I've been in the League for almost eleven months now. Things still happen around me that I do not yet fully understand. My fellow warriors have such different personalities that sometimes I find myself astounded as to how well we seem to get along aboard this magnificent creation of a space station. Some members have begun almost lovingly referring to it as the Watchtower. I have to admit that I agree with that title. It does fit as the Earth's greatest heroes watch over our world for any signs where help is needed. Even though initially hesitant due to my upbringing, I have actually come to find that some men are not as bad as my mother and fellow sisters had described. I have even come to think of some of my male teammates as friends over the course of our time together. It makes me believe that perhaps times have truly changed in Man's world for the better. Although there are still some edges of it in need of smoothing, I feel that in time, perhaps Man's world will be able to find the peace that has been carried out on Themyscria for centuries. Any time I find myself questioning the progress of Man's world, I need only think of my teammates to quiet those doubts.

I've attempted to bond with a fellow sister on our team in Shayera Hol, also known as Hawkgirl. She truly is a warrior not so unlike my sisters back home, but in many ways still completely different. Shayera actually seems to prefer "hanging out with the boys" over anything else. I simply do not understand this. There is no use for men in my opinion aside from breeding if that is deemed necessary. Being immortal, I find that as not needed at all. However Shayera and Green Lantern seemed to get along well the quickest. Perhaps it is in their militant training where they have found common ground. Shayera also while having a sharp and cunning mind is very quick to join in battle. Sometimes I wonder if she needs that conflict to be truly happy. Coming from a planet with extensive technology, she is an impressive sight with her wings and mace. She comes off as an angel with those wings, but can be quite violent, especially with that mace in her hands. I gladly fight next to such a warrior.

Green Lantern is someone that I have come to slowly respect over the course of time. It is not a secret that our initial introductory meeting was not of the best that it could've been. I was greatly insulted by his belief that my lacking experience as a hero made me something of a liability. I thought him merely a foolish brute of a man, just as mother had described men as being. That they ultimately believed women to be inferior creatures not meant for battle. Perhaps a part of John Stewart did believe that, but as is my goal with the rest of the world, his perception was quickly altered by my showing him that I was certainly no liability, but in fact a very powerful asset for the team. Eventually his militant side showed me that he was too a quality hero with much to offer the world. He did after all carry the most powerful weapon in the world with the Green Lantern ring, able to create anything based off of thought to use for the purpose of justice and peace. One cannot help but to respect that.

Respect. This is something that the next member of our team continually seems to deny himself of. Flash seems to be a womanizing loud mouth that tends to speak before he thinks. At least I would hope that is the case, for if he actually thinks some of the things he says is appropriate, and then I should strike him down immediately. However each and every time that I begin to become frustrated with him to the point of wanting to beat him senseless, he seems to do something that makes me believe he just needs to grow up a little bit more and become a mature man. Right now he is like a juvenile sibling, only he keeps attempting to gain the attention of myself and Shayera, along with any other woman he comes across that seems endearing to him at that moment. The man also seems to have an insatiable appetite. He claims his metabolism is faster than he can run, and after some time, I find myself beginning to believe him. I swear to all the Gods that man always is eating, and he is the scrawniest of us all in the League.

Some of my teammates steer away from our Martian friend J'onn. His ability to read minds and thoughts is troublesome to some, believing it to be an invasion of privacy. I don't mind at all as I have nothing to hide. In fact, I find myself gravitating more towards J'onn simply because he is so in tuned to what is happening around us. I've yet to hear him say something that has caused any turmoil between himself and others. That is why when I found that he had been held captive by humans for simply coming to Earth in order to warn us of the impending invasion, I had become quite infuriated. J'onn however was the one to calm me, saying that humans simply fear what they do not understand and passing it off as though it were just a bump in the road. Such a stoic person, and so patient I find J'onn to be. Those qualities I find myself wanting to work on improving within myself. Quickly J'onn has become a confidant for myself. Flash likened him to a shrink. Another unfamiliar term that I found myself having to research to understand as a slang term used to refer to a psychiatrist. Man's world has so many different forms of doctors to deal with a vast list of ailments. It truly makes me wonder about all that man's world has been through that my people have missed, and I find myself at times feeling as though I am an outsider or intruder to this world. Perhaps that is why J'onn and I get along so well.

