Hey so this is my first fanfic , Ive always been a huge Step Up fan and Moose and Camille are just the best pairing so i hope you enjoy! Unfortunately i don't own Step Up or anything but it'd be cool if i did.

Camille's POV

Buzz buzz buzz , I search around with my hand to stop the repetitive noise, Finally I grab a hold of my phone and check the caller ID , Its Kristen.

'hello?' I mutter barely audible

'Where the hell are you? I've been calling you all night!'

I look around and realize I'm not in my dorm room , memories from last night come flooding back… Saying goodbye to Luke and Natalie at the train station , the kiss , wow the kiss …

'Hello Earth to Camille?'

'Sorry I blanked , Umm sorry I didn't come home we had this pizza night thing at the Vault and I guess it ran pretty late and I must of just fell asleep here'

'I was worried sick. I'm just glad you're safe'

'It won't happen again I promise'

We said our goodbyes and I hung up. I don't know how I managed to get in the bed I was in , it's the spare one in Anala's room but when I look over her bed is vacant. I look at my phone , oh my god its nearly noon how have I been asleep this long.

I stumble out of the bed and make my way into the kitchen were I only see one head , a curly one , Moose.

'Morning sleeping beauty' he says with a smirk on his face

' What the hell happened last night , last thing I remember we were halfway through a movie and then I wake up in Anala's room'

'Relax Cam, you fell asleep during the movie so I lifted you into the spare bed in her room'

'Oh , well that explains it then…'

There was quite a bit of tension in the room , we hadn't talked about the kiss since it happened and I don't really know how to approach the subject or even if I should really , what if he just got caught up in the moment and regrets it? If I start talking to him about all these feelings I have for him and he doesn't feel the same its going to ruin everything. I'll just hold out and hope he bring it up because I cant risk losing him , even if it means just being friends.

'Penny for your thoughts' Moose mutters

' What , Uh nothing I was just thinking that this place is awfully quite. Where is everyone?'

Moose looks at me like he's deciding whether or not to accept my answer but then he just shakes his head

'There's auditions being held for backing dancers for some singer so they all went to check it out , I know it's a huge step down from winning the World Jam but at least they're still dancing and I'm sure the income wouldn't be too bad either'

I nod my head and just look around the room awkwardly looking for something I could talk about , Moose seems to notice my struggle and quickly blurts out

'You wanna go and get some lunch? Or in your case breakfast'

'Yeah that sounds great , let me go grab my coat' I rush off into the room and throw my coat on. Please let this tension go away.

Moose POV

Camille comes walking down the hall and announces she's ready to go. We head for the elevator , its silent the whole way down to the door. I cant stand this awkwardness I need to try and fix this asap.

'So Cam what's Tyler been up to , I Haven't heard much about him lately '

Cam looks relived ' Oh well him and Nora opened their dance studio a couple of weeks ago and apparently its doing really well , they still haven't set a date for the wedding but Nora says its her top priority now that the studio is up and running'

Cam keeps on talking about Nora and Ty's wedding plans and I can see her comfort levels start to shot up and the awkward fade away. I know I should be listening but I cant stop looking at her and just taking in how beautiful she is , its weird seeing her this way. Like I've always seen Cam differently than other girls , I guess I always knew there was something that wasn't just friendship bubbling underneath the surface but I never really thought much of it but over the past few weeks its been unavoidable and at the train station I just went for it and kissed her and man was it out of this world. We haven't talked about the kiss yet , I'm not sure if it's the best idea like what if we don't work out and we cant be friends , that would be the end of me. I don't know how long I can go without kissing her again though , I feel like an addict and now I've had a taste of what its like and I don't want to go back to life without it.

I break my train of thought when we reach the diner . Lets just keep this cool. I can be her friend , just her friend.

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