The male had been going on day three without any sleep. He continued to rewatch all the gathered footage of the outbreaks in Times Square and the Area 51 incident in Nevada. His office was a mess, files sprawled across his desk and his trash can overfilled with paper coffee cups. It was dark in the room, all the shades being closed and the only light illuminated in the office was the screen that played the limited footage. Chris knew that silhouette was intact his late partner...Piers Nivans. It was no mistake.

A knock was heard at the door.

"Come in."

Was all Chris said, he didn't even bother to see whom is was as he picked up a file and started to read the reports of the CDC when cleaning up the city. A throat cleared and Chris rolled his eyes. It was Jill again. "Well good morning to you too. You look like shit Redfield." She opened the blinds in his office to let some much needed sunlight in. Chris winced.

"Do you have any leads?" Chris was agitated and wasn't in the mood for her teasing. It was just barely seven' o clock.

"Actually, I do. Birkin and Reese did some interviews of the survivors of the Area 51 incident. The security guard said she can identify if shown a photograph." Jill put her hands on her hips as Chris perked up out of his seat at this newly found information.

"Is Reese and Kennedy in yet?"

"They should be here soon."


The female cried herself to sleep the previous night thinking about her unborn child. Leon held her so close as she wept. They say time heals all wounds but, the pain never goes away as a bereaved parent. Sonya got out of bed first, the clock read seven-fifteen. She glanced to her lover as Leon stirred in his sleep realizing Sonya had left from his grasp, placing a pillow in his arms he rested once again. She figured that Leon needed a little extra sleep this morning from having to comfort her the night before... and well some alone time was needed for self reflection. Sonya undoubtedly was in love with that man that rested so soundly in that bed. It almost made her forget why she left in the first place... in their time of separation Sonya had lots of self discovery. She became more independent emotionally and more self-sufficient. What did Leon do in their absence from one another? They just recently reunited only a mere month ago... relearning one another was at the top of the list of this to do. The female was staring at herself in the mirror. So much pain. So much loss. Her beautifully long and coiled hair rested at her buttocks, as she braided it carefully to start her long day. There was a knock at the bathroom door and it was yours truly.

"Morning baby." was all Leon said as he wrapped his arms behind her placing many sweet kisses in her neck.

"Morning handsome." she replied, still concentrating on doing her hair.

Leon let go of her and sighed. "You slept okay?"

"As much I could."

"Look I know there's still a lot we need to discuss... that we haven't gotten around to due to us just being tired from working... and well just wanting to avoid the conversation altogether. But, we need to talk to be able to move forward..." And Sonya jerked her head to look at Leon with much surprise. It irritated her how well he knew her. Inside and out. Leon only have a snort and kissed her forehead, lovingly. He turned on his heels to hop into the shower, undressing and turning the water on. Sonya only looked back into the mirror and trailing her fingers across where Leon's lips where, she felt the energy and warmth from that kiss and she felt a lonesome tear fall down her left eye. Quickly, throwing water on her face and undressing, she decided to join Leon in the shower.

"Can I join?" She asked Leon, opening the door, the man nearly slipped as he jumped, not even hearing the shower door open. A light laugh escaped her soft lips.

"Y-Yes, I mean are you sure? We haven't spoken about anything yet for us to be intimate again..."

"Shut up and come here..." as she stalked closer to her lover, the water trailing down her beautifully brown skin, her hair becoming even curlier from the water. Leon obliged to the request, holding her hips. The looked at each other with pure love and new fascination, it's been an entire year since Sonya left Leon to go live in China. She leaned in and gave Leon a kiss. It was full of raw emotion and lust. It started out slowly, then the pace picked up. It was hungry, longing. Leon lifted Sonya up and belt her by her bottom as he pressed her against the tiled wall. She felt the tip of his member on her entrance but Leon made no effort to insert it just yet. He continued to suck and nibble at her neck. Yelps and mews escapes her full lips as that made Leon even harder. "Take what's already yours.." she whispered encouragingly in his ear. And Leon did just that.

The car ride to BSAA headquarters was silent initially. Sonya decided to drive wanting give Leon break from it.

"So, why did you do it?" Sonya didn't raise her voice like she did when she had found out Leon had cheated on her with the bitch in the red dress. Leon only shifted in his seat, not really wanting to have this conversation right before work. But, he didn't have the right to decide when this conversation took place.

