He approahed her with butterflies in his stomach. Not just any butterflies either, but huge beasts who crash, colliding into one another - and the walls of his - stomach roughly. Daisuke swallowed, pushing the feeling aside aside before he approached her, sitting alone before he approached her, sitting alone beside a table full of giggling girls.

"R-R... Ruki-chan?" Daisuke stuttered, but remained where he stood. Ruki-chan glanced up at him, that same less-than-pleased upon her face.

"What?" she demanded. "Or are you just gonna stand there staring at me?"

Daisuke winced. "I- I got these for you, yesterday." Ignoring his stutter, Daisuke held out the brightly colored box of pocky to his classmate, a small, shy smile tugging at his lips. The threat was one of his favorites, and he knew a lot of his classmates enjoyed it too. Ruki-chan never seemed to bring any sweets in her lunch. Surely she would be grateful for his gift!

"I don't like the chocolate ones."

"Wah! You don't?!" Daisuke gasped at her. "But I thought all girls like chocolate?"

"Well I don't. Not chocolate pocky anyway."

"But I... I bought them for you..." whimpered Daisuke.

"Hmph. Well I'm not gonna eat them." With a snort, Ruki-chan turned back to her lunch, and Daisuke returned to his table, rejected. A friend pat him on the back while one of the giggling girls called out to him.

"Better luck next time, Dai-chan!"