Hi, sorry I haven't updated, my dad died last month, and I couldn't find the time to update, I hope you understand, but I will try and update more. I mean it this time.

Anyway, enough with the sad stuff, new story! Tried to add in a fun story this time so expect comedy.(Or my own jokes that aren't that funny but I like 'em.)

Douglas sighed, he was in the living room typing away at his computer, trying to work from home for Davenport industries, this would surely help Donald trust him... and maybe even get himself a job.

Tasha walked in with Donald, laughing and kissing and ew...

Douglas considered himself a handsome, awesome, spectacularly amazing and modest, man. Okay, maybe not that last one, but he couldn't see why he couldn't get into a relationship with anyone. He saw his brother with Tasha, Leo with Janelle, Bree with Owen... But at least he wasn't behind Chase. The day Chase got a date he would go on that pathetic dating website that Donald recommended.

As if by magic, Chase walked in with a girl.

Oh brilliant.

"So the proton says to the neutron, be more positive!" Chase laughed. Douglas would have shaken his head at his 'sons' joke, but he heard the girl laugh.

A girl was laughing with Chase.

Douglas gaped at the two, when he turned around to look at Donald and Tasha for confirmation that he wasn't seeing things, he saw the billionaire with the face he pulled, absolute amazement. Tasha however, was beaming with pride.

Okay, that was it.

He took the laptop into his room and typed in the web address. This wasn't going to be fun.

"Okay, first question..." Douglas muttered to himself.

Username: DougD1

"I guess that's good as anything... Wait, can't let Crane see this!" He erased the username and typed in another one.

Username: BigMoney123

Password: ************

Douglas hesitated at the next one, 'occupation.' He thought about it for a minute and typed:

Occupation: Single father/inventor/scientist

The next few were easy...

Hobbies and skills: Inventing. Being awesome. Playing guitar.

Age: 39

Favourite Food: Barbequed iguana and pizza.

Favourite film: Lion King

Favourite Book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite colour(s): Greens and earthy colours

Perfect Date: Watching a horror film.

Done. Now to wait for some replies.

Hope you enjoyed :)