Because of the sheer number of requests I have been getting and the ridiculous amount of time that I have been delaying, typing, and planning these stories, I am stopping all requests!

That does not mean I am stopping, I am going to do as much as I can but you must realise that it will take a few years to complete them all. That is also why I will be removing SOME of the stories planned. I will keep up as much I as can and I will possibly bring a few back IF I CAN!

So please no more requests, what I have will be enough. I will also be restarting the poll so you can all decided on what you want.

I am sorry if the story you wanted was removed but please keep in mind that it may return on a later date.

Thank you for all your support, it was truly astonishing of how many of you wanted these types of stories. I will do my up-most best to do the best I can for the remaining stories.

Thank you.

I have already decided on what I will make but I will put a poll up on the movies that I could not decide on. I will keep it up until I will finish Frozen so take your time and think about it.