"After the Harvardville Airport incident I realized I loved you and I wanted to be with you for the rest of our days..." this brought a small smile to Sonya's face hearing this... "I proposed to you and to my disbelief you actually said yes... we were blessed with a baby..." Leon choked up sounding like he was going to cry, "We lost our baby in the outbreak in Manhattan when visiting my parents.." the memories of that fateful day both trailed in their memory, "You shut down for awhile, like you wouldn't grieve with me... you acted as if you were okay and didn't cry for more than a week at the time... Sonya that was our baby, our bean. I needed you and you just totally ignored that fact." Sonya stopped the car jerking it into a parking space at the headquarters. She gave Leon a stone look, cold daggers.

"So you're saying it's my fault you decided to have sex with another woman?"

"You're missing the point of what I'm trying to say."

"Really? And what is it that you're trying to say?"

"You always miss of the point of what I'm trying to say. Forget it. We're going to be late."

"You always push a conversation "for later"."

Leon didn't respond but only slammed their door shut as he walked into the building, putting on his best poker face. Sonya sucked her teeth doing the same.


Much to Avery's liking, Ivy stayed the night with her again. She liked having the woman around. Her aura was just enlightening. She made her deadline and laid in bed with Avery, she was nervous at first to do so, but Avery made it a point to show her it was just platonic. They talked and laughed, Avery even cried again about her ain't shit ex, Dominique. Ivy heals her close in that vulnerable moment and reminded her she was here and now will always be. Avery smiled to this and hugged her. There was a a memory from the previous night that bother Avery. She kissed Ivy while being piss drunk. At first she thought it was a dream, but thinking more about it it made sense as to why Ivy made that dejected look on her face when asking if she had remembered anything from the previous night... the memory came back when flying the helicopter to Nevada... Avery wanted to approach the situation but didn't know how.. Ivy read her facial expression and that's all she needed to see... "You kissed me the other night... so what does it mean? Was there feeling behind it? Or was it drunken lust?"

Avery thought for a moment looking at this beautiful girl inside and out. "There was feeling. I'm most definitely attracted to you physically and definitely emotionally now that we spent some quality time together..but I'm facing baggage from my previous relationship. If we decide to take it steady I want us to move slowly...I want to court you." Ivy only smiled to this.

"My alluring knight-and-shining-armor." she joked.

"My most gracious queen do you agree to this courtship?" Giving a Hans Out for her to grab.

"Yes." as Avery kissed her hand. Ivy only giggled, as Avery took her in her arms and yawned.

"Let's get some sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow for a briefing."

Waking up Avery only smiling at Ivy. Her black hair sprawled across the bed. She headed into the bathroom and started to get ready putting on her uniform and brushing her teeth. Avery decided to go with her bedhead not really caring to comb it today. Her loose curls was crazy from washing her hair from the previous night. She ruffled it and hoped for the best. The clock read seven-fifty and she decided to get a move on. Gosh, she needs to learn how to get up earlier to be able to eat in the morning... she strolled back into the room Ivy still slept. Avery leaned over and gave an innocent kiss on her cheek and Ivy awoke.

"Hey baby." Ivy said sleepily.

"I'm going to my meeting. My meal card is on the table, I'm sorry for the second day in the row I haven't made you any breakfast. I promise I'll cook you some homemade empanadas." She smiles and wriggled her eyebrows.

Ivy only laughed at this, "I can't wait." The woman hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Now go before you're late."

Avery gave her signature boyish look and headed for the door. Opening it, and heading for the interrogation room. She seen Leon and Sonya basically glaring daggers at one another but said nothing. They didn't see Avery walk up next to them. She honestly didn't want to ... she felt the air get thick around them and whatever it was she honestly didn't want their vibes to kill her awesome mood.

"Morning guys." Was all she said, both jumping and snapped out of their petty trance.

"Morning kid, looking quite chipper this morning. You get laid?" It was Sonya's turn to wriggle her eyes. Avery only blushed and Leon shook his head at his wife, "That's her personal business. Stop prying."

"It's okay, no I didn't, but I'm courting a girl. I think I like her a lot." Avery said confidently.

Sonya jumped for joy, "I see you." Leon only rolled his eyes heading in the room with the open window. Sherry was already in the room watching, arms crossed. She gave a small smile to the trio as they returned it.

It was that security guard lady and Chris in the actual interrogation room, Obviously it was a one way window it being a mirror on their side. Chris spoke to her, showing her a photo.

"This was the man you saw correct?"

The lady's eyes widened, "How did you know that?"

"A hunch. That's all I needed to know thank you." Leaving the woman to her own devices in the room.

Chris headed out to the trio and smiled, "Piers Nivans is alive."

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