Another teammate that I had found myself becoming increasingly close to was Kal El, the man from Krypton. Another alien on this planet, but unlike J'onn and Shayera, Kal has lived here on Earth since he was a very small child. I don't understand the term that some of the others are referring to when they call him "boy scout". Kal is certainly not the most prepared of us all. He is incredibly easy to approach, and that is surprising considering how strong he seems to be. Superman as the world calls him is seemingly idolized by the world. I could certainly see why upon first glance. The man is truly a marvel, and always seems to hold true to his convictions. I found myself growing very close to this fellow super powered warrior. He was attractive in the sense of the males of the world. I found myself stopping a few times to view him in battle as I admit I was awestruck with his various powers and immense strength. Quickly a strong bond formed between us. Even the world seemed to notice as various news sites printed reports of Kal and I being intimate together. I found myself wondering why they would make up such stories. Was it because our armor seemed to match in color? Or perhaps because we are the strongest of the team? I hadn't given to much thought to this as I simply believe any feelings between myself and another is simply no one else's business. Why humans in man's world are so obsessed with us is still somewhat of a mystery. I can understand writing of our battles, but why is our personal life so intriguing to the world? I've asked Kal, but he just shrugs his shoulders and keeps about as though these stories never were printed.

After the first crisis where we all teamed together, Kal seemed intrigued with me, and I admit that I felt the same way towards him. It wasn't long after that where we found ourselves flying together high in the sky looking for any trouble where our assistance would be needed. It was then that I looked in his eyes and could see the attraction to me in them. When we stopped above the clouds and shared a kiss, I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a magical moment shared between us. We attempted to find time over the course of the next few months to see what feelings were between us. With our work as heroes taking up most of the time, we were limited to only a handful of dates. It was on the fourth date where I noticed a change in Kal's demeanor towards me. He wasn't attempting to increase any intimacy between us. There was the time where I thought we would have so much more time together when it was agreed that we should team up and form what is now called the Justice League. When the space station was being constructed, I had spent many more hours working alongside Kal. There were many times where it was just the two of us, and that is when I noticed the change. However to my surprise I also wasn't upset by it. Two months after the space station's completion, I came to realize that Kal had become attracted to another on Earth. He was awkward in trying to explain this to me, thinking that I would be upset, but he seemed to relax when I wasn't. I was honestly happy for Kal. We were still close friends, perhaps the best of friends after that, and I am happy with that.

Lastly, the part time member of our team. I do not know why we have allowed him to be a part of the League. He is truly a coward if you were to ask me. Always being mysterious and lurking in the shadows, and he is so infuriating with his immense arrogance and paranoia. He always believes that his way is the best route and therefore the only one that should be taken. And the rest of the League cowers behind this mere man's glare at them whenever they do question his choices. I truly do not like being sent on missions with Batman because of his arrogance for the most part. I've also come to find that he has no powers to rely upon aside from his gadgets. I cannot believe for a second that he was able to somehow best Kal in a bar before, but Kal admitted as much to me when I questioned why Batman was permitted to be a part of the team. His glares are almost as infuriating as his arrogance. A simple look does nothing to instill fear inside of me. I have not trained with the best Themyscria has to offer to be frightened by a mere mortal man. If it were my choice I would let him have his precious Gotham City, and be rid of him. His mandate that Meta's remain out of his city is perhaps the most ignorant thought to come from his mind yet.

I once spent some time during a slow monitor shift looking up the worst of the villains that Batman has had to face. Kal once told me that the Joker was by far the worst villain to have come from Gotham. My research left me with the mindset that this villain had almost bested Batman multiple times in the past, and yet he had no powers himself either to speak of. Kal also told me that he believed the Joker was perhaps the worst we would have to face. A killer in every sense of the word. There is no rhyme or reason why this criminal creates such chaos. I personally cannot wait to meet him and put him in his place. When I'm finished with that mortal, he won't be leaving a jail cell under his own power for quite some time. Sometimes I think that Kal is being extremely generous with his thoughts on Batman's abilities. While I understand that he has fought beside us in previous battles, it was certainly not him that was the one providing the victorious strikes at the end when we've faced some very powerful enemies.

I am not impressed with anything aside from the size of his ego. How one mortal can be so self assured I cannot fathom. I live for the day when I can vehemently prove him wrong. Perhaps that will cause him to pack up his things and leave the true worst of the world to those of us with the power to conquer that evil. And now come to find that he has scheduled various tests and changed the schedule so that he and I would be assigned as teammates for any upcoming missions in the next few months. Is he punishing us because his Gotham sidekick was killed by Joker? Kal informed us all of that when Batman's mood had soured exponentially a week before these tests were scheduled. I believe there is an ulterior motive behind his plans on testing each member of the League, but I have no proof yet to provide before I can voice my thoughts on this. And after putting it off as long as I could, I am now the last one left to go through these exercises that Batman has staged for us. I'm not sure that he will survive this time as he may infuriate me enough to where I will cripple him myself. Stupid mortal.