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5. Cat


As Katie Knight was walking around Palm Woods park she heard the distinct sound of a cat.

She searched for it and found it under a bush, just near the entrance.

"Well, Kitty looks like you are coming home with me." She said in a baby voice to the cat.

Just as she was about to enter she saw Bitters. If she was going to keep this cat, she had to pass through Bitters. Slowly a plan started to form in her brilliant mind.

She left the cat where it was and left to get reinforcements.

"Hey Katie!" She heard Logan say. He would do.

"Hey Logan. I need a favor." She told him just outside the pool area.

"Can't, I'm about to meet James for lunch." He said about to walk away before he got a text.

"I'm all yours, his agent says he landed a modeling gig." He told her just as she pocketed her phone.

"Ok, I need to get a cat I just found to our apartment. Her name is Kitty."

"Absolutely not. Biters would have our heads. Remember last time?"

"But Kitty needs to get inside. Remember that time I helped you?"

"What time?" Logan asked remembering all the times she helped them out.

"Exactly. Come on now, let's get Kitty inside." She said a little bit too loud.

"And who is Kitty might I ask?" Bitter asked over her shoulder.

"Um… Kitty?… Oh, you mean Katie, Katie Knight. She's standing right in front of you." Logan said laughing nervously.

"And since when do you speak in third person?" Bitters asked suspiciously.

"Katie has been talking like this for a long time now, She's really been into reading… and stuff." She said trying to play along.

"Whatever." Bitters said as he went to his desk.

Logan and Katie speed walked towards the Palm Woods entrance.

"You are such a horrible liar." Katie told Logan once they were outside.

"Well, it's not like you thought of something. Where's that stupid cat anyways?" Logan said, now annoyed at his "baby sister".

"It's riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… here?" Katie said as she noticed Kitty was nowhere to be seen.

"Did you just lose your cat? Are you sure it wasn't property of someone?"

"Like who? Nobody can have a pet here remember?" Katie said frustrated.

"Like Bitters?" Logan said pointing to said man cuddling what looked like a Black cat.

"No way." Katie said disappointed .

"Hey, don't be sad. I'll check for you." Logan said as he ran towards Bitters.

Just as he came back Katie saw his whole body and face were scratched up. She couldn't help but start laughing.

"Well, that proves that demon cat is property of Bitters, they even have similar personalities." Logan said sitting down in a bench.

"Apparently she's an actress cat." He continued.

"Thank you anyways Logie. At least we know she has an owner." Katie said as she heard her phone ring.

"Hello, Kitty Knight speaking." She said putting her phone on speaker as she saw Logan snickering.

"Yeah, hey Katie. I got your message but there was no audition for me today. Guess it was a mistake." James said in the other end as Logan shared a look with her.

"What a funny mistake. Enjoyed talking with you. You should have your date with Logan right now. He looks amazing. Bye." Katie said in a rush as she hung up. She stood up and made a sprint to apartment 2J.

Logan just sat there.

"I gotta get new friends." He murmured as he got a phone call.

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