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13-year-old James sat in a beat-up swing set at Park Lillywood. He remembered how in this same park he first met Kendall and Carlos. It was the weekend before kindergarden started. He remembered it like it was yesterday.


James was running in his new white sneakers. He wanted to go to the swing. His daddy promised to push him so high he could go to space and come back before dinner. Right now, he was trying to park the car.

His smile soon turned into a frown when he saw three of the big kids in the sandbox. They were huddling over the smallest kid James had ever seen, and they were throwing sand at him.

"HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU MEANIES!" he heard somebody call out. He saw a head of blond hair and the bushiest eyebrows he had ever seen making its way over to the big kids.

He couldn't believe it. The blond kid was going to fight the 6-year-olds?

"Or what? Are you going to call mommy?" said the smallest bully.

"No, I'll hit you so hard you will have to go to YOUR mommy." said the blond with so much confidence.

"Yeah? Are you sure about that? You and what army?" the brunette one said.

James was freaking out. He came to have fun in the swings, but this was getting intense. How did grown-ups not notice this? He was maybe going to regret this later, but he ran next to the blond kid.

"I will hit you too if you don't leave him alone," he said, making his most threatening expression.

"We'll see about that," said the biggest kid while extending his fist.

"Jeremy Wheeler, how dare you raise your fist? Come here right now. Marcus, Tony, you are coming with me too." A blond lady pulled the boys away from the sandbox and into the car. James was in shock and so was the blond kid. Silence filled the area and relief filled James' fast-beating heart.

"Thank you," said the small, caramel colored kid in the sandbox.

"No problem. My mommy says bullies aren't nice people."

"I'm Carlos."

"I'm Kendall."

"Wanna be friends?"

"YEAH! Best friends," Kendall said, joining Carlos in the sandbox.

James stood silent. What just happened? As he turned to leave to go to the swings, he heard Carlos calling for him.

"Hey Jay, come join us."

"How do you know his name is Jay?"

"Because I know the alphabet."

"That doesn't make sense."

"His shirt says J."


By that time, James had already reached the sandbox.

"My name is James," he said, slightly rolling his eyes.

"Can you be our friend too?" said the over-excited Carlos.

"Okay." James had never had friends before, but it made him feel happy. James never knew facing a bully would help him make new friends.

*end of flashback*

Here he sat waiting for his friends, in the swing that he never got to sit on that day. He could go to space another time.

His friends got there just as he finished replaying the memory in his mind.

"You have everything?" Kendall said.

"Yes. I can't believe they are letting us do this," said Logan.

Logan was the smart one of the group. They met him six years ago, and the group wouldn't be complete without him.

"Wait for meeee!" Carlos said as he ran to where the boys were, trying to catch his breath.

"Let's do this," James said.

"You okay, James?" Logan said, noticing something in his friend's voice.

"Yeah, it's just... This place holds so many memories. Here is where Kendall and Carlos first met, and where Mrs. Knight found you all those years ago. When we taught you how to skate and where you comforted me when my parents got the divorce. I guess it's just overwhelming."

Kendall patted his friend on the back for comfort. He knew how his friend was feeling.

"We can still come once the re-moderation is done," Carlos said.

"Yeah, but it won't be the same," he said, his voice breaking at the end. He didn't want to seem an over-emotional wreck, but this place meant a lot to him.

"You will... Be the same, I mean. This place will forever be the home of many memories, but we are the main characters. Without us, there would be no stories at all," Kendall said. James smiled at that. Maybe Kendall was right. Maybe it was time for the park to be re-modeled and for some new kids to create a lifelong friendship and memories here. Together. James sighed.

"I'm ready," he said.

They had decided to bury a "time capsule" for the four of them. It was really just an old power rangers lunch box sealed with lots of tape and plastic bags. It contained something important to each of them and a letter to their future self and future version of each other. They were supposed to open it when they turned 21.

Once Logan laid the box in a hole James had earlier dug up, they each took a handful of dirt and threw it at the hole.

"This place seems familiar," Carlos said.

Kendall smiled.

"It's where the sandbox used to be. Where our friendship started," James said as he started burying the "time capsule." Once they finished, they left to Kendall's house.

"Did I tell you? Mom is making dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets," Kendall said.

All the neighborhood could hear the collective "whoop-whoop" and "aww yeah" that echoed from the four crazy boys.

James looked back at the swing set. The last thing in the now empty park. No trees, no slides, no sandbox... And he smiled. Space could wait.

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