Hagrid reached through the mass of branches, gripped the trunk, and gave a mighty pull upwards. The tree tilted on its stump, heading for the ceiling, with Hagrid gently guiding it into an upright position. House elves scampered under his feet, setting up the tree stand and skirt, tightening as was needed. The tallest one squeaked a "Is steady now, sir!" Hagrid let go and eyed the beautiful tower of green. With a smile on his face, the big man turned to look at the rest of the Great Hall. Twelve proud Christmas trees stood in every corner, all but the one he'd just put up decorated with beautiful golden ornaments, fairy lights, and frost that never seemed to melt. It was a sight to behold. Especially for little Harry, Hagrid mused. It'll be his first Hogwarts Christmas.

Filius walked over and eyed the last of the Hogwarts Christmas trees. "Quite lovely, Hagrid. I dare say this one is at least a foot taller than the others." He beamed at the much, much taller man.

The groundskeeper ducked, hiding a pleased flush. "Right sir. Always try to make 'em special, the holidays, sir."

"I'll say," said a voice from right behind his shaggy head. The half giant whipped around and caught a tall, skinny youth flying around the tree on a rudimentary broom, touching the branches with the tip of the handle. A fine frost bloomed on the branches in all sort of delicate patterns and whirls.

Filius, however, was not so pleased. "How many times," he squeaked, frowning at the flyer, "have I told you that the ornaments have to go on first? Otherwise they slip right off the branches!" But the boy just laughed, flew over the small man, and dumped a load of snow on his head. Laughing, the kid retreated with Filius running after him.

Hagrid followed the pair, all the way through the entrance hall to the grounds outside the main door, just in time to see the youth hit Flitwick square in the face with a snowball. The charms professor sat down hard with a blank look on his face, staring at the teen. Then, with a grin that was just below the level of mischievous, he waved his wand, conjuring several snowballs, and hurled them all at the teen with another flick of his wrist.

Then someone from inside the castle shouted "Snowball fight!" And suddenly the entryway was crowded with running students, eager to get outside and make some ammo of their own. When Hagrid caught sight of the youngest Weasley trying to build a fort big enough for three, he lumbered over to help.

By the time Flitwick decided he'd had enough of the cold and wet, the war had devolved into a free for all and Jack was nowhere to be seen. Though, that was typical of him, starting a bit of harmless fun and vanishing when the mayhem was fully underway. Still, when he turned around in the entrance hall to get a last look, he had to laugh at some of the team-ups. Cedric Diggory had somehow attracted half of the first years and they were pelting a team of three ravenclaws and two hufflepuffs with a near constant stream of snowballs. One of the older slytherins had even convinced Fred and George to get behind his wall and defend against the trio of first year hufflepuffs and one older slytherin who'd all taken after Flitwick and were using charms to great effect. He smiled, dusted off his boots, and went back into the Great Hall to finish his decorating.

The tree that had started the whole matter was standing free of frost, with a message written in snow by the bottom. "Sorry old friend, but you needed to loosen up." The charms teachers just shook his head fondly, melted the snow, and grabbed the nearest star.

And now we complete the quartet with Jack. What did you guys think?