When reaching the surface, of the water the pod came to a stop and opened itself up. The sun was setting just touching the horizon and the male can taste the sea salt on his chapped lips. The setting setting sun gave everything a warm red glow, almost relaxing. The exact opposite of the events that just occured. Chris rock back and fourth on the shuttle, to see exactly how sturdy the damn thing is, its fitting. He contemplates with himself if should swim, but exactly how far would get? Chris just plopped himself to the floor of the shuttle, he was devistated, reviewing everything in his mind. Why woould Piers do such a thing. He was foolish for it. That should've been Chris. Not him. The male looks up at the sky noticing the quickened sunset, turning into the night sky. He looked down to the palm of his hand, looking at Piers' BSSA patch. Emptiness. Chris leaned back onto the wall of the shuttle, as he began to weep.

"Piers..." a small mumble, between a sniffle. He drifted into a deep sleep. His chest rose and fell softly with each precious breath.

"Piers! Damnit." Choas. Utter choas. The underwater facilicity was filling up with water, and exploding. Chris had a pounding headache, though keeping his cool for the most part. He quickly glanced over Piers. They are going to make it out.

"Just go!" Piers shouted back to his superior. No. Chris would never.

"No! You're gonna be okay! We're almost there! The escape pods! See that? We'll be out of here in no time. Come on… Got it! Here we go, Piers. We're getting out of here." Chris pointed. He guided Piers to the controls, as he set everything up. Though, Chris was caugth off guard; Piers pushes him into the pod and closes it.

"Piers! No, don't do this! Open the door! Goddamnit, listen to me! We can still both get out of here! There's still time! What are you doing? No, Piers, don't! You can still make it out! Goddamnit, Piers! No! Piers, open the goddamn door! That's an order! No…" Too late. Piers ejected the pod.


Chris was akwakened by the noise of chopper wings. He raised himself in a haste. Help infact did arrive. The male reluctantly rose, feeling that sense of emptiness he felt before, but this time knowing why he felt it. A ladder was thrown down to the shuttle. Chris grabbed it. Before climbing up, he seen...a scarf floating in the water. Not any scarf, it was Piers'. The male leaned down to grab it, as he felt the guilt eating him alive.


It was peaceful. Tranquil infact. Silent. The area around was dark beyond darkness, though cold. It was a sense of reassurance that death wasn't so bad after all. The mutated male lay there, not moving. Like vikings in a fairytale, he let the water engulf his entirety and let the facility take him down like the beast he now was. He'll never return to normal so why go back up? But, he's already dead. Tolling in the muted abyss Peirs was ready to accept death. It was a price to pay, putting others before yourself. He didn't mind it though, not at all. He saved his captain. And countless others. But, the dark that was beyond darkness became the light. A small grinned placed on Piers' mouth.

Waking up, he found himself in an area of all white. The male lay naked on a bed. Piers was confused. Was he dead? He swung his head up, unable to move the rest of his being at the moment. The male saw the first white light, just above his head. He blinked. The room smelled of anticeptic, so was he at a hospital? No, couldn't be. He tried to move his body again, and it worked. His body hooked up to various cords, he yanked them off with a yell of agony. Piers rolled off the bed with a thud. Crouching, he began to observe the scene around him. In particular looking for anything of actual color, something that stood out. Nothing stood out. It looked like a normal hospital room, minus the cords that was hooked up to him. But then he realized something, his right arm...was normal again. How could this be?

"Ah, Piers Nivans." a woman of blond hair came to walk up to him. She had a nice sway to her hips, and a calm demenor. A pink blush rose in the male's expression, he was naked, though the female didn't react.

"Where in the hell am I and who the hell are you?" a grin plays upon the woman's features. This isn't a joke. She walks closer to him, and stops.

"You are in a containment facility and my name is Carla Radames." Carla clapped her hands together, and smiled. She walked up to on of the cabinets of the room, grabbing some garments for the male. A standard white shirt and pants. Nothing fancy. "Get dressed." she handed him the clothing.

Piers nodded, contemplating if he should trust her or not. A containment facility where? He was confused. After getting dressed he stayed silent, he had a headache. The female before him grinned, hands on her hips as well. "There's lots I must explain to you."


He wakes up and a certain male was the first thing on his mind. Piers. It's been a week. Chris had a rough sleep. The male shifted in the bed, groaning aloud. He was already at BSSA headquarters. He, having a special bunk for himself there. Sitting up, he looked around the room, contemplating if he should get up or not. Exhaling, he did.

Chris headed for his bathroom. Brushing his teeth, he recalled his dream. In it, Piers was alive. They both made it out. The dream exude the look of sacrifice. Chris only hoped that his sacrifice was not in vain, but for the greater good. He finished brushing his teeth, and got dressed. A simple pair of dark blue jeans, black boots, and a zip up sweater. Casual clothing, something he should indulge in more often.

Chris headed out his door, and down the hall into the main office. He silently walked to the front desk to grab his reports. The male looked up, people still giving him looks of sympathy. Something he didn't need. Chris exhaled, and continued to his office. Opening the door, he threw the stack of papers on the desk, then sitting down. Since, Piers death, the male immersed himself into his work. A sudden knock was at the door.

"Come in." a tired yawn came out his mouth after that was said. He continued to look at his work, writing furiously. A subordinate walked in by the name of Avery. She was a young woman, very bright. Having graduated from Westpoint Academy and specialized in comunications and was a pilot. Beautiful as well. She had a nice carmel complexion, with dark brown hair.

"Good morning, Captain." Avery nodded, walking up to Chris' desk. She had a worried expression on her face, but hid it.

Chris continued to write, "Morning. What is it?"It came out ruder than intended.

"Piers' ceromony will be later on today. At twelve in the the afternoon." Chris nodded. He was in a denial. He just coundn't accept the fact that he was dead. Gone. He exhaled.

"I understand." Avery nodded, turning on her heals to leave. She lingered for a moment in the doorway.

"Hey, Captain. You alright? I'm here for you." Chris seen that her words where genuine. He wondered why others cared so much for him, thought highly of him. Chris was just a normal guy.

"Yes. Take the rest of your day off." finally looking up from his work.

"Thank you sir, but remember what I said." with that, she left.

Late afternoon, the sky was cloudy. The weather was shitty. To match Chris' mood. He lingered after the funeral. Sitting in the chair, the only person left was he and Claire. The female eyed her brother closely. She sat next to him, and wrapped an arm around him. Claire knew it was to rain soon, but didnt care. Her brother was hurting. Chris hugged his sister, saying nothing as warm tears trickled down his face.

"It's okay to be in pain.." Claire whispered.

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