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Howl sat on Haku's back, breathing in the fresh, clean air that height provided. It was still not the same as home, but much better than the smelly fog surrounding this country's capital. Howl thought Haku was enjoying the air as well, but it was hard to tell when he was in dragon shape. He only ever looked fierce and wise, qualities he never let show whenever he was in human form. Haku was quite majestic to behold this way, but Howl was more worried about English wizards spotting them, or worse: Madam Sulliman. He had convinced her that air travel would be the safest way to avoid detection, what with Haku's foreigner looks and Howl's obvious disdain for local clothing. She had agreed to let Howl disguise Haku as a broomstick and then fly on top of him to a safe landing spot near the train station, and Howl would have happily complained if Haku had not shot him a look of disgust at the mention of this idea. It had been very brief, but Howl had caught the idea: no turning him into a broomstick.

So they had left as quickly as they could, Howl mounting Haku in his dragon form along with the luggage. Haku had still seemed reluctant to act as a flying mule, but showed relief at not being turned into a flying broom. Now that they were flying though, both wizards were enjoying the freedom that the air provided. They arrived too soon at the landing spot they had chosen, but the trip had improved both of their moods. Howl unmade the luggage's concealment, while Haku returned to human shape and attempted to persuade Heen into an owl cage.

Once in the station, they encountered a new problem. As ever, platform numbers were in perfect order, except that none of them was 9 and 3/4. Haku could smell something funny between those two, but discarded the thought, wondering how they would get to the train. They still had plenty of time before the Hogwarts Express left, but could not figure out how to find it. Howl suddenly smirked: -I know! It's a test! Sullivan said it would be between platform 9 and 10, so we should just teleport into whatever some space we imagine between them. Trouble is, how can we do so? Teleporting is illegal in our country, and here in London can only be used by adults.-

As Howl went on and on like this, Haku began observing the people in the station. It was a habit of his, on that had turned quite useful in moving here, since it helped him behave more appropiately. He started noticing patterns among the crowd: those going to a platform 9, those going to 10 and so forth. But there was a certaing crowd that puzzled him. They seemed perfectly capable of guiding themselves, but at the same time had no apparent direction, and they all seemed to give Haku the slip after a few moments of observation. Finally, a pattern appeared before his eyes. These people arrived to the barrier between platforms, pretended to be lost or distracted, and then disappeared into the solid wall.

-Master Howl, I believe we should come this way

-Stop calling me Master, ok? You remind me too much of Sullivan's puppets. Besides, it is inappropriate here, since we are going to be equals... hey!

Haku was already approaching the barrier, a bit too decided to crack his skull open on it. Howl was no good at healing magic, so he might as well... where had Haku gone?

Howl's pace wavered as he followed after his companion, but he still walked through the barrier and into platform 9 and 3/4. It figures, he thought. Still, they should note this on the acceptance letters. Someone could lose the train if they didn't know this secret.

Smirking, Howl looked around and found Haku close by. He almost stopped smirking, but then reminded himself he was expected to be expressive here. He walked to his companion and let out a sigh.

-Well, I was kind of right about it being a test. Not sure it counts if you told me the answer, though.- Howl nudged Haku in the ribs.

Haku's puzzled look turned to one of delight. - Smell that?

-Smell what?

-Precisely.- Haku grinned more widely. It was a strange sight, but Howl wondered about his words.

The realisation smacked Howl in the face, and quite literally. The Hogwarts Express let out a huge cloud of smoke, which somehow had none of the metallic smell that was so repulsive.

-Who would think? They do care about travelling in style.