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Five years later….

Draco and Hermione were getting ready to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. They'd decided to spend it with friends because everyone wanted it to be a party. So they were busily getting ready for a rare night out on the town. Their son Scorpius had been born nearly a year ago and he kept them quite busy. He was a curious baby who got his nose into trouble quite a lot. He was always crawling all over the place so fast that Hermione and Draco couldn't keep up. One of his favorite things to do was to try and squash the cat with his overzealous hugs. Crookshanks was a good sport though, even in his old age. He never bit or scratched Scorpius. He merely tolerated his affections until someone rescued him. Right now Scorpius was busy on floor of their bedroom ripping apart a magazine while his parents got dressed.

"I hope you didn't want to read that magazine later because it's destroyed now," Draco said as he looked down at his son.

"Oh it was an old one. I let him have at it. It keeps him busy," Hermione assured him. "When will your parents be here?"

"Soon. I told them to come at six. Knowing them, they'll be here any minute so you better hurry up."

"I will."

She finished pulling on her dress and let Draco zip her up. She scooped up the baby and gave him a big kiss. He was chubby cheeked and blonde like his father. He had his father's eyes too. He was the spitting image of Draco as a baby. Hermione had seen the photos. He was an adorable little boy and they were so excited to be parents. They had waited a little while to start their family because they wanted time alone as a couple to build their relationship. But after awhile, they'd decided it was time to try for a family. They were ready. And it had been the most rewarding experience of their life. They were both scared to death at first and worried they'd be horrible parents. But so far they had managed to raise a very happy baby. Hermione took him down the stairs with her, and Draco followed behind. She put him down in his playpen and he was content to play with his toys in there.

Draco grabbed Hermione and pulled her into an embrace. "You look stunning tonight," he told her.

"You do too," she told him as she leaned up to kiss him.

They still had a deep passion for each other and the spark had not faded a bit. But now they had less time to together than they did before they were parents. But they still tried to steal moments whenever they could. Their kissing session was interrupted when Draco's parents barged in the front door.

"Oh honestly, do you two ever stop pawing at each other?" Narcissa laughed as she walked into the room.

"Mother don't you and Father ever knock like normal people? You don't just barge into someone's house," Draco said with a sigh.

"Oh please. We're family. Who knocks? Now where is that precious baby?" she asked them scanning the room.

"He's right over there in the playpen," Hermione pointed.

Narcissa scooped him up and began kissing him all over and making baby talk sounds to him. She was a very hands on grandmother. But Hermione was used to it by now. She liked seeing them together. And it was even better when she saw Draco's father with him. It had been hard to imagine Lucius holding a baby. But he did it all the time. Although at first he was very hesitant and said he was afraid he'd drop him. But he got over that fear.

"Let me see my grandson," Lucius said walking over to his wife. "What is he wearing?"

"He's wearing a sleeper," Hermione told him.

"You didn't dress him up for the special occasion?"

"No. I hardly think he knows it's a special occasion. Did you want him in a tiny little suit?" Hermione laughed.

"Well it wouldn't hurt. He'd look perfect."

"Father he's fine as he is. Why dress him up special when we're leaving anyway? Besides he'll only get the outfit dirty anyway," Draco told him.

"Fine, fine. Don't listen to me," he said with a sigh. "Here, let me take him for a minute," he told his wife. She reluctantly handed over the baby and Lucius held him gently. "You are a perfect little creature. Just like my Draco. You are going to be a fine wizard someday."

Hermione and Draco just smiled at him. It was still so strange seeing Lucius be gentle and kind.

"Well we need to be going now. Are you sure you guys are alright here with Scorpius?" Draco asked.

"Of course. We've watched him many times before and we've never damaged him. Stop being so overprotective," his mother told him.

"Alright, alright. I just want you to make sure he doesn't get into anything. He's quick. Don't let him out of your sight."

"Just go already. Enjoy your evening. We'll be fine," Lucius said, still rocking the baby back and forth.

Hermione and Draco departed the house, knowing that their son was in good hands. They both just worried when he was out of their sight. Draco especially. He'd inherited his mother's overprotective streak, whereas Hermione was a little more relaxed. They headed off to the restaurant where they were meeting their friends. Harry and Ginny would be there, as well as Ron and Astoria. Harry and Ginny got married a year after they did. And Ginny was now six months pregnant with their first child. Ron and Astoria had married a year and half after them and already had two children. Twin boys who were now two years old. Eventually Ron and Draco learned to get along with each other. It had been slow going. But the more involved Ron became with Astoria, the less he hated Draco. It was easier to like him when he wasn't feeling so jealous of him. Now they were able to get on like two friends who had never hated one another. They were all like one big family now and Hermione loved it. She loved that she still had her best friends in her life, along with her husband. And everyone had fun together.

They sat around the big table and everyone was raising their glasses in toast to Draco and Hermione's anniversary.

"To five great years. I hope you'll have many more," Harry said to them.

Everyone clinked glasses and agreed with him and they took their drinks.

"This sucks that I have to drink water. I hate being pregnant," Ginny complained.

"It's not so bad. You're almost done! Soon enough you'll be able to join the fun again," Hermione told her.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm big as a freaking house and I have to go to the loo every five minutes."

"It gets worse. You're only six months along. Wait until you're nine months," Hermione laughed.

"Be glad it's not twins. I looked like a whale waddling around. I couldn't even see my feet for months," Astoria joined in.

"You're right, I'm glad it's not twins. I don't know how you two do that," Ginny said.

"It's not so bad. They entertain each other. They remind me of Fred and George. Which of course means were in for some serious trouble when they get older," Ron laughed.

"So will you guys have another baby?" Astoria asked Hermione.

"Oh I don't know. I'm quite pleased with just one. We'll have to wait and see," she said with a smile.

"I used to say I wanted four kids, but after this pregnancy, I think I might have changed my mind," Ginny told them.

"You're just a big wuss," Hermione teased her. "It wasn't so bad being pregnant."

"You had it easy. You didn't barf for three months like I did."

"I got lucky. I never felt sick at all. My mum said she never did either. It must run in our family," Hermione shrugged.

"I don't know how my mum had seven of us. She was out of her bleedin' mind," Ginny said with a laugh.

"Yeah I think seven is excessive. I'd be happy with two," Harry piped up.

"Four," Ginny corrected him.

"How about three?" he asked.

"Ask me again after I've given birth to this thing. Then see how I feel. I keep hearing it's torturous to give birth. I'm nervous."

"Oh don't be nervous. They have this wonderful spell they do where you don't feel a thing. It's heavenly," Hermione assured her.

"My mum said to just do it naturally without spells. She said that's how she did it."

"Well she's insane," Astoria laughed. "Please use the spell. You'll be much happier."

The conversation went on like this for awhile. It seemed these days, all the talk was of babies and family. They were all grown up now. They each had lives of their own. But Hermione was so pleased she'd managed to hold those dearest to her close to her heart. She had often feared in the past that everyone would grow apart eventually. But that's not how it was. If anything, they had all grown much closer. They had shared experiences now that were all very good ones. No one really talked about the war anymore. It was in the past and none of them really wanted to relive it. Enough time had passed that they'd all moved on from it. It had changed them all drastically, but that was part of growing up. Some things changed, and others remained the same. No one ever brought up Draco's dark past anymore either. It just wasn't an issue. And they were both grateful for it. Draco had proved himself to be a good person after all. He worked hard to gain everyone's trust and now he was just part of the group. Like he'd always been there. Hermione couldn't be happier. She had a perfect life. With everything she could ask for. She really did get her fairytale.

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