{Hey, so I have been a bit bummed out lately... I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Ouran Highschool Host Club with a passion, but... I want to see them collide! I've seen a couple good ones, but they always end so soon! I also added one of my OCs to keep Edward in check. I don't want to give too much away, so I won't tell you other than her name being Sam Elric. So, without further ado... my crossover!} {Almost forgot, I DO NOT OWN OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB OR FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!}

Edward woke up, the sun beaming in. It was another peaceful day in Amestris. He woke up in Central to see his little brother, Alphonse, sitting in the corner. Al's armour reflected the sun as Ed looked at him. Also, next to him in his bed was his twin sister, Sam. Her caramel hair covered her closed azure eyes. Even though they were born 20 minutes apart, they looked very different from each other. Ed inherited their father's blonde hair and golden eyes while Sam inherited their mother's chestnut hair and crystal blue eyes.

Sam was still asleep, hugging Ed's automail arm. After the 'incident', she suffered from insomnia and can only sleep when Ed was right next to her. He brushed the hair out of her calm face. When she slept, he had to admit, was when she looked her calmest. Her eyes slowly started to open. He grinned as she sleepily sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." Sam was not in the mood to be teased by her brother. She was up until 2 in the morning reading her book and it was now 10 in the morning.

"I'm sorry. You must be talking about someone else." She said sarcastically. She stretched her arms out as Al stood up and grabbed her crutches.

During the 'incident', Ed lost his right arm and left leg, Al lost his whole body and for Sam... she became paralyzed in her right leg. After that, she had a choice. Keep her leg or amputate it. She decided to get it amputated because it would be just a useless to keep it. Automail wouldn't help because the nerves in her leg were dead. So, all she has now is a stump. She then started using crutches to get around.

"Thanks, Al." She grabbed the crutches and started to stand up. Ed watched her as she made her way to their closet. She changed (with Ed's help) into a red t-shirt with a long sleeved black shirt underneath, a pair of cargo shorts and a boot. Her hair was put into a side braid and her leg was bandaged.

"So, what's today's agenda?" Ed stood up, putting on his regular black t-shirt, leather pants, white gloves and his classic red jacket.

"The colonel called while you two were asleep. He said he has an important mission for Ed." Ed sat on the bed as Sam braided his hair. "Did he say a time to meet him?"

"Yeah... he said 9." Ed then stood up in shock. "FUCK! The colonel's gonna have my ass!" He was in such a hurry, he picked up Sam bridal style and ran out the door. Al followed, having put her crouches in his armour as he ran after them.

They finally made it to Central Command at about 10:30, mostly because Ed almost dropped Sam a couple. He kicked down Mustang's door and ran in, Sam holding onto his shirt for dear life.

"So, you finally made it, Fullmetal." Mustang was sitting at his desk, piles of papers surrounding his desk.

"Well, if you didn't notice Sam is missing her leg! How fast do you think she is able to go?!" He always seemed to loose his temper rather quickly with Mustang, especially when it had something to do with Sam. Sam rolled her eyes while Ed was using her leg as an excuse.

"I know, but it doesn't take a hour and a half to walk from your hotel to here." Mustang smirked. "And why are you carrying her? Doesn't she have crutches?"

Ed realised that he left Al and her crutches back in the hotel room. Shit move...

He set down Sam in one of Mustang's chairs. Alphonse finally came in. "Al! Can you run home and grab Sam's crutches? I, uh, completely forgot them."

Al sighed, pulling out the crutches from within his metal body. Ed grinned one of his famous grins. "Thanks, Al."

Ed set the crutches next to Sam and sat down. "So, what's this 'super important' mission that you need me for?"

"Actually, I need you and Sam." Sam's eyes grew a bit. "M-Me?! What can someone who can't even stand on her own two feet do for the military?"

"It's undercover work. Very far out east lies a country called Japan. It has no idea about alchemy and automail and such. I was told that there have been murders occurring there frequently. The cause of death..." He stopped, sinking in a deep breath. "... is their brains exploding from the inside out. Sound familiar?"

Scar... a murderer who's method is easy to identify. He almost killed us. Made us three go to the hospital, destroyed my arm, blown Al to bits and even worse... Sam got stabbed in the stomach. He WILL pay for hurting my family.

"Anyway, the killings range from the ages 14-18, all of them students at a school called 'Ouran Academy'. Your job is to infiltrate the school and protect the students. If you find out it is Scar, you are to report to me. You will be assigned fake parents to come with you. The Fuhrer picked out two working operatives." He pulled out a slip of paper out a nearby envelope. "Those two are Hawkeye and... ME?!"