide our next move. We had something in mind, but we need a Thunderclan representative as well before anything is set." Bluestar blinked, irritated, she sighed and sprinted past them.

"C'mon then!" she meowed, stretching her legs out to lengthen her strides. "Go back? Surely he doesn't mean all the way back to the Old Forest. That's been overrun by the two-legs! They would never make it! And would the clans even survive without Starclan connections for so long?" She skidded to a halt at the tree-bridge, padding confidently across with her chin held high. She leaped into the bushes and pushed her way through to the other side. Raggedstar and Runningnose sat, tails over their paws, in a quiet conversation that came to a crashing halt when they saw her.

"Bluestar, you made it." Raggedstar said, standing up and padding towards her. "I'm glad, we have a big problem on our paws." Bluestar only grunted in response, walking right past him and seating herself next to the medicine cat named after the cold he couldn't cure. She waited in silence as Raggedstar awkwardly sat down and the two leaders behind her caught up, panting. "Call yourself a Windclan cat?" Raggedstar purred teasingly to Tallstar, who only shot him a hurt look.

"Oh, c'mon, give this old cat a break." he meowed, causing the others cats to mrrow in laughter. Bluestar sat in stony silence, awaiting the conversation that she knew was forthcoming. The other cats, sensing her impatience, settled themselves in a small circle, Tallstar clearing his throat. "It appears that the Moonpool offers no connection to our cats of our clans. We obviously need another source to connect, and I know that the two-legs didn't destroy all of the forest. Mothermouth still exists, and the Moonstone hidden deep within rather in just fragments. We take a piece of the stone and place it into the Moonpool, and it will work." Bluestar stood swiftly, her jaws already opened to speak.

"Are we really willing to risk cats to go back and find it? That would require at least four, much like when we had those go to Midnight. How can we reassure ourselves of the right cats?" Her voice trailed off as she thought of one in particular.

"We've considered these things." Raggedstar dipped his head to the old Thunderclan leader. "For your sake as well as the cats' below us wandering in confusion. We have found four cats whose destinies are so intertwined in the future, we would only be hurrying this process. These are the cats we want." Bluestar blinked, considering this. Was she really willing to put more cats' lives at stake for this?

"Fine." Her nose twitched as she sat once more. "Who all do we have in mind?" Raggedstar and the others stood, padding to the very edge of the island farthest from the tree-bridge. Bluestar followed, curiosity making the hair stand along her pelt. They seated themselves and stared down into the water.

"Because the Moonpool no longer functions, we shall be using this water." Crookedstar explained, flicking his paw at the lake. The water below them swirled and Crookedstar's eyes held a twinkling he couldn't explain.

"Feeling nostalgic?" Raggedstar asked as he, too, remembered having to choose cats for a similar mission known as the Great Journey. Crookedstar shot him a glance, his gaze now gleaming in excitement, and he turned back to the water.

"This one is my choice." he announced firmly as a white she-cat appeared with gray paws and a lithe figure. The other cats blinked. "What, do you disagree? This cat is a clan hero!"

"Clan heroes don't make warriors." Tallstar said, shifting uncomfortably.

"She, however, is a fine warrior and I think will make a great start to this team." Bluestar said as Crookedstar's pelt began bristling.

"Thank you, Bluestar." He meowed, sitting down and letting his ruffled fur lie flat. Raggedstar stood to take his place, Runningnose whispering some last advice into his ear. He seemed confused, glancing at his medicine cat and shaking his head as the water showed a black cat sleeping with his face twisted into a snarl.

"So, Runningnose has convinced me that we must need another cat just like Crowfeather to make this journey." Raggedstar joked, speaking of the black cat's arrogance and sharp tongue; Runningnose gave him a playful cuff over his ear. "He is a natural born fighter, and he has always relied more on what his head tells him rather than what he's been taught. It's true that he is not really annoyed easily as he is angered easily, but put him in a fight and he uses his anger as an advantage." Crookedstar and Tallstar nodded; silence enveloping Bluestar as her mind reeled. She couldn't pick a cat, there were so many decent ones. Tallstar stood now, looking at the water as the black cat was replaced with a light gray one.

"You want HER?!" Crookedstar choked out in disbelief. Tallstar's eye blazed with anger.

"Yes, I want her!" He snapped. "The last time this happened, Leafpool and Squirrelflight could communicate for herbs. This cat can remember them by scent as well as sight, and she's capable of healing as she spent time around the medicine den when she was young." Crookedstar opened his jaws to speak but Tallstar swept on. "Not only that, but when the clans broke the truce and fought at the Gathering a few moons ago, she managed to observe all clans' fighting skills, and practiced them. She can use them and counteract them." The other cats, including Bluestar, just stared in astonishment. "So don't you tell me that my choice is wrong!"

"She's a valuable cat indeed." Raggedstar mewed absently, staring at the Windclan leader who nodded his approval before sitting. "Bluestar, your turn." The blue she-cat couldn't make up her mind as she stood in front of the water. She stared uncertainly at it. "Bluestar?"

"I'm not sure who I should send for this mission." She admitted, her pelt growing warm. Raggedstar purred in amusement.

"I figured we should bring him." He meowed, and Bluestar turned to watch a fiery orange tom emerge.

"Firestar!" Bluestar exclaimed in relief. The orange tom's eyes reflected Raggedstar's amusement as he traveled to the edge of the island and took her place.

"I feel that this cat is the best one for the job." Firestar meowed confidently, as a cat with the same fur color appeared, although a bit bigger than the old leader. Silence enveloped the group. "Does Starclan agree?" The other cats nodded.

"That is the perfect choice." Bluestar said. "The natural leader, although a bit too quiet for me."

"Why does Thunderclan get all of the leading cats?" Crookedstar groaned. The others cats only glanced at each other in amusement.

"So it's decided, we'll visit them in their dreams." Firestar said, looking at Bluestar.

"Oh no!" she said. "You picked Firestar, you go visit his dream." She said, cuffing the younger cat over the ear. He glanced at her gratefully before bounding off the island and sprinting towards Thunderclan. The other leaders padded away at a much slower pace, leaving Bluestar alone with her thoughts. She sighed, shaking her head, and hoping with all the power of Starclan that they were doing the right thing.